the internet should go down more often

I don’t really mean that… because honestly we come unglued when it goes out.  But yesterday during the outage Allison turned up the Suzy Bogguss and kicked her organizational skills into high gear.  I wasn’t in the office yesterday, but I gasped (okay, really, I screamed very loud) when I saw what she did.

These little tags indicate how many yards we have of each of these fabrics.  Allison is beautiful, hilarious, very fun, brilliant, and talented to the nth degree!  I really cannot remember work-life before her and will do everything to keep her.  Even if it means rewarding her with White Z.  She likes good music too… and as of today, I’m giving her complete control of Pandora and iTunes.  Do you know how much fun we have?

Thank you Allison for all you do!!!  And next time the internet goes down, could you please tackle my desk? ;)


  1. Fabric organization is so hard. This is a great idea! It looks so good too.

  2. Yeah Allison! Potter&Peek would be sp proud!! :)

  3. oh, and…

    sp=so :)

  4. They’re like paint chips for fabric! Love it!

  5. Yeah Allison! The Pritchard family thinks you are the coolest person ever. :)

  6. Katherine says:

    I’m just wondering what it says in the framed art behind Allison’s head…..all I can make out is “You can rarely see” and that’s about it…..First of all, I can rarely see without my glasses anyway, but I really can’t make anything else out beyond that even with my glasses on!! Oh and btw, the fabric board is the coolest!!

  7. Katherine, I’m pretty sure it says, You can rarely see what is right in front of you.

  8. Please send her over!! Organizing is not my forte, I need an assistant!! Come and follow. Give away soon!

    Art by Karena

  9. She’s a genius!! That is os awesome – and so cute!!!

  10. What a fabulous idea….even for our homes!!! Thank you for sharing. Isn’t it a GIFT to have someone like her you can depend on?!

  11. I love the print in the background too. So unique!

  12. hi E- I have it in a binder but this is an awesome idea!! She’s adorable and looks like a huge help. Have a great weekend. Hope that cutie Sloane is doing well. xo LC

  13. I love how they’re all out so you can sort of do a quick inventory with a glance. No flipping or pulling anything out!


  14. oh my gosh, when she gets done with your office send her my way. I am so jealous right now.

  15. Hello… Allison, can you please come to my house!? I love Suzy Bogguss and I’m even buy you a fridge pack of White Z! :) The fabric makes me happy… wonder how long it will last!? :)

  16. I need an Allison!!
    I love your blog, only recently found it, but it has become a firm favourite.

  17. love that bulletin board with the fabric samples.. i’ve been looking for something to go on the wall above my sewing machine… this is perfect- and inexpensive to make too :) thanks for the inspiration!! i always find some on your blog (and you sisters)!

  18. Beyond being helpful, they’re really pretty to look at too! Love it. P.S. What does the print behind Allison say?

  19. I need Allison in my studio ! Please check my blog ” Inspiring Workplace ” 3-24-10

  20. Oh my Lord. That is amazing. I crave that. My living room and car look like the Dec Center threw up all over them. Gobs and bags of fabrics everywhere, in every drawer, every cabinet, all over the show. That grain/seed trough thing you have with fabrics in them. OMG. I need that, so amazing, so organized! My house was so out of control last night that I managaed to convince Tim that I needed a French Buffet De Corps to put my baskets of fabrics and binders in. You know you have mad sales skills when he says OK! Round Top starts today, I’m leaving in an hour. This just got me pumped up to get organized, by way of a French Antique! Or if I see a feed container, I’m gettin it! ;)

  21. Allison’s organization is art itself. I also like the eye chart picture in the background!

  22. it’s so nice to put a face to someone i’ve been talking with for months now. i want to come hang out with y’all for the day. i bet you have so much fun!

  23. That is a fantastic idea and looks pretty too:)

  24. Way to go Allison!!!! We all could use some more organization. Love the framed picture behind Allison that says “you can rarely see…”. ANy chance you would share the entire saying? Hope so. Thanks.

  25. I could seriously hang out in your office all day…the fabrics, the walls, the light fixtures, the kitchen…heaven! I’ll tackle your desk, dusting, bathroom, whatever…just to soak it all in! And thanks for sharing more on Allison – nice to have a face with the name. Y’all seem like a great team!

  26. my vote is allison for president and suzy bogguss for vice president

  27. WOW! Can I please borrow Allison for a week!!??!!!! what a task master! I love how that sample board looks… it is like a piece of textile art all it’s own!… Happy Sunday and cheers to a great week ahead!!!

  28. What a great idea! Allison is awesome!
    Who makes the pink/purple/orange print hanging on the buttom right? I know I have seen it a hundred times, but now that I want to use I can’t seem to find it.

  29. christine says:

    FABULOUS job, allison! and not to be a buttinsky, but i know erika is oh so very busy. the print i believe is from hayley & lucas and can be purchased here it reads ‘You can rarely see what is right in front of you’.

  30. I second your opinion about the internet crashing! Or even losing electricity for a few days. It’s amazing how much of our day is consumed by the ravenous creature of modern living. Simplify… and organizing is the first step to simplicity!

    WTG Allison!

  31. Laura Hassell says:

    I love this post! Allison is missed in Montgomery! Please tell her I said “hello”!

  32. How wonderful to have such an amazing working relationship. The world of design can be so challenging and it helps to have a friend along with you! Aloha

  33. Good job, Allison, but…but…Erika, do you buy fabrics when you stumble upon them, and then store them until a use comes along? Or are these leftovers from client projects? When it’s time to sell them to clients, how do you price them? (in the past, I have given all leftovers to clients, or given them to my upholstery man). If you don’t mind nosey questions…

  34. I want an Allison!! What a great idea and on top of that it looks visually pretty too!!

  35. What a loving post! How encouraging for Allison!

  36. Hm…it’s too bad you don’t know any hot, single guys Erica:)

  37. We would get along really well during power outages. Great job A!

  38. Alison – what a great shot of you! You are so smiling with your eyes! : )

  39. I love this shot of bridesmaids … all dressed in white.  But, not to be confused with the bride herself, these bridesmaids are all in different styles, a short hem, pretty woven shawls, and lots of lace.  If bridesmaids were to wear white, the bride would want to differentiate her dress enough, to stand out – think long white dress, sans lace, etc.


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