I followed myself around all day.  I documented the mundane, the precious, the working… all of it.  You may be interested, or you may be bored to tears.  If you are bored to tears, apologies in advance.

October 18, 2010

3am – 7:15am : coughing baby, sleepless momma

7:15am-8:15am : bottle, scrambled eggs, kisses

8:30 : Pure Barre

{I try to go on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, but missed all last week.  It felt great to get back to it.  If there’s one near you you might like it too.}

9:30 : shower and get ready.  This is my product line-up… from left to right in chronological order.

and if Fresh Hesperides and Fresh Citron de Vigne had a baby it would smell like me… (one squirt of each).  Why are Fresh scents so delicious?  They aren’t overly perfumey… which is likely their appeal.

Some of you inquired about that ivory eyelet shirt from the NY post, so I wore it again… it’s sort of Anne-of-Green-Gables-esque so I paired it with my zipper jeans so I wouldn’t look too geriatric.  The shirt is (sleeveless) and from JCrew late this summer (on sale rack), sweater is Liberty of London (for Target, from the little girls section).  The jeans are JCrew… city fit, from this summer (no longer available, but similar to the Minnie?), an impulse buy I didn’t regret later. Sometimes I zip the ankle zippers, sometimes I don’t.  Depends on my mood, which depends on the weather.

What’s that I see as I kiss my baby goodbye and head out the door!? Why some tiger striped and gold painted pumpkins.  Or if you are 13 months old you call those “ca-cas”.

I get into my car and head to the office.  My car is almost eleven years old and has 173, 894 miles on her.

When I get to the office I pull into my usual parking spot and see this:

Well, apparently Saturday was national “boss’s day” (who knew!? not I!)… and my girls went all out.  (I do not like the word “boss” btw, it makes me feel weird.)  I love them, I really, really do.  I dropped my laptop on my desk, stepped back and snapped this very telling photo… and almost missed the card.

(We use PCs.  We work in AutoCAD, AutoCAD runs smoother on a PC.)

The card was really nice (and funny), so much so that I can’t show you the inside.

After all the I love yous we discussed how awesome Auburn University’s football team is.  War Eagle!  And then we discussed my nail polish. Playa del Platinum. I felt sure my nails looked like those of a corpse with this nail polish, but Allison assured me they did not.  And then I found a second to clean out my purse.  Somehow, someway, Baked Lays made their way to the bottom of my purse.

This is what came out of my purse in order for the Baked Lays clean up to be executed.  I floss.

After this task was completed we proceded to have our usual Monday morning meeting.  It lasted a long time.  It was over at 1:00.  And I insisted that Allison pose for a picture so you could see her boots.  She calls that jean look the “redneck tuck”

Lunch and kisses.

My husband comes by the office on his way back into town.  He spent the weekend with my father in Chicago and Minneapolis.

I needed this today, headaches… often.

Thankfully I have Paula.  If I didn’t have Paula I’d need more Excedrin.  Paula LOVES paperwork!  (Okay, she probably doesn’t, but you wouldn’t know it.)  Paula loves tracking orders!  Paula loves organizing all the ins and outs of Urban Grace Interiors and does it with JOY.  We love Paula.  If you’ve ordered anything from us you’ve been on the receiving end of her emails… she stays on top of everything and writes it all down.  She is a fantastic woman!

And there is Lauren… the newest addition around here.  She is cooler than cool, works very hard, and does everything with great precision and accuracy.  Por ejemplo… when I was headed to NYC I mentioned “Lauren, if you get a minute could you please make me a list of all of our trade accounts with the account #s listed next to the manufacturer?”… within fifteen minutes I was delivered a list.  The list was the exact size of a dollar bill so it would fit into my wallet and not get lost (she knows me already)… it was above and beyond (she had listed the showroom locations, account numbers, it was created in excel with our logo… I mean really!?).  Lauren, you are a rockstar. She’s beautiful, and all we have here is the back of her head.  Will do a proper introduction soon… with a picture from a real camera.

