Mornin’.  Have I mentioned that my photographer friend Marla Carter is building a house right down the road from where I live?  Well she is.  And her house is fantastic!  I went over last night to check out her concrete countertops and appliances.  (We’ll do a real post once the house is completed.)  She has this very large hallway full of windows, which allows awesome light to pour in… making for a pretty good place to take pictures.  I had my camera (which is way less sophisticated than her camera, but she managed) and Marla snapped this one of me and my Bologna Sandwich.  The little girl will be ONE in about two weeks and will be walking any day!

In other news… I decided a couple of days ago that my kitchen really needs a facelift.  So, I called a couple of my cabinet guys to discuss painting my cabinets and within 48 hours one of them called to tell me he was on his way to take down my doors and drawers.  I guess that means I’m redoing my kitchen.  Now, don’t get too excited… this is a low-budget spruce-up.  What we really need to do is win the lottery, then create an addition off the back of our house to triple the size of the kitchen.  I can reach the sink, the dishwasher, the oven, and the fridge all from one central point in the kitchen.  It’s small, y’all.  Real small.  So my cabinet guy came yesterday and now I’m left with a naked kitchen and a somewhat dangerous fun zone for a crawling baby.  I may have forgotten to discuss this idea with my husband, so when he came home for lunch he was a little shocked at the state of our kitchen. I’m painting all the cabinets Sherwin Williams “Rosemary”, which seemed fitting for a kitchen, and adding vertical T&G wall paneling and open shelves on one side of the kitchen.  I’d show you a progress picture, but really… it’s a disaster.  I’ll keep you in the loop on this one… hopefully I won’t end up in divorce court over it.

Happy weekend friends!


  1. Ha! I was thinking the same thing….divorce court if that were me! ;-) she’s so cute!

  2. Sloane is so cute, Erika! I cannot believe she is almost one! They grow up way too fast! Isn’t it funny how an idea can turn into a home renovation so quickly. In our house these ideas have always had a domino effect. I will tell my husband, “Lets just change the wall color in the kitchen.” And very quickly I decide that we need a new backsplash, new countertops, new light fixtures, a new sink and faucet, new flooring… I am looking forward to seeing pics of your friend’s house and of your new kitchen. Have a great weekend!

  3. Love that picture of Sloane!! We had a FABULOUS time yesterday morning. It was perfect! Sloane is an angel. Thank you sooooooooo much for having us and for the delicious bread!!

  4. 1. You just convinced me that I need a pair of Toms.
    2. You just convinced me that I need to have a baby.
    3. You just convinced me that I need those wood floors.

    I have a lot to do today!

  5. Too cute for words!
    Good luck on the “facelift.”

  6. This post has got me super-excited! A few structural repairs to the staircase hiding above my kitchen ceiling has given me license for a pick-me-up in the kitchen also!

    Checked out Rosemary and it’s wonderful! Can you remind us the current color of your cabinets? Do you recommend a spray gun for cabinet doors? What about the bases?

    Keep us updated. Seeing new posts from you (whether work, or Sloane, or that fabulous stationary) makes me smile.

  7. a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

  8. Sloane is so cute. That first birthday is such a milestone. Especially with the first one. I think it’s more of a celebration for you than for her – like “Yay, I didn’t kill myself OR my baby!”

    I can feel your pain. I mention an idea to my dad, and the next week he’s out here with work trailer in tow, ripping down walls. At least he is kind enough to defer repayment until I can afford it. The Bank of Dad, it never gets old (being an only child doesn’t hurt, either).

  9. I had to get out my paint and check out Rosemary-LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see pics! CUTE baby!!!!

  10. can’t wait to see your kitchen and marla’s house. i think the wall paneling will look great. sloane is so cute! I can’t believe she is almost 1! have a great weekend

  11. Your little girl is so so cute. Can’t wait to see photos of your kitchen!

  12. Show us! Show us! Darby always shows us her mess!! :):)

    Your bologna sandwich is a doll! Hard to believe she is almost one!!!

  13. Do you do any designing for cubicles? Staring at my grey walls now makes me wish I was in a hallway filled with windows. Love Sloane’s outfit!

  14. I am loving the texture of Marla’s floors. Can’t wait to see pics of the kitchen facelift. Have a great weekend.

  15. wow, I haven’t even replied to your latest kitchen renovation email and it’s already a go! exciting…keep me posted. dude’s name I gave you is $$, get someone to rip them off (there’s the reply I’ve been meaning to send you all week!)

