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Did y’all know that this design show goes on the road?  We can bring you design, no matter where you live!  You just send us photos of your space, measurements, your inspiration, and we can make it happen!

It works out quite well… in fact, at the moment more of our projects are out of town, than in town.  It sure is fun designing and transforming houses we’ve never even set foot inside.  Some clients send us videos of their homes while others just send photos.  They almost always include a picture of their dogs… which always get printed out and taped to the front of their file. 

A kitchen project… long-distance… oh yes, it can and has been done.  The specifics on selections are ‘x’-ed out because these are real deal pages… and people have paid for these selections.  If you need help with a design project in your home, just email Allison (who has been with me for quite some time now, she is a total rockstar!  I need to make the official introduction: Allison, Blog World.  Blog World, Allison.  Shake hands, high-five.  I’ll work on a formal introduction, she is stellar.) Her email address is allison(at)urbangrace(dot)com… she can give you all the details on how our out-of-town projects work.  AND if you know any hot (nice) guys, she’s single. 

We always create a floor plan (even though I’m not showing them all here)… and so far we’ve been blessed with clients who are decent with a measuring tape.  Everything we select can be purchased online or through us. 

These pretty pdfs show up in our client’s inbox and physical fabric samples and other materials are mailed so they can actually touch and feel their selections.  It works out well and we enjoy doing it, so if you are interested, drop us a line!  You can fill out the form on the website or email Allison: allison(at)urbangrace(dot)com !


  1. How fun! One day when I own my own house and have some $, I’ll definitely use you! That day may be about a billion years off though.

  2. what fabric is covering the side chair & accent chair… linen? i love the white wash on the wood.

  3. Wow! I want one of each of the designs you just featured! I love them…One day, if I have money, it would be a dream for you to design all the rooms in my home, heck, one room would be a dream! You are fantastic and love that you can design over the internet.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hi Erica! Chance’s cousin here! I need some help seriously with our master bedroom. One day when I get the time I’m gonna to enlist your help (and pay you for it!!). It’s just so blah and I have no inspiration or ideas of what to do with it. We built our house in 2006 and I just can’t seem to do anything with the bedroom. Will send pics one day and maybe you can help! Your work is so beautiful!!!
    I will be in touch with you hopefully soon!

  5. Well this is good to know!! This is off topic…but my husband and I found out yesterday that we are having a baby girl and we are naming her Paisley! I dont know anyone named Paisley besides your sweet little pup! Hope you dont mind that I copied:)

  6. I’ve always wondered if you offered this service. My bedroom is the ugliest room in the house and I can never make a decision on what would look good. So when I’m back in the official workforce or when my job pays more than the kids tuitions I’m filling out that form and sending it your way. For years Erika I’ve dreamed of my own Urban Grace Interior.

  7. Such great news! Will start saving today so you can work your magic at my house.

  8. So where are the pooches I wanna see the pooches (and if they match the designs!)

    Stellar! Beautiful boards…You are very talented!

  9. Alison Bohannon Todd says:

    Funny because I was wondering last night on a walk with the hubby how this might work out!!! Maybe this is my sign that we need to drop you a line. :) xo, Alison

  10. Love these ideas. I hope to be able to offer this type of service one day.

  11. lizziefitz says:

    I am so impressed! would you mind sharing the source for the sofa in the first design board? Thanks!! justWschickens@hotmail.com

  12. Erika – LOVE your sense of style, and would love help with both my living room and kitchen for my condo (small space). How do you estimate on average the cost of your virtual help… as i’m located in Virginia?


  13. erika! i am a long time blog-stalker (hi!!) and just HAD to delurk to brag- i went to auburn with allison! we were in the same INDS year. i saw her in florida over Christmas and she gushed about how much fun it is working with you! so jealous-of both of y’all! please tell her caylen from auburn says hello! :)

  14. Love your inspiration boards! Seems like this is what more and more of my client’s are using these days! Happy Wednesday!

  15. So fun! I hope I’ll get the chance to work with you one day — I’m a total dud at choosing/finding fabric and paint colors…

  16. Oh I’d love to be able to do this! Love all of them! Especially the last one!

  17. you all are so hired when we move to a new house. and tell allison to make a trip to san diego (the land of hot guys everywhere). happy st. patricks day!

  18. Hi, this is my first comment on your blog, but I read it religiously. My living room is the first layout and I think it is going to be awesome! I have had a wonderful long distance design experience and yes Allison has been fantastic to work with. I have ordered the main pieces and I am very anxious for everything to arrive. The fabrics that you selected are nothing short or of spectacular. The style is spot on and I can’t wait to see it all come together. If anyone is reading this that is hesitant to try long distance design, please know that it works out quite easily. We do email back and forth quite a bit to figure everything out, but that’s really no big deal. I plan to continue my design with Urban Grace until my whole house is complete. Thanks so much for all your work, you truly inspire great design.

