bike riding and birthdaying

When I was in middle school we would ride bikes to Sav-A-Step (a convenient store about three miles from my house) where I would buy a little brown paper bag full of Laffy Taffy and Bazooka Bubble Gum.  We would ride in packs.  I loved it.


Chance bought me a new bicycle for my birthday, a beach cruiser.  So I’ve been riding to and from work.  I just ordered a back rack because the front basket is a bit too bumpy (dangerous) for my laptop.  I listen to music while I ride, I think it makes me peddle faster.  I have a bell and when I reach the office I ring it three times to let the girls know I made it.  It makes me very happy.  I don’t look this good when I ride, but maybe I should start wearing a wedding dress and carrying flowers.  (photo from Sloan Photographers)


monoreno dress from willow

In that last post I have on a gray dress that I also received for my birthday, a few of you asked about it.  I pulled it out of my suitcase and hung it up to photograph it for you… just slightly wrinkled!! ;)  It looks a little purple in the photo, it’s not… it’s charcoal gray.  It comes small, medium, large…? maybe XL too, not sure.  Mine is a small, it’s a little big, but I like it.  It’s from Willow and if you are interested you can email Celia: boutique(dot)willow(at)gmail(dot)com  they are expecting more in next week!!


back in the saddle

I am coming up for air.  My week in NYC was fast and furious. I’m sure my clients were wondering if I was ever going to leave.  When I wasn’t overseeing drapery steaming…

I was furniture shopping like a crazy person.  Why do I love these stuffed animals? When I go to ABC, where beautiful furniture and bedding is plentiful, I zero in on these guys.  They crack me up, maybe it’s their hairy ears?

I did buy that white quilt with the yellow top-stitching, but I was tempted to get the ducks, rabbits, and black lamb too.

What do you think the sales clerk would do if she turned around and I was in this bed?


I bought the ottomans.  I wanted the boots umbrella stand, but I wasn’t shopping for me. These were at Lillian August, if you are in NYC and haven’t been- you are missing out.

There is no way I could pass by this face and not go in for a little pup kiss.  You know I love a b&w terrier.

There is something so comforting about the cluttered up Fishs Eddy.  Maybe it’s my hoarding tendencies.

Have you been to Bunny Williams’ Treillage? It is to die for, I wanted one of everything in the shop (both shops).  This cut paper art piece really wanted to go home with me.

I hauled stuff around like a pack mule.  These two beauties followed me around for two days…

And every pack mule needs nourishment…

Marla, I was very bad.  (It was worth it.)


Dinnered at Peels with friends Julie and Beth.  Julie helped me with the furniture installation that week and I couldn’t have made it without her.  A former Urban Grace intern in NYC comes in so handy, thanks Julie!!!  Never a dull moment, over dinner Beth says, “Could someone go to the bathroom with me?  I’m going to need some help.”  She knew I would be missing Sloaney and wore a onesie.  Her cute little romper buttoned all the way up the back… oh the price you pay for fashion.

beth julie e

Beth bought a box of mini-cupcakes for my bday.  Baked by Melissa, bite size and SO delicious!  Thanks for celebrating with me girls!!

NYC is always fun, but this time it was mostly a lot of work.  I’m glad to be home with the fastest, sweetest, most stylish 21 month old girl I know!  Her latest phrase is “Momma, hold you me?” and it’ll melt your heart right out of your chest.  It started out “Momma hold you?” and after a week or so I corrected her “Momma hold me?” but she added the “me” to the end… “Momma, hold you me?”. It works.


this is why we love etsy…

Hi everyone! It’s Allison. Erika is off in New York, but before she left she posed another fun challenge for all of us. Inspired by Leigh Ann’s fabulous jewelry, we had to pick our top ten Etsy finds.

We hope you enjoy and have a happy Tuesday!


(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J)


(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J)


(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J)



(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J)