And now back to Allison and her cute bracelets.  This face is likely due to the fact that Adobe Illustrator had just shut down on her for the 10,000th time today. She controls so much more than our constantly streaming Pandora.  And she is a riot.  She directs the Monday morning meetings and never complains when I get distracted and slow them down.  She knows everything about everything, and she would never admit to it… which is the best quality one could have.  She has impeccable taste and knows every word to every song ever played on the radio.  I need someone to help me get her on the Singing Bee

These file boxes represent the projects that Allison is currently managing… yes, she is a saint.

Our projects are scattered across the continental United States and at times this gets confusing.  So we play pin the client on their state…

No, we don’t really do that.  I love a Pop Quiz, but no pinning tails.  Lauren made this map on Friday of current projects, just to help us remember who lives where.  If your state isn’t represented perhaps you should hire us.

Allison moonlights at Banana Republic.  Where they have these paperclipish cuff link things that we are in love with.  Allison keeps them by her desk in this fantastic dish.

What’s in our fridge?

And what do we snack on… popcorn (thanks to my sister)! (clock is wrong on the coffee maker)

Today these two friends came by!  Pregnant friend was picking up draperies for the nursery!

Big brother came too…

Two books on my desk that I like very much…

I’ve totally abandoned my hour-by-hour plan that I began this blog post with.  We work.  We work.  And then we work some more.  And between working I snapped some photos.

And we take breaks.  I call them “non-smoker breaks”.  Breaks are healthy.  Today I was about to wear out my friend Cindy’s blog (refreshing it) waiting to hear the sex of the twins she is carrying…

Let the nursery designs commence!

Then, before I knew it… it was 5:00 and time to go home.  Sandwich was waiting on me!  She’s starting to look and act more like me…

I start dinner.  Sour cream pork chops, butternut squash, green beans, biscuits.  Then Daddy comes home (he’s been out of town remember) with surprises for his girls.  Horse and a cow for the Sandwich and a jacket for Momma.

The mess in the background was out of control… so I fixed it in photoshop.

Then he insists on a boat ride.  Don’t get anything too fancy in your mind, our boat is of the aluminum species, and we love it.

My captain thinks I should be in a picture…my eyes are half shut and that headache was still lingering.  But the sunset… (I zipped my ankle zippers for the boat ride)

Captain and first mate…

We hurry home because the pork chops should almost be done! They were yummy.  We eat together and then Daddy and Sloane go play so I can clean the kitchen and make my coffee for tomorrow morning, I do this every night (make coffee for following day and use Bar Keepers Friend). I love a clean white sink.

It’s bath, bottle, book, prayers, and bedtime for Sloaney B.

Newest issue of Elle Decor arrived (did you see it on my desk?).  Usually this means I pour a glass of wine, draw a bath and enjoy.  I’ll save that for tomorrow night.  I set up camp on the bed with my laptop and started this blog post…. fall asleep at 11pm.  It was a long, but great day.

[Joan isn’t in the office on Mondays, but she deserves a shout-out too.  I love her as much as I love Paula, Allison, and Lauren.  I would be up the creek without these people… and I hope they know how very much I appreciate them!!]


  1. Holy cow. Love this post. Full of a great busy “day in the life”. Thanks for keeping it real. Love it.

  2. I’m exhausted just reading that! Sounds like you’ve got a great team of assistants and a husband who helps keep work balanced with fun. Lucky lady!

  3. Do I spy Studio Bon fabric in the photo with the cute pregnant girl? I “earned”, through some trading of services, 5 yards of her fabric “Wired” and am trying to come up with something fun to do with it in the new house we’re about to move into.

    Love your blog. Your girl is too cute. I just had my second girl and I have to say, you might need another. Sisters are so fun, as I’m sure you know. I used to think I wanted a boy but now I think I’d be happy to keep having girls (and then of course never be able to afford you;)

    I’m good friends w/ Candace in Memphis and the house just looks fabulous.

