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Do you subscribe?  Have you seen it lately?  Stephen Drucker (previously the editor at House Beautiful) is now at Town & Country... and I think it shows.  Louisa (she’s one of those blue tags on our client map; and in the “out of town sneak peek” post she’s the mother of the golden retriever and the blue ottoman) emailed me a few weeks ago and said “have you seen November Town & Country?  Sloane’s Oscar de la Renta nursery fabric is in it!?”

Of course I scurried off to Barnes & Noble to pick up a copy.  Here’s the spread… and yes, I photographed it… too big for the scanner.

That green patina’d lamp below is delicious…

The walls of the Library are upholstered in the Oscar de la Renta fabric I used in Sloane’s nursery.  The designer (Markham Roberts) calls it “chic soundproofing”, I’d say so. Here’s a close-up of the fabric (this image below is Sloane’s crib skirt… this is not from Town & Country, however if they wanted to come photograph it, they are more than welcome to do so.

I think t he kitchen was worthy of more coverage… sorry it’s a little blurry, it was a small photograph… small photographs are hard to photograph.

LOVE this shot of the children on that beautiful sofa reading their books.  And the large ticking stripe ottoman… and the lamps… it’s all so good.  I zoomed in for you…

Hey pretty girl, where’d you get your dress?  I sure do like it.

This house belongs to Cosima Von Bulow Pavoncelli and was designed by Markham Roberts, photographed by Francesco Lagnese. The article, by William Norwich, is as interesting as the interiors.

I’m drawn to this house because of the layers… layers and layers.  So hard to get a project to this point…  a point I call “finished”.  I guess a project is never truly finished, but this one looks complete.  You never know, the stylist might have added all the lifestyle stuff, but it sure doesn’t appear that way.  The home looks lived in, inviting, and like it is thoroughly enjoyed.


  1. mydesignchic says:

    I picked up my copy yesterday and poured over every page. Definitely a new look…it’s fabulous!!

  2. I saw this article & i spent hours pouring over it :) Just gorgeous. I didn’t realize the fabric was the same as Sloane’s room. How fun!

  3. How gorgeous!!! I’ll have to run out and pick up a copy!

  4. Very pretty and comfortable. Layering:: It’s something that I’m learning… but also reminding myself that it takes time and money! We just bought a house in Mississippi for when we move home next summer… and I’ve been designing away in my head. Images like these help me tremendously!

  5. I used to buy Town & Country years ago. I have kept some of my favorite issues. I will have to check this one out. The house that is photographed is quite beautiful.

  6. I was wondering when somebody was going to post this one…I’ve been poring over the pages again and again, too. This home is amazing – layering perfection! And yes, I want to see more kitchen too! Drucker is really doing an fantastic job. I was just about to cancel my subscription when the editor change was announced and I decided to hang on. Glad I did!

  7. What wonderful photos! (Sometimes I feel a little removed from the likes of Town and Country, living in Nebraska and all!) This home looks so comfy, touchable, and real. Am I the only one who loves, loves, loves that bull painting in the library?! Thanks for sharing this spread!

  8. This is my first time commenting but I love your blog and I too love T & C that house is exquisite. I love how cozy yet refined it looks. How neat that Sloane’s fabric is in it. Keep up the good work!

  9. Oh, wow I love that house! You’re right about the layers – I think they make a home feel warm and welcoming. They also seem to be the hardest thing to pull together!

    Earl Grey – a little blog full of big inspiration.

  10. I must pick this up! I can’t stop looking at the last image – love the sofa, ottoman, art, side tables…

  11. Wow, love the magazine! I fear my house will never have a finished look. We have been there 4 months and still not a single thing on the walls! LOL. I have serious commitment issues when it comes to decor, so I don’t buy ANY. Maybe I can just call my self a minimalist… ;)

  12. I LOVE this home. I am always drawn to layered home. Makes it feel “real”. And your right a home is never really done. Nor should it be! Things should evolve. I’m going to have to pick the issue up! :)


  13. If I didn’t know better I would think that were a spread in House Beautiful!

  14. Do you know where I can get the fabric that is on the couch in the third picture? I have seen it somewhere else (maybe a lot of somewhere elses) and I didn’t catch the name. I too love this house. Thank you for your help.

  15. For some reason, I was thinking T&C was being substituted for one of my other mags that is now defunct, but maybe I’m mistaken. Nevertheless, if I ever had any qualms about subscribing, they’ve gone out the window after seeing this spread: Uh.MA.Zing.

  16. Linda in AZ * says:

    * THANK YOU! I don’t know “what” I was expecting, but “THIS” probably wouldn’t have been “it”…

    * THIS is, simply stated, a BEAUUUTIFULLY CREATED, LOVELY, WARM, CHARMING and WELCOMING H*O*M*E… Am soooo impressed!!! It obviously works for her and her attractive family, and was put together with thought AND love!

    I so appreciate seeing it! Many thanks again,

    Linda in AZ *

  17. Linda in AZ * says:

    * P.S. I’d give up chocolate, for a whole month, for that scrumptuous couch the childfren are reading on! Linda *

  18. Linda in AZ * says:

    * P.S. Those creamy lamps are soooo rich in design AND size… such a presence!!! aND, I’d give up chocolate, for a whole month (!!!), for that scrumptuous couch the children are reading on! Linda *

  19. that library is down right perfection to me. never read T&C, but occationally skim it. will need to grab myself a copy of this issue. maybe even a subscription.

