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I love bags.  From a big ole bag to a little bitty zipper pouch.. I like them all.  This photo above is a common scene at Urban Grace Interiors.  We bring our lunches, and we bring them in style.  Do you know how much we love Baggu bags?  A lot.  Marla turned me onto them a couple of years ago and they are simply the best.  If you don’t have one, you should order one, or two, or ten.  They are so lightweight you can stuff one (or two) down in your purse and you won’t even know you are carrying an extra bag.  I carried mine all over Italy this summer and was so glad to have had it along for the ride.  Here are a few more of our favorites…



  1. Love the colors and they look so light!

  2. lizziefitz says:

    You continue to feed my additions! Please don’t stop ;0

  3. Cute E! Thanks for sharing it! xo

  4. Wow, so cool! So many to choose from, I think they are great!

  5. I have a few of the navy/white stripe and I love them. Might need to order more.

  6. I use flip&tumble bags but I love the produce bags and the elephant bag from baggu.

  7. Those are awesome, I carry something similar… but it isn’t half a cute!

  8. OH those are adorable! Such fun colors and patterns! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Love baggu! didn’t realize they had cute produce bags for the grocery store- so cute! thanks for sharing

  10. I love these!! think I saw them {or something similar} at the Mart!

  11. so fun! i might have to pick up those ten!!

  12. Love my baggu bags! I ordered some a couple years ago, and they’ve lasted well. I didn’t know they made zipper and produce bags. Yea!

  13. OKAY- super cute! and Im loving them ties up in a knot! and the mesh veggies bags- great gift idea!

  14. Oooh! I’m so glad you posted this. I’m always looking for nice reusable bags. These are fantastic. Love the colors.

  15. Oh WOW! Those are so refreshing! Love the colors!

  16. These are so super cute! I love the idea to bring your lunch in them. I always bring my lunch in grocery store plastic bags (I hate just throwing them away!), but Oregon is banning all plastic bags. These will be a nice upgrade :)

  17. Love baggu! I picked up six as a christmas present for myself and carry them non-stop. And it is the perfect way to easily inject some color into an outfit!

  18. Baggu was just on Gilt last week! I got an animal print one :)

  19. I saw these on your previous post about your trip and suggested these to my sister as hostess gifts for her baby shower. She loved the idea and bought a few for herself too! I walked out with a blue striped one for myself!

  20. I love the line up in the beginning. The stripes and elephants are my favorites. I’m thinking about expanding my reusable bag collection and these look just about perfect.

  21. I LOVE these! Last year I used them as gift bags. Add a bit of tissue paper, plop in your gift and it’s an awesome gift bag.

  22. Cute! I’ve been loooking for somethign cute to use as a lunchbag and haven’t been happy with my options. This is perfect!

  23. UGH. I hate that I have typos and that I used the word cute 2x.

  24. i love them too. i gave one to pretty much everyone on my Christmas list last year. How could I not when if you order six or more the price goes down?!

  25. Love the bags….but love the horizontal wall paneling even more (1st pic)! ordering a few now, thanks!

  26. fun colors!

  27. Thx. I just ordered a couple.

  28. Just ordered a few, they’re great – thanks for sharing.

  29. The bags are fab, especially the wide stripe. Erica, what is the paint color on your walls? Also, please give us a DIY on the shiplap you use so often. Love it!

  30. Looks like a bag i have from Roots! its perfect for my purse when I shop for clothes!

  31. Love these – esp the little zip pouches. Wonder if you can monogram them?

  32. I think I need a collection! Such a fun find – thank you.

  33. Hello :). Firstly, I LOVE your blog. I found you by the blog of my long time girlfriend, Kara (saltytots). I was tagged with the Stylish Blogger Award and have tagged you (with a link to your blog) as well. I hate leaving my site in posts, but just so you can see what comes with this honor, you can read the info at Have a great week!

  34. these are delicious.

  35. I realize that this is an older post, but I remembered that you mentioned these bags, especially for using on your trip to Italy. I’m preparing to go on a trip overseas, and I was curious what type of purse you used. I want something cute, yet practical (meaning can hold a lot) and also secure (needs some type of closure, which not all my purses have). Do you have a suggestion?

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