The Nursery Diaries :: Chapter 8

If you are new around here and missed the first seven chapters of this story here they are: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Well friends, I think it is complete enough for a final reveal.  I have a 4.5 month old baby now and it has taken me almost 9 months to get this teeny-tiny room together.  My teeny-tiny client (and my life-size ones too) have had me quite preoccupied.  You know what they say about the Cobbler’s children.  

Just to refresh your memory, here’s the floor plan of the room we chose as the nursery.  The room barely measures 10′-8″ x 11′-4″… that excludes the space where the entry door swings in… which is not usable space anyway.  Those of you with 10′ x 14′ rugs in your living room… your rug covers more square footage than we have in our nursery. 

floor plan

When I set out to design the nursery I already had a majority of the furniture that I knew for sure I would use.  The crib (vintage… it was mine), the changing table (used to be a bar in our dining room), and two black bookcases with olive green interiors.  The bookcases I used in a project a few years ago, they are were part of a 3-piece unit that Crate & Barrel used to sell as an entertainment center.  They flanked an armoire that held a tv.  They say they are made in Italy (which sounds fancy, but they are really quite simple) and I have always loved their chalky matte black finish, perfect shade of green interior, and inset drawers.  Last year I upgraded that client’s home with all flat screen tvs and consoles instead of large entertainment centers, and when I did I scored those bookcases.   The room is very small.  The only new piece of furniture is the chair.  It was a gift from a generous client.  You may recall my Ikea chair strike out?  I often intervene on my client’s behalf by not allowing them to make design mistakes, this time a client intervened on my behalf.  She rescued me and knew I needed a chair that rocked.  I am so very grateful and I think of her every single time I rock and feed Sloane in that chair!  The little green side table is a garden stool, moved into the room from my garden!

at entry door

When you walk in the door this is your view.  Our hampers are from Tarjay.  The one on the left holds our dirty laundry and on the right it holds toys that Sloane isn’t quite big enough for just yet.  I actually have 3 of these hampers for future toy storage and will likely move them to the chair’s location once she is a big girl and doesn’t need Momma to rock her anymore (sniff).  The diaper tote bag I got at TJMaxx it is by Saltbox.  I guess it is discontinued, hence it finding its way to TJs.   The frame that the French alphabet print is in came from Marla’s store – if you are interested you can email Brittany(at)marlaandshane(dot)com .  It was a splurge, but once I took it out on approval I was sold.  That whole “out on approval” works to the retailers advantage.   


I really didn’t have a theme or scheme in mind when I designed this space.  Themes make me cringe.  And the only scheme was color related.  The Oscar de la Renta bedskirt fabric I had been hoarding for years set the palette.  The walls as you may already know are Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams.  Our rug is an outdoor faux sisal from Homegoods.  It’s not exactly a rug you’d want to lay on or crawl on, but for now it works.  We may add an area carpet when Sloane gets a little older.

left and right

The lamps I bought almost two years ago at a Goodwill store that was near my dad’s place in Chicago.  My Mom and I both think the silhouettes look like a lady in a white dress with her hands on her hips.  The black linen (gold lined) lamp shades came from the Restoration Hardware outlet in Wisconsin (not too far from Chicago).  The shelves are filled with lots of little goodies.  On the right bottom shelf that box is the one that the vintage Barbie paperdoll set came in.  On the left bottom shelf, remember when my painters delivered my gold crib and also a little gift from them… they bought a pair of tennis shoes at Walmart and sprayed them gold too, they were a joke, but they sure crack me up.


I’m not a minimalist.  The more to look at the merrier I am.  The framed nametag was part of our maternity photo shoot, the frame is from TJMaxx (has a lovely burlap wrapped mat).  The silver cup in the foreground was mine.  The fruit rattles were the second purchase for Sloane (first being her chandelier), they came from friend Shawn’s store- Fitz & Emme [shawn(at)fitzandemme(dot)com].  The painting in the background is titled Faces South and is by local artist Teresa Cline.  It is one of my all time favorite paintings and it was a gift from Teresa a couple of years ago.  She sells custom paintings and giclee canvases here

birdseyeview of crib


When a very kind blog reader saw that I was planning to use that Dwell tiny pin dot crib sheet (which was discontinued), she emailed to offer me hers.  Thank you Jennifer (she has triplets!!! + 1 more, that’s equals 4 children under 4)!  She also has a beautiful home, as seen in the background of pictures on her blog.


The crib skirt is adjustable (as I mentioned in Chapter 5) so when we lower the mattress as Sloane grows the skirt can be shortened and still fall flush to ‘kiss’ the ground.  The beauty of this design is that behind that skirt hides storage boxes of outgrown clothes!  Which is also a reason all beds in my house have bedskirts that ‘kiss’ the ground… extra storage! 

sloaneys friends

The little pink peek-a-boo bunny was mine when I was a baby.  I cleaned her up and she works great… give her pull a tug and before her song finishes Sloane is asleep.

right bkcaseclose

Sloane’s Mommasissy made the sock bunny for her for Christmas. It is so precious to have handmade things from my sister.  More than half of the clothes in the closet were handmade hand-me-downs from Darby and we are so grateful for all the time and energy that went into each precious outfit.  The little fields of flowers painting I painted in high school.  As our book collection grows our shelves will evolve.  Speaking of books, tried to sign up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, but my area has no sponsor?


