run down, but catching up

I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind since last I blogged.  I’m under the weather and still feeling the effects of the Nyquil I took last night.

Since my brain is foggy I can’t promise this is going to be a very enlightening post… but here it goes.

Last  week Allison and I headed over to a friend’s house.  We are helping her with a tower room (way up high in the pine trees) that overlooks a lake.  She wants a hanging bed, draperies and a rug.  We brought along an entourage of fabrics and made a few selections…

photo (2)

Then one night last week we had dinner at Marla’s and while this photo of Sloane is blurry, you can clearly see how cute her Ikea bedside tables are in her daughter’s room. She’s blogging now and blogged about her crafty bedside tables yesterday.
photo (3)

Then I went to NYC for the Trad Home launch party, where I met some very nice blog readers and the only party photo I took was this thrilling one in the elevator…
photo (6)

On Thursday morning the New Trads were invited to Duralee for a tour of their design studio and offices, which was a great experience.  We saw behind the scenes how their collections come together. Here’s a picture I snagged from Duralee’s Facebook page:

From Duralee we embarked upon a walking tour of a few art galleries in Chelsea and then onto lunch at The Park.
new trads lunch

I just so happened to pick a seat at a table with a fantastic group… Doris Athineos (art & antiques editor for Traditional Home), MJ Ramos (design director at Duralee fabrics), Callie & Nicki (of Scout Designs NYC), and Heidi & Michele (of Bonesteel Trout Hall).  It’s rare that you get to sit down over a nice lunch and discuss with your peers the struggles of running a design business.  It was very encouraging.

Chance couldn’t accompany me on this trip so I invited my father, DaddyBoy.  We are two peas in a pod.
photo (8)

He flew in from Chicago on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning over breakfast we discussed the contents of his notebook.  He loves a good notebook.  So do I.  (He lost the top of his left middle finger when I was in high school.  Chipper shredder accident. Don’t clear the chute where the mulch comes out with loose work gloves on.)

photo (7)

Have you ever seen anything so absurd?  The list of tasks on the right and arrows assign the task to a specific day. The subject: garage/garden.

We both had a little work to do while we were there, but for the most part our objective was to have fun.

Have you been to the new Lillian August store in NYC?  Callie & Nicki graciously gave me a list of their NYC hot spots, this was on the list.
photo (5)
photo (4)

A trip to NYC without a visit to John Derian, is not a trip to NYC. ;)
photo (15)

We grabbed coffee (for me) and a diet coke (for dad) at Peels and decided we must go back and eat.  The combination of charcoal gray and white trim, kelly green banquettes, antique oak floors and paneling was delicious. (a review + more photos here)

photo (14)

I took dad to Pearl River, where you can pick up a blow up turkey…
photo (13)

And some dishes to serve it on…
photo (12)

My mother was on Spring Break with Darby last week, so I didn’t feel as left out considering I had the other half of mother with me.  So we paused often so I could take dad’s picture and text it to Darby and say “we are having more fun”…
photo (11)

While the old man had a conference call I decided to organize the pens and pencils that we both had on us by point.  These are in descending point order from left to right…
photo (10)

He was on his blackberry, which freed up his iphone to take a picture that could accompany the picture (see it?).  And the orchids floating in water with rocks made for marvelous bookends.

And then we did some socializing, because alone we would be left to critique and prioritize each other’s lists all day long.

photo (9)

So we had drinks and dinners.  Two Erickas + Two Beths + A DaddyBoy.  D’boy picked the restaurant, Flex Mussels, which was delicious. Erica with a C (far right) used to work with dad in Chicago, but now resides in NYC.  Beth, just left of dad, is my dear Southern transplant and most favorite hobbit of all.  She works for the Today Show and knows things I do not.  Like the fact that Willow Smith is in fact Will Smith’s daughter.  Where have I been?  And just left of moi, my other Beth.  My BF from my Scalamandre internship days.  Love her dearly. She has been a fantastic resource helping me with my NYC project because she knows all these people named Sal who run businesses on Long Island but service Manhattan and are so helpful.

We also squeezed in a little Cafe Habana brunch before heading to the airport.


I look tired.  These are my friends Julie and Beth (again).  Julie was my Urban Grace Interiors intern two summers ago and is a smart cookie.  She just wrapped up an internship for the great Bunny  Williams… AND she is getting married in November. Exciting!

And that’s all… the end of the NYC adventure.  It was fast and fun.  Dad flew back to Chicago and I flew back to Florida.  And between LGA and ATL a man was coughing up a lung a few rows back.  Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I think he gave me the epizooties.  I feel terrible.

