answers to your questions

Every time blogging starts to feel one-way streetish y’all come and remind me it is not.  Thank you for giving me blog material and for your very kind words, especially about my little Sandwich, she is so special to me.


About that shirt…

A few months ago I was on an airplane between here and Orlando and a passenger a few seats behind me had on a beautiful shirt.  It’s rare that I see something that I like so well (at least fashion related) that I feel inclined to ask where it came from, but that shirt, I really liked it, I needed to know more.  I decided when we landed I would track her down at baggage claim and ask her where it came from.  I was prepared for her to tell me it was something very fancy and expensive and then I would get over it quickly.  She said it came from a local store at Destin Commons called Luxe Apothetique.  A few days later I ventured in and low and behold, they had one left.  A medium, I really needed a smaller size, but it was a flowy shirt so I figured I could make it work.  It was around $50.  This was a few months ago so I’m not sure if they still have them or not, but here’s the only site I can find for them.  The shirt is their brand… they sell a mix of clothes and cosmetics.

My exterior paint colors.  My house was green when I moved in, it’s probably not the green I would have chosen, but I have grown to love it.  They aren’t your typical house colors, which is probably why I like them. They are all Sherwin Williams colors.

exterior paint colors



Someone left a comment asking if I am pregnant…  hmmm I am not, and hope that I don’t look pregnant.

It cracks me up that I get questions about my lipstick.  I have been a loyal Cover Girl Outlast wearer for years.  You have to put it on your lips bare (no moisturizer or gloss – or it won’t stick), but it lasts a long time.



So that’s my line up… and sometimes I top it with Sugar Baby gloss by Fresh.  And at the bottom of the line up is a fantastic color (a gift from a friend) by Napoleon called Sergeant Deco.


About my hair… this is funniest to me.  I get it cut twice a year and sometimes I brush it, other times I don’t.  If I brush it I use these products below… not all at the same time, just depends if Sloane is below me tugging on my leg.  My sister-in-law and cousin both work in salons that sell Bumble & Bumble and they turned me on to tonic and also surf spray (not pictured).  The Paul Mitchell Quick Slip keeps my hair smooth- love that stuff.  I do not color my hair… I feel like it’s hard enough to get it cut.  I contemplated going darker, but got scared.  I did have a perm or two, circa 1987.   I don’t really know what the Moroccan Oil does, but it smells good.  It just occurred to me that I had my hair “done” in those pictures of me and the Sandwich… which is maybe why you kind people asked about it! I was photographed in the photo shoot at my house last week and my sister-in-law came and did my hair… then that afternoon Marla snapped those pictures while I was still “done up”.  I don’t own a curling iron, but she had two and used them and made my hair look much better than I ever could have.  Thanks Leah!!



In chicken news… I’ve convinced my husband that the chickens are a good idea.  Doing some research and hoping to start on the coop this summer… stay tuned.


  1. Love that your hair “routine” is so low maintenance. Cut twice a year? I can’t stand to go past 8 weeks….wish I could. Regardless, your hair is so pretty! Can’t wait to hear more about the chicken coop…..oh, and where did you get those paper clips? ;)

  2. i love the color rainstorm. i overhauled a piece of furniture and painted it rainstorm. i also love moroccan oil. i apply it before i blowdry. it makes my hair smooth. and shiny. good luck with the chickens! pam

  3. I love your shirt and your bologney (sp?) sandwich. It’s hard to imagine that she can grow cuter by the day, but I’m pretty sure she does. I find it amazing that you take the time to answer all these questions…you’re a kind blogger. I don’t normally notice design-type things, but my friend Caitlin just finished decorating their new home in Birmingham and it is astounding. Just thought you might like to see, since you do notice that type of thing ( The housewarming party she threw (the next blog over) is certainly eye candy as well.

    Hope you’re doing well and that I’ll get to run into you when we get moved back home this summer.


  4. Do I spy Golden Books???

  5. I’ve always wanted a chicken coop. I’m hoping it isn’t as messy as it seems. My neighbor has an antique one that’s adorable, and his wife wants to get rid of it. I’m assuming you like those new ones that look old. Good luck!

  6. I cannot believe that someone asked you if you’re pregnant! I live in constant fear of someone asking me the very same thing, and I’ve prepared a zinger should the case arise. You look fresh and pretty all the time — and not at all preggers! Geesh. xoxo

  7. I always look forward to your posts! You sound like me in the hair department as far as 2 haircuts a year go and being lucky to brush it but your hair always seems perfect in all the pictures.

    I truly love the blue color you chose for your door! It looks awesome with the Artichoke.

  8. So jealous about the chicken coops. The fresh eggs will be amazing!

  9. That is a super cute top! I love the “Rainstorm” color. Was on my short list for the dining room…. It has moved its way to the powder room short list. Love your random posts! Sometimes I like to know random things! Ha!


  10. Love the top! The colour, pattern and fit! its beautiful!

  11. I always love your random posts. They are my favorite!

    I wanted to tell you that in your last post you said “I sat down with my coffee and “baby”….” and I was thinking maybe someone didn’t see the doll in the picture and thought you were talking about some hypothetical baby? in your tummy? Ha!

