a big weekend

seaside 4

This Saturday Sloane decided to part with her pacifiers.  We have been talking about the baby cows of Papa’s that don’t have pacis and Sloane agreed it would be a good idea to give her pacifiers to his cows.  Papa stopped by on Saturday and that was all it took, she was ready and handed them over.  We went out for ice cream to celebrate then onto Seaside where we let her pick out a toy at the toy store.  Then we laid on her favorite “cozy blanket” on the green and enjoyed a quiet afternoon.   I honestly think I needed that quiet afternoon on a blanket more than she did.

big girl


sunset on cozy blanket

After being so brave my poor girl came down with a stomach bug on Saturday night and we woke up to a big mess Sunday morning.  I thought I was tough momma, but cleaning up vomit is not my strong suit.  Even though she felt puny on Sunday morning she was so excited to see the photos of Papa’s cows with her pacis.  😉

moo cows


After a lazy day inside we went out for a little boat ride.  The dragonflies are thick here in September and October and one happened to fly into my photograph.

boat ride

Yesterday afternoon I went solo to my niece’s 1st birthday party.  Poor Sloaney wasn’t well enough to go, which was such a shame because she would have loved it!

flowers and hats
happy reese
favors and hats
cake table 2
bandw vintage reese

Sweet little Reese got spooked when we all broke into the birthday song…

birthday song tears

If you’re wondering who my sweet niece looks like… she looks like her daddy, who looks like his momma (my mother-in-law)…
beba and reese


hat and cake

Happy 1st Birthday, Reese!!!





  1. Dina Lescourret says:

    Oh what an adorable lil one year old and her party was so sweet! If that’s her house, love love love that armoire and mirror, etc. Her mama did a great job on the party deco! Poor Sloane-hope she is back to herself today.

  2. Why is that some give up the pacis so easily and others hold on FOREVER!? All it took for my older two was a visit from the pacifier fairy and they were golden. My FOUR year old has been visited by the fairy three times now and neither of us can hack it without them. Sloane is darling!

  3. oh! the paci’s! on the cows!! so sweet and so sad that she is growing up! weren’t you just decorating her nursery?? i hope everyone is healthy now, and that it stays that way. and, by the way, we were in seaside a couple of weeks ago, and i crossed my fingers that i would see you… almost like a celebrity sighting!??! what’s wrong with me??! i was cracking myself up, like i was in LA or something! 🙂

  4. What a sweet post. I hope Sloane is feeling better now. Too bad she missed such a fun looking party. Loved that you took the time to make a photo of the paci chewing cows.

  5. What a sweetheart, giving away her pacifiers to the cows! And you always look so polished and put together, even when you’re just hanging out! I’ve been on what seems like a never-ending search for a black and white striped shirt just like the one you’re wearing, would you mind sharing where you got yours?

  6. Love love love the idea of giving the pacis to the cows! Fabulous! That baby and birthday party is downright precious!! Love everything! Hate it Sloan was too sick to make it 🙁 The dragonflies are abundant here near Savannah, too! It seems like they are exceptionally humongous this year-or maybe I just never paid that much attention to them in years past. Hope Sloane is feeling better now!

  7. tiny baby moo cows with pacis, GENIUS!!

  8. You remind me a bit of Lindsey Calla of Saucey Glossie–you both have great style! I wonder if you get that a lot.

  9. My prayers are going out to you with a sick 2 year old. I’ve gone through the 2’s 3 times and each time I can’t believe how hard it is. It will make you a strong woman. Thank you so much for my wonderful laundry room design. I am in the process of purchasing items. I can’t wait until it’s done. Get some rest and enjoy that beautiful family of yours. They are your biggest fans!

  10. Oh my dear, I feel for you. Even after raising four children, throw up still does me in. I cannot even stand to type the “V” word, I hate it that much. The Husband always got the “V” duty in our household because he would end up cleaning up after me as well. I start gagging the moment I see it. Not good. So I feel your pain. And your photos are precious…all of them. And how in the heck, did you get the pacis on the cows? Photoshopping? What program do you use? Do tell! In the meantime, hope Sloane is feeling better and you are not having anymore clean up duty in your near future! Blessings!

  11. cow + paci pic is the funniest thing I have seen in a while!! good for her, know it’s hard- hope she is better! cute party!! XO

  12. Those cows crack me up! Sweet pictures!


  13. Loved the cows with the pacifiers, how cute! Hope Sloane is feeling better soon 🙂

  14. Steph Duford says:

    Darling photos! Way to go Sloaney! What an adorable 1st b-day! Hope Sloane is on the mend. I agree with the earlier post of how you always look so incredible and put together! Would you mind sharing where you found your cute shoes? I want 1 of everything you have!