  4. I’m the epitomy of the word “blogstalker”, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your and Darby’s blog so much!! It saddens me if y’all don’t post a blog everyday! I loved reading all about your day. Not boring a bit, compared to my little life. I’ve already told my hubs that when we build our dream house, I’m calling Erika (he has no idea who you are. I just tell him your my “blog friend”.) I live a rich fantasy life :) haha

  5. I love posts like this, such a nice little snapshot of your life. I work at J.Crew and I love that ruffle blouse, wish I would have bought one myself. The city fit pants you have on are similar to the Minnie (fabulous fit). I too love Fresh, although my collection is not quite as extensive as yours :)

  6. What a wonderful world.
    You are so insanely glam….it’s sick ; )

    Cheers, Alcira

  7. I admire you even more now! Great post wonder mom!!!

  8. I loved this post! Thanks for keeping it real and showing all the messy bits of life. And, hmmm, I notice you don’t have any pins on your board north of the border. If only I had a house worthy of your designs, I’d hire you before you could say O Canada! Looks like you have a great support team, at home and at work. You are truly blessed.

  9. Love it!! I want to tag along!

  10. I was feeling pretty stressed about my day, but then I read your post…. now all is well in the world. DANG! you’re one busy lady!

  11. this just may be my favorite post you’ve done! you really are super mom and i love how real you keep it. (dying to see more of your kitchen though!) and your hubby did so good with the gift giving. what a sweetheart. i have that same exact patagonia jacket and loooove it!

  12. LOVE this post and love your outfit. :)

  13. Fun post. I love all the pictures (esp. of the boat ride – beautiful!). The dinner does sound yummy too! Sour cream pork chops? Those sound great!

  14. LOVE this idea! I think I may copy you…with proper credit, of course ;)

  15. Love this post. LOL at your “fixing” of the kitchen with photoshop:) I can see that you are a lucky lady with a blessed life who doesn’t take yourself too seriously. Awesome.

  16. Love it. Honest, real, grainy and all. You’re such a good mom, designer and wife! Thanks for the peek.

  17. i have a friend that is doing pure barre and she is having a love/hate relationship with it, but says it it totally worth it. i may have to try it. i loved a ‘day in the life’. i will have to look into the fresh scents b/c the hubs doesn’t like a strong smell, loved the bracelets on the bottle. glad i am not the only one that shops in the girls section. was that a fishing bobber in your purse? love your handwriting and a pattern language. would love to know what your keep your projects in (organizational habit). awesome project map. great new jacket. beautiful sunset! sorry my response was all over the place. ;)

  18. I love that you started blogging so often! Every new post is such a treat. You are chic beyond words, and I loved getting a peak of a day in your life.

  19. Fun post. Sounds like a pretty good Monday! HOW do those crumbs get in the bottom of our purses in such massive quantities?? Every week I am dumping Goldfish crumbs out of mine from the maybe one time I toss my one year old’s snack trap in. Madening! I am now curious about Pure Barre, wondering how it differs from pilates. Must investigate. And, is that a new couch in the office that your husband is sitting on? Gorgeous couch!

  20. I really love reading day in the life posts, so thank you! My state is not represented, but I don’t have the money to hire a designer. If I ever win the lottery you’re on my list. (Seriously. I think about this stuff sometimes.)

  21. I love this post.. how much fun.. also I love your photoshop job… perfect… :)

  22. What an amazing day! I don’t know if I missed something, but does Sloane go to work with you? I have a 2 year old with me and it’s near impossible. How do you manage that?

  23. Brandi Harrah says:

    All I want to know is… Can I Come and Work For You?? I promise, I’ll work really hard, and LOVE it!! :)
    Your office looks amazing. I work in the corporate world and know how it can be in a stuffy, boring, quiet, no fun having office. What you have with your girls is awesome. Who wouldn’t enjoy coming to work. Fabulous.
    Thanks for walk in your shoes. I think I’ll go search and scour my sink! ha.

