catching up

Is it too late to post a few 4th of July photos?
photo 3
front of house c
SCP flag
lippers watermelon




  1. Oh my goodness, she is SUPER adorable!!!

  2. Katherine says:

    Sloane is precious and I’m sorry, but is there anything cuter than adorable little girls with big ol’ bows in their hair!?! I think not!

  3. Anne Talbott Simmons says:

    I want her pants!! So sweet, Erika!! xxoo

  4. Oh my word-she is such a cutie patootie!!!! I love those wide leg pants on her with that big bow and red sandals :) If you’re young enough to eat watermelon shirtless, it’s the way to go! Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!! Have a blessed day! xoxo

  5. MamaofThree says:

    Erika, Sloane is a cutie, such a fashionable child :) Where are her red shoes from?

  6. Beautiful!! She is growing up so fast! Love those pants – where are they from?

  7. her little bellbottoms are slaying me!

  8. Paulina J! says:

    Oh my! She is adorable. Makes me want to have a baby NOW! Where did you get her pants?!? Do they make those for grown ups :)

  9. Those pants are so stylish. What a cutie!

  10. that outfit is just too much! Adorable!

  11. I want her pants!! For myself :)

  12. It’s never too late to post pictures of your sweet little love! Precious photos! xoxo

  13. Never too late. Oh my word. That bologna sandwich is adorable!!!!

  14. the watermelon picture is a classic! so cute

  15. Oh my goodness!!! Sloane is so precious, the haircut, the bow, the outfit!!! As mom of 3 boys, I could eat her up she is cute. My favorite is the watermelon shirtless though, toooo cute.

  16. SO sweet! And that watermelon looks delicious!

  17. it’s never too late!

    i sure was hoping i’d run into you & the little sandwich while we were just there :(
    i would have gone all blog stalker weird on ya’ll!

  18. What!!?? So ridiculously cute. We’ve missed you! Hope your blog absence indicates that you’ve been working on more projects with which to slay us. :-)

  19. She is so cute! I love her pants!

  20. oh my word! i could eat that child UP. the watermelon pic is a classic. love!

  21. Ahhh too adorable! Love the watermelon and flag pics! She is just too cute!


  22. These pictures are too cute!! So happy to see a post from you this morning, the work days tend to be unbearable without an Erika or Darby post! :)

  23. That photo of Sloan with the watermellon looks just like Darby’s little rover. So cute!

  24. Dina Lescourret says:

    Ok, where in the world are those shoes and pants from? Tooooo cute! We just went to France and stocked up on clothes and shoes for our little guy, I love French baby/children shoes!

  25. Now that is how you eat watermelon!! Too Cute!!

  26. Sloane is so cute! I always enjoy seeing pictures of her. The watermelon picture is awesome!!

  27. It’s never too late if the photos are of such a cute little Sloane!

  28. Sloane is very stylish !My daughter Lynette also wants these pants ! Where can I buy them ???Greetings,Esther from Germany

  29. Sloane is just adorable! She is growing up way to fast.

  30. Like mother, like daughter.

  31. Christina says:

    So cute! Are the pants from your trip to France? Sloane certainly resembles her cousins in these pics. Happy Summer to your family!

  32. Be still my heart…those denim jeans on her little hips are killing me!!!! She is just the medicine I need this morning to help me get through a crazy day nursing the sick. ( son and husband ) Aren’t men the biggest babies? I bet Sloaney is a better patient. Looks like your 4th was delightful. xoxo

  33. She is just too cute!!!

  34. So cute! Wish those pants we for big girls too! I would totally wear them. Happy belated 4th to you!

  35. Is she the cutest thing I ever did see? Why yes she is. :) The watermelon picture sums it all up – magazine cover written all over it!

  36. OMG, I LOVE her outfit! love love love!!

  37. Those pants, oh those pants! Do they come in my size? She looks so adorable!!!!

  38. Sloane is just the cutest little girl. But, the photo of her with that big watermelon slice is over the top. You really should print that one. It belongs in a frame.

  39. Liz McNeil says:

    oh my goodness! Your daughter is toootes adorbs! And those pants! I’m on the search for an adult pair or have someone make them!

  40. I LOOOOVE those pants!!! WHERE did you get them??? She is darling!

  41. What great pictures of your adorable daughter!

  42. I just wanted to tell you that seeing your little girl just makes me smile. She’s GOT to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…..that is until I have a grandbaby………….

  43. OH MY GOODNESS, there’s no contest, she’s the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen. THOSE PANTS are to die for, I want them in my size. Where ever did you find those cuties?!

  44. Jennifer Morena says:

    LOVE that sweet little outfit!! She’s adorable!!

  45. She might be the cutest thing EVER! Hope your are doing great!

  46. Never too late especially when this cute!! What fun!

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  47. That watermelon photo could be on a card, magazine or in an ad. Love it!

  48. Such a sweet girl!! Love and miss you both!!!

  49. What a doll!

  50. Sloane is SO precious! On the design front, what is the fabulous patterned fabric on that patriotic couch?!

  51. Cutie Booty- I Love the last pic the best:)

  52. Oh my, oh my, oh my! LOVE the wide leg sailor pants! They are fabulous!

    What a cutie your babe is!

  53. Enjoy.Every.Moment.

  54. Elizabeth says:

    your pics are adorable- Sloane looks just like her cousin JM to me, esp in that 2nd picture. They are both precious kiddos!

  55. your daughter is a DOLL! those pants have got to be the cutest things i’ve ever seen! (and the pic of her with the watermelon is presh!!!!)

  56. your daughter + watermelon = the cutest picture i’ve ever seen! she’s just a complete doll!

  57. I luv her pants!! Too cute!


  59. umm . . . never too late to share such adorable photos! It looks like you all had a really great 4th! Thanks for sharing pics of your cute little Sloane with all of us . . . this post put a smile on my face.

  60. Well, I don’t know which pic I love the best, she is beautiful. The look on her face with the watermelon is priceless!

  61. Erika,
    I am currently in Watercolor and was wondering if you could recommend a babysitter for our 1 year old. We plan to go to dinner one night with just adults. My brother is good friends with the headlee girls so they could vouch for us! Hopefully you have my email address and can email me if you get the chance!

    Lauren Waters Rice

  62. Oh my gosh Sloane’s pants are too adorable!!

  63. Where did you get the pants????

  64. Loved seeing her at the wedding! Great seeing y’all too!

  65. those pants are TOO cute! (so is Sloaney, of course)

  66. Sloane is so precious! Please tell me where her adorable pants and red shoes are from?

  67. There are no words to accurately describe how ADORABLE she is!!! I love her sweet little outfit too!

  68. She’s so beautiful! I love the watermelon picture. It’s priceless!

  69. LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take me with next time, ok!?

  70. Katie Moore says:

    Ok, first off…..that baby girl is the sweetest, most precious thing i have ever seen! all her pictures are adorable! second, i just wanted to say how absolutely thrilled i was too “meet” you last week (i was the random stranger who approached your sweet family at pier park and then babbled like a fool and then called people i knew afterwards to tell them i met you. no shame here ;) thank you for being so gracious and taking time out of yalls outing to chat! love your blog and esp loooove knowing that the person behind it is exactly how i imagined in real life! have a great day!

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