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No.  I’m not on twitter.  Nothing against those of you who are, but I can hardly function as it is, much less try to type what I’m attempting to accomplish.  I’m a pretty good multi-tasker, just not at that level.  Plus my updates would likely bore you to tears.  And I wouldn’t want that.  

I digress.  This is a mini Nursery Diaries update. 

Before Sloane’s arrival I was anti-mobile.  I don’t know why, I guess I thought it would interfere with the paperdoll plates?  BUT, I just bought this mobile after seeing it at a client-friend’s house (Hi CH!  I copied you! Highest form of flattery when your designer copies your design? Hope so!).

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Not sure if the colors are right or if I will even end up using it… but it was on SALE and those cute birds, I just couldn’t resist.  Hurry all you pregnant people, they won’t last long at $19.99!


  1. Love it! I am a pregnant person and I am buying it right now this instant!!! Thank you!!

  2. can i copy you now? oh wait, i don’t have a little baby that could enjoy this and not sure if collin would want it to hang over our bed. LOVE it so much though! perfect for sweet sloane:)

  3. Use it! Looks like fun. We hung ours over the changing table instead of the crib. Worked really well.

  4. use code EXTRA20 at checkout for 20% off! what a deal!

  5. I’m going to buy these for all our pregnant friends– such a better shower gift than a Diaper Genie, right?

  6. I order one – just fell in love with it – I think it will be great over a reading corner in the nursery – or in kitchen window! It came up 15.99 in the shopping cart for me… not sure why – no promo code or anything.

    Thanks Erin!

  7. I know this totally sounds bizarre but I dreamed about a mobile just like this the other day. Thanks for posting! Love it!!

  8. It is hard enough to keep up with all the blogs, I could not imagine keeping up with twitters! I love this for a friend who is due in August…thanks!

  9. love it! someone actually made us a mobile just like this for our daughter… with amy butler fabric for the birds! we love it. I’m loving this one… and that price, too! :)

  10. I like it, a lot. I have been wondering about a mobile for Baby C’s nursery… so many of them are so tacky. But I do love the simplicity of this one.

  11. So very cute! Can I add it to my nursery 14 months late?

  12. Becky Brodbeck says:

    So cute I am really thinking about buying one…I have known for a while I wanted little birds somewhere in our next nursery:-)

  13. It is actually on sale for $15.99!! Crazy good price.

  14. Jessie P. says:

    SO cute! hope it works for you!
    just wanted to say can’t wait to see your nursery. and if you don’t have time to move everything out, or to photoshop it – don’t! you always say a space should look livable, so maybe it would help us to see where you put the things that you want to take out before you photograph it? think about it!? cause we’re dying to see it! do you ever plan on showing any other rooms in your house?

  15. Hmmm, not sure if the next one (due in Sept) will be a boy or girl, but what the heck…I’m ordering anyways!

  16. I love it! Had to get it for my girl…. she’s 5 months and can still enjoy a good mobile. ;)
    Love your blog! It’s my favorite.

  17. Love the birds. I started perusing the outlet site on Sundance and also found these:


  18. i just forwarded this to a client who i’m doing a nursery for now ;) and i’m tempted to purchase one for myself just in case i ever have a bebe of my own …too bad i have an overdrafted account today.

  19. Michelle U & Henry says:

    Hey lady! :) Hope you are doing well!!! So I totally just bought this mobile in hopes we’ll have a girl someday to use it for (or it will make a killer shower gift!). Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    BTW- email me if you want to be included on playgroup emails. I’m not sure if you have time for it but we usually have lunch at my house about every other month- all mommies with babies from newborn to 14 months old (so they’ll be in the same grades just about!). It’s where I go for great advice and just some good girlfriend time. I don’t want to put you on unless you want to be on it, but I’ve been meaning to invite you. Allyson and Tami are in it too and we have a good time. ;) Take care and hope you’re doing well!

    Michelle & Henry

  20. Wow, those are super unique and really pretty.

  21. I love that. I love my little boy but let’s be honest girl’s rooms are way more fun.

  22. was totally going to let you know that they are 15.99 now…and also, yes Kirsten…i think girls rooms would be more fun to decorate. :) but i sure do love my two boys!

  23. That is adorable!

  24. Actually, I just ordered it and it is on sale for $15.99 now! Very cute :)

  25. Amber Heidt says:

    This is sooo cute! Thanks for the tip! I just ordered it and when I checked out it was marked down to $15.99!!!!

  26. Oh this is way too cute! I want one even above our bed!!! Hugs my friend!! xo

  27. This is so cute! I’m having a baby boy in April and have been scouring the internet for the perfect mobile.. your post is perfect timing! Hope they have one left!!

  28. twenty bucks?! are you serious? steal! i’m SO tempted to put this along with my new chirpers here, , but i won’t. ’cause that would be, like, way too much. like the crazy bird lady. but, holy bologna that’s so cute. tempted.

  29. Definitely flattered! Can’t wait to see pics of Sloane’s nursery!

  30. I’m gonna get this and hang it in my kitchen….or family room….or over the piano….I’m on this “bird kick” now, and I dont want to be over run or look to “theme-ish”….but they are cute!

  31. wow! This would work great in our nursery. I best go order one pronto!

  32. Wow, that carriage house is nicer than my house. MB

  33. oh my gosh i love it! we just found out we’re expecting, this will be perfect inspiration to use to decorate the new baby room!

  34. I love this!! My cutie-patootie friend is expecting a little girl and she will be sharing a nursery with her little 14 month old brother. Anywho, she decided that the nursery will be woodland fairytale. Wouldn’t this be the cutest in there? Thanks for sharing!

  35. I made these little guys as decoration for a baby shower once using this site . They had bigger tail feathers though.

    It was pretty easy. But $19.99 is a great price!

  36. I’ve been loving all of the mobiles listed on etsy lately, but here’s my problem: they’re all “spin in the wind” mobiles. What I mean is, since they’re all homemade, none of them are attached to motors that can be wound up or switched on so they spin around and lull the baby to sleep. Do you know of any place that sells just the main piece of the mobile that does the spinning, that you could attach the “fun” parts of the mobile to? Would love it if you could stop by and let me know! Thank you! :)

  37. WOW Erika! The drawing looks amazing! I’m so happy. It looks so great framed. Thank you for sharing it!


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