Annabelle’s Birthday Party


A few weeks ago friend and new client Catherine Clay posted her daughter’s birthday party pictures on her blog.  I almost fainted.  I expected nothing less than perfection because a few months ago she posted pictures from her Christmas party which was equally fabulous!  Annabelle’s party was held at Catherine’s photography studio.  Twenty little girls were invited to create art and eat cake! My kind of party!!! This makes me super excited about the birthday parties in Sloaney’s future.  I’ve also been wanting a gathered linen table skirt like hers too… hmm.

Each party attendant received an art apron and art kit to take home.  Catherine and her assistant Anica made most of the decorations themselves… amazing!  And just in case anyone else is curious… I went ahead and asked… Annabelle’s cute black and white dress came from this etsy shop. Darling!


  1. I’m planning Isla’ 1st birthday here in the next few weeks – if I can pull off anything nearly this darling, I’ll be thrilled!

  2. Jenny @ Hank + Hunt says:

    Oh my heavens! That is just so cute! I love the chevron and the little aprons! What a fabulous little party!

  3. Wow that is amazing! I love it!!!

  4. Such a cute party! Makes me wish I had girls! How bout that Mom’s dress? Deets on that, too, please!

  5. WOW- what a lucky little girl!

  6. Another post! woo hoo! I love it all… the soft pinks and grays, the gathered table skirt, the pennant banner, party favors, Annabelle’s dress, cupcakes…what a fun birthday party!

  7. how fun! it looks beautiful.

  8. Wow, what a beautiful party. I love that the little girls were invited to make art, that is such an original idea!

  9. I literally gasped for breath. I almost fainted as well. This is the prettiest-pink-party for an adorable five year old! Wow. Love it is an understatement.

  10. This is so cute that I want to vomit out of jealousy. I could never pull something like that off! I want details on how she made her party hats – cute ones are hard to find!

  11. chevron is my obsession for anything these days! this party is too cute for words! i can only imagine the parties you’ll have for your daughter….bc you have amazing style!:)

  12. Dying of awesomeness. If I could redo my wedding, I’d design it after this 5 year olds birthday.

  13. I most appreciate the image of Annabelle in the black and white chevron dress holding the vintage looking, red and craft brown
    “I Love You” sign.


  14. So amazing – I love kids birthday parties! Where Catherine’s dress from?

  15. How fun is this??? Such a cute idea! Her website is chock full of gorgeous photos!!!

  16. I love all of the decorations and Annabelle looks so sweet! This party looks like so much fun!

  17. Oh…and thank you for all of the great blogging! I know that things are busy so thank you so much. I have enjoyed reading all of the posts!

  18. GORGEOUS! Parties are a full time job and she sure did a great job! I tried really hard with my daughter’s first birthday party in hopes that she would look back one day and think that mommy did a fabulous job too =) I posted pics last week if you wanna check it out

  19. What a great theme and perfect execution! Kid’s parties are a lot of work but they’re so much fun to plan. You get to live out your little girl fantasies!

  20. WOW! all the eyecandy…I don’t even know where to start!

  21. Oh my gosh! This is so stinkin’ adorable!!!!! What a sweet little birthday party! I also saw a print from Yee Haw Industries in Knoxville. I absolutely LOVE that place. Erika, I’ve seen Yee Haw in your spaces before. You must be a fan?

  22. Wow, that sure beats the ‘slip & slide’ party I had when I was a kiddo!

  23. lol – well, yes,that is beautiful. Trouble is the my 10, 8, and 6 year old daughters have definite opinions about what they want their parties to look like, and it almost *never* meets up with my own personal Birthday Party Aesthetic. They wind up making a million little “decorations” and trinkets for the festivities, and it’s a (lovely?) mess in the end, lol. But I do always get to do the cake pretty much how I want. And I usually take control of the wall behind the birthday girl – for photo reasons :)

  24. aaaadorable!!

  25. Absolutely stunning and every single thing was thought of, I need to step up my party skills!!!

  26. Ahhh..makes me want to have a little girl all the more!

  27. Ohhhhmygosh! I am 25 and want that birthday party for me now! So adorable and fun!

  28. Just beautiful. That cake is perfection! Thanks for the inspiration…

  29. Such a cute party!! Makes me want to be a be a kid again! I was a huge girly girl :) (Actually, I still am!)

  30. was a fab party! LOVE those aprons!!

  31. This is the most wonderful and creative party! Thank you so much for sharing!! Happy Birthday, Annabelle. I am having a vicarious dream as I have a houseful of boys!!! Charming in their own right but no where near as adorable as this!

  32. This party is amazing! And what a talented photographer. I wish I could have hired her for my sons bday. He had a vintage school themed party, which is nothing compared to this one, but I thought I’d share:)

    btw, i am dying to have a girl one day so i can have a party just like this one!



  33. This is just about the cutest bday party I’ve seen. Love the vintage touches and color scheme. Thanks for sharing!


  34. Adorable! Just love it! What a lucky little girl.

  35. I’m a follower of her work, but I haven’t been reading many blogs lately, so I missed this. Thanks so much for posting. I love seeing how others celebrate.

  36. so excited to see you featured Catherine!! we think your fabulous!

  37. Hi
    Sorry, this isn’t a comment on this post but know you and your ladies love baggu. Not sure if you’ve ever heard of but they have baggu gift certificates for 1/2 off today!!!

  38. …I was sooo going to ask about the dress!

  39. amazing! Thanks for the inspiration. Gets me looking forward to our little one’s party!

  40. I know Catherine and she is truly amazing…Great style and an impeccable eye for photography …Used to be my neighbor and wish she still was…Would love for her to photograph my family….BTW…..Catherine, Where did you get YOUR dress? Adorable!!!!

  41. Erika – How adorable! What a sweet birthday for a beautiful little girl!

    I just posted on Southern Living & Eddie Ross’s call for submissions for room makeovers.

    But in my post I also HAD to call out the amazing talent of your friend, Southern Living Magazine editor Anne Turner Carroll! She is amazing! I put a link to your Urban Grace post (my favorite!) A Kitchen Intervention!


  42. Darleen Potter says:

    Erika: That dress that you are wearing…did you make it? It’s pink with a white v neckline and a purple oval at the upper waist line? Pictured above with your daughter on your hip…I have to have it…or make it :+)

  43. Cecilia Goodman says:

    Adorable stuff! The photography is soooooooooo pretty! Wish I could steal your caterer too — those gorgeous cakes would go perfectly with the sweet treat party suppliesI have lined up for my daughter’s next birthday! Keep the ideas comin’! : )

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