The Makings of a Kitchen!

Hey Everyone! It’s me, Marla! It was so fun to read all the compliments and questions about my kitchen in the HGTV Holiday post, but way too hard to reply to everyone individually. I thought I would sneak on to Erika’s blog and post the 411 for you guys. She is working on a post on the specifics related to the dining area as it was styled for the HGTV photos… that will be a later this week.  As far as this post is concerned please note NO styling or tidying up was done before shooting these images. Here we go!

Let’s start on the right side. The range side. Here is what it looked like originally:

Erika designed the kitchen to have upper cabinets, but our budget was tight so at the last minute we opted for open shelves instead. We have a huge walk in pantry so I knew that it would be easy to find a place to hide all the unsightly stuff that lurks in the kitchen cabinets. As you can see in the drawing we also planned to have tile with an interesting variation over the range. (No, I did not plan to have stars of david over my range-Erika is just funny like that!) In the end, a friend of Shane’s who owns a masonry company, offered us the brick+labor at a price we could not refuse so we went with it. Here is how it looks now:

On the window side of the room, Erika suggested we change the original plans to include three large windows and it was a GREAT decision! One of my favorite things about the kitchen, for sure!A current shot of those windows:

We decided to change the kitchen windows to casements and we are so glad we did.  Another favorite thing about our kitchen design is the use of large, deep, full extension drawers on the bottom vs. cabinets. We find it so much easier to fill and organize them with tupperware, kidsware, paper ware etc.  I picked up the knobs and pulls at our local Home Depot.

The countertops are custom concrete by NEOCRETE. I worked closely with Tammy to make sure the color mix was perfect for coordinating with the rest of the room. I was adamant that I wanted the edges of the concrete to be rough finished and not perfectly smooth and I love how they came out.

Another decision when working with concrete is how much “motion” or texture you want to have. I like a little, Shane likes a lot. We met in the middle.

The lights over the three windows are  boston functionals and the one over the island is the Reeves large antique brass pendant. Both are available through Urban Grace.

The light over the range is from Kathleen’s Kottage on Hwy 331. It is a reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, whatever you want to call it, Marine Light. My electrician was able to rewire it and make it work perfect!

The main faucet is from

The flooring is 6 inch Walnut.

The brick is old chicago brick and they went over it with extra mortar rubbed over top. Color is off in this picture but you get the idea.

Fridge is Frigidaire Commercial Freezerless Fridge. (We have a full size freezer in the pantry).

Range is Jen Air downdraft.

Stools are

I have no idea what else you could possibly want to know. Go forth. Have a very Merry Christmas. Give Thanks. Be Joyful.


  1. I loooooove the exposed brick, especially how it was treated. And, ooooohhhh, big …. deep … drawers. So jealous.

  2. Lovely kitchen. We are remodeling our next year and using white cabinets. Can you tell me if yours were custom built?

  3. I love it! Thanks for sharing the details. The floors are to die for. I’m definitely saving this as a reference if I ever get to build my dream home. Great inspiration.

  4. I’m foaming at the mouth. Literally. LOVE the shelves instead of upper cabinets. Great job Erika and Marla!

  5. Fantastic! Fabulous job, Marla (Shane + Erika)! Your kitchen is perfection. I remember hearing about the early stages when we were in Florida last. It is so fun to see the end product. Congrats!

  6. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. Everyone did an amazing job. I am definitely storing a few of this pics in my inspiration folder for my new kitchen. Thank you for sharing!

  7. That is gorgeous!!! I love all the little and big details that went into it! I would love new countertops and a new island for our kitchen… the concrete looks fabulous! Love those floors too!

  8. Bravo!! I love everything about the design and look of your kitchen Marla! Erika always brings the “wow” factor to any room. I would love to see your pantry. I made sure an oversized pantry was in our building plan too. I love being able to hide the toaster,microwave, dog food and much more. Have a great holiday!

  9. All this talk about your pantry… I think we need to see pictures of that as well. It sounds just as amazing as your kitchen!

  10. love all those jars and number tins!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all…great fixtures, great finishes, great design!

  12. Your kitchen is stunning. I love all of your details, gorge, gorge, gorge!

  13. Looks so great… thanks for sharing the details!

  14. gorgeous!!! i am just dying to know about your dining table. thanks!

