bike riding and birthdaying

When I was in middle school we would ride bikes to Sav-A-Step (a convenient store about three miles from my house) where I would buy a little brown paper bag full of Laffy Taffy and Bazooka Bubble Gum.  We would ride in packs.  I loved it.


Chance bought me a new bicycle for my birthday, a beach cruiser.  So I’ve been riding to and from work.  I just ordered a back rack because the front basket is a bit too bumpy (dangerous) for my laptop.  I listen to music while I ride, I think it makes me peddle faster.  I have a bell and when I reach the office I ring it three times to let the girls know I made it.  It makes me very happy.  I don’t look this good when I ride, but maybe I should start wearing a wedding dress and carrying flowers.  (photo from Sloan Photographers)


monoreno dress from willow

In that last post I have on a gray dress that I also received for my birthday, a few of you asked about it.  I pulled it out of my suitcase and hung it up to photograph it for you… just slightly wrinkled!! ;)  It looks a little purple in the photo, it’s not… it’s charcoal gray.  It comes small, medium, large…? maybe XL too, not sure.  Mine is a small, it’s a little big, but I like it.  It’s from Willow and if you are interested you can email Celia: boutique(dot)willow(at)gmail(dot)com  they are expecting more in next week!!



  1. Your ride to work sounds very enjoyable and that dress is so cute!!!

  2. Nothing better than a beach cruiser! We were just in Watercolor and loved riding bikes everywhere. That dress is perfect for summer! Reminds me of the other cute shirt everyone asked about (which by the way I found in Nashville at Steinmart AND TJ Maxx but both were larges).

  3. Thinking of you riding around town on a cruiser makes me smile. Love that you’ve got a little piece of your childhood back as an adult. :)

  4. I hate to do this, but I have to ask: What bike did you receive for your b-day? I am looking for a beach cruiser myself, and I’ll be damned if I can find one that is suitable for a 32-year-old that doesn’t cost an incredible amount.

  5. My husband gave me pink crusier for our anniversary last year. It is so great. But you know, it only cruises. I feel like no matter how hard I pedal, it only goes so fast. I get this sweat worked up pedaling my heart out and then I realize am still going about the same speed. I also just learned that my bike comes in a little girl size. So, if yours does too, remember that for Sloane. Not that I want my daughter and I have to have the same bike like we are twins. But she has seen the little version and is dying for a matching bike. I think I will be forced into buying one in the next couple of years.

  6. you ride a bicycle to work? Way cool!

  7. That’s what I LOVE so much about visiting seaside….riding bikes everywhere! If I lived there I would love being able to ride places. There’s just something so relaxing about it. Love your gray dress! I think it looks much cuter on you than it would on me though. ;) I think it would just make me look much more ghost-like…I need your tan skin!

  8. Beach cruisers are so much fun! How awesome that you get to ride one to work?! And complete with a bell-so cute! Love that dress. I have one similar to it that I got at TJ Maxx a while back, but it doesn’t have sleeves. But, I do love the sleeves on yours! Have a blessed day! xoxo

  9. Happy Birthday Erika – what a great gift! I daydream about a job where I could ride my bike to work all of the time! I would happily join your bike pack to work if I worked with you! Your office always sounds like a good crew and so much fun. Enjoy!

  10. Hi Erika-
    I’ve been searching for the perfect beach cruiser for about a year now. I’m curious where you got yours and the price range, as I’ve found many I like that are too expensive and some that I like ok that are more affordable. I would love to hear more about yours and how you like it.

  11. I love the image of you riding your bike in a beachy town to work- how heavenly!! Happy Bday

  12. Love your blog! And your fashion sense. Quick question: I know you are a petite little thing, and I love the chunk of bracelets you’re wearing in your last post… how do you find bracelets to fit?? I also wear a XS/S in clothing and every bracelet/bangle I stumble across is way too big!

  13. So awesome that you’re beach cruising to work! I remember riding to that save-a-lot. I remember it seeming very far away! I love that dress as well. Much cuter on a itty bitty like you though:) Love you!

  14. whoops, sav-a-step;0

  15. i’ve got a hunch you make a cruiser look pretty good on your way to and fro work :) if in any doubt i am confident if anyone can pull off wearing a wedding dress everyday to and fro work, you could…

    and i love that you ride a cruiser to work…here in chicago, it just wouldn’t have the same appeal with the cars zipping by and all…

  16. Happy belated birthday, Erika! Riding a beach cruiser to work sounds like an absolute dream. You really do live in paradise! I love your story about riding your bike to the store as a child. My sister and I always rode our bikes to a dairy that was a few miles from our house to buy the most amazing ice cream bars. Hearing your story brought back so many memories! Love that!

