holiday cards


It feels like Christmas is tomorrow.  I don’t know where the time goes.  It’s holiday card time and I’m aiming to get one out this year.  If I can’t pull it off it’ll be Valentines from the Powells again.

If you can’t seem to get your act together either… maybe this will help.

Our friend Megan at Toast and Laurel has offered an awesome giveaway.  It basically takes all the stress out of of getting your act together!

One lucky winner will receive….


Holiday Suite from Toast & Laurel’s 2011 Holiday Collection

  • 75 holiday photo cards (with blank white european flap envelopes)
  • 24 gift tags
  • 1 return address rubber stamp



The winner will choose the design (you can see all 12 designs HERE and HERE) and be able to personalize each item (the card with their favorite photo & text, the tags with a holiday greeting, and the stamp with their address).  The cards and tags are both printed on a premium 120 lb. bright white card stock.




To be eligible to win leave us a comment and let us know the worst (or most random) gift you’ve ever received!  If you are afraid you might get busted you can use an alias name in our comment form, just be sure to use a legitimate email address so we can track you down.

It’s been about twenty years, but one Christmas my mother bought my 8 year old (male) cousin a pair of slippers… thankfully the camcorder was rolling when he opened the box.   He took one look at them and said, “I think I’m going to kill myself!”

And a few years ago my dad had someone at work give him a pack of these. He thought it was a joke, it wasn’t.


If you’ve never  been on the receiving end of a random holiday gift then you can leave a comment and let us know… do you like eggnog?  



momm and SCP

You know what happens when you joke about popping muscle relaxers?  You end up really needing them.  I’ve recovered, but really thought I was going to have to call an ambulance a couple of weeks ago when my back decided it had had enough of me and my heavy-lifting ways.  After the injury I found my way to a chair where I was stuck for over an hour.  When my mom came to my rescue, we started discussing whether I should go to the hospital or an immediate care clinic, I voiced concern about how I was going to get out of the chair much less walk outside to the car, and she (with a straight face) asked if I had an ironing board.  I hurt so bad, but I couldn’t not laugh, can you imagine if they pulled up at the ER with me strapped to my ironing board?  Only my mother.  She was serious.


Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We had surprise visitors, cousins we love… (and their 8 week old baby girl!)



And we even squeezed in a little facetime with those too far away to eat with us… (missed you Greenes!)



Sloane was elated to have all of her little cousins from Chance’s side of the family in one place!  Cousin Ben taught her how to drive her Barbie Jeep.

s and b


Sloane’s skirt was one of the goodies she scored from Joules, the fuscia zipper up the back (next photo) is my favorite detail…
nellie and sloaney

lemon tree bound

l and r

So much to be grateful for this year, a house full of healthy and happy family tops my list.  What a treat it was to host Thanksgiving dinner!!


Last week, pre-Thanksgiving, was busy as we had a photoshoot at Marla’s house.  It was such a pleasure working with the folks from Better Homes and Gardens again… Paige Porter Fischer and Michael Walters (both of whom were involved in the makings of my story earlier this year) make a photoshoot feel easy and laid-back.  Or maybe that was the muscle relaxers?


Behind that big ole wooden bowl is the makings of a baby bump.  Marla is due in April with a baby girl… pretty darn excited for her, even if she was quite surprised!  She has a very healthy food blog now, have I mentioned it before?  Left on Amelia.  Her no-bake Chocolate Oat Bars are to die for. More on the story once it’s published, promise.



Darby visited a few weekends ago, if you read her blog this is old news.  I had all her little rovers in my house for a whole weekend!  After she posted this picture I got an email from a friend exclaiming, “that room feels like a hug!”… I don’t know if I have responded to that email yet, but I read it and it did my heart good.  I want my house to feel like a hug.  It helps that I’m surrounded by four children I love very much.


cIMG_1442 (2)

I’m actually about to swap those Schumacher chevron (“High Voltage”) draperies out for Highland Court’s Greenwich II plaid.  The High Voltage is just too much with the orange daybed. They are going to good home (Leigh Ann’s) when the Highland Court ones arrive.

(And if you look close you’ll see… the orange Ugg slippers, a very kind client sent them my way.  I adore them, have barely taken them off to shower and sleep.)

duralee draperiesWhen I first hung those High Voltage draperies Chance asked if we were going to hang a disco ball and rollerskate in that room.  He was right, they were a bit of a statement given my usual aesthetic.  Oh well, you live you learn.

The plaid Highland Court fabric was free-to-me because you very kind people voted on the Traditional Home New Traditionalist contest… and I won, so thank you so very much for voting for me.  I will let you know once my new draperies are up.


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


it’s Sunday and I have a minute to blog

Hello, from Sunday afternoon nap time.  I’m going to be real honest… I’m exhausted.  Chance has been out of town all week, Sloane has been sick all week, and I’ve had a very busy work week.  Life is not always easy.  I also realize things could be much worse.