  15. You are the most stylish mom on the planet!!!!
    Hope Sloane feels better. I think she looks a lot like a beautiful version of daddyboy. 🙂 I always thought you and Darby did too. Your Saturday on the green was pure heaven!

  16. i can’t take the cows. and the pacis. and the idea that they’re going there!!!!!! your family’s sense of humor is just awesome. 🙂 love all the photos of the mamas & their girls!

  17. ok, this is not related to the post, but I saw this and thought of you and your sister:


  18. OMW! the cows! what a sweet papa!

  19. poor Sloane !it is always hard,when the child is ill ! I know it from Lynette……but it is even more harder,when the husband is ill…..
    tell me,how did you get the first 2 pictures looking so dark ????
    I like this ” dark touch ” ( right said in english ?)
    Dont laugh at my english,please……

  20. hope sloane is feeling better! your neice is so cute! so many cute kids in your fam! looks like you had a big but fantastic weekend! enjoy your week!

    ashley over @

  21. What a cute way to get rid of the pacis! My friend’s little girl gave them to the mermaids at the beach last year and was so excited the baby mermaids would have pacis.

  22. yay on giving up the paci’s. I hope Sloane is feeling better. Ella has been sick to but not with throwing up. Believe or not, I haven’t had to deal with that yet. We’ve been lucky 🙂 Hope she is feeling better soon! Cute party!

  23. Aww, so sweet! Well done Sloane on not having her dummy anymore 🙂

    Another beautiful looking party too – this clearly runs in the family! x

  24. Sounds like a fun weekend! Your little girl is so stinkin’ cute!!!

  25. That is hilarious!! I have heard of giving pacis to the little babies who need them, but never to baby cows. Perfect! I love the cow photo, too, and how intently Sloane is staring at the screen 🙂
    Love your cute shoes & scarf!

  26. Haha, the picture of the cows with the pacis is priceless! What a good idea!

  27. …I love how she just gave up her paci’s….Friends of mine and other blogs I follow.: it doesn’t seem to go that easy…That’s awesome that it was an easy transition for her. I love your blog by the way. Your photos are stunning and I anxiously await a new post : ) Urban Grace is on my list of book marks,… for well over a year and a half and I enjoy following Urban Grace.

  28. Love the baby moo’s!! So sweet. Hope Sloaney is all better!! Love you!

  29. Oh My Goodness, that picture of the cows with the paci’s is classic!!!

  30. Poor Sloane! Hope she’s recovered. Love the bday party pics. I recognize that vase! Great repurposing of the Lafco candle.

  31. The photo of the cows with the pacifiers makes me smile!! When my Erin was 3 we gave her paci to the “paci fairy” … We still laugh about this because her little sister Callie sucked her thumb. Erin couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a “thumb fairy! Great memories!!

  32. I love the paci story. My parents weaned me off them by trading them in for a swing set. We went to Toys R Us, and I handed my pacis to the cashier as payment.

  33. Wow, love the decorations to the party. Does your sister/or sister in law have a blog? Would love to find out where she purchased everything.

  34. are the sunglasses you’re wearing raybans? if so which style? love them and love the outfit! too cute!

  35. Both my boys loved their paci, except we called them binkies… When they turned 3, a couple days after their birthday, we sent them up with helium balloons… It worked fine except one year, the wind blew it in a tree in our yard… REALLY HIGH UP! I’m sure it’s still there… although that was over 10 years ago! Anyway, really cute with the cow babies. They say it’s easier than you think – it was for us. Good luck!
    The birthday party looks adorable!

  36. nicola thompson says:

    Is that for real? the pacifiers in the cows’ mouths? If so… how do they do that? and take a pic of them lined up. I’m laughing.
    Thanks, Nicola

  37. This post is precious-I cannot get over how cute it is that you showed her the cows with the paci picture. One day she will truly get a great laugh out of that! Your pictures are beautiful!

  38. Would you mind sharing the source for your striped shirt. I have been looking for one like it and can’t find a good fit. Thanks!

  39. Erica,
    I love to watch your blog and see what’s going on in your part of the world. I looked at this precious birthday party when it was first posted, but just realized who Reese is. She is so cute and Leah looks so happy! How nice the two of you have a family connection! I miss bumping into all of you with Anna, but ove being able to watch precious Sloane grow up. Happy Halloween! (Henley’s)Dotsy

  40. Natalie Guillot says:

    Yes, love the details of the bday party. Soooo sweet!
    I saw someone else posted a question where was that armoir from and where is your simple gold chain from? thanks!!!

  41. RANDOM question: Erika, where is your key chain from that is it the first picture? I have been looking for one similar.