randomness that may (or may not) interest you

This morning I sat down with my coffee (and “Baby”) and made a list.  Blogging wasn’t on the list, but here I am.   There has been a lot going on lately.  I had a  photo shoot at my house yesterday which was quite possibly one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had in a long time.  It was really nice to not be “working”.  I’ve been working too much.   I thought I’d be stressed out (most photo shoots are crazy), but thankfully I wasn’t and really enjoyed the process.  This morning I found myself enjoying the fresh flowers and produce left behind from the shoot and reflecting on what a blessing it was to spend time with other creative people.

As I sat there with my coffee I went through  my iphone camera roll and figured I’d share some random things from the corners of my brain.  Last weekend we dinnered with some new friends and I loved her stacked up terracotta pots that formed a herb garden.  A beautiful butterfly bush added just the perfect amount of color.  I would like to copy this… Rosemary, Chocolate Mint, Pineapple Sage, Lemon Balm… mmmmm.

Sloaney and I have toast together in the mornings… I know her jammies are Christmasy but she loves the frog.  I treasure my precious mornings with that little girl… she’s growing so fast.


I have a birthday coming up and I really want chickens.  So I’ve been adding chicken coops to my Pinterest “Garden” board.  Anyone out there have layers?  I’ve been doing a little reading.  I want to know if they are a lot of work… because I already have a job and am not looking for another… but would like fresh eggs.  Now this is lazy, but here are some screen shots of my favorites…


In  more random news… I’ve had painters over this week… painting the trim on the house, changed up  my blue to navy… I’m liking it.  Wish they’d come back and finish the job.  We are one coat in, need one more.

Marla took a couple of quick pictures of me and the Bologna Sandwich yesterday…

sloaney b

My galvanized planters out front make me happy when I pull in the driveway…

Whew, that’s all the randomness I can muster up for one day.  I promise to be a better a better blogger in the near future.   Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

mr. moth

Was on a jobsite with my cabinet guy a few weeks ago and he came to me with this creature…

I do declare, that’s the prettiest moth I’ve ever seen.  A moth with a mustache.  A little google action revealed that he is a Luna Moth. Reminded me how much I still adore and would love to have  an Allyson Reynolds painting…
Allyson Reynolds Moths 3 2009_launch

number 16 allyson reynolds painting

allyson reynolds

I originally discovered these beauties at Absolutely Beautiful Things… and you may recall I’ve blogged about them before, I like them.

Darby’s kitchen

Hello, I’ve hit a wall.

I’ve been out of town and out of town and out of town.

Something that might interest you while I regroup – my sister’s kitchen remodel is featured on Apartment Therapy today.
darby kitchen