  15. marla, the whole kitchen is gorgeous, but i think the windows are my favorite part. pam

  16. Thanks for sharing all the details of your gorgeous kitchen! It’s so helpful seeing details of where things came from.

  17. it is stunning!!! love the natural light and open feeling. so beautiful!!

  18. Ooh, your countertops are absolutely drool-worthy (sorry, first description that popped in my head :). I had wanted concrete countertops, but there isn’t much options for that up here, and I didn’t want someone messing them up. It is a beautiful kitchen!

  19. That kitchen might actually make cooking fun. Love that you didn’t use top cabinets. Love the exposed shelves. Love everything in fact! Where did you cabinets come from?

  20. Yevette Shaver says:

    I would love to know the dimensions of your kitchen and you have a pantry also?

  21. I love the open shelving with the exposed brick! Good idea on taking out the upper cabinets!

  22. It is perfect! Merry Christmas!

  23. What a beautiful home! So clean and cozy! I love it!

  24. Thanks for sharing Marla. It’s stunning! You have to be over the moon with your new kitchen. Kudos to you and Erika!

  25. Cancel the rest of my day. I’m just going to sit here and look at this beautiful kitchen. Seriously, I love all of it.


  26. Beautiful, Marla. Nice job, Erika!

    I snagged those bar stools off Overstock a few weeks ago and love them!

    I love the counter tops. They are perfect, so meeting in the middle worked well!

    Merry Christmas!

  27. I would love to know the color of the white cabinets. I need to save $ and just paint the cabinets I have but am overwhelmed with whites. Thanks. So stunning!

  28. Love love love the brick. Its so unique and just adds so much charector. Your kitchen is perfect. I also like the black handles – I have white cabinets and am almost thinking that might look better than the coppery color I have now.

  29. i want it!

  30. I love your kitchen Marla! Merry Christmas to you too!

  31. Love the kitchen! Its beautiful! The brick is perfect and I like the idea of a freezerless fridge. I wish I had room to put my full-size freezer upstairs. Its in the basement now. Maybe in the future..

  32. love love love.

  33. Oooh! I just love this kitchen and especially the countertops!!! I want a redo on our kitchen so bad! Great tips on why you like the oversized drawers as opposed to lower cabinets-I was just trying to organize our tupperware in a warped-plywood-bottom cabinet-I’m so over it! Love everything! Way Way Allen

  34. Beautiful job. You gave me a great idea for lighting over our sink with that marine light. I love that look. We’re having our new kitchen installed this week. Eek! I can’t wait! Thanks for the inspiration. Perfect timing!

  35. Dina Lescourret says:

    Fab-you-lus! Boy, you and Erika make one heckofa team!
    Silly question, are those Mr. Meyers candles you have wrapped up? I happen to see Walmart now carries the entire line, including candles, wondering if you got them there?
    Now I can’t wait to see Erika’s kitchen too….you two are spoiling us!

  36. Absolutely wonderful! The perfect spot for pancakes to beef wellington.

  37. one of my absolute favorite kitchens. it’s gorgeous!!! it’s unique and classic at the same time. I love that! I would give thanks and be joyful if that was my sapce to cook & enjoy too! :)

  38. Love, love, love!! Just beautiful. Thanks for all the details. I am definitely bookmarking this page as a reference for my dream kitchen! The windows are my favorite part, as is the brick, the counters, the drawers….. :)

  39. Your kitchen is freakin amazing. I like how you noted you have no idea what else someone could ask but I’m curious if that’s a tv above your fireplace, unmounted? If so, do you have trouble seeing the picture? I love your place. Thanks for the post

  40. BEAUTIFUL kitchen!! When I saw this post, it was love at first sight! Can we see the rest of the house? Pretty please?

  41. I love every single thing!

  42. I love the details and getting some insight into how those great diagrams evolved into such an interesting space. It’s stunning and simple. You can see how well it has all been thought out to be loved and lived in. A pantry sounds like the most perfect idea (especially along with open shelving). The unfinished edge on the concrete and the brickwork really add something so unique. Thank you for all these details and Happy Holidays!