There’s a lot of fun stuff going on at Urban Grace Interiors, but unfortunately by the time I finish the work day it seems so uninteresting I can’t imagine that you’d want to see what we are doing… which I know is probably not true.  You love the design posts, but when you are living in the design world and it’s hectic and busy it feels as though I’d be boring you with details.  When I find time to actually sit down and blog, the moments I want to capture are the sweet ones spent with my girl.  So, please bear with me.  The struggle to find balance between work and mothering is… never-ending.  I know that I will never have balance, my daughter is at the forefront of my mind always and work is a necessity and that’s a challenging thing.  I know others can relate.  Just gotta take it one day at a time, and drink lots of coffee.

c IMG_5215

Our friends got chickens, I believe I’ve told you this already.  Chance was elated because they are within walking distance of our home and we aren’t responsible for cleaning up any chicken poop.  We get the pleasure of visiting the girls and.. ahem, boys.  That’s right.  Two accidental roosters in their mix.  Anyway, I’ve been crowned fairy godmother and I am very proud.  (Just for the record, I still think we need a few chickens of our own.)  My friend asked me to do a little fairy godmothering this weekend while they were going to be out of town.  You know, check on the chickens.  Sloane and I bundled up ran over this morning to check on the birds.  She was in heaven, until she realized they weren’t too interested in her.

c IMG_5236 copy


c IMG_5231

My girl is much like her Momma.  She got distracted playing farmer and decided to try her hand at a little decorating.  Perhaps it was that she knew these cushions were covered in Scalamandre.  ;)

c IMG_5248
c IMG_5258

She worked so hard aligning her cushions she collapsed when she completed her task.  I doubt we’ll be getting a call from Scalamandre’s marketing dept requesting rights to these photos, this is probably the first time their fabric has been paired with astroturf.

c IMG_5266

c IMG_5275


There are not words to express my love for that girl.  We have spent so much quality time together this week, and while it’s a lot of work and exhausting work, it’s so very rewarding.

As we were leaving she spotted this contraption… and  I had to bribe her.  These friends who have the chickens are also the friends who introduced me to the hydroponic garden system.  Theirs is just a little bigger than mine!  ;)


Someone may ask… Sloaney’s jacket is Lands End from last year, her boots are OshKosh.  The moose hat is from Target.

While we are talking about clothes, let’s talk about Joules. Joules is based in London, but a client of ours in Boston is responsible for sales/marketing in the US… and that’s from memory, I could totally be wrong on exactly what she does for the company, but I do know one thing for sure… she is very generous.  After we posted that we were madly in love with their sweatshirts she emailed asking for our sizes.  Last week a big ole box of goodies arrived.  It was like Christmas.  Thank you, Marie!!!!!  This is a terrible iphone picture… but you get the idea.


Sloane really scored.  The goodies for her made my heart skip a beat.  This very Auburn-y tunic top/dress is about the cutest thing I have ever seen.  And you fellow Auburn people who are reading need to hurry and scoop this dress up- it’s on CLEARANCE now!  It runs small.  Sloane is a 2T and hers is a size “3″ and fits perfectly, so order up a size.  I attempted to photograph her in it yesterday, but she wasn’t exactly in the mood for pictures…

C IMG_5192 copy




Have you seen me this weekend?  If you have, you saw me in this… I put it on Friday night and here it is Sunday afternoon and I’m still wearing it.  Did I sleep in it last night?  Hmmm…. perhaps.  I usually wear an XS, and mine is a UK size 8, fits perfectly.
SWEATSHIRTSo now I can really vouch for Joules… their stuff is fantastic!  I just need those orange ugg slippers to complete my weekend uniform and I’m set until Spring.  But wait, it rains here a lot in the winter so I’d need a back up for the Uggs.  I believe that the other boots in my closet would be delighted to welcome these guys to the crowd…

joules wellies


Speaking of boots in my closet.  You might have spotted my newest addition in the last post.  Ebay gives me panic attacks.  I almost cannot do it.  I only get on ebay once a year and it’s because of the stress level the bidding process causes, you see I suffer from high blood pressure.  My blood pressure under “normal” conditions is scary, but when I’m on ebay it’s like fear-of-a-stroke high.  I wanted some new Frye boots.  Who doesn’t want new Frye boots?  But the new ones I wanted were $450.  I can’t do that.  So I went to ebay and googled “vintage frye boots” and there they were.  The auction was ending in one hour.  I notified my husband that he would have to watch Sloane for one hour and that the nearest stroke center was at Bay Medical in Panama City, in event of an emergency.  I survived the bidding process and won.  Then proceeded to send Darby a picture and she wrote back, “Loretta?”.  Then she said, “Just kidding, Justin likes them!”  In other words, she thought they were Loretta Lynn boots, but her husband approved.  I like them.  And I love Loretta Lynn, so it’s a win-win for me.  Have you seen Coal Miner’s Daughter?  I just watched it for the first time this year and loved it.

vintage frye boots


In other footwear news… a few folks asked about Sloane’s mary janes.  They are Clarks, I bought them at the Clarks store in Puerto Rico, but I’m sure they have them stateside, they just don’t sell them online.

sloanes clarks 2



monsoon sweater

Am I boring you to tears?  I feel bad when I don’t answer questions… but then feel like I’m boring you when I do.  Her sweater in the last post I bought last summer when Darby and I went to Italy.  I bought it to go with her Valentines pants, but that was poor planning because those pants were 12-18 months and the sweater is 3T.  Anyway, the brand is Monsoon.

And… I did not make Sloane’s Halloween garden gnome costume, it came from Amazon.

It’s the thankful season so let me say… thank you to those of you who leave such kind comments and feedback, I  wish there were enough hours in the day to respond to you each individually!  Hope this post answers some of your questions.

Alright, now it’s Monday morning and unfortunately Sloane did not get the time change memo.  Let me leave you with this… I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house.  A first for me and I’m pretty excited!

Happy Monday!!