Sorry about the glare, I should have turned the chandelier off!

close up paperdoll plates

The decoupaged plates were a very, very, very generous gift from my friend Annmarie and her creative partner-in-crime Laurie.  As I mentioned previously, I originally planned to shadowbox frame real vintage Barbie clothes.  I realized very early that wasn’t going to fly.  I didn’t have hours to spend on ebay waiting for auctions to end + the clothes alone were expensive, plus the cost of shadowbox frames.  When I found the vintage Barbie paperdolls on Etsy I emailed Annmarie to see if she thought I could handle the decoupage myself.  She told me to not even try (it’s difficult work folks), she would do it for me!  Can you imagine a more generous gift!?  I could not.  The day they arrived I was so excited I must have looked at them a million times.  They make me very happy.  Sloane loves them too!  Laurie and Annmarie have been in the decoupage business since 2003, took a hiatus for a couple of years…  but are now officially BACK IN ACTION!!  Check out their etsy shop: The Treehouse Press.  I’ve donated my paperdolls to their decoupage cause, so if you like them… they can be yours too. 

close up paperdoll plates2

I think it is safe to say that the green shorts + striped shirt outfit is my favorite!

chair and ottoman corner

Our chair and ottoman where we spend a lot of time.  When I put Sloane up on my shoulder she gazes at her Amanda Talley painting and seems to really love the large graphic design… which is good.  I have already warned her that Momma loves that painting too and may steal it from her one day.  I found the ottoman at my favorite antique store that is near my parent’s farm… had the cushion reupholstered and it is as good as new!


Our lamp is from the local Restoration Hardware outlet.  The chair is slipcovered in a natural diamond matelesse.  You may recall it was going to be slipcovered in a linen that matched the wall color, but it accidentally got made upholstered (not slipcovered) in linen… so they sent me a slipcover.  I decided to change the fabric on the slipcover… so I have one chair two looks. We’ll leave it slipcovered til Sloane is at a safer age to have a linen upholstered chair 18 years old.  You see where our bird mobile landed.


Over the changing table is an antique herb drying rack that my parents have had in their storage shed for years.  About fifteen years ago they went to England on an antique tour and bought three of these.  I talked mom into parting with this one.  Sloane’s daddy’s car had that personalized tag on it when he was in high school.  Where I come from personalized car tags are a just a little bit red.  As in neck.  Nothing against those of you that have them.  Because my dad has one and I love him.  And my husband had one.  And I love him too.  And I love that my daughter has his name.

detail with piglet

That photo of Sloaney Bologna was taken by the talented Amy Smith.  She looked more like me at that age (I think she was 14 days old in that photo)… these days she is looking much more like her daddy!

changing table2

Our changing table is not very exciting, the open shelves make me a little crazy being disheveled as they are… but the quick access to the necessities makes motherhood easier.  That cute green felt bag with the onesie on it (hanging over the changing table) was a gift from my Baker rep… hi Susan!  I adore it!


Some folks like to see the little details… I’ll try not to bore you… but here are some shots for those of you.

drapery detail

The coral and ivory striped fabric is now discontinued… and that makes me wish I had bought a few extra yards.  Our tortoise natural woven roman shades came from Home Depot a few years ago.

sachet from d

My sister made the little scented sachet… it was part of a shower gift (back in July), but even now (7 months later) it still smells so wonderful!

Now, to keep it real… that Ikea chair that we didn’t really love has actually come in quite handy as a second chair in the room.  Every night Chance and I can be found in this room, together, giving Sloane her last feeding… and the second chair has been a big bonus.  We have come to love this time of day together.  If your nursery has enough space (not that ours really does, because it really is quite tight with the two chairs, but worth the compromise), I’d recommend two chairs so that both parents can be active (and comfortable) during the bedtime routine.  Chance gives the night bottle, so he gets the good chair, I’m usually sitting next to that kangaroo.  [I'm sure this doubled-up, tag-team approach to bedtime is one of those 'first children' deals.  Obviously if there were other children in the picture this wouldn't be possible.]


Not pictured: we have a few more pieces of art that we just need more wall space for!  Some is out being framed and some is leaning in the bathroom waiting to be hung in there.  And the closet… oh the closet…

I just loaded a picture of the closet.  Then I tried to find words to justify the mess.  And then I deleted it.  I couldn’t bear to post it with these images… I’ll post it later, I promise.  Just don’t want to end this post with a wild closet photo.

I hope this goes without saying… but just to reiterate my heart:  the most important element to this nursery  isn’t pictured above.  My precious daughter.  If I had nothing but a baby bed and a blanket I would be satisfied, because my baby is obviously of far more value than any silly thing I’ve posted here.  It wasn’t until she came that I realized the nursery wasn’t all that important.  Hence the time it’s taken me to get this posted! 