  43. Great kitchen! I am loving the brick and concrete….sleek, yet very functional!

  44. Holy Cow!! I am in LOVE with this kitchen. I love love love the black frame windows and the concrete counters + the white cabinets. STUNNING!!

    A job well done!

  45. Marla, thank you so much for opening up your home to us!! Thanks for sharing!!!!! Merry merry Christmas!

  46. I would LOVE an update in a few months on the concrete countertops. We are contemplating them, as well. Beautiful kitchen, enjoy!

  47. Marla, thanks so much! I have been checking religiously to see the details of your kitchen, and will tuck them carefully away.

  48. Absolutely beautiful kitchen!! It turned out so great! Where are the cabinets from?

  49. I am BEYOND swooning!! The light fixtures over the sink are fabulous, and I love the touches of black. Such a gorgeous kitchen!!

  50. The windows are gorgeous! Such a timeless kitchen.

  51. Corrie VGR says:

    Can you share more info on the HGTV article you referred to? I would love to see more :-) Thanks for sharing – simply inspiring and much appreciated.

  52. Thank you so much for sharing. It is simply gorgeous!

  53. Janis Covington Stufflebean says:

    Love that it is okay to change something that you had planned because it was better financially at the time, and it turned out so perfectly!

  54. I am completely inspired – thank you so much for sharing! I love its modern feel, but it’s SO warm. How did you guys do it? I’m very impressed!

    Particularly love the black detailing in the light fixtures and pulls. It works so well with the soft brick and white cabinetry.

    It’s fun to see a variation on all the white marble we see today (I love it, but it’s fun to see something different!).

  55. looks wonderful…love it. i bet everything you make in there taste incredible.

  56. Love this – all of it – I keep coming back to look at the photos again. :)

  57. Absolutely unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

  58. Gorgeous Kitchen! I love the countertops!!

  59. best kitchen….EVER!

  60. Love it all. There’s nothing not to love.

  61. I have been loving the glass door version of this frig, but it seems to get poor reviews for noise and it’s not energy star rated. I was just wondering if you had the noise issue or increased utility bill. Love the kitchen and dining room…show us the whole house! I appreciate you taking the time to share.

  62. It’s really nicely done-simple but very interesting. Thank you for sharing the details- I was wanting to know the info on the countertop especially and kudos to you for finding some good economical accents like the pulls and knobs from Home Depot- even better for a great kitchen that doesn’t break the bank- so much! cheers.

  63. Is there a name for that style of brick? I’d love to know for referencing in the future. Beautiful space!

  64. just lovely! i want to see your pantry ;)

  65. How fun to see all of the details! Thanks for sharing them with us. Happy and Merry!

  66. Oh my goodness- I absolutely adore it!!! I love the brick and the black casement windows- and the open shelves and the lighting- all of it! Fabulous kitchen!!

  67. Well…that kitchen just beats it all! I absolutely love it.

  68. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures and all the details! It´s fun to see how your (and Ericas) creative side and personal style shows through and even differ in ideas of materials to the “regular” home. Like it a lot (and also would love to see more house pictures) :)

  69. awesome kitchen. It came together beautifully! Thanks for all of the details!

  70. What’s not to LOVE here? It’s beautiful. My favorites: the brick, the open shelves, and the lighting (swoon). Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  71. Gorgeous kitchen – thanks for sharing all these details!!!! The chalkboard is such a fun idea.

  72. I love, love, love your kitchen. In fact, I just ordered your faucet. Thanks for being so budget conscious!

    Happy Holidays-

  73. Marla, everything is beautiful. I had rough edges on my concrete counter tops and it put holes in every single one! So enjoy them but either wear a thick apron while in the kitchen or don’t “belly up!”

  74. Gorgeous, beautiful, and every other word that is synonymous with those. I bet it makes being in the kitchen even more wonderful than usual! Erika, I love your work!

  75. Wow!!! That kitchen is so beautiful; I especially love the brick walls and the countertops. I also love the jars; are you willing to share the source?