  17. Happy Birthday to you! I don’t know much about beach cruisers, BUT… I did email Celia so I can order one of those fabulous dresses! Thanks for the tip.. you look adorable in it in the last post!

    Happy Weekend!

  18. What about your cool bangles you wore with the grey dress? Please share the source!

  19. Celia/ Willow says:

    I want a beach-cruiser with a basket for Annabelle!! Isn’t about time for her follow-up photo shoot? BTW….I can’t believe you posted a pic of that dress so wrinkled! It is much cuter after a little steam and is precious on you!! Lots of orders coming in!
    Celia/ Willow

  20. Love that dress! Cute comfy dresses are hard to find and that looks like one that might need to hop in my closet! I just sent Celia an email! Thanks!!

  21. I have wanted a beach cruiser for so long! Hopefully soon. If you can believe it, Wal-mart has this precious pale blue one! It’s only $100! I just have to find a little something to put my son in so he can ride along too :) cute dress!

  22. My now husband bought me a sweet yellow vintage Schwinn bike when we lived in Brooklyn and I rode my bike to and from the subway everyday. He had a basket put on the front and little bell too. We still go for bike rides in the summer evening. It’s my favorite gift from him.

  23. Anne Talbott Simmons says:

    Sav-a-step!!! Sitting on the stoop stuffing laffy taffy and lemon heads into our mouths….I love those memories!! xxoo

  24. Early morning biking must be a relaxing commute! The town we just moved from was not very biking friendly and my husband got hit THREE different times by cars on his ride to work. Each time, someone just bumped him or clipped him with their mirror, so thankfully, he was never hurt, but none of the drivers ever even stopped (and he said each time, there was no way the driver didn’t feel it when they hit him)! Thankfully, the city we moved to is much more biking friendly :)

  25. Erika I love this dress! It’s just adorable, and even more so on you! Can you tell me if you color your hair? If so do you happen to know the formulation? I am looking for my end result to look nice and rich like yours but not too dark:) Thanks!

  26. I’m glad you posted about your dress, because I was going to ask! Love!

  27. Hi Erika, My little family (me, husband and 13 year old daughter) just bought new bikes. My daughter and I got the CUTEST beach cruisers (Electra). Gypsy for me. Blanc Noir for her with cute baskets and bells on the front. I love riding my bike and I’m certain everyone around here must think I’m crazy because I ride around town with the biggest smile on my face. It makes me very happy. I did forward your link to my husband to show him that bike riding on a cruiser makes someone else just as happy as it makes me. He wanted me to tell you to be careful because riding with music can be dangerous. I don’t know about you but I use all of my senses when bike riding — especially hearing so I can hear those speedy cars riding up behind me. Just be careful!

    Some of your readers asked about less expensive beach cruisers. I noticed Schwinn had a cute one — Debutante is its name. It’s less expensive than Electra, but I’m not certain how it rides. Enjoy your blog and happy biking!

  28. Your bike story really made me smile! My boss does the same thing when he cycles to work – well not nearly as dignified as ringing a bell! His brakes don’t work well on his bike so he comes screeching into the courtyard at 100 miles an hour with smoke coming off the bottom of his tyres and/or shoes which loudly announces his arrival! His bike was stolen a couple of weeks ago and my mornings have not been the same since! :)

  29. Thanks for posting the link to that photographer! SUCH good work!

  30. Love the Cruiser! It’s such a classic bicycle.

    Oh, and I have a grey shirt that looks purple in certain lighting (it’s the weirdest thing) so I believe you!

  31. I am dying for a bike. I worry that I will become roadkill on 2nd Avenue and I certainly will not be looking as cute as the gal in the pic. But maybe my legs will be a tad more toned. Do you ride in an urban area?
    PS-Love your blog!

  32. as if I didn’t have enough reasons to covet the dynamic duo that is erika+darby, NOW you ride a beach cruiser to work. could you BE any cuter?! :)

  33. The white dress in that picture is perfection! Love your dress too:)

  34. So fun that you ride your bike to and from work!! How do you keep your hair looking good after wearing a bike helmet… do you wear one?

  35. Now I really want some bunting…

  36. Love that striped umbrella. Happen to know where they got it?



  37. That picture is so cute! I am in LOVE with your bike!!! It’s my birthday soon, and I was wondering if you knew where the bike came from. That bike is just perfect.

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