mr. moth

Was on a jobsite with my cabinet guy a few weeks ago and he came to me with this creature…

I do declare, that’s the prettiest moth I’ve ever seen.  A moth with a mustache.  A little google action revealed that he is a Luna Moth. Reminded me how much I still adore and would love to have  an Allyson Reynolds painting…
Allyson Reynolds Moths 3 2009_launch

number 16 allyson reynolds painting

allyson reynolds

I originally discovered these beauties at Absolutely Beautiful Things… and you may recall I’ve blogged about them before, I like them.


  1. I’m living on your blog this a.m. as I compile a post about you and your design team…that’s why I’m quick on the trigger here! :-) Okay, wow. A ginormous moth was stuck in the car yesterday and I was FREAKING OUT. And then I had to explain to my very scared and impressionable 2 year old that there is no reason to be scared of moths that they should just maybe not fly in moms face in the car. That is one big sucker! I think I’m more of a butterfly girl.

  2. Gorgeous, but still terrifying! haha

  3. The paintings are gorgeous!
    While I can appreciate the beauty of the real creature…it still givevs me the heebie jeebie’s!

  4. Oh Mr. Moth is handsome! Those paintings are so amazing, definitely the highlight of that room {along with the light fixture, curtains, and lamps maybe too}!

  5. Lizziefitz says:

    When my oldest daughter was in fifth grade a moth flew into her ear. We opened the car door one night and it came into the car (attracted to interior light) ,the screaming in sued !the ER doctors were scartty cats and didn’t want to go near it. Finally, they put numbing solution in her ear and the fluttering died down(literally) tweezers were used and the phobia was embedded forever. I can’t even talk about this post with her:)

  6. Katharina says:

    You sure have the prettiest moth I have ever seen! Here they are just black, small and like to eat little holes in our tshirts ;)

  7. That is a gorgeous moth. Your post is precious also, as usual. Thanks :}

  8. mandy norris says:

    I am sure you also love the colors in his wings…the tones and shades of greens and yellows together, with chocolate brown are beautiful! I might be inspired in my kitchen…hmmmm. Thanks for sharing, Mandy

  9. he’s lucky he has a fancy mustache to redeem himself! Without that mustache I would have been pretty freaked out stumbling upon that. (who am I kidding. I would have freaked out with or without that mustache)

  10. I saw one of those moths at Brimfield last week. They are amazing. I love getting inspiration from nature. So lovely.

  11. He is big! But beautiful!

  12. Beautiful, although I would totally flip out if one was coming at me. Yikes.
    Have a great giveaway on my blog today –

  13. Nature’s beautiful and so are those art pieces!!! Love!

  14. Absolutely amazing!

  15. tfaulkner says:

    Nothing finer than mother nature!

  16. LOVE Luna moths- I see them ususally every year- the green is so pretty right? and the paintings are gorgeous!

  17. Michelle says:

    Oh, that reminds me of the Eric Carle book my son and I used to read. He’s about to turn 18. Sniff, sniff.

  18. Yuck! Freaks the hell out of me – art that looks like a moth?! Sends shivers down my spine. I’m not returning for at least a week until I can be sure that the mother has gone. Ewwwww!

  19. ah! that’s number 16, right? bringing back happy memories of our stay last august :) love firmdale hotels :)

  20. Love the moth prints… how cool!

  21. I am not usually a fan of moths, where I am from in South Africa they tend to dive-bomb your head at full speed. Although I don’t think I would mind so much with this moth. Huh, a stylish moth. Now I have seen everything!

  22. He’s beautiful! I was letting my dog out a few weeks ago and found one in my yard. I wanted to keep him and try to preserve him somehow, but I got the crazy eyes from the hubs. I had never seen one before but glad I have now!

  23. Michelle says:

    Beautiful! I just finished watching an episode of ‘Little Bill’ with my son and it was ‘Mr. Moth’! funny day!

  24. My hairstylist found one in her parking garage and put it in barbicide (The blue disinfectant solution used to clean their tools). She let it dry, then framed it! It hangs in the salon and is stunning. Her luna moth was found in very good condition, it still had it’s long tail pieces on the wings. I didn’t ask if it was alive when she found it. I hope not! I don’t think she would try and catch a live one. She framed it on black linen fabric in a black shadow box and it really pops.

  25. That’s the coolest bug I have ever seen!

  26. I just read “The Leaf Men” to my daughter. William Joyce put in some wonderful Luna moths into to tale.

  27. That is amazingly beautiful…and as gorgeous as those paintings are…I just don’t think I could live with moths in house.

  28. i would find it pretty if it didn’t absolutely terrify me so much. especially that monster photo of it. petrified!

  29. there are several nasty months hanging on my living room drapery currently…no mustaches to be seen though

  30. Love the beautiful, whimsical, airy moth paintings. Thanks for sharing the artist info!

  31. Stunning! It looks like a hand painted piece of art!

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