big folio

Guess what!?  We have a new website!

With bigger photographs!

And a REAL photograph of Allison!  How cute are her orange shoes!?

Like everything in my life.. it’s still a work in progress.  As I dumped too many portfolio images into one folder I thought to myself would be nice to have subcategories… group projects together by house, or perhaps group bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens together.  When I find seven hours to camp out behind this computer with nothing better to do I’ll get them organized!

Now, about this new website… in September of 2009 (just a couple of weeks after Sloane was born) I met Mike Caston and Jen Thompson.  They were in town for Marla’s photographer get together.  They came all the way from Bend, Oregon to talk to the photographers about website development. They are two of the brilliant people behind Big Folio,  a web design company that makes pretty websites for people like me, a technologically-challenged person who appreciates a well-designed website but has no idea where to start.  They have been unbelievably wonderful to work with.  They set you up with a user name and password and then give you back end access to your site where you can add BIG photographs and tweak until you are ready to go live.  And guess what… they answer emails!!!  (Unlike the folks who helped with my last website. Grrrrrr.)

If you are in the market for a new website I highly, highly, highly recommend the folks at Big Folio!!!!  Tell them I sent ya!!

Oh and our new site is in the Artist Series, Pioneer Way.

Thanks Big Folio! XOXO


  1. Christine says:

    First-Congrats on the Trad Home write up. I looked thru it last night and wow! Love it all. Can’t wait to check out the new site.

  2. Katharina says:

    Congratulations! I think it looks very pure, clean and chic at the same time and matches your interior designs in a great way…I just wish my laptop would be faster ;)

  3. Love the new website! Off to scour the portfolio :)

  4. Thanks for sharing their site, Erika. I’m one of those people who “can’t figure it out on their own” and I need a website for my new business.

  5. Just devoured all the beautiful pics in your new portfolio-LOVE it all! You are so talented!

  6. Erika, I am SOOO happy for you! This is absolutely beautiful! Way to go!

  7. As always, impressed. Great website and gorgeous images!

  8. E! The new site looks spectacular!

  9. Congrats on the new site, it looks wonderful.

  10. So AWESOME! I will be checking out your new site next- and bookmarking these guys @ Big Folio for my future website…don’t know how you keep up with all that you do- and being a mama- it’s so tough sometimes! I guess it all boils down to recognizing and appreciating th simple moments- that what keeps me going!

  11. Love the new site and just finished reading the May 2011 Traditional Home… Congrats!

    I must get details… Where did Miss Allison get her shoes? What brand are they… LOVE!

  12. Lindsey Jo says:

    Love it! I am from Portland OR and was just in Bend last weekend! Love seeing your work in the magazine :)

  13. Erika, was so fun working with you and as usual, I just love you to pieces. So lucky that I get to visit you once a year and absorb any creative genius you happen to be leaking that day. Your new web presence is off the hook. Way to be a freaking trailblazer.

  14. the site looks great! thanks for the reference… i’ve been on the lookout for a web designer.

    allison, i don’t chew gum either. pam

  15. I looked at your new site last night, all the portfolio pictures are stunning. I love the new profile for Allison, she looks so pretty!
    Amy R.

  16. OMG! It’s like flipping through a fabulous full size magazine! Totally distracted now.

  17. Your new site looks amazing, it looks like I’ll be spending my evening checking out your lovely portfolio!!

  18. this pleases me to the extent that i don’t really know what to do.

  19. The new site looks amazing!

  20. Love, love your work! Congrats on all these exciting things! You deserve it!


  21. Wowza!! Your portfolio is perfection! I dream of hiring you one day!

  22. Looks fantastic! Congratulations!!!!

  23. Beautiful new site – glad to have the deets on the web designers, too!

  24. Beautiful new site! Can’t wait to go through it.

  25. Oh my goodness Erika! Your new website looks fantastic! Love the photos of you and Allison :) Excellent work as always!

  26. kara hebert says:

    E-you are such a stud! love the new site and spread!

  27. love the new site … even though it slightly depresses me about my own dwelling:) … the photos are perfect of you both, too!!

  28. Awesome! I can’t wait to browse!

  29. erika…thanks for sharing who did your new site. mine desperately needs to be updated! i’ll check them out! congrats on your trad-home article…your design sense & style is amazing! congrats!!!

  30. I can’t wait to check it out – and I’m from Bend, Oregon! Awesome place :)

  31. LOVE the website and LOVE the skirt you are wearing in your picture!!! where is it from?

  32. Beautiful new site! I LOVE the big photos as well. :) Your new picture is stunning, too!

  33. Absolutely stunning, stunning new site, Erika!!! Completely gorgeous. One tiny little question….when I linked to your “portfolio” or “publications”, although I love the idea of having the movable “>” page turner thing, it doesn’t allow the reader to zoom in on a certain page, or to get a close-up of an image or the text on the page. Sorry, maybe I’m doing something wrong!! But, I know that like myself, others are going to want to read the copy on the pages of the pubs :)) Again, absolutely beautiful new site!

  34. So many great things coming your way! LOVE the new website!

  35. LOVE the new site!! I’m in the process of updating my own, so I fully understand the details that go into it and the great feeling when you finally get it done!

  36. love it! so great to see so much of your work in one place!

  37. the new site is beautiful!! agree about the subcategories (in due time, don’t stress!) but each photograph truly speaks to your talent and attention to detail. congratulations!

  38. Love the new website. Fabulous!

  39. Congratulations on the new site.

    What an exciting week this has been for you!

  40. I love the new site! I really like that you kept it clean & simple to show off the photos. Great work.

  41. Bravo on both the new website and TRADhome spread!!!

  42. Just spent the morning in your portfolio…wow!
    Please, please show us your kitchen. :)

  43. Erika – if you’re ever back in Jackson, you MUST check out this neighborhood

  44. Wow! I am SO impressed!! More importantly, your work is amazing and the new website showcases just that. Go girrrl. I just need to hire someone to do my website but it’s like I can’t let it go- or something. (Hello control freak.!!) But it sounds like control freaks would like a company like Big Folio. Hmm- I might just have to call them. I’ll tell them you sent me! Thanks. RH

  45. great post

  46. Looks great! I love how you give credit to your design team on your website! I’m sure you know not everyone does that, so I think it’s very cool.

  47. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – this is fabulous! Congrats too on the Trad Home. You are soaring with the eagles (no pun intended), and I can’t wait to see what you are doing next. All the BEST – I’m a big fan!

  48. love the new website. i don’t think it will work for us…but, we are in the market. i am totally one of those people who appreciates great technical know-how but have none. the site looks great. kudos!

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