    I don’t know. That’s the only thing I could figure would have made someone ask that. Anyway… you do not look pregnant. I don’t think you even looked very pregnant during most of your pregnancy, you tiny thing!

  12. and I thought I was the only one who gets there hair cut a couple times a year ;)

  13. I love your blog…and your sister’s too. What font are you using on your tags on the photos? I can never seem to find a good architectural font.
    Thanks so much!!

  14. The armoire that you have your shirt hanging on, is it American Signature?

  15. So happy to find out what kind of lipstick you wear!

  16. These posts – the ones your go-to products, are by far my favorite to read! And I have a feeling I’m not alone, from the amount of positive responses you are going to get. :) Thanks for the tid-bits, running to the store now & picking up some CG Outlast while I’m at it!

  17. Dina Lescourret says:

    Boy, thank you so much for always sharing all the nitty gritty details with us nosey readers…I can’t imagine having my photos scrutinized like that, but you handle it so well! My girlfriend, who has loved your blog for years like me, and I talk about you like you’re a girlfriend too “Have you seen Erika’s “fill in the blank”? Oh yeah, loved it! Me too!”. Ha!

  18. I absolutely fell in love with that blouse when i saw it in your post. Im the same way with fashion. I hardly ever see anything that I have to have. I happened to be in TJMaxx and lo and behold there it was in the blouse section for $20. (and they had the Jessica Simpson striped flats also. It was like the urban grace wannabe jackpot :)

  19. meant to comment on the last post, but I think I forgot to hit “post”… looks like everyone else took care of my comments/questions though – minus the “are you pregnant?” – really??? LOL I want that shirt…and I’m in need of some new hair products – I’ve been hearing about moroccan oil a lot…might have to try it. thanks for the recommendations! can’t wait to see the pictures from the photoshoot – the ones of you and Sloane are beautiful!! :)

  20. oh, and please get those “silkie” chickens on your pinterest…I love them. they’re so damn funny looking.

  21. I loved this! Esp the preggers question. Ha! you and your sandwich are beautiful….even when you’re not “done up”. :)

  22. Christina says:

    I love that you answered questions!!! I kept wondering about your shirt … AND your white pants! I’d love to know where they’re from. Can’t wait to hear more about the chickens too :)

  23. tfaulkner says:

    All of this info. just makes me so happy! I love the, strike, lust the shirt in a big way! I am a Cover Girl too…just can’t go wrong. Thank you for sharing…

  24. I love reading your blog (and your sister’s)! Today I read your post and then had to run out to get ink for our printer. I took my barefoot 3 yr old daughter with me. After we left Cartridge World and on a whim, I decided to run through Steinmart which was next door, lugging my barefoot daughter with me. I FOUND THE BLOUSE!!!! The tag on mine says “Solitaire” and mine was $34.99, but I swear it’s the same blouse! I don’t know that I would have even noticed it had I not seen your post and how great it looked w/ the white jeans! I know you look cuter in it but I’m so excited to have found it!!

  25. Oh, thanks! I love your blog. I always learn so much from you, and you definitely know how to get my bank account in trouble. And if you’re up for one more pestering question, do you wear foundation or powder? If so, what kind? Your complexion is flawless in every.single.picture.

  26. I honestly didn’t even notice the shirt the first time I was too focused how cute y’all were together! But…I LOVE THAT SHIRT! I wonder if they have any left??! This is going to be like Oprah’s Favorite Things list. CG lipsticks and Moroccan Oil better get ready!

  27. Jennie Sue says:

    I have wanted to comment on your sweet blog so many times…but this post just requires a comment. Girl, you SO do not look pregnant!!! Don’t even think a thing about it.

    Thanks for being willing to share a glimpse of your talent and life with us. Blessings.

  28. as a fellow product junkie, may we see how you organize all your products?! and i would also love to see how you mix in the baby stuff all over your house! you and your family are so beautiful!

  29. I can’t live without my Moroccan Oil! I carry it around in my purse! :-)

  30. Chickens are delightful creatures. A great source for more information than you can imagine is
    It is a great magazine with a wealth of resources for the poultry inclined! Have fun!

  31. Hello! Great informational post and definitely “interesting” questions you get from people. I meant to comment on the previous post about chickens. My next door neighbor has chickens. I can hear them clucking which I find calming. I was lucky to baby sit the chickens for 4 days. I took my responsibilities seriously as there are often coyotes in my neighborhood and the girls needed to be tucked in properly at night. We definitely bonded. The only downside…I have a hard time eating chicken now. Just sayin.. :-)

  32. I lurve that shirt!! And btw, we just got a chicken coop and two chickens…check it out:

    They’re so much fun!

