when I’m not working, I’m kissing these cheeks

Sorry for the lack of blog posts.  Thankfully our email situation has been remedied.  Crazy how much we rely on it!  I’ve been working a lot and kissing those cheeks a lot and both pretty much consume all my time!  But today I found five minutes to look at Lonny.  Lonny inspires me more than anything has in a long time.  I love when there is room enough for two full size beds in one room.  Looky here…


  1. I can totally see why you’d want to kiss those cheeks! Your daughter is one of the sweetest little things going. I just did the same thing 2 days ago, finally read Lonny. I’m a little out of the loop on these things with the kiddos home from school. LOTS of goodness in that issue for sure!

  2. I love those cheeks! Too cute! I also, love those duvets. Beauty.

  3. She’s getting so big. It’s been fun to see her grow! I still need to take a moment {or 20} to look over the latest issue of lonny. Wish it was in real print!

  4. Love that great look- Lonny is so inspiring. Sloane is a whole other level of cuteness! hugs E! xo

  5. ok, love the room, but oh my goodness, she is sweet. I love looking at pictures of her because she and my baby girl are almost exactly the same age and I can just see the same looks, etc. when I look at her. does that make sense? (and how can they be “almost exactly”? i dont’ know….) :)

  6. Oh I would be kissing those cheeks too!!! She is becoming such a big girl! Darling!!

  7. I agree – soooo much more practical (and comfortable) for a guest room – love it!

  8. She is just the ca-utest!

  9. It has been fun watching your sweet one grow up on this blog! I love Lonny, too…there’s nothing else like it.

  10. Oh, LOVE both images:).

  11. What a doll! I would be kissing those cheeks nonstop too! I agree with you…Lonny is the best magazine to come out in a long time! Every issue is jammed full of great design!

  12. let me tell ya, you’ll still be kissing that sweet face all day when she’s nine….spoken by a guilty one!
    what a doll baby

  13. Don’t think I’d be able to resist kissing those sweet cheeks either!

  14. Aw. What a cutie. And what cheeks!


  15. What a sweet little girl! Can you tell me..that appears to be a high chair attached to the table that your baby is sitting in..I am in the process of buying a highchair and was wondering if those work? Thank you and have a good day!

  16. I was so excited to see a new post from you! Love the picture Sloane! She looks so big all of a sudden!

  17. It is amazing that they fit the two double beds in here. Your babe is adorable…

  18. She is just too cute! And that room is awesome. I’m sort of a fish freak so I’m loving the prints and those duvet covers. Hello! Love Robshaw!

  19. I love all the navy and black I am seeing lately!

    Your little one is just TOO wonderfully adorable!

  20. Those are some good cheeks!

  21. Amanda Thrasher says:

    Don’t know how you stand it. tooooooo cute and such a sweet look in her eyes.

  22. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  23. sloane is growing up so fast! (and is a cutie!!)

    love the beds.would love to do an upholstered headboard myself, a la the crosby st hotel. just have to find the right fabric :)

  24. erika, she’s adorable! i can’t believe she is almost 1! time flies, huh?!

  25. Savor every moment with those sweet cheeks!!!

  26. She is so cute!!! I want to take a nap in that room right now!

  27. Love your site! Just found it today and have bought a pair of boots on your recommendation and lost some hours :). Is there a source for this rug do you know? Wait- don’t tell me- I’ve already bought a pair of boots=…. No, tell me. :)

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