If you have any questions I will try to answer them in the comment section.  If your question has already been addressed in a previous chapter, then I will point you back to the other chapters!    

[All painted finishes have been tested for lead paint.  After a lot of criticism over my bumpers (which by design (stiff and not pillowy) are safer in my opinion than most on the market) I have purchased the breathable mesh bumpers which we will put up once she starts to roll over.  The metal paint does not have a high metal content, but for those concerned about her chewing on the bed, we have the plastic siderail protectors, they are just white and ugly, and we don't need them up right now.  We can put them up once she pulls up on the side of the crib and starts chewing.  When Sloane grows big enough to reach the bottom row of plates on the wall we will have to take them down and put them away for safe keeping.  All photos are mine, please ask permission if  you want use of them.]


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    P.S. – You may already know this, but they do make those plastic rail covers in clear, which might not grate your nerves so much should you end up needing them. Avery never chewed her bedrails, so mine are unused, in the box, if you’d like them.

    Take Care!

  89. My little sister and I had the pink bunny that played music too! i was scrolling pictures and my heart stopped a little bit when I saw it! I haven’t seen it or thought about it in years. Our dad used to work nights every night and bedtime was always hard on my sister when he wasn’t there. My mom would yank that string and she would be out before we knew it! Love it! And now I am hoping ours has survived time, along with a move or two!

  90. How beautiful is that room – and the girl that goes in it!

    I love that you and your husband do bedtime together. With four kids in the house, I can say that tag team only gets more important as you get more. My husband often does the routine for me (that’s my one “aahh!” time of day), but I do love the nights when I go up and help brush teeth, help everyone with whatever is needed, and then sit in and listen while he reads to the kids.

  91. Gorgeous!! Love everything in it! Thanks for sharing as I know it is a treasured place for you and your family! Question for you – do you know of a good way to hang a puzzle in a room? I bought an adorable puzzle from pottery barn kids for my sons nursery thinking it would be easy to put up on the wall, but now I have no idea how to do that. Any experience? Thanks!

  92. lovely!!

  93. The plates are perfection and I LOVE the end results. The two chairs are most definitely my favorite touch. …and of course I smiled from ear to ear seeing those orange booties hanging from the herb rack :)

  94. Erika! This is so special and so beautiful in every way! I only wish Sloane and Mallory lived closer so they could each have playdates in their awesome nurseries. I adore the herb drying rack, how cool is that! And what a great idea to have two chairs, one for daddy and one for mommy. Our nursery is pretty small too, but I might just have to squeeze it in and make it work. Also, I just scored two of the decoupage plates for a client of mine…but I have a feeling they might be tough to part with once they arrive.

    Love, love, love it all!

  95. The nursery is gorgeous! Congrats on the Southern Living spread, too. Just got it in the mail today!

  96. LOVE the nursery! You desinger types amaze me! I have no clue. I find it funny yet sad that you’ve gotten so much “feedback” on the nursery. Just so you know, my daughter’s crib had a bumper until she moved to a bed around 2, she was fine. We used the mesh ones with my son because he liked to smoosh his head into the corners…thought the suffocation might actually be an issue that time. Just wait and she what kind of sleeper she is. As for the chewing on the crib thing, mine never did that.

    Oh, I always wished we had two chairs in the nursery. My husband was always sitting on the floor. Good thinking on tha! And, yes, it’s a first child thing. The poor second child doesn’t even have a bedtime routine. I can’t imagine what our third is going to be like.

  97. Anne Talbott Simmons says:

    so worth the wait erika. it’s so beautiful! sweet room for a sweet girl!

  98. A beautiful nursery Erika! But of course, all of us readers knew it would be and you did not disappoint. It is cozy and personal and stylish… all the things a good room should be.

    Its funny that you had to put some ‘disclaimers’ at the end of your post, to beg off those inevitable questions. I’ve found that’s a part of motherhood too – to defend your choices, to do what feels right for your family – though well-intentioned others may not agree.

    What a beautiful space for Sloane to lay her sweet head. Wishing you many sleep-filled nights in that room!

  99. It’s absolutely wonderful. I love that there are so many personal/family touches. It’s easy to put together a themey nursery, but when you create one with so much character, you really make the room seem loving. Love it!

  100. The nursery looks amazing. Sloane is a lucky girl! I wish my room looked that put together! I just read the spread in Southern Living. Congrats!

  101. It’s absolutely beautiful! I wish I had a pinky finger’s worth of your talent (ok and lots of hard work and study)!

  102. A beautiful room. I love that it is so personal and a reflection of all of you and your lives. Congratulations.

  103. I spy a Baby Amore hanger, it fits in perfectly with your wonderful decor!! Hope ‘lil Miss Sloane is enjoying them to hang all her adorable clothes!

  104. Absolutely lovely. I love that it isn’t sparse and has so much life to it.

    And- I can not believe that you have to put the bottom portion in- seriously, you’ve gotten grief about those things? I had similar bumper pads in my crib the whole time all of my kids were in the crib. I would never have thought about the plates and Sloane pulling them off. It is a lovely heartfelt nursery filled with love.