  24. WOW, I want to work at Urban Grace Interiors! I am a wiz at Excel AND I do windows!!!

    I am still saving up for a UG-designed room so you may get to add more pins to Ohio…someday!

    (PS, this is not boring. We like that you keep it real).

  25. Hey – I’m on the map! I’m Ohio. Hi to Allison! Loved the peek at your day… wish I could photoshop my actual kitchen like that to make the mess disappear.

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  29. I don’t think your post was boring at all. You could take pictures of your garbage and somehow still make it entertaining with your wit. Sloane is so cute…..and I love that JCrack shirt. I have one similar but it looks nothing like that on me. I think you could wear a feedsack and still look stylish..It’d be burlap, so I’m sure you’d like the texture. It just wouldn’t feel that great on:)

  30. Not bored for even a second. Looks like a great, busy, life. Can’t wait to see some of those projects – and that kitchen!

  31. that was sooo fun, please do it again! I felt slightly starkerish reading it, but then I guess all blogging is in a way. how you had energy to make such a nice dinner with a headache, sleepless night, and a full day of work I have no idea! Oh, and manage to scrub your sink. Hope today is just as good!

  32. Looks like a very blessedly-full life – thank you for sharing!

  33. Oh Erika – is it insane that I feel like we’re friends. But then I remember it’s a bizarre one-sided friendship, because you don’t actually know me. Oh well. I love that your husband spends weekends with your dad – how cool is that? Oh yeah, like wonderluster said – you need some pins in that map north of the border. I’d hire you for a Canadian adventure if I could, but for now, I have your sofa as one of my inspirations pics in my folder for my current redecoration project. Loved the day in a life!

  34. I really enjoyed this post, Erika. What a blessed life. Thank you for sharing!

  35. I’d love the recipe for the sour cream pork chops. Sounds yummy!
    Love your blog!

  36. Great post, love the chips in the bottom of your bag. I am glad to help represent KY on the map! I love the UG Crew! Thanks for all you do:)

  37. Oh my goodness. I am exhausted just reading that! :) What a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing.

  38. i love this post… and simply adore your blog!

  39. Great post! Makes my day feel more normal.

  40. Love seeing another working momma’s day! Also love jeans and flip flops in the office. You look great. Would also love to see more of these projects and your work on your blog here.

  41. Great post Erika! So fun to hear about your day and all that goes into it.

  42. Loved the post!! A day in the life… so fun!

  43. I am going to admit to showing my husband pictures of your daughter, saying, isn’t she so pretty? so pretty, right? are you dying?

    and, you do seem like a wonderful boss! I used to work for an interior designer, and I loved it. Your blog makes me miss it.

  44. OH MY GOSH!! what a beautiful day! you are truly blessed! :) i love that you all took a boat ride! how cool!!!

    that baby sloane is the sweetest little thing!

  45. morning! first off, where was that dental floss in nyc? and not one but two found amongst the baked lays. awesome. and j.crew top too cute. i have it in two colors, on sale for $14.99-couldn’t resist!
    sloane is ADORABLE in all of her solo shots! cannot help but love her up!! xoxo. !

  46. That was fun to read! :)

  47. Random question- where did you get Sloaney’s hooded bath towels? I’m having the hardest time finding some that are really soft and a neutral color!

  48. What a great post! So, I want to know what Pure Barre is like!? I was a ballerina for years and I am dying to take this class especially after baby boy makes his debut! :)

  49. I totally adored this post. I was never bored to tears, so thanks for “including” us in your day!

  50. I agree with all the commenters above. You are too cool!! So glad we became friends before you had this blog or I’d be too intimidated :)!! The draperies look beautiful!! Can’t wait to show you in person!! It makes me not even mind that I have 10 chins and look 20 months preggo in the picture :) LOVE YOU LOTS!!

