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hoarders buried alive

Is anyone concerned about our whereabouts?  If not, perhaps you should be.  We are working in this jungle, slowly, but surely, burying ourselves alive.  It is as oppressive as it looks.  We will be back once we get this disaster zone de-disasterfied.  We are actively working on it, so don’t go calling A&E just yet.


  1. Oh, that looks like a fun and challenging project ;) Love your blog. Good luck!

  2. oh my goodness! :)

  3. Wish I could help you organize all that yummy stuff!

  4. !!

  5. Wow, that a lot of stuff! Don’t get me wrong, it’s all fabulous stuff, but it’s a lot of stuff. :)

  6. Hilarious!

  7. I love to organize. Wish I was there to help you. Looks like fun to me! :)

  8. This so makes me feel better about my office situation!

  9. Since you posted the link to A&E I wanted to mention that I happened to catch an episode of Storage Wars on A&E one day and there is a guy on there that looks just like your dad (Barry Weiss). Hope you don’t think I’m crazy for thinking it or even making a comment to tell you about it but when I saw him I immediately thought of him, lol. You be the judge…

  10. I’m not worried. We all have faith in you and your team. Looks like a growing business to me! Congrats!

  11. Oh my! And I thought the disaster zone that is my guest bedroom turned staging area for the guest bathroom remodel was bad! Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be finished with this and on the the next project soon!

  12. …totally looks like an episode of Hoarders. YIKES!

  13. I am itching to get in there and help organize that! Yeh, call me crazy!! :)

  14. we finally had to tackle ours today-may the force be with you!

  15. Whoa…. are y’all under there somewhere?!! Disaster is a good sign of success!


  16. Hello urban grace blog readers. Seems like the ladies are quite busy. Perhaps one of you guys could help??? I’d love to find out where I could possibly purchase the clogs in Erika’s favorite list?? If anyone knows and could post, I would be so grateful. Thank you so much in advance. Cheers to a great blog!!!

  17. I just finished remodeling my bathroom. I get the feeling…

  18. Janey – If you click on the “J” prior to the description of the shoe that link will take you to the website. I believe she purchased them from Zappos, but the brand should be available as well. Happy shopping.

  19. TheTackyMom says:

    @Janey – Click on the “J” beside the description of the clogs; it will take you to the item on the Zappos website.

  20. If you need to get rid of anything send it my way!!!

  21. Oh my word, girl! So many pretty things, but I’m guessing more than one bruise has been caused by all the piles. :)

  22. Caroline R. says:

    Paging AnneScott. AnneScott, please report to UGI. This is not a drill.

  23. This looks like quite a challenge but I am sure you are all up for it! Just think how good it will be once it is organized…

  24. Wonder what’s in all those boxes? Can’t wait to see the after pictures.

  25. I cannot imagine how you do it. It’s so hard for me to think when I’ve got a mess which is usually most of the time. I get super frustrated because I know I have what I’m looking for, but dang it, I can’t find it! It makes my stomach hurt for you to look at that picture. I’m sure there’s a silver lining though! Aren’t you expanding your space? SO COOOL.

  26. Yikers! We may need to send out a search party! And in my opinion, your mess would be the most fabulous mess to ever be featured on Hoarders.

  27. my goodness gracious! somehow i have faith and know you will take care it! ;) i like to call messes, my organized mess!

    ashley over @

  28. Looks about as bad as my 17 year old daughter’s bedroom : )
    Good luck digging out!

  29. I can just imagine all the goodies you have piled away in there! Good luck :)

  30. Oh lawsy. That makes me feel both panicky and right at home, considering that we are moving out of our house completely by November 14th so we can renovate. I feel your pain. And your perseverance. Stay the course!

    Good luck!

  31. Oh gosh, I always get sucked in by that show. why is that??!

  32. I’ll volunteer to be one of the people who helps haul stuff away like they do on Hoarders! (:

  33. I just want to leap into the screen and help tidy and sort! The photo certainly explains how life is at the moment. I hope it gets better and sorted out. Have a great weekend.

  34. I love that the painting on the far wall serves as a beacon of serenity! Good luck! I’m so glad you share it all!

  35. OMG – how you can you get anything done?! I get squirmy just looking at that. If I lived closer, I would volunteer my organization services just so you could post an updated photo that much more quickly! Good luck!

  36. How refreshing to see something in the works! We all post the beautiful finished projects and sometimes forget that it takes each and every one of us a lot of work to get things pretty and organized.

  37. Candace Horner says:

    Well at least you can still see a bit of floorspace!! All is not lost!! There is order in chaos, repeat after me….

  38. Don’t go the way of the Collyer brothers! :-)

  39. So, you have a few things to put away. What of it?

  40. Looks like you girls are having! I’m excited to see your new space.

  41. Looks like a hot mess!!

  42. wow, now I don’t feel so bad about the mess we call our studio. It’s a sign of a creative mind, right?

  43. please excuse me while i manually shut my mouth :)

  44. OH MY! I cannot wait to see the results!!!

  45. Hi Erica,
    Reminds me of my home right now…going through a kitchen remodel that my husband is doing himself. Wondering if you would mind sharing your favorite countertop finishes / sources with us sometime? You have impeccable taste!!

  46. elizabeth says:

    Is this going to be the new space? I hope you share pics, please?

  47. great pictures! and — you knew someone was going to ask — what boots are you wearing at the barn?? i love them! (or what i can see of them)

  48. ALLIDOISWIN says:

    Busy busy ladies as normal!

  49. Jamie Wilson says:

    I love all of SLoan’s adorable cord pants. Where do they come from? I have a two year and cute pants are something I struggle with. She had a pair of Sailor like pants on in a post a couple of months ago. They had the 6 buttons on the front. Can you tell me who they were made by? Thanks so much! Jamie Wilson

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