    I remember all the kids in my AL high school that got personalized plates for their birthdays.

  105. I remember toys like the bunny!! in fact, i think i had one as a kid too

    as for the bumpers…i think it’s just paranoia. I only took mine off when she was “smart” enough to think of stepping on them. That was the point where the likelihood of her falling out of the crib was heightened.

  106. What an sophisticated nursery! It’s not too “baby” looking and that’s what makes it so beautiful and different. I’m currently trying to redo our 2 1/2 year olds’ room into a BIG GIRL room. I’m having a heck of a time nailing down a look! Beautiful job!

  107. love it all. love. it. all. beautiful!

    am a former designer now raising two little goose-eggs who stole my heart the moment i knew they were coming to steal away my size fours and more . . .

    i think they sell clear teething rails that easily pop over the top two sides of a jenny lind crib. mine came standard with them, but the clear is dreamy when you’ve custom painted their sweet cribs.

    enjoy her!! and enjoy her precious room. i was crazy over creating baby-of-mine’s first room. repainted it TWICE, poor hubby. but it ended up perfect, and we’ve all logged lots of cozy hours in the all important babys’ rooms!

  108. So beautiful, Erika! I’m not pregnant (and probably won’t be for a while!) but I’ve already bookmarked so many of the links where you found your beautiful furnishings and accessories. Your work is spectatular and your daughter (and husband!) is lucky to have such a talented mama.

  109. I linked through to your blog from Fly Through Our Window – love them both! Just had to comment – I have a 2 year old daughter named Sloane, and our last name is Paul. A funny similarity to your daughter’s name. I haven’t heard of another Sloane their age. It has been my favorite name since kindergarten, but everyone asks if she’s named after Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off since she was born in Chicago :)

  110. This post is beautiful! The room looks great!

  111. I have been reading your blog for over a year now but I am not sure if I have actually every commented before. Thought I would come out of stalker status to tell you I love Sloane’s nursery. Everything is absolutely beautiful of course. I especially love the decoupaged plates. They turned out so great!!

    If I could hire an interior designer to decorate our house I would pick you in a heartbeat. LOVE your work!!

  112. I absolutely love Sloane’s room!! Can it be my room? I have a little girl 2 weeks younger than yours and her room is still no where close to being done….and I don’t have a job – so I have NO excuse. Oh, and I have to say…my 3 year old, Adriana, had bumpers on her crib until she was about 1 and I was worried she might use it as a step to climb out – and she survived! Soraya’s bumpers are still up, but she’s not rolling over yet…not sure if I’ll take them off or not – but you’re Sloane’s mother and you shouldn’t have people telling you how to parent her :) and if you do, you do what you think is right! I remember after I took Adri’s bumpers off I hated having to find her pacifier that would fall behind the crib – drove me crazy!

  113. Colleen Galvin Labbe says:

    GORGEOUS!!!!!! The plats are AWESOME…love the backround!!!!! Aside from the plates…go Anna and Laurie!!!!!…the bedskirt and the gold crib are my favorites. My sons, Annmarie’s nephews, have their plates hanging in their rooms and everyone LOVES them..and some have since gotten their own! Happy to hear they are back in business! The nursery is beautiful…functional and personal. I love your work. Have a blast with your little one!

  114. Just beautiful! Thanks for the grand tour.

  115. What will you do when Sloane can reach the objects on the shelves or even the lamps? I definitely had climbers and escape artists so my nursery had to be reconfigured when each one of my kiddos reached a certain age. Since your space is so tight, I wondered what you anticipate doing when this issue arises (trust me, it will happen at some point…especially if you or your husband have any adventurous genes!) I do love the concept and carefully chosen details, but especially enjoy the fact that you showed the space-obsessed folks out there that bigger is not always better!

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  117. Her nursery is beautiful!!!

  118. Amazing!! Definitely worth the wait!

  119. Just divine. It is one of the best designed rooms ever. Hands down, it is just simply awesome.

  120. Girl, that is one good looking nursery. It made my heart pitter-patter. You have MUCH to be proud of! OH! and I got my copy of Southern Living today. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  121. Fabulous!

  122. Hello friends. Wow, after a lonnnng day I sure enjoyed reading all your very kind comments.

    Courtney: we did not use a “clear top coat” just the Ralph Lauren paint over primer. For your scenario I would recommend a water based polyurethane in satin (so it doesn’t get too glossy)
    Elizabeth: I’m emailing you about Imagination Library!
    Natalie: the cribskirt and bolster fabric is an Oscar de la Renta fabric that was available to-the-design-trade, but it is now discontinued. I’ve had it for a few years. So sorry!!
    Alison: might take you up on the clear side rail protectors!
    Sarah: how to hang a puzzle in a room. I’m puzzled. Just kidding… check this out !
    The Mom: not sure if the perspective of the picture is clear enough to tell, but unless she grows go-go gadget arms she will not be able to reach the lamps. The bookshelves are anchored to the walls so they cannot tip. The books and such on the shelves… well those will evolve and if anything is in reach of the crib, then it will be baby-safe. We can also very easily turn the crib 90 degrees if anything becomes unsafe. Of course, her safety is of our upmost concern.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to comment and for your kindness!!!