  76. Simply beautiful – all of it!

  77. Um. Amazing. So inspiring!


  78. Absolutely stunning! I would love to know if the upper shelves are custom or purchased as assemble yourself?

  79. Where did you get the open shelves on the brick?

  80. Love it ALL! Thanks for sharing. What paint color is the wall?

  81. This is the perfect blend of all possibilities a kitchen can be. I know the open shelving was a last minute decision based on a tight budge but it looks incredible. I would have NEVER known. The exposed brick gives so much character to this kitchen, and then add to it the beautiful fixtures and the appliances that mesh so well. INCREDIBLY Beautiful kitchen!

  82. This kitchen is beautiful! Love the brick, the countertops, everything! I’m so curious though. Do you have a microwave? If so, where is it hiding? We want to redo some things about our kitchen but for the life of us we can’t figure out what to do with the microwave which is a necessary evil for us.

  83. Heather Angel says:

    Love your designs and I’m copying a few ideas for my new kitchen. Thanks for the amazing inspiration!!!

  84. LOVE Everything….something so simple as the chalkboard has the biggest impact. Is it a regular chalkboard?? Does it come from a school supply store?


  85. Stephanie says:

    Hi! Any chance those creamy barstools are available to order? My friend is looking for those exact ones.

    Great Kitchen!

  86. Love, love your kitchen!!! Can you tell me where you purchased the green canisters? I have been looking all over for something like that!


  87. AMAZING!!!!!!!! love everything about this kitchen, love your ideas. You are a real inspiration for aspiring bloggers!!! Keep up the great work!

  88. donna mcgaha says:

    i am wondering what paint color you used on the kitchen wall in the dec 20th post. i am looking for a white to paint my shiplap walls. thanks so much.

  89. Interested in lighting. Blog mentioned it is available through Urban Grace.

  90. Loooove the brick….perfect for this kitchen. Thanks for sharing! Yesterday, I was loving wallpapered kitchens, now I’m adding exposed brick to the mix!

  91. you know this is the perfect setting for an Oil rubbed bronze range hood! ;) I found a vintage Thermador copper hood with standing seams on CL for $400.00 in the Redondo beach listings, unfortunately it’s an island mount (couldn’t put in this kitchen), but you know that is a steal for a copper hood in just about any condition! (It does need some love) Texas Lightsmith could refinish it in “Venetian Oil Rubbed Bronze”

  92. I have been drooling over this kitchen from day one….BEAUTIFUL, Wondering were cabinets custom? Any idea what color they are? Love everything you, do thanks for the eye candy!!

  93. I almost screamed when I saw your Yee Haw print! I have one that says, ‘Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!” I visit Knoxville often and insist on going to Yee Haw every time I’m there! I’m so glad to see YHI support!

  94. Fantastic Work!!! Congratulations! This kitchen is dreamy! I love the quote chosen for the blackboard! XoXo :)

  95. Would you let me know whether you ended up using oil- or acrylic/latex-based paint for your cabinets? And what color you used? Thanks!

  96. Love, love, love! This is great, honestly I think the open shelves are terrific and the finish on the concrete is really perfect. Thank you for sharing!

  97. I love those kitchen shelves! I would love to know where they are from. :D

  98. Where can I get these shelves??? Need these shelves!!

  99. I love everything in your kitchen – a perfect blend of cool and vintage. Can you possibly tell me the origin of the black board? What are its dimensions?

  100. In regard to the 30″ downdraft range…what brand? BTW…great kitchen!

  101. sam roberts says:

    hi I have just required some reclaimed bricks and was wondering how you created the mortor mix that goes between the bricks as I love the look. Do we add dyes or is it snow crete ? would really appreciate some advice thanks sam x

  102. Hi, can you tell me if who made the cabinets?

  103. I love your kitchen, saw it on pinterest. I would love to know what color paint you used on the cabinets. It all looks great!

  104. Colleen Lenahan says:

    I absolutly LOVE your kitchen and adjoining room with the fireplace! Just wondering about the cabintry and walls – do you recall the colour and type of paint that was used?

  105. Hi Erika! I’m obsessed with your style! Just had to share my own kitchen that was inspired by this exact one you designed. :)

  106. I’ve installed Brickweb thin brick that comes in sheets in my kitchen and it is so simple and easy and looks great!

  107. Do you know what the name of the color of your grout for the brick is?

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