  51. Erika! Love your post. You are one hard working lady! I am always amazed at how people with children do it all and do it well. It makes me realize that I should probably be working harder :).

  52. Hmmm…not sure whose life I’d rather have…yours or Darby’s….I think it’s a toss up! Both seem so full of love, inspiration, and happiness. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your day!

  53. Loved seeing and reading about your day. Quick question about the quick slip by PM. On the back of the bottle, it says to protect clothing (which is unusual for styling products). Does it stain or discolor clothes? Also, you might want to check out Piperlime for great boots. They have a vast selection with all sorts of prices.

  54. love this. hope you have another great day (without a headache!)

  55. I love, love, love that you have a fishing cork in your purse!

  56. Hello fellow Spark & Hustle Gal! I so enjoy your blog. It lets us all see how with Hustle we can make it all work and follow our passions! Also you inspire all busy moms just knowing that there are others out there striving toward their own goals. And it is just plain Cute!

    If you know of any other gals that can’t afford to miss a life changing event, please inform them of Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle Conference. It changed my life! Also they can get 10% off with code HOSTAVA in October. This makes it over 45% off the last event’s price. This early bird price can’t be missed. I would love to host them & help them follow their own passions!

  57. Love this post!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  58. PLEASE post the sour cream pork chop recipe!YUM!

  59. I bought the same Patagonia this summer, but have not had the guts to wear it yet as I don’t want to ruin it :) But I love how nubby and soft it is!

  60. Hi Erica,
    Thanks for sharing your day with us. Can you share the sour cream pork chop recipe? That sounds delicous.

  61. Love this post! You should do a drawing for a winner to spend the day with you. Oh what a treat that would be!

  62. Fun post. I love wearing scents by Fresh- they aren’t too strong. And I love my patagonia jacket. It’s a staple in my wardrobe in the winter. I also have a necklace like the one you posted earlier… but it was an Etsy find. Cheap, antique brass- but I love it!

  63. Erika! I totally need that blue, green and white striped fabric in the “allison and her cute bracelets and silly face” photo. The fabric that is over to the right and in foreground of the blue striped fabric and green patterend fabric. Can you give me the details, i.e. where I can get it ? Thanks!!!

  64. Love this post. I’ve got neck and eye strain from leaning in to the computer to locate myself on your map. I couldn’t, but sure am glad I’m part of this wildly creative whirlwind of a group. BTW, Allison rocks!

  65. I am worn out just reading the post. You are wonder woman! Cheers, Kate

  66. OMG Erika, I am tired for you. What a wonderful and full day!!!I am still wanting to see your kitchen and all those projects would be a wonderful blog post too. Please!

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  71. Boy oh boy! You just made a lot of blog stalkers very happy! My favorite part of the post: “Then he insists on a boat ride.” You guys must have been so tired from the day, and took the extra time to soak in the sunset – love it. Must try the Fresh products, I know you’ve raved about them before.

  72. Love the post! I love your blog and never comment so thought I would! I’m one of your random admirers and am not exactly sure how I came across your blog but am so glad I did! I’m a new mother of twins and love seeing you with your sweet baby girl! Mine are about 6 months behind yours so it’s fun looking forward to the next stages to come! Now that I finally commented maybe I’ll comment more! Thank you for sharing your life and for your realness!

  73. love the bengal bazaar sofa. it’s my favorite fabric (for right now.) i have some to make a roman shade with. thanks for sharing your day with us. (i also clean the sink every night. i HAVE to come downstairs to a clean sink every morning.)

  74. Thanks for sharing your day with us – loved it! Can’t believe you photoshoped the new kitchen – can’t wait to see complete pictures!