    Amy R.

  19. I foresee a virtual trip to Connecticut in your future ;-) More importantly, can’t wait for my chairs to arrive!!

  20. How fun to work from home as your fingers do all the traveling. Oh my friend I think of you often, as I walk through our great room (do they still call it this with the huge wasted ceiling space?). The shape and sizes would leave anyone scratching their head, for me, my hair went gray a long time trying to figure out this space. Smile… Hugs to you and a golden day!

  21. I’m home with a sick little one, and this just totally made my day. Each of these designs is so beautiful. I love seeing how this works. I think it would be so much fun to work with you, even if it is long distance.

  22. Erika and Allison are currently working on designing our bedroom (and other random things on our ever-growing list) and it has been such a wonderful experience! We live in Texas, but the miles between here and Florida have not been a problem at all. I just can’t wait to see it all come together! What a very talented pair!

  23. May I be you when I grow up…even though we’re most likely the same age :). You’re so stinkin’ talented, I could stare at your designs for hours. Love your inspiration boards, and I love that you’re offering “virtual” designs. Such a great idea.

  24. That’s awsome! Would you do a consultation for a Southern girl living in England!?! I suppose that would be a bit difficult. I’ll just keep soaking up all the great inspiration from your lovely blog. All the best, from the other side of the pond:)

  25. I’m actually working with Erika’s team on my dining room via this service. I’ve been so impressed with their creativity, responsiveness, patience and overall good-natures. Allison is fantastic and I’ve been delighted with how reasonable their rates are. Erika’s rooms are magical but they are composed of well-thought out and budget-friendly picks. As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of the Urban Grace team. If you’ve never worked with a designer before, lemme tell ya…this is the place to go!

    **and I promise this comment was unsolicited! :)

  26. This is great news! We’ve recently purchased a new home and I could seriously use some design help, including a bathroom that we would like to completely change the layout of. Looking forward to contacting you in the coming months!

  27. I have loved working with Erika and Allison as well. Lond distance design may scare some off but everything has worked out perfectly and both of you all have been a dream to work with. I appreciate your patience in answering all of my questions and making this such a fun experience!

  28. amazing! thanks so much for posting these – what great inspiration. oh if only i could afford your services… one dayyy :)

  29. My heart is racing. This is such exciting news! Much success to you both.

  30. Oh my goodness these are so lovely!!! Your work is just amazing!! I need to go see how much money I have in my sofa cushions.

  31. Love this style! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Everything you touch is gorgeous and seemingly effortless! Love everything!

  33. So, I haven’t heard from you ALL DAY LONG… you must be busy replying to inquiries. The designs are lovely, as I knew they would be… you always rock. xoxo Miss you! Call me when you’re done responding.

  34. Oh wow!! I’d love for you to do my master bedroom and living room!! Maybe after we get our tax return! :) How fun!

  35. My dream would be for you to to design my kitchen which I’m currently saving up for. Maybe I’ll save a little longer so I can work with you. That’s one dream.. the other is to be Allison so that I could work for you and learn from you! Your style is FABULOUS!!

  36. Barb Harper says:

    Oh this is very, very tempting. I would love to have a consult with you sometime. Maybe down the road, but I will definitely not forget! This would be such a treat.

  37. Do you have a fee scale? Do you traditionally charge by the hour or by the job? Do you have jumping off points for budgets for a room, i.e., minimums? And would you say that you are able to work with a variety of budgets? Finally, can you purchase a gift certificate? I am thinking that my daughter and/or daughter-in-law might really like some of your wonderful sage advice and brilliant suggestions as a gift from dear ole mom! Let me know. Thanks!

  38. I’m totally going to get around to filling out the info y’all sent me this week! I promise!

  39. I am waiting for the go ahead with the hubs for you to help with our casa. I’ve shown him your work and he was rather impressed.
    thanks Erika.

  40. these are beautiful, you are so talented! :) I especially love the part about the doggy pictures!

  41. Susannah says:

    Hi Erika, absolutely love this post! Inspirational!

  42. Elizabeth says:

    PLEASE tell about how much you charge for this! I had no idea that you could do this and now I’m totally excited to think I could send you measurements and pictures and get a plan!!!

  43. I lurve the kitchen hardware…I saw it recently on some cabinets and I thought that they should be added to my wish list…but, do people get tired of opening and closing/using the hardware that you have to twist?

  44. You didn’t!!!! Now my secret is OUT and I have to share???? I like to think I was an Urban Grace To-Go Pilot Client! And I have to say, it’s awesome!! Getting a little box of Erika goodies?? Be still my heart! I hope to do every room in my house some day. Seriously, it’s THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN!!! Hooray for all of you.

