Good morning from the Midwest. (BTW, I love the Midwest.)  How about I interrupt my Italy recap with some randomness?

That gray dress I was wearing in the pictures in the last post is on sale.  If you want it you can snag one here.  A few people have asked about it… so there you have it.

Here at Urban Grace Interiors ’tis the season to travel.  Now Allison is on vacation, a well-deserved vacation.  And she took her mom with her!  How nice is that?  She’s in Savannah, Georgia staying at The Avia… doesn’t this look like fun:

I’ve not been to Savannah, but it’s on my list. Allison, I hope you and your mom are having lots of fun!!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Hi. Just noticed your lovely blog! And what a beautiful dress!! Have a nice weekend, – love from Norway!

  2. The Midwest is the best. Just wanted to say love your blog. Hugs from Iowa!

  3. SO glad you posted where your dress was from! It’s darling and yay for a sale!!!
    And also YAY for the midwest :)

  4. I LOVE Savannah. I am originally from Georgia and loved visiting this historic, beautiful city. You would love it too, I’m sure!

  5. You must go to Savannah! I grew up there and it’s so pretty and historical! Just don’t go anywhere near it during St. Patrick’s Day.

  6. So glad to hear you love the Midwest. We do, too! BTW-The dress looked great on you!

  7. I’ve never been to Savannah but hear it is gorgeous! Love that dress too!

  8. April McEwen says:

    Hi Erika! I have followed your blog for a while now…I think I found it through 6th Street Design School…maybe. lol. Anywho…I love the dress only problem is I have no idea about sizing. Is the dress pretty true to size? Thanks for your help! Have a great weekend…

  9. LOVE that dress! curious…what color shoes did you wear with it? THANKS!

  10. E! you’ve not been to Sav? i can’t even believe that. my sister lives there (and i like to pretend i do) – we must go!

  11. Loved that dress! Where in the Midwest are you? I live in the Midwest and I agree with you – its great here :)

  12. The Avia Savannah is a GREAT hotel! My husband and I stayed there a few weeks ago for our wedding anniversary.

  13. Love the dress. Love that hotel. I am going to start checking with you before booking a trip because you seem to know the spots. Spots that I would really enjoy!

  14. That dress “IS” super cute and you looked super cute in it too! The headboards in the hotel are amazing. So fun and whimsical looking, but also so contemporary.

  15. That dress is adorable! And I was just looking at that hotel last week, because we are thinking of going to Savannah for our anniversary trip at the end of August. Have fun in the Mid-West and safe travels!

  16. I saw that dress online this morning! I thought I saw it somewhere! Savannah is a must see…it is one of my all time favorite places in the world!

  17. So I stumble on your blog again so this time i comment. That dress is really sweet.
    So happy that you and your sister had a great time in Italy. YOu must be sad you left before the whole country dissolved into world cup madness.
    I am fascinated by twins so I guess I will be back to visit instead of stumbling.
    have a great weekend

  18. I was wondering where you got that dress. It’s sooo cute, thanks for the link.
    Welcome back from Italy…

  19. Kathleen says:

    Savannah is beautiful in the spring time. Tybee Island is a must as all the squares. Georgia is one of the 13 original colonies and now the excitement of Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil Read the book first and then savor the time you spend in Savannah. Sure you may want to visit SCAD or a corner coffee shop WALK the Streets visit it online another blog is on site The Lettered Cottage working tybee island where Savannah does the beach.

  20. Erika, I loved that dress the minute I saw it -thanks for posting the info! LOVED your photos from Italy, can’t wait to see more. Did you have some gelato while you were there?! I’m so envious of your trip and glad to hear you had such a good time!!

  21. Ooooooh, The Avia is awesome! I travel to Savannah a few times a year for business and it’s one of my favorite places to stay. I know that Allison will have fun!

  22. The dress is very cute. And the Avia is fantastic! My husband and I stayed last year a few months after it opened and enjoyed it immensely. We raved so much my brother and his wife stayed there after marring on Tybee Island…. AND we are hoping to stay at the Avia Napa Valley location this fall.

  23. Such a cute dress…LOVE GREY! Just found you in blogland, and adore your work. Thanks for a great blog:)

  24. I’ve never been to Savannah either, but it’s on my list! Looks like a great place Allison is staying…..glad she was able to get away. I enjoyed the Italy pics!

  25. so love that dress – thanks for sharing!

  26. Love the dress! Thanks!

  27. Erika,

    I checked out your dress multiple times after you posted your birthday photos. I too am curious about sizing. I think the XS will work but wondering if you found Calypso’s dresses to be true to size.

  28. hi erika – fun travels! you must come visit savannah, my hometown. it’s also where i attended grad school for interior design (scad). there’s great eating and shopping and of course sightseeing. the spring is beautiful but heavy with tourist. come in the fall. my husband and i were married on isle of hope october 4 years ago with a dinner and dance under the stars along the intracoastal waterway. gorgeous weather. bring sloane and she can play with my hannah, her birthday buddy. :)

  29. That hotel looks so lovely! I grew up in Atlanta and haven’t been back to Savannah since the 80′s. Got to get back! Now I’m in Dayton- Erika, if you’re in this neck of the midwest, please stop by Vintage Scout and say “HI”.

  30. This hotel is stunning. My husband and I will actually be spending 1 night in Savannah at the end of the month before heading on to Hilton Head – this would be a splurge for us but it looks like it may just be worth it!

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