  75. Now that is the day of a busy mommy!! Loved it!

  76. Love that you have Bud Light in your work fridge! I think there is like moldy cottage cheese in mine. I am with you on the Fresh products. My favorite is the Brown Sugar Body Polish so expensive but more than worth it.

  77. Wow, after such a full day……you still take the time to do a blog posting, you know that in the past when I come here and don’t see a new post I say to myself… baby, work, husband, she deserves a break!…
    So there you go, I certainly miss your postings but you have my understanding and after this post, more so than before – because I just know you were really worried….lol

  78. This is probably one of my favorite posts you’ve done! :) I love that jacket, I’m putting it on my Christmas list!

  79. beth murray says:

    okay, i just started really cracking up. now i know you must have had a productive time in my closet (JK)- but i have that cream patagonia too! we are starting to be way matchy. too funny, love it! see you soon!! xo

  80. What a fun post – what a busy day! Gorgeous sunset

  81. I loved this….can this be a regular? am I weird for being so interested? :) I think I need a Pure Barre here…I’ve been looking for something to kick my butt into getting in shape. love that you have beer in your work fridge – I wish I has gone to design school so that I could work for you ;) love how you took care of your messy kitchen…I wish I could photoshop the current mess in mine. love the boat ride and sunset…love your little Sloane. hope you can enjoy Elle Decor tonight!! :)

  82. Best post ever!……thanks for sharing. I sat on my butt studying all day so this was a treat to read!!!!!

  83. Can you tell me a little bit about the red highchair? I’ve been eyeing one like it and wonder what you think about it.


  84. Ashley Williams says:

    I LOVED this E!! SO FUN to read and see what you’re busy doing! Love you and that precious sandwich!

  85. Candace Horner says:

    Wowza, Loved Loved this fantastic post, thank you!! a real pick-me-up at my office job! I think you scrambled the kitchen pic cuz you’re not ready for the big reveal yet? hope I didn’t miss it!! anyhoots I will def. get that sink cleaner and give it a try! I use the mrs. Meyers basil scented dish soap and countertop cleaner, its soooo nice also……

  86. Loved your post today! I’m curious – how are Penelope and Paisley?

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  88. Jessica F says:

    Love this post!!!! And i would take your sour cream pork chop recipe too!!

  89. Erin Pyle says:

    Adore hearing about your day! It’s so funny how when you read someones blog on a daily basis, you feel like you know them. I felt like we were sitting down having coffee and some much needed mommy time talking and laughing. Thank you so much for sharing. For those of us who love design (but don’t go past our own house with it), the joy of hearing what it is like for you as a designer is so amazing.

  90. I loved this post! And I wish I knew the people whose houses you are doing in Missouri because I would love to see them!

  91. I used to live in FWB and once we went out on our jon boat on the intercoastal during the Billy Bowlegs festival. We had yachts & large fishing boats with the v-shaped hulls giving us the ride of our lives. It was crazy. I told him that our next boat should have a downstairs!

    I miss those quiet rides on the Bay!

  92. i loved this post. simply loved it :)

  93. elizabeth sloan says:

    I heart Pure Barre. And I hate it sometimes, too. It really is AWESOME. Wish I owned a studio…it’s really taking off around here! Loved a glimpse into your day:)

  94. amanda calton says:

    You positively delight me. I read both you and your sister’s blogs and I am so filled by them both. You are gorgeous, surely, but you are whip-smart, funny, seem totally humble, and talented beyond. I know no blog tells all, but the joyful way you seem to live your life and mother your babe make me want to be better.

    Plus, you shop in the children’s section at Target. Knock it off – you’re darling.

  95. Hi Erika! Loved this post…you are one busy gal. Your little Sloane is too cute…love her little teeth!

  96. A day in the life of an international designer with her staff,
    family and friends–what a great treat. Looking forward to more of the same.

  97. This was so much fun.. thanks for sharing! Love your pumpkins! I too have a baby not sleeping. It’s because of an ear infection though. It’s rough I have to admit! Good job getting up and exercising this morning!