Before my immune system spiraled out of control I was able to spend Sunday afternoon in the sunshine with my nugget baby…

photo (19)

We have decided that she loves the yard sale boat more than her Daddy…

photo (18)

And just for proof (I showed a photo of Penelope last week), here’s Paisley.  Despite her looks, she is also alive and well.

photo (17)


  1. such a happy post! I am so excited for you Erika.

  2. Blow up turkey? Where has that been my whole life??? Loved the pics of NY – it always astounds me that you manage to cram so much into a trip in such a short space of time!

  3. You have been BUSY! I love all of the fabrics on the floor of the treehouse room! I’ve just subscribed to Marla’s blog! The trip with your Dad is too precious. Especially love his notebook organization. My favorite photo of all has to be Sloane on the boat with her legs crossed. So so so cute. Feel better soon!

  4. I’m not sure why this post made me giggle so much, but I think the picture of the pup at the end is too funny! And I love Sloane holding the side of the boat like such a big girl!! She’ll have to teach HP how to ride in the boat. Love it and SO proud of you!!
    PS – I think John Martin looks like your Daddy :)

  5. OOO I want a treehouse room! How fun!


  6. I was there that exact time you were! Ah! But we’ll catch up in Vegas! :) Love Peels…so good! That baby in a boat is too freakin’ cute!

  7. that list is intense! never seen anything like it..

  8. If you come to Connecticut I’ll take you to the original Lillian August flagship!!

  9. You had me at “hanging bed”. I love these meandering posts. They’re so much fun. But that photo of Sloane takes the cake. Such a big girl, sitting there with her legs nicely crossed!

  10. Gosh, I was tired after reading everything you did. I take trips where I can take naps. That’s what happens when you get older. And I don’t make lists. If I do, I lose them from the house to the car. However, I am married to a list-maker. He thinks that sticky notes were invented just for him. But I have never seen anything quite like your father’s flow chart. He seems like such a nice man, but I don’t know after seeing that notebook. It really was like looking into someone’s inner life. That is just way too organized for me. I guess you must be that kind of organized, too, huh?! It probably has something to do with all of that creativity you carry around in your little finger on your left hand. And the only reason I would carry that many pens is because I can never find any pens that work because I seldom throw anything away. So they just all roll around in the bottom of my purse. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Well, there you have it. Here’s to hoping you will put naps with Sloane and rest at the TOP of your list!

  11. I’ve had the itch to go to NYC lately, and this doesn’t help! Looks like loads of fun, and it’s so special to share that with your dad, too! My sister’s good friend, Catherine Casteel, worked for Bunny Williams in NYC and is also an Auburn grad. Maybe you know her? She lives in London now. All you Auburn grads are so chic!

  12. Still giggling from “THE MOMS” comment!
    You are a ball full of energy, and if I had even half of the mad organization skills as you both have…….
    Love those posts.
    As for your immune system……Up the Vitamin D3 to 5000 international units, and calcium to 600 in the morning and 600 at night to aide the proper absorption of it. Ask the doctor first of course, but trust me on this one.
    Nurse J~

  13. Your little Sloane on the boat with the crossed legs is too cute!

    What a fabulous trip to NYC- you must be seriously exhausted! oh- and the rug-like poufs from Lilllian August are amazing!!!!

  14. love how she is sitting in that boat! too cute! the trip sounds fun!

  15. That picture of her in the boat is just precious!

  16. I love how you call your Dad “DaddyBoy” or “D’boy” adn so fun that you brought him along for your fun in NYC! Lucky!

  17. Fantastic post….I am such a photo blog reader, but your adventures kept me reading. Looks like you did a bit of everything…well earned trip. ;)

  18. ok, please don’t take this the wrong way…but your dad is a cutie! i love that you take after his pen hoarding;) loved this re-cap of nyc. i hope you had the corn at cafe habana!! xoxo

  19. Your dad is very seriously handsome … I’m sure you have heard that a lot. And, I see so much of him in your nephew. What a fun trip!!!

  20. love those Sharpie pens with the silver top. Makes all of the difference in the world with my handwriting! Love seeing your adventures. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I noticed the pic of your sweet girl in her life jacket. I just wanted to recommend that you guys try a Stearn’s puddle jumper life vest for her. They are coast guard certified so no worries there, they do qualify as a pfd. My youngest son is about a week older than your baby girl and while he is just a tad too small for it to be hands-free swimming for him just yet, I think by the end of the summer, it’ll be perfect! My older two sons never had much luck with real life jackets…floating up around their face, etc., and the puddle jumpers were a God-send. Just a thought!

