“momma go to porto-reek-o”

That’s what Sloane said when I got home.   DaddyBoy had to go to Puerto Rico for business last week, I sort of invited myself and mom (and Darby too, but she couldn’t escape) to join him for the weekend.  We unfortunately had two days of rain, but the one day of sunshine was enough for me.

Another breakfast with DaddyB and his calendar.




by the pool



gray bldg


Dad called the rental car “our clown car”.  He only used the Garmin once, then he ripped it off the windshield and proudly announced that he did not need it. Sunday night after dinner (it was dark outside) we made our way back to the hotel.  He was telling mom, “look Connie, I found a bus lane!  Port-o-reek-an  H-O-V,  perfect for our clown car!”  I did hear a few horns honking, but you know, in some places excessive horn honking is normal.  Then there were blue lights.  A police car coming from the opposite direction pulled right into our lane, forcing us to a screeching halt.  The officer yelled something in Spanish to which Dad calmly responded, “veinteseis?”… asking if he was on “26″ (the highway).  We had been driving the wrong way down a one way road into oncoming traffic for about 10 miles.  The clown car would not have taken a head-on impact very well.  Glad we survived.





green blue


trees on beach

I’ve challenged dad to give up Diet Cokes.  This one was (hopefully) his last.  I hope he enjoyed it.  I’m proud of him.

last diet coke

at dinner

(iphone import 8.30.11) 018

Those two haven’t had a real vacation together since I don’t know when,  I’m sure they were thrilled I tagged along. ;)  My mom takes a trip with her parents every fall, so maybe this is the beginning of a family tradition.   Darby has to come next time.


No matter how great a little escape is, it always feels so good to be home.  I was grateful for a quiet evening at home with these two…
happy girl

boat ride

better homes and gardens

BHG sep 11 cover
A few months ago I received a phone call from an editor at Better Homes and Gardens.  She mentioned an upcoming story on “Stylemakers at Home”.  As I listened I wondered why she was calling me about this feature?  She proceeded to tell me that they wanted me to be one of the Stylemakers featured.  My heart sped up a bit, certain that somehow they were confusing me with someone else.  I am a designer and a blogger, but mostly mother and wife, which doesn’t feel very stylish.  To think they were going to feature me alongside Monica Bhargava (senior exec at Pottery Barn) and the Novogratzs ( Nine By Design) was humbling.

I loved the journal/notebook format they used for the story.

BHG page 55

BHG 56 57


[above images used with permission from Better Homes and Gardens magazine, copyright 2011. Meredith Corporation.  All rights reserved.]

When they (editor, photographer, stylist) all zipped into my little town for the shoot I anticipated it being crazy and hectic.  It was quite the opposite… I had a relaxing, fun, and inspiring couple of days.  I know they usually work with big deal people and here they were sitting in my living room eating grilled cheese sandwiches and discussing designerly things with little ole me.  It was a humbling experience.  And it was a lot of fun.

It was so wonderful working with Michael Walters (stylist), Paige Porter Fischer (West Coast Editor), Joanna Linberg (Assistant Home Design Editor), and Rob Brinson (photographer- check out his house)… and my dear sister-in-law Leah (she penciled in my eyebrows and curled my hair) thank you all for making me feel comfortable.  I hope our paths cross again soon.

That little girl at my side, she is my pride and joy, her being in the final shot made me very happy.


And… I’ve answered a bunch of emails about my pink skirt… I ordered it from Anthropologie.  It’s on SALE now, of course.

anthropologie skirt



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