    Also, I had incorrectly posted the link to Jennifer (the generous gifter of the crib sheet) her blog is:

  123. A beautiful room for an adorable baby! This room is amazing! I wish that my nursery looked this way. I love that the crib sides are so padded!!! Awesome job!

  124. It’s charming! I love every inch of this room. It will change a dozen times as she gets older but with these great pieces the room will always look wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.

  125. Simply beautiful.

  126. The nursery is just beautiful! And I LOVE the article in Southern Living! I swooned over the photos and then I read the article and loved it even more! Great Job!!!

  127. Love the whole room! Would love to know where the side table next to the rocker came from…love it!

  128. Sarah: the small garden stool came from a local pottery dealer (a few years ago)… he mostly sells large planters and pots, but on occassion has great garden seat/stools. Here’s something similar:

  129. How GORGEOUS! I love that it’s feminine and youthful but not “baby”.

  130. Erika, You are amazing. Sloane’s nursery is so precious. Love it! But I am really on the floor laughing about the “red” comment. The terminology is defintley not lost on me. I love how you keep it so real on your blog.

  131. love it!

  132. Erika,

    I think Sloane’s nursery is ABSOLUTELY stunning. I can tell that there is so much love in your house. My favorite part, without a doubt, was the last photo of the 2 chairs next to each other. That brought tears to my eye. Sloane is such a lucky girl to have 2 parents that clearly love each other and her very much.

    Also, I know that others are expressing their own parental concerns, but sometimes, you just have to do what you feel is right/safe. Moms’ instincts are always best!

    Love all of your work! Thanks for the excellent nursery tour!


  133. What a pretty nursery. I love the colors, textures, everything really.
    Regarding the bumpers, my son who is 18 months old has wide ones like yours from PBK and he has never had a problem. Our only concern now is they are great to climb on and out of the crib, although he has not done this to date. You’re doing a great job!!
    Also, loved your work in Southern Living. As soon as I can get a budget for decorating, I really hope to work with you to put the finishing touches on my home.
    Thanks for sharing Erika.

  134. Oh my gosh. I love every detail!! I have that very same changing table for my daughter (20 months) except it is painted a distressed red. The low baskets drive me a little crazy, too, so I got the XL Sabrina baskets from Pottery Barn Kids and they fit perfectly and don’t show so much . . .

    As far as chewing, neither of my kids have EVER chewed on their cribs. Both of mine have loved the paci, so I think because they had their paci when they were in the bed, they didn’t have any need to chew. Don’t let people guilt you into anything – trust yourself!!

    Love every bit of it!!

  135. Your nursery is beautiful, so very elegant! And your daughter is even more beautiful. One question, where did you get the fabulous rocking chair (to the left in the pictures above)?? I LOVE it.

  136. What an amazing room! I bet your little one loves it.

  137. What a lovely, beautiful and cozy room! Perfect!

  138. Wow, what a beautiful room and a lucky little girl! I just posted my daughter’s nursery on my blog earlier this week. Would love for you to take a look. FWIW, we pulled our bumper out when she initially started rolling over but once she got a bit older (she’s 20 months now) I put them back in. She loves to back herself into a corner and looks so snuggly in there. Your room looks perfect!

  139. It is just gorgeous. My kids had the same crib. Funny you mentioned moving the bottom row of plates at some point. I can assure you that is a good idea….which I learned after my daughter picked some off the wall, and pitched across the room. Oh yeah, and my boys would have used the bookcases as ladders to escape from the crib. It’s amazing how one day you have precious little babies, and the next you have little monkey escape artists!(my baby just graduated from college….the time goes FAST!)

  140. I found your blog (and your sister’s) not too long ago. I have enjoyed reading your post. Enjoy every minute in the nursery. It is beautiful. I remember my daughter’s nursery. I decorated it for me and loved everything about it. We spent lots of time in the room. Now she is 4 years old and it is no longer “my” room. She has her opinion and all her “stuff.” There is nothing like sitting in a peaceful room with a baby.

  141. sloane’s nursery is gorgeous. your eye for detail is amazing. you have created such an eclectic mix of meaningful items!

  142. Love it! And…I love my new issue of SL! The house is beautiful, and I know you must be so proud to see it in a magazine. Congrats on a job well done!(both on the house and Sloane’s room!)

  143. Erika…off topic. I know you shop antiques. I saw these online and am curious if the price seems right. I know you don’t know me but I read your blog to get inspired! thanks.

  144. Jenn: I covered the details of the swivel/glider in Chapter 3 – you can read more here: the chair is by Lee Industries. It is VERY comfortable!! Thanks!

  145. So nice to see the finished product it looks amazing!! Sloane is so lucky to have such a talented mom! Guess I have to get my butt moving on finishing mine now!

