we celebrated

SB 2 bday invite

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  1. Stunning pictures as always! Looks like a fun time was had by all. I love the picture with her back to the camera showing her sweet dress, pretty decorations and absoultely, positively PRECIOUS little bob!

  2. Looks adorable! Good motivation for me to get started on my little ones’ birthday planning. Where did you find the striped table skirt?

  3. Congradulations on celebrating #2! Looks like you had a great time. I have so enjoyed watching her grow up. You are truly blessed with a wonderful family!

  4. precious! Love the red stripes and the polka dot balloons! what an adorable little girl that one is!

  5. That looks like the striped fabric they sell at Ikea for a bargain price per yard, no? Beautiful party!

  6. What an adorable little party! I love the red and blue sailor them. Cute, cute, cute!

  7. So sweet!! LOVE the decor, especially those giant red and white polka dot balloons and the extra tall candles on the cake!! Sloane looks darling in her dress! Oh, and I love the crab on the invitation-so cute!! πŸ™‚

  8. So cute! Did you make the striped table skirt? I’m planning a first birthday and it would be so perfect if you’ve got a tutorial … or a place to purchase πŸ™‚

  9. Super cute! Looks like you all had a lovely time! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Such a fun party! I love the striped tablecloth. Did you make it? Sloane looked like she had a great time with her cousins and friends. I adore her outfit.

  11. SO fun!!! Love the red and white striped bar skirt! Sloane looks like she was smitten with her party!

  12. That picture of Sloane with her head resting on her arms is too sweet. I could eat her up! Sweet party!

  13. The very best thing about these gorgeous pictures and this super fun party is that I can TOTALLY copy it for my little boy’s 3rd in December. πŸ™‚ Where oh where did you get that fabulous skirted tablecloth for your bar? I have a strong feeling there will be a follow up resources post. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Sloane is the cutest (well and her cousin). Love that she has lil Tom’s shoes. That stripped table skirt is awesome also.

  15. I know you are crafty enough that you must have made that island skirt yo’ bad sef or asked Darby to help you! Such a brilliant idea and I’m so excited that you’ve now inspired this idea at Stone Hill Farm! Now, I must dust off my sewing machine. Love the colors. Love your baby girl’s sweet face and that you continue to share your celebrations with all of us. Happy days to all of you.

  16. This is absolutely adorable and in love with the stripes! Looks like Sloane had a great birthday!

  17. So cute! Love the red stripes and polka dot balloons-looks like the birthday girl had a great time!

  18. Absolutely loving the striped tablecloth – did you make it from the Ikea fabric? Loving Sloane’s Happy Birthday expressions even more!

  19. Erika …. I DIE!!! Cutest party ever! I’m kind of freaking out