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  100. hilarious, exhausting and fun! so glad that you are YOUNG! blessings to you, your crew, and your loved ones!

  101. kelly shealy says:

    I loved this post! I read both yours and Darby’s blog and I love them both! I have never commented before but felt I had to say thanks for letting us all take a little peek at your world. And for all the great recommendations you give. I tried the Bar Keepers and I am obsessed! Plus, my husband got a good laugh when he asked me what I was buying and why, and I told him, “well, Erika uses it. You know Darby’s sister?” He just rolled his eyes and smiled at his crazy wife!

  102. This is the epitome of what I love about your blog; you keep it real and share such fun tid bits! I enjoyed reading about your day and was excited to hear that you like the Barre class…. I’ve been meaning to try that and will have to give it a go!

  103. LOVED THIS!! Busy, busy, busys – but fun, fun, fun!! I wanna work for you. AND I want to see a pin on Massachusetts!!

  104. I love this post!! And that’s so funny because I went to work yesterday and realized that both my assistant and I had extra large bottles of Excedrin Migraine on our desk. So sad. My brain starts buzzing after a certain hour, and wine usually does the trick. But I’m beginning to think I need a boat.! Perfect ending to a long day.

  105. so fun to hear that you PB! my little sis owns 4 studios: nashville- green hills and brentwood, and atlanta buckhead and dunwoody! she linked to you on her PB facebook… lift-tone-burn! always enjoy your posts- thanks!

  106. I must say that I found this rather great, too. It’s reality tv on a blog and today I’m going to post about the fascination of it. Okay, seriously, I should do a blog on nothing but people documenting their typical day. You are going to be the first to post on there. Tell me you’ll do it? I need to think up a name. People are fascinated by daily stuff. I’ve noticed my traffic has doubled since I started just blogging about nothing, versus trying to blog worthy writing. Erika, you could do this once a week and people would love it. I’m going to blog my typical day next week and see what happens. Maybe I’ll finally break my record of 5 comments in one day. Btw, love your staff…I’m sure you are a great boss.

  107. I love this post! Thanks for giving us a peak into your day to day life!

  108. I just have to agree with many others… I too blog stalk, and I looooved this post. Thanks for sharing a bit more of your every day with us =)

  109. Mary Jane says:

    Great post Erika, of course I need the sour cream pork chops recipe – that sounds so yummy.

  110. You have such a beautiful life!

  111. Sloaney cracks me up!!! She reminds me of my oldest(who is now 14). Smiles.

  112. Great post! I love reading about how other working moms get through the day! You are a wonderful designer and mom, I look forward to reading your blog updates!

  113. you rule.

    between this chronicle of a day in the life to the magic you worked in the kitchen remodel over the phone, i stand in awe.

    happy weekend, erika!!

  114. Love the peek into your life…sounds like fun from here! Great jacket-I have the same one in black. It’s one of my favorites, it won’t disappoint you :)

  115. Laurin Maddux says:

    Allyson looks PRECIOUS in this post!

  116. Dina Lescourret says:

    Ok I need to go take a nap now…I don’t know how you and Darby do it ALL! I noticed Sloane’s highchair again and am really interested in it for my little Elliott…can you tell me the brand and where you got it? Merci!

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  119. Jacki Elsperger says:

    Hi Erika—-Do you ever get tired of hearing how beautiful, funny and wonderful you are??? Anyway I was wondering if you would tell me the color of your long last lipstick? There are so many darn choices that its hard to decide and since I have similiar hair color etc I thought if it’s good for you it would make me happy too! If you really wanted to make my day you would also divulge whats in those Fresh compacts! That little gal of yours is downright adorable! Thanks for all your fun posts and for making lots of people happy with what you do and say! Love, Jacki

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  123. What a fun post! Catching up on all your posts tonight and wanted to say I appreciate you! A pure & talented soul :)

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