  45. That’s awesome! My husband and I are in the process of getting plans done and will soon be building a house — so I may be calling on you in the future (depending on our wallets by that point!).

  46. Beautiful choices! How fun for your clients! I’m curious also how pricing for interior design works, if it is an hourly fee or percent by room or how it usually works.

  47. If I wasn’t a designer, I would hire you!

    Lovely presentation boards.


  48. Oh my – you’ve essentially bottled (well, pdf’d) happiness! Now, if I could just get my in-laws to sign off on a long-distance redo for the river house, I’d be one, happy camper!

  49. Long Arms says:

    Heck-I had no idea about the dog! Next time I’ll send you a picture of my sweet baby. I’m itching to give some rooms a tune up, I’m thinking its almost time for a new project. Maybe a mini project? Hmmmm. Looks awesome as usual.

  50. Your work is fantastic! Just emailed you for help. Can’t wait to chat!

  51. Stephanie S. says:

    Erika, what a great way to show your work. Me and my twin sister love you and your twin sister’s blogs.

  52. love it! if it looks that good ‘on paper’, i can only imagine how good it will look in person!

  53. oh, i would love to use you some day. your work is unreal…even these boards put a huge smile on my face. must forward your info on!

  54. I have been DYING to figure out HOW I could get you to help me:)! I feel like I have some great pieces, a good start, BUT just not enough time to pull it all together. I actually got some good ideas from your postings!! I have a lot of similar stuff. Don’t laugh, but I did try to click on an image to see a price. And I KNOW if people were honest they’d say they did the same thing!! Oh well. Maybe one day I’ll get the courage to email and ask for pricing and help.

    I really love your style. And I loved the quote about “can you tell my favorite outfit is a striped shirt and olive shorts” or something like that in regards to your little girl’s room. I loved it because I am very much that way and when you said it, I thought “that’s it! that’s why I loved those curtains so much!!!” Anyway … I’ve got some dresses I’m supposed to be sending Darby’s way … probably should be getting on that rather than getting on here:).

    Take Care!

  55. I have never been so excited!!! What are your rates for virtual designs. I love all of your work and have so many rooms that could use your help. Tori

  56. This is SO cool – I love your style . . . a lot. :-)

  57. courtney o'farrell says:

    ok- this was the push I needed! I told my friend (Mrs. Blandings) that I was considering contacting you for a consult. I felt a bit like a blog stalker, but this is making me feel more at ease:) I am going to get my ducks in a row i.e. pictures and you will be hearing from me soon. Renovating a Georgian Colonial in KC..totally overwhealmed,but having fun. Think your eye is wonderful.

  58. Lauren Wyatt says:

    Hi! I have been following your blog for several months. I love it! I told my husband that I want my masters graduation gift to have my living room decorated by you!

  59. Erika – I went to Auburn and found your blog through another Auburn friend. I absolutely love your style!! If I ever own a house would love to have you design it from afar. Until then, I was wondering if the map of Paris is something that is available for purchase through you?

  60. Linley Paske says:

    LOVE the twin headboard fabric – delicious!!

  61. Jan Autrey says:

    How much do you charge for out of town projects? Atlanta–housewarming gift–your advise

  62. I love looking at all of your inspiration boards! So fun. I work long distance with my stationery clients, and i find it fun to mail pretty packages. Better than sending a bill!

  63. very nice!!

  64. Oh I have seen your work sister and I am signing up! Where shall we begin??????

  65. Laurie Baggett says:

    Erika “To-Go” the BEST ever! I have never been so excited about opening my in-box… dreams come true! I LOVE my new kitchen and my new home… a true transformation that I never thought possible! My 1970′s rancher got an Erika redesign! My house is amazing and I have Erika to thank… BEST investment ever!

  66. Have I ever told you how much I heart you so? These inspiration boards are beyond. You never cease to amaze me.

    PS: Sloane could not look any cuter these days! I want to squeeze those little cheeks!

  67. I love it all. The first collection has the most fabulous couch, chair, and sofa console. Oh, and the fabrics….PERFECT!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  68. Oh, what sweet temptation! I am battling with color schemes at the moment. What a joy it would be to hand it over to someone infinitely more qualified than I. My problem is I go to the store with high hopes and always end up with gallons of some Crayola-esque primary color. Maybe I’ll just have to bite the bullet here sometime soon.

  69. Erica, are very talented and everyday I check your website for new posts. Your style is impeccable and your baby is sooo beautiful!!

  70. You all are so talented and smart. What a great way to build out-of-town clients. Love the accent fabrics and decoupaged pages!

  71. I’ll take them all, please. I really love the evolution of this kind of design service — it’s democratizing design in a way, making it more accessible to people who, in the words of Stephen Drucker (the House Beautiful ed. in chief who is now going to Town & Country), don’t have “squillions” of dollars! Great work.

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