  22. Adorable pics! Thanks for showing us your furkids; it had been TOOO long! They’re adorbs :)

  23. Stephanie says:

    Your dad is so adorable!

  24. It looks like you stayed at Trump International! I stayed there once with one window view of Columbus Circle and the other of Central Park… perfection. Loved this post as always!

  25. So happy to see your post. Love those blue and white bowls and your line up of pens. :)

  26. For someone who is not feeling great and still had the affects of a sleeping pill (I’m guessing) inside of her, this was a really good post.

    I love the idea of going on holiday with my father but I don’t know if he would enjoy it that much!

    I’m pleased you had a good time.

  27. Katharina says:

    wow…looks like a very exiting week!
    I can’t believe one of you had a Lamy “fountain pen” with you. Here in school kids still have to write with fountain pens (so old school) and every first grade school kid has a lamy like this. Even though I am out of school for quite some years I just got one for Christimas because I just like to write with it :)
    Love the apple picking baskets, too.

  28. What a cool tree house!! Looks like NYC was fun and how sweet that you let your Dad come along with you. His notebook cracks me up, but The Mom’s comment cracks me up even more ;)

  29. I love reading your blog! You are so inspiring, and you have the most adorable family!

  30. i have pillows in the feather/plaid fabric in the first pic! looks like nyc was so much fun!

  31. I love that navy collared coat in your brunch photo! What is it??

  32. Love all the photos of NYC! So nice of DaddyBoy to come with you to spend some QT having fun! Can I just say that I love the fact you used the word epizooties.

  33. I love to see the pictures you take on your travels. I am hooked on Sharpie pens because you blogged about them. I love notebooks, too. My favorite is the 5×8 writing pad from ampad. Sloane is precious!

  34. beth murray says:

    Love you and love your Dad! He is too hilarious- We need him on speed dial up here!! Ordered us some transformation glasses so we can serenade more cab drivers in style. Whip it real good.

  35. looks like a great trip! your dad seems so fun and cool! i love those blue and white plates! and your black ruffled jacket is adorable!!!

  36. I need a Pearl River fix BAAAD!!

  37. If everyone was lucky enough to have parents like yours, what a wonderful world it would be.

  38. This post delighted me to no end, but not necessarily because of the venue. I adore the fact that you and your father are so close (your whole family, actually)! Might I add that he is a dreamboat; a calendar like that plus all those fine tipped pens? Adorable. Here’s to wonderful fathers everywhere who grow amazing daughters who still like them as adults.

  39. I loved reading about your NYC trip! Sloane is just the cutest – she has gotten so big I cannot believe it :)
    You say epizooty/epizooties too!! I have never encountered anyone -other than my family- who says that!

  40. Ruth Williams says:

    Your daddy sure is handsome!

  41. I love notebook too. I know this is an absurd question but would you mind to let me know the notebook that your Dad was holding. Can you respond to me directly if possible. Thank you.

  42. What a treat to spend time in NYC with your dad! I have never seen a task list as crazy as his. Hey, whatever works! You always seem to have the best adventures. So fun!

  43. Your dad is certainly a handsome fella! And both Sloanie and your sis’ kids are the spitting image of your dad! So cute!

  44. Erika, congrats on the Trad 20!!! I’m so thrilled for you! Funny, story, Nicki Clendening of Scout Designs is one of my dearest friends. She was one of my bridesmaids in our wedding 2 years ago and I’ve watched her and Callie build Scout from the ground up. I was telling them that an Auburn gal (you!) also made the list and to that they should meet a fellow southern gal during all of the festivities last week. I just checked in on your blog and ‘lo and behold, there are Nick and Callie! I love that it’s such a small world and I LOVE that y’all are all getting such fabulous and well-deserved recognition!!

  45. I just adore your fathers notebook!

  46. I thought the pencil read, “Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter”. Imagine my disappointment upon the second glance that it did not.

  47. Oh. My. Goodness. This is totally a sidebar to your great post, but without knowing it you just brought a three-year quest to an end. And it was an epic quest.

    Back when I lived in Scotland I splurged on eight rice bowls at John Lewis in Edinburgh. They were blue and white and the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Well, half of them got broken in my move stateside and I was devastated. They have no markings on them, no brand… and googling “blue and white rice bowls” was inconclusive. I even called John Lewis. Nothing.

    OK, SO: the photo you snapped in Pearl River had MY RICE BOWLS IN IT OH MY DAAAYS. I zipped over to their website, found EVERYTHING I have been looking for since 2007, and well, it was a big day. My mom is visiting, and we literally jumped around my living room with happiness. So, thanks for making my DAY with that little iphone snap. You’re the best.

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