  146. Now I know why are you the designer…you think of all the things that I never did! I would never have thought to anchor the bookcases which is one reason why my climbers got into so much trouble. I also had at least one of my four who delighted in jumping out of the bed and he is also the child that I found on top of the refrigerator when he was about 18 mos. (Pushed the chair to the counter, hoisted himself up and then stood on the toaster to get on top of the fridge)Obviously I was occupied elsewhere (or at least I hope I was) when this happened. He is now a 6’4″ man who does not have to climb anywhere so I guess all those crazy things he did as a little boy at least did not stunt his growth. By the way, my daughter-in-law and niece were Chi O’s with you at Auburn and my daughter and I have a shared blog…blessings and keep sharing your beautiful ideas and family with us!

  147. Erika – I love the nursery! I especially love your Amanda Talley panting and can just see little Sloane staring at it with wonder. The Oscar fabric is so great, too! I just sat down to eat lunch with my February Southern Living and immediately flipped to the house in Tallahassee. My first though was that these people must read your blog and look at your portfolio b/c they had a lot of your style and ideas. Little did I know until I got to the 3rd page that it, in fact, was you!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sure you are so pleased!

  148. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the painting, the rocking chair, the plates, the fabrics, and the gold crib!

  149. it’s BEAUTIFUL!!! it’d be so fun decorating for a girl…sigh. please tell me no one emailed you with the criticisms you addressed in the last paragraph of your post! people are retarded. clearly you are capable of caring properly for your child. i think you’re fabulous, and i adore your sister!

  150. Thank you for the tour! I loved it. I was born without the decorating gene (no talent for it whatsoever), but I sure do love to look at what you have created.

  151. So cute and cheerful. She will love growing up in this room! And I love the early exposure to art. Also, I enjoyed reading about the home you did in this month’s Southern Living. Mine came yesterday. Congratulations!!

  152. I love it! My daughter’s room has no “theme,” either. It’s got dark orange walls and sky blue and teal details…not exactly a conventional nursery, but I like it. :)

  153. Stunning! The lamps and black shades are outstanding and dramatic and just gorgeous! Love the crib snug between the bookcases and it is all about the details you’re right…nesting and decorating the nursery is so much fun and all worth the effort once your little girl is all snuggled in there! My 3 babies nurseries were/are the favorite rooms of mine! Next…the closet – dying to see the wardrobe!!!! Blessings Erika!

  154. What a lovely nursery. I am getting ready to start on our nursery and you have given me some really good ideas. I like how it’s all original and pieced together creating a masterpiece. I am in a similar boat where i have most of the furniture and need a few accents here and there. Thanks for all the work it took to put this post together. P.S. I had Hopkins today, Linda Special and Corn Chowder soup, delicious!

  155. Sloane’s nursery is so pretty I can’t even pick out what’s my favorite, I love the gold crib and the bedding fabric. I couldn’t help but smile when you called her Sloanie bologna, my daughter’s name is Sloan and she is 11 years old now and the kids in her class call her that and luckily she doesn’t mind it one bit!

  156. Your nursery is GORGEOUS! And so is your sweet little girl, of course! : )

  157. Love the room, and yes- it is important. Not as important as a healthy baby, but the way a room makes you feel and ends your day counts for a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  158. SO AWESOME!! Love it all!!! I also love that you and Chance put Slone to bed together. You guys are GREAT!!

  159. Hi- LOVE the room. Would you be willing to share the paint color? Also, is the paint the same on all four walls? It’s hard to tell from the pics. Glad you are enjoying every second : )

  160. I love it! I just love the fabrics and the way they all work together, and the plates turned out awesome!!

  161. It is simply beautiful!!! I love eery singly detail and I cannot believe people criticized you about some of the details. You are clearly a very intelligent woman who would never put Sloane in danger.

    I used bumper pad with all 3 if my kids and I will tell you the bigger danger….when Kate was climbing on them and I took them out her legs would get stuck between the slats and one almost broke. We could not get it out and she had twisted it badly. So I almost think the bumper pads were safer for her. Our crib was from Italy and painted so when they started chewing I put that clear sticky protector and they were FINE. I think you have it ALL together:)

    I loved the part about you both being in her room together at night…YES, it is a first child thing and it is beautiful I still smile thinking back to all of those nights when Dave got home from work where we would just oogle over Will. Those times are incredibly special and somewhat short lived…so enjoy it all!!!

  162. What a gorgeous room! I think just one thing is missed though…a framed photo of your darling terrierhuahuas! Did I miss it?! :)

  163. CandaceHorner says:

    Erika, the nursery is precious, a perfect nest for Sloane. It’s amazing what you’ve done with the space limitations; I’m raising two sons who are 15 and 17 and still sleep in a room smaller than this; closet is miniscule but with boys it’s just different, clothes are in pullout drawers under their beds. Your design will carry her through many years two come without you agonizing over ripping out a baby-ish wall border….Thanks as always, for sharing!!

  164. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the nursery. Sloane is so precious. I love & adore all of your work. You are so blessed with a great talent. Can’t wait for my next issue of Southern Living to get here. Read on Darby’s website that your work will be in it! Congratulations! God Bless- Jill G. Cribb

  165. Mary Ann Dye says:

    Where oh where did you find the small padded hanger for baby clothes? I’ve wanted to display the hand-made dresses my mother made for me, but hanger nice enough.

