for the people, by the people

Around here we love some good paper products. Recently we came across For the People Project. They are a non-profit organization who make all of their cards and notebooks by hand. From the website:

For The People Project is part of a non-profit organization that employs recovering drug and alcohol addicts to individually hand paint and hand stamp its Hand Made Card and Journal lines. We not only provide a job for those working to overcome life controlling addictions, but we also teach life skills that our employees will use as they transition back into society following addiction rehabilitation.

For The People Project gives 100% of the profit from the sale of its products back to non-profit organizations that work with recovering drug and alcohol addicts.  We partner with multiple organizations that share our vision to see men and women completely restored from addiction and we want to support their programs that are changing lives.

Hand painted folded notecards:

Verse Cards:

Pocket Journals:


eye twitching, etc

Hello.  I have a twitch (muscle spasm?) in my left eye that won’t stop.  The cure (according to the internet): sleep.  Which there hasn’t been much of lately.  So… I’m coping.  I wish a doctor would give me orders for a vacation.  Or I’d gladly settle for a mental health day.  Or maybe I should just look into an eye patch and keep trucking along.

We’ve been tied up for the last few days with a photo shoot, which equates to very long hours and lots of heavy lifting.   It also equates to a back-up of emails and phone calls in the office… which we hope to remedy before the week is out.  That last blog post of my Valentine was  created on the fly from my cell… totally didn’t do it justice so I’m back to show it to you again. Marla graciously showered us with her photography skills one afternoon for a little Valentine’s shoot.  She she showed Sloane that her pants had pockets which was pretty exciting.  There were lots of rocks in her pockets by the time we wrapped it up.  Marla and I spent a couple of hours designing the card one afternoon (more like Marla designed and I watched and asked annoying questions), then when I came back a few days later to finalize and order the cards she had redesigned it again.  Designs get better with each tweaking, and Marla had outdone herself, again.  The love script was her idea, but I insisted that it be in my hand-writing so I wrote love a couple of times and scanned it for her to add.  My nugget of love…

Our envelopes were dark blue and Alston updated our address stickers (same silhouettes of the terrihuahuas that we used last Christmas but in new coordinating colors).  Lots of you inquired… Sloane’s little wide-legged blue pants are sort of a chino/khaki weight.  I bought them last summer when I was in Italy and have been trying them on her (anxiously waiting for them to fit) ever since.  I found them at a store called Accessorize that reminded me a lot of Claire’s… yes, Claire’s.  Like the place you may have gotten your ears pierced.  I fell in love with the red side buttons and the white top stitching and wide trouser hem at the bottom.  Cutest little pants I’d ever seen.  The red/white striped turtleneck was a Gap Kids special.

Alright, the eye twitching is totally out of control now so I better wrap this up and give my eyes a rest.

My Valentine

I couldn’t get my Christmas card act together… so we sent Valentines.