  33. Thanks for all the info!! You and Darby could make a living off of marketing clothing and cosmetics! You two look fabulous in everything and all your readers want what you wear! I stalked Wal-mart for the brass buttons dress featured on Darby’s blog for weeks and weeks…and ebay…never finding it. You do not look pregnant!!! The flowiness of the shirt probably had that reader guessing…then again, you never looked preggers even when you were before…except the belly at the end! :) I would oh so love chickens! Last week I finally just brought home a bee hive…my husband was against it for 2 years. I got sick of keeping them at my parents and decided to just bring one home to break him in. He’s been bragging about it ever since. Chickens are next! One of our annual suppliers in CT has chickens and whenever we go on a flower run I get to play with them and he gives me a dozen eggs…worth the long ride every time! Can’t wait to hear more! (Long comment!)

  34. Are those golden books behind your hair products? It looks like a pretty dresser/table with lots of pretty things and some golden books. I like it and I want to know more/see more!

  35. You make me laugh! The pictures of you and Sloane are beautiful!!

  36. Hey Erica!
    Where did you get the simple gold necklace you are wearing in the pictures on Darby’s blog. I love it!!!

  37. that shirt is super cute! i WANT that lemon adorable is that! thanks for sharing all the inside scoop, down to your lipstick & hair products…love reading your blog!!!!

  38. Wish I lived closer and could work for you, know it would be a blast! Not to be a downer, but just be sure your chickens won’t cause a ruckus with the neighbors. My brother-n-law lives on a large lot that apparently allows cows but not necessarily chickens and all the neighbors were very angry about the chickens. Not sure what the reasons were…

  39. We have had 4 hens for a little over a year now. They are very low maintenance pets…I like to call them “pets with perks”. The eggs are fabulous. Feel free to email me with questions. I live in the heart of Charlotte, NC. Our hens “free range” in our fenced backyard while my 2 daughters and retriever run about. It is great fun. Good luck.

  40. Allyson says:

    I love this post!! You know I have always admired your hair. I’ve probably told you this 52 times, but I would sit in tech and civ, supposed to learning from Dr. Lewis, and watch you and D put your hair up, then take it down, then put it up, take it down. I couldn’t figure it out!! If I put mine up, I can’t take it down. I just get an ugly ponytail holder ring around it. Y’all are just natural beauties – let’s face it!! :) LOVE YOU DEARLY!!

  41. Love Moroccan Oil…. And I agree… Not sure what it does but it sure does smell good!

  42. hilliary says:

    I know that this is totally off topic..but I keep thinking about that triptych painting you used for the photoshoot in marla’s kitchen! I was wondering if you could pretty please post about it?!?!

  43. how funny, i have the exact same armoire that you have in my master bedroom.

    love the new paint colors!

    xo, g

  44. Hi Erika-
    I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and have been following your posts. I live in Alexandria, Va, just outside DC and work as a graphic designer at the National Zoo. A dream job, really. Design for a cause. Love it. But lately, I’ve been feeling….bored. I’m a print designer and have been for 10+ years. Although I love the work that I do, my interests are expanding. And the area I feel I’m really excited about in the world of design is interiors. We moved into a new home about a year ago and I’ve been working hard at remodeling and redecorating. I’ve been given many compliments on my color choices, room arrangements, and personal style. It has me thinking. Could I switch gears and find a job as an interior decorator? I know I’d probably have to start over at the beginning. But maybe? Just maybe I could be lucky and stumble across an opportunity.

    That is where you come in. Do you have any advice? Is there any way, realistically, to find a job where I can assist an established interior designer without having formal training? Would putting together a portfolio of some of my own home designs help? Is my print design helpful in terms of choosing design concepts, color palettes and being able to visualize how things fit together?

    I know DC isn’t exactly a creative hub, but I love the idea of helping people create homes that they are comfortable in and proud of. I love combining modern and traditional styles to create atmospheres that look collected over time. And, as you state ias well, paying attention to the architecture of a project is imperative. In my neighborhood, which is full of cottages and bungalows, a lot of the personality of the home is shining through right there in the architectural details.

    So, after that long-winded explanation, can you offer any advice on steps for me to take that might help me change gears into interior design? Is it unrealistic to believe I might be able to find something in an interior design studio to do right off the bat? Do you know of any online resources for interior design jobs and/or sites to search for designers in my area?

    Thanks so much for your time in reading this. After following your blog for the last couple months, I feel really comfortable asking you about this, you seem like my kind of person: down to earth, family-oriented, and able to find a balance between career and being a mom.

    I hope to hear from you soon. Take care-
    Joan Diehl

  45. Suzanne Coffman says:

    Do you have any favorite go to paint colors? I am painting the entire house in lighter shades and have to say, my art work, wood flooring, furniture looks new! I have used Benjamin Moore “moonlight white”, “grey owl”, “woodlawn blue”, and “grand teton white”. I am currently painting my guest room, and interested in white/sand/pale lavender/grey combination for paint & furnishings. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Your blog is such an inspiration!

    Suzanne Coffman
    Louisville, KY

  46. Angie Lavendar says:

    Hi, I came across your blog because I was trying to find photos with homes painted with Sherwin Williams Artichoke, and your photo came up in Google. We are considering this color for our home as well. Would love to see a photo from further back if this is still your color! Thanks so much.

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