  166. You did a great job!! Everything looks precious! Btw, check with the local United Way there about the Imagination Library. My dad works for United Way in Anniston, and I know they sponsor it up there. If they dont in FL, at least maybe they could point you in the right direction?? Great program!

  167. so pretty and personal!! love it! we had the same bunny when I was a kid. though for some reason I think it is blue … despite my being one of three daughters?

  168. love it all! so pretty

  169. I just wanted to say that I’m pissed that you had to add all those disclaimers at the end of such a beautiful post!!! I think the nursery is just perfect and people would do well to remember that we all survived metal paint, pillowy crib pads, and even riding on the center console in the front seat of our parents car :) so chill out…

  170. I loved reading this post! The nursery is awesome, it was neat reading where everything came from. And the two chairs for bedtime, is so sweet. I could only hope I get to do something like that when I have children!

  171. That was worth the wait! :) Wonderful nursery filled with so many personal, beautiful, and unique things. I love how you incorporate modern and vintage! Thank you for sharing your beautiful room!

  172. Absolutely beautiful! love love love it all

  173. Erika-
    first, off thanks for taking the time to write this very thorough post. second, what do you think about having to state all of the precautionary measures you have taken to preserve the safety of your child to total strangers? I’ve always found it peculiar how people get so excited especially about the bumper issue.
    The nursery is wonderful. I still have art leaning up against the wall in my daughter’s room and she’s 20 months old!

  174. This nursery is FABULOUS!!!! You are so talented. I love how much thought you put into each and every piece. What a gift to your daughter, who by the way, is gorgeous!

  175. soo cute! really great – I love the changing table! and the two chairs.
    but I hear you. before the baby comes, the room is so important! and the clothes!!!!!

    but after, well, – nothing is as important as the baby, just nothing. And that never changes – even when that baby is 18 years old and hormonal and not very sweet, it never, ever, ever changes. she is the most important thing and always will be. love is amazing.

  176. i’m so out of it, what is the big deal about the bumpers? are they considered dangerous now? we all had them in my day!!! i need to go do research on that for any grandkids. I swear, they find something to worry about everything!!!!! i don’t get it? the nursery is just so cute I had to go do a second look – and wow -!!! southern living!! omg – congratulations. I can’t wait for that – you deserve it. you’re the best!!!!

  177. Your nursery is lovely. I too longed to put together the perfect nursery for my son Nicholas, and stressed day and night over the perfect crib, crib set, etc… I soon realized how unimportant this all was when my son was suddenly born premature at 26 weeks. The nine weeks that he was in the NICU I did not give his room a second thought.

    He is now almost 10 months and doing fantastic. I still haven’t gotten around to finishing his room, or decorating it in a way that I wanted, but I realized the most precious, important thing I have his my son. Hopefully some day he will have a great room to play in.

  178. Love the nursery. That gold crib is amazing!

  179. This is one of the most beautiful nurseries I have EVER seen. Wow! Love it. Wonderful job! (Love your blog by the way! THanks for sharing!)

  180. i love everything about it!!! you’re amazing. SOOOO behind & my little guy is a month old and haven’t started!

  181. shari ezzell says:

    Love the nursery….you are truly talented!!!! I love the book shelves, where did you find them?

  182. So I realized I hadn’t checked your blog in quite a while. What a treat to come in and see your gorgeous nursery and one of my photos :) I wish you lived closer, I’d want to get my hands (err, camera, lol) on that gorgeous babe again!!

  183. Beautiful! I love it. My favorite part is including 2 comfortable chairs for both you and your man. I do not have a baby but whenever I do I will make it a point to do just that. She’s one lucky baby! Great job. xoRH

  184. Ellen Coleman says:

    So beautiful, Erika!! What a lovely room for Sloane.

  185. I love this post… really inspiring=)

  186. Absolutely georgous.
    And her Chancy plate isn’t red at all! :) At least not hung in that beautiful nursery!! All adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  187. I absolutely adore this room! You have done an INCREDIBLE job!!! Seriously, has this been in a magazine yet? :P

  188. perfect! and I am pretty sure I had that same little bunny.

  189. I’d love to know where your glider is from! We’re currently shopping for one for our own nursery and I love the way yours looks. Thanks!

  190. Love your nursery! Is your chair a glider? If so does your ottoman also glide? We bought an upholstered glider at a yard sale in great condition, but no ottoman. I would like to get an ottoman that coordinates with it and I love the look of yours – do you have any recommendations on where I could find one in a similar style?

  191. I just blogged about your nursery. Love love love it!

  192. Ahhhmazing! What a beautiful nursery- I’m bookmarking your post for inspiration in-case one day {in the far-distant-future} I have a baby girl =) Lovely style and decor. Thanks so much for sharing!

  193. Erika, what a great looking room for your daughter! WOW, it’s gorgeous & I love that it’s not baby-ish, but just stylish. So cute! Congrats too on being featured in Southern Living. I loved see that house you did.