  16. she is just the cutest thing ever! Can’t wait to see your friends house AND your kitchen!

  17. Cannot wait to see the concrete counter tops! My husband just finished making all of ours himself! We’re almost done with the kitchen & its been so exciting & so frustrating-I’m glad its almost over! And babygirl is adorable!

  18. Eeeee! Cannot wait to see what my favorite kitchen designer does to her own kitchen!

  19. Oh my…those floors may be all I think about today. I have been itching to rip up my carpet anyway, so seeing this really makes my eyes twitch!

  20. Little Sloane is one! That happened so fast. Will you be doing a party for her? I’m sure it would be stylish and sweet.

    And TWO renovations to look forward too…I can’t wait!

  21. After getting an insane estimate on cabinet refacing, I’ve been toying with the idea of having my kitchen cabinets painted as well. Would love to get the blow-by-blow from your painter/cabinet guys on the whole process. Spray versus roller versus brush? Priming supplies? Paint finish? Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    As for Miss Sloane…feel like it was just yesterday you sent out your “New Client” post. Unbelievable how time flies when you have little ones around!

  22. Oh boy does my french country of a kitchen need a facelift! I’ve wanted it redone since we bought the place a year ago. Can’t wait to see your little redo!

  23. Love so much that you forgot to tell Chance. That’s the best part of the story.

  24. That is one beautiful little girl! And can’t wait to see the kitchen!

  25. I’ve wanted to paint my kitchen since they day I saw the real estate photos but husband is completely against. I may just have to start while he’s work so he has to choice but to let me do it.

  26. Cute as always! I am in the process of picking out everything for my kitchen! FUN! But, probably will not get to actually redo until after Christmas:( Good luck with yours – can’t wait to see!

  27. I just had to post again because your Rosemary made me think – and I was right. I used Dried Thyme, the one up on the color card with Sherwin Williams for my kitchen cabinets. We did it 8 years ago and I still love it! I could send you a pic. I am picking out for a new kitchen but – I have lived in this lil’ kit. forever and we can finally improve. The kitchens you have designed are my new inspirations!

  28. I think rosemary might be the fitting shade of green to describe my envy over a) Marla’s house and b) Your kitchen mini-facelift. I know, I know, I’m jealous in the nicest kind of way! ;)

  29. Ahh, what a cute pictures! And I really like your watch! Gold looks so good on tanned skin :) Can’t wait to see pics of the lil’ kitchen, sure it will be gorgeous!

  30. She’s adorable. Time to start thinking about another sandwich?!!

  31. Hey! I like your TOMS – I’m getting a pair very soon. What color are yours? Me likey.

  32. What a cutie! We just painted our cabinets (the painters used brushes) and it is chipping off! What did we do wrong?? Thank you. :)

  33. I cannot wait to see Marla’s home or your newly painted cabinets!

    It’s hard to believe she will already be turning a year!

  34. Sloane looks like a toddler! She is precious. Shane took family photo’s for us and we love them. He is great. They are out being framed and I’m dying to get them up. Happy Friday!

  35. Nice watch :) Oh, and Sloanie is cute too! Excited about your kitchen update!!

  36. Oh Lippers you are such an angel! I love seeing your smiling face and I can’t wait to see more of Marla’s house. And… I like what I can see of the floors! :)

  37. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen when it is done. I am a big fan of your blog – an even bigger fan when you took the time to respond to me when I was in the throes of picking out a color for my walls about 18 months ago.

  38. I can’t believe how big she has gotten! such a doll. We too are painting our cabinets. Truly a budget friendly make over.

  39. Sloane gets cuter with every picture if that’s possible! Can’t wait to see more of Marla’s house and your kitchen!

  40. curse you for that tease!!!!! a makeover in progress is tantamount to foreplay. but just talking about it will get you maybe taken advantage of behind the bleachers after gym class. yeah, i said it. and i’d do it.

  41. oh, and i am totally stealing your baby.

  42. ahh sloane is so cute! and i love your watch! and your toms! where’s the watch from?

  43. HGTV is doing a house renovation giveaway… You should check it out and enter. Then do that addition so that we can read all about it!

    P.S. Love the pic!

  44. Good luck with the renovation. Sloane outfit is soo cute. I am constantly searching for cute clothes for my little girl and cant ever seem to really find anything that isnt cheesey. Would love to know where you got her outfit??

  45. Chantelle Miner says:

    Is there anyway you could give us some detail on her floors in the picture? Those are awesome!

  46. So cute! I love the lighting in this photo.

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