  20. I can’t wait to get my mitts on a copy! I agree that a room is never really finished. You constantly add and take away things. It is the layers that make a room feel approachable and inviting.

  21. Jessica Golden says:

    Hey Erika, what color gold did you paint your daughters crib? I have just like it and would love to spruce it up as beautifully as you did. Thanks

  22. A plethora of prints going on in the house, looks like he has chic soundproofed a few different rooms. It’s well done and perfectly lived-in looking. I’m going to buy it.

  23. I love this home. Your right, it is all about the layers and because it is not too trendy I think this home looks timeless…I need to get me some more layers!!

  24. Thanks for the reminder about Town & Country! I’ve been meaning to check it out again since the big editor shakeup. That’s a really lovely spread too. I might have to add it to my collection.

  25. Oh no, I had sworn off expensive magazines, but you are tempting me. And oh yes, all of my rooms are layered, but I am not sure that you and I would be talking about the same thing . . .

  26. Von Bulow – has to be Sonny’s daughter, right? Guessing that sweet pad is in Newport, Rhode Island, where I spent last weekend. I propose that as the next stop on Erika’s World Tour.

  27. The homeowner has a heckuva name and a heckuva house to go with it! I remember Joni’s post at Cote de Texas on the large scale interior photography featured in the family room.

  28. I knew that Stephen Drucker had moved on from House Beautiful and the past few issues have seemed a little off.

    I’m going to have to add Town and Country to my magazine list! So beautiful. Now I know where to get my fix!

  29. your little one is going to grow up with the best sense of style with a Mama like you!! love it!

  30. Aah, the vein of Sunny thrives.


  31. I love the use of bold fabic and large graphic artwork- both work so well with more traditional furniture. Gorgeous!

  32. Thanks for sharing this, Erika! I am an hour away from a Barnes and Noble,but, I may just have to make the drive! Gorgeous!

  33. I ordered Town & Country just because Stephen Drucker is the editor. I just adore him and the way he creates his magazines. Hopefully HB stays as good because I loved the years when Mr. Drucker was at the helm.

  34. Jennifer Boland says:

    Hi Erika!
    You don’t know me but I’m a friend of Laura Ashley (Drew) Hanlon’s and I’ve been following your blog for a couple months now. And I must say there isn’t a post I haven’t enjoyed!
    That Town & Country has been sitting on my coffee table for almost 3 weeks now. Unopened because the cover just doesn’t do it for me. But now I CAN’T WAIT to read it!
    I was sad to see Steven Drucker leave House Beautiful (which is my FAVORITE) magazine but I was glad to see he didn’t go far :-)
    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I think we’re design soulmates. I went to Interior Design school at FSU, have a 1 3/4 year old daughter, Finley, and we just finished building a house outside of Tallahassee that looks crazy similar to some of your projects.
    So if I haven’t freaked you out enough :-))))) Let me just say that if I wasn’t a very happily married, stay-at-home mommy I would be begging to come work for you for free!!! You are an inspiration!!!
    Off to read my T & C.

  35. I received my copy in the mail and loved the article! I did not even notice the wall covering behind the sofa!! Sloane’s crib skirt is famous! LOL.

  36. Love the Hofer print above the couch in the living room. I am becoming a huge fan of her photography.

  37. Hi Erika! I’m a long time reader and few time commenter, but I have to say I have enjoyed your increase in postings! I’m a design blog junkie and your blog is the one I have gone to first for at least a couple years now. I think because I have loved your mix in of family. Follow Darby’s too, so love connecting your lives! My family & I were in Santa Rosa a few weeks ago on vacation & I was in Publix & couldn’t help but find myself looking around for you! Isn’t that silly? The funny story is, I saw a girl that could’ve been you (from behind & a distance) & almost chased her down! I wanted to say hi! & keep up the good work. Nonetheless, I didn’t have an Erika siting, but maybe next time!

  38. I would read all day in that room! Just beautiful. It definitely gives a “soft” cozy feel… while still stunning.

  39. I love T&C and have been a subscriber since college. I miss Pam Fiori, but I think Drucker is doing well so far. Absolutely loved this house too, a perfect mix of textiles and styles. Gorgeous!

  40. I love the shake up in magazines across the board. I haven’t picked up t & c for a long time before the switch, but this is really delightful. This is such a warm and comfortable hoem!

  41. This is why I continue to be addicted to all things Erika! Your point of view and excitement is amazing! No, really amazing…

  42. I was so happy to see this issue in my mailbox! Stephen Drucker is definitely going to give Town and Country a fresh new look without compromising the elegance of the magazine… Yay!

  43. Carol Ann says:

    oh I saw that issue and did not buy it…. I will now go out and get it tomorrow on my way to work, thanks for the post!

  44. i love layers. it just might of been the concept behind EVERY design project i did in school!!

  45. Good grief! Everytime I let my subscription lapse on a magazine that isn’t holding my interest, they switch editors and make it really good! I guess I need to resubscribe to Veranda and Town & Country.

  46. just sang out loud at the sight of that kitchen. ooolala. and i will always love that Oscar D. fabric you used in Sloane’s room. set the tone for a girly, but not TOO girly space.

  47. Neeta Ogden says:


    do you remember the name of the oscar de la renta fabric used for your daughter’s crib skirt? love it! thank you for this wonderful spread.

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