  194. I love your bookshelves in the room, where did you get those. I do love the whole room and long for a nursery room one day exactly like that! it’s beautiful!

  195. Jennifer says:

    This nursery is just gorgeous!! Just a little FYI for anyone out there looking for the Dwell pin dot crib sheet. I found some at They are $36, for the chocolate brown dot color. I ordered it today and the lady I talked to said it was shipping from NY. Also, Erika, I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the fabric that the ottoman is covered in. I just love it. Thanks!

  196. I absolutely love you blog and would love to feature your nursery on my children’s room design blog Nursery Notations ( I just wanted to get your permission first before I wrote the post and used your photos. (And of course I will refer everyone back to your amazing blog)

    Thank you!

  197. Jessie P. says:

    when do we get to see the picture of her closet and bathroom!?

  198. Misty Jones says:

    I absolutely love your design… it’s very inspiring(especially making small spaces look fabulous)! I miss my Cottage Living, but this will definately fill that void :) I want to send you something that I have for my son’s nursery. I send one to all of my friends. It’s fashionable and functional. I monnogram a crib sheet saver and it makes the bed look “finished” all the time… plus it is easy to just pull off and wash in case of little accidents. The best part is you can’t see it from the side because it doesn’t hide the sheet :)

  199. Amber Holmes says:

    First- I have just recently discovered your blog….wish that I had found it sooner. Second- I must confess: I am in love with the gold crib! I found myself at Home Depot today picking up some things for a project in my home and just wondered over to the paint section. I didn’t need any but I just have to look every time I am there. Like you I am bummed they dropped the Ralph Lauren line- but at my local store there was a hidden little display of a few of their paint chips…. their Regent Metallics collection! Then, there it was- Golden Candlesticks! I’m not expecting- yet- but I had to buy a gallon to store away for when the day comes. (Similar to the awesome fabric you had put away for something special.) Thank you for sharing. Hmmmm-is one gallon enough????

  200. Sloane Hurst says:

    I have read your blog a few times and am expecting myself, so after many moons I just came back to see if you had any ideas for a nursery! Not only do you have impeccable taste in design…but you clearly also have fabulous taste in names. Sloaney Bologna (eats Macaroni on her Pony – or so my brother said) is going to love her room – for years to come! Amazing, simply amazing! Love, Sloane Hurst

  201. So cute! Where did you find the crib bumpers? Looking for something similar and am having no luck!!

  202. I came across your blog, i think your blog is interesting, keep us posting.

  203. I just love this nursery, and your work is amazing. I was hoping that maybe I could use a few of your nursery photos for my own inspiration? Thank you so much, your daughter is beautiful and so is her little room!

  204. I love your nursery! I booked marked it a year ago and have since returned many times because now I am 21 weeks pregnant with a girl! I love antiques and love you changing table. Do you mind sharing where you got it? I have never seen a cart that size before. Thanks for sharing with us readers!

  205. hey erika – i’ve gone back to look at sloane’s nursery for inspiration. love it! i can’t believe our 9.9.09 babies are so big. i’m due in april with #2 and haven’t done a thing about a nursery. can you email me and let me know where your upholstered chair is from? are you happy with it? second, what brand are your living room chairs? i like the style.
    i’ve missed your posts but understand completely. we’ll see ya back whenever!

  206. That ottoman fabric! I must know where that is from!

    It looks like gold blockprint, I would loved to make a headboard out of that fabric.

    By the way I’m on this site via Copy Cat Chic, and your nursery is such an inspiration, and I’m not even pregnant yet.

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful room.

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  209. Just wondering where yuo found the changing table? I love it.

  210. Love your beautiful nursery! Thanks for sharing! Do you remember what paint you used for the crib? I’m looking for a gold paint.

  211. Thanks for sharing. Want to use your method for tying the skirt so that it will always be down to the floor. Question, though, are the short sides of the skirt connected with the long one? I appreciate your response. I am sewing up the skirt and bumper pads for my new grandson!

    Thanks again,

  212. Amber Gerner says:

    Hello there,
    I absolutely adore your crib bumper. Could you give me the dimensions for the crib bumper? I love the top of the bumper with the pink stripe fabric! Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much!

  213. I’m an interior designer (just graduated with my MFA from VCU) about to have a baby girl. I have been wanting to paint my crib gold, we have a grey room already and I came across your blog and the “nursery diaries” series for your daughter’s room. I can’t believe you already created the look I’ve been going for! It looks great! I have a question regarding the painting process for the crib. Did you have the painters use a low or zero-VOC paint? If not, did you seal it with a nontoxic, water based sealer? I’ve only found one nontoxic paint that comes in metallics; Modern Masters. Also, do you know how many quarts or gallons your crib required? Thanks so much!

  214. Christen says:

    Can you please tell me where the bookcases came from??

  215. i have loved this nursery ever since you first posted it! i now find myself planning a nursery of my own :)
    question about your window treatments- you mentioned the bamboo shades were from home depot…did they come lined? or did you have them black out lined? (looks like they’re lined in the picture)
    thank you :) cait

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