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It’s been a long couple of weeks.  Mothering a two year old, in and of itself, is emotionally and physically exhausting.  That, coupled with a lot of long hours at work and a construction project at the office, life has almost gotten the best of me lately.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like blogging.  Our cable has been out at the house, we went a week without internet and tv, which is a good excuse for my absence.  ;)

c IMG_3206

I owe you some answers on Sloaney’s birthday party.  I bought the red & white striped fabric from Ikea.


ikea fabic

Remember Annabelle’s birthday party?  That linen skirt was the inspiration for my table skirt.  I went with the red & white stripe because I can use it at Christmas, Valentine’s, 4th of July, and any other time of year I feel like throwing a party with a little red in the mix.   As a lover of green, I’ll be honest, I also bought enough to have a skirt made in the green & white stripe too. I just measured the antique pine bar that is in my kitchen and asked my seamstress to make a gathered skirt per my measurements.  I pre-washed the fabric so that if needed I can wash the skirt.

The invitations I designed and printed myself.  I bought the cardstock and envelopes on clearance earlier this summer at Paper-Source in Chicago.  As well as that fabulous red and white striped fabric tape.


fabric tape



On another note, while I was at Paper-Source I also treated myself to their vintage bicycle glasses.  A friend bought me the older version of these (which have beautiful bugs on them) a few years ago and I love the size, so I figured I’d add the bicycles to my collection…
bicycle glassesIf you have considered buying these, I can vouch for them… they are darling.  However, they aren’t joking about “Hand wash only.”  I now have 3 bicycle glasses, as one found it’s way to the dishwasher and the cuteness was washed away, it came out of the dishwasher without a trace of a bicycle.

I made Sloaney’s birthday cake.  It was strawberry cake out of a box (fancy, huh?) and the frosting came out of a tub (even fancier).  I bought round 6″ cake pans for her birthday last year and they are the perfect sized birthday cake for a little one.  My buddy Shane Carter taught me to add sour cream to boxed cake mix to make it more moist and people ranted and raved that it was the most moist and tasty strawberry cake they’d ever had.  Thank you, Shane Carter.  The polkadots…. obviously I’m not Betty Crocker and if the cake came out of a box I wasn’t going to spend two hours coloring and rolling fondant, so the polkadots were just red candy melts.

giant balloons

I ordered the giant red balloons online and seriously had to tow my cargo trailer to Publix to get the helium-inflated balloons home.  This MSR company is wholesale only, I couldn’t find them a retailer online, so I had to open an account to purchase.  Maybe Urban Grace needs to open a party supply website and sell these giant balloons?
cinnamon stick covergirl outlast

And backing up a little further, I had more inquiries about my lipstick in those pictures Marla took, which makes me laugh. It’s my old standby Covergirl Outlast.  Can’t remember if it’s 528 “Timeless Ruby” or 661 “Cinnamon Stick“?  Looking back at the pictures though, I’m leaning towards Cinnamon Stick, because it is a little more orange.


birthday candles

The tall skinny aqua birthday candles and the “2″ candle are by Tag, here they are on Amazon.


Alright, is anyone still reading?  Or have I bored you to the n-th degree with all that information?

Here’s a little of what’s been happening around here lately…

photo 17c

The view from my outdoor shower is delightful when my Mexican Sage is in full bloom.

photo 22c



photo 10c


I hope everyone appreciates this one.  I stood like a statue in my garden for over twenty minutes waiting for the hummingbirds to zip to the feeder…

photo 8c

photo 9c

September and October are my favorite months here at the beach.  The tourists are gone (no offense, tourists) and the weather is phenomenal.  I’m still enjoying my early morning bike rides.

photo 6c

Darby was in town over the weekend and even though I only got to see her for a few minutes, it was wonderful.  She had a weekend away with two of her precious friends and I know she enjoyed every second of it.
photo 5c

photo 3c

I’ve been hoarding this sink for years, finally wrapping up the office renovation/addition and it is going to be installed… soon, very soon. Chance is a saint when it comes to holding things up for me.
photo 12c
photo 13c



photo 15c

This past Tuesday night my girl and I went to the park and look what we found… a vintage ice cream truck selling shaved ice.

Our friends have new chickens.  (I’m a wee bit jealous.)  Sloane LOVES them.

photo 16c


That’s it from here… happy Friday, friends!

we celebrated

SB 2 bday invite

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c IMG_3206




Two years ago today, on 09-09-09, the Lord blessed us with Sloaney Bologna!  She looks like an eskimo in this picture and I love it!


A few days ago, in honor of Sloane’s second birthday, Marla took some pictures of our little family.  (Go ahead and open Marla’s website up, that song is beautiful.)










Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet girl!  Momma and Daddy love you and are so proud of you!!!