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falling in love

Someone requested our Fall picks which really excites us.  We love when seasons change and we also like to shop and daydream.  Who doesn’t?  So, without further adieu…


My name is Erika and I love Fall!  I picked A because it popped up on Pinterest and I keep going back and looking at it.  I rarely go back and look at my pins (is that weird?) but for whatever reason I keep looking at that bag.  B because deer goodness, it’s festive for a powder bath or a dog leash or with my new bag hanging on it. C “Chopsticking To My Story” I’ll be honest I already own this and have been sporting it for a couple of weeks.  It’s a good orange.  Very autumnal.  D, just love them and think they are festive.  E, I love green and I love gold. F, because it’s a wood keyboard! G, really wanting a portrait of my girl and saw this artist in a magazine a few weeks ago, keep thinking that I need to be snapping pictures with an oil portrait in mind.  Love the casualness of this.  H, saw these throws at West Elm when I was in Puerto Rico and they are gorgeous.  Everyone loves a cozy throw when temperatures drop. I, just haven’t worn dangle-y earrings in awhile, so why not.  J, I just ordered them…. because I was worried if I didn’t y’all might snag the last pair in my size!




AS fall

A. Even though it’s still in the 80’s here, nothing says Fall like macaroni and cheese.  B.  I love antique rings that mix gold and platinum (and who doesn’t need a little more luck in their life?) C. Perfect for gameday. D. I think I need these shoes in my life.  E. When Erika and I visited our clients in Memphis, we were introduced to this artist, and I have been in love ever since. F. Football season is the best season. While at Viking earlier this year, Zack introduced us to Smathers and Branson’s very stylish belts. I’ve been wanting this ever since.  G. My poor 5 year old wallet is falling apart. I love the colors and little leaf design on this one. It very much reminds me of Autumn. H. While in Houston, we were lucky enough for Courtney to show us these absolutely beautiful sheets which would be perfect for adding that extra layer on my bed. I. Nothing says Fall or football to me like Bon Jovi’s “Livin on a Prayer”. J. We all died when we saw this new Brunschwig fabric. The colors are much richer in person and the pattern is so unique. I love the striped leaves.

here lately

I caught the stomach bug.  It was pretty miserable, but I have fully recovered.

sick day

One day last week, sometime between Sloane fully recovering and me fully deteriorating, we went out for a picnic. This was a first for us and I was excited as I packed a blanket and a picnic basket of goodies.  However, when we pulled up to the park Sloane (remember she’s two years old) had a meltdown and told me she wanted to go home.  I told her I had packed lunch and by golly we were going to stay and enjoy it.  She finally came around and decided that she did love the idea of a picnic at the park.  This specific park is close to our house, the whole place is canopied with huge oak trees and right smack in the middle of it all is a historic antebellum home.  I let Sloane pick the picnic spot and she selected the front porch of the house.  That’s my girl, I feel certain I would have picked the same spot if someone had given me the choice.


eden 2

back to house bw

baby bear

If you vacation in my neck of the woodsEden Gardens State Park is just north of Seagrove Beach in Pt. Washington and is well worth the $4 it costs to get in.



While I’m here I’ll throw in some photos of my adventures yesterday.  I’ve had friends and clients tell me that they think this business must be fun and glamorous, which always causes me to choke a little. Yesterday we went to a storage unit where we loaded up three massive light fixtures, hauled them to a construction site, only to find the stairwell between the second and third levels of the house impassable (scaffolding in the way), so we called in for back up.  When we finally got to the third floor with the massive lights we discovered that the scaffolding we needed to get the lights into position was that which we had just climbed over in the stairwell.  Good thing we have that proper-lifting technique poster at the office.

The storage unit where we picked up the 800 pounds of lights has a pink rolling cart that delights me.  I don’t know if I was delirious or what, but I started to think that I need to order those lanterns (in a smaller size) for my kitchen and paint them pink. pink cart copy
in kitchen

After the lighting was safe and sound back in the storage unit we popped a few muscle relaxers and went out to do some rug shopping.  I love rug shopping.


Then this morning some of our favorite art for little people arrived along with a hand-full of teeny tiny buttons that make you want to squeeze a fox or kiss a bear…

berkley buttons

berkley stamp copy

My girl is stirring from a nap… so I better hurry and throw some photos in here and call it a post.

peek a boo sofa



She was waving at a baby.  She loves babies. At the very last minute she decided on the moose hat.

flower picker

bridgewindow boxes

cheeto girl



more garden pictures and a recipe

sloaney in garden

I am sorry, but my Mexican Sage is not around for long… a few weeks at the  most, so I must savor it.  It is delightful.  I buy 90% of my plants on the clearance racks at Lowes.  Do you know about these?  When the plants start to droop they mark them 50% off and stick them on rolling racks at the back of the garden center.  I love a challenge.   This Mexican Sage and Lantana came off those clearance racks.  I bet I didn’t pay more than $10 for all these flowers in bloom.  They took quite a bit of nursing to get them back to good health (not really, just water and the occasional fertilizer).  I think the reward is far greater when you have to resuscitate from near death.

butterfly in flight

butterfly 2

hummingbird perched

salvia and hummingbird

sloaney picking flowers


Penelope is on point, protecting our family from tiny green lizards.  The blanket drying in the sun (in background) was a victim of Sloaney’s stomach bug.  That blanket deserves a post of its own … it’s a beautiful blanket, I’ll tell you about it when we get around to a post on Sloane’s big girl bed.

I love ornamental Sweet Potato Vine.  And somehow at the end of the season after the bugs have had their way with it, it’s even more beautiful.

sweet potato vine

sweet potato vine lacelike

I decided to try that 3 ingredient Pumpkin Bread I’ve been seeing around the internet. I like simple recipes and I love Pumpkin Bread, however, I was a little skeptical of how few ingredients, but gave it a whirl.

 pumpkin cake


(On the pinterest version the blogger used yellow cake mix, but I went for Spice Cake.)

– One Duncan Hines Spice Cake Mix.

– One small (16oz) jar of canned pumpkin.  (read: not to be confused with canned pumpkin pie filling)

– 1/2 teaspoon of Pumpkin Pie Spice

Mix them up.  Grease & flour your pan of choice.  Bake at 350 degrees for…. well… until you get a clean toothpick.  It took longer to bake than I anticipated (a little over 30 mins), but I used one of those silicone loaf pans, which might have been the culprit.  I’m trying it again in a multi mini loaf pan and I think they will bake faster.

The blogger glazed hers with an Apple Cider Glaze, but I didn’t have any Apple Cider and thought it was so darn tasty it didn’t need it.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed!