Baby Amore

Have you ever seen such cuteness?  My friend Deanna is selling these precious baby items RIGHT HERE.  She bravely followed her heart and created this fabulous children’s line, Baby Amore.  She was on the cusp of launching when life had a different plan for her.  As a result she is selling all these beautiful things she worked so hard to create.  Everything seen above (props included) are for sale.  If they aren’t in the etsy shop you can email Deanna directly for pricing.  She also has vintage baby items and yardage of the fabulous fabrics shown above!  Her email address is: texdesign(at)comcast(dot)net


  1. So precious- and I’m loving all the orange and blue- I will be checking this out today!

  2. Wow – such amazing stuff! I’m devastated that there won’t be a line with more of it! Mostly because I don’t have any babies right now, but when I do it would be things like this that would have me swooning and I would be forced to purchase.

  3. Her Etsy shop is adorable, I love the paper doll prints!

  4. Absolutley gorgeous! I feel for her because I know all about life having a different plan. Her stuff gave me a much needed smile. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Majorly wanting baby #2 right about now!!

  6. This stuff is wonderful! so glad you shared. going to check out site right now!

  7. precious! sadly I dont have any babies right now or $$ to justify buying stuff for my future little ones. my husband might think i was crazy. but lovely stuff! wish it worked out for her.

  8. OH MY GOODNESS …… amazingly gorgeous things! Thank you so much as I am putting together my nursery frantically with only a month to go!

  9. Adorable! Love that polka dot chair! Definitely checking this out right now!


  10. Love it all! Thanks for sharing.


  11. Oh Wow! Love all of that cuteness! Good for her for following her dream. Her shop is precious!

  12. Oh my goodness. What charm. What delight. I can also tell that this special friend of yours took the time to hand finish the hanger covers. What love. And her choice of patterns is timeless. I hope we can see her back again some day. This type of inspiration does not come along every day and is definitely appreciated.

  13. Such lovely, heart-felt handmade awesomeness! There is so much to be said about things that don’t come rolling off of machines by the thousands.

  14. I am in love with that polka dot rocker!

  15. These are adorable! The fabric is completely amazing. I’m a little sad this will be her only line.

  16. I love the vintage but modern take on these baby goods! Please tell your friend good luck and good for her for following her heart! Those hangers!!! Pure sweet!

  17. Adorable baby items~ thought for a minute you had an announcement!! (smile)

  18. Gorgeous! I am in love with the navy and salmon/orange combo!

  19. It’s all so PERFECT! Thanks for sharing.

  20. I love vintage tins! these would look great on a shelf in a babies room.

  21. Thanks for posting this. I have contacted her by email. The fabrics are adorable and I could use all of them.

  22. So cute…I love the fabric padded baby hangers. Adorable

  23. what beautiful fabrics!!

  24. it’s moments like these where I wish I had a baby!

  25. Lovely post. For a minute there I thought you were trying to tell us you were pregnant again. (which by the way would be great!) :)

  26. love the styling and color palette

  27. Everything is just gorgeous. I love the selection of fabrics as well as the vintage baby items. I will be checking out her Etsy site, thanks Erika!

  28. Do you happen to know what the peachy paint color is in the photo with the navy polka dot rocker? We have a baby boy due in May, that color combo is just darling!

  29. lizziefitz says:


  30. This is just too cute. I adore the vintage baby items.

  31. Wow!! The couch is so cute… i love the palette color.
    thanks for sharing :)

  32. oh my gosh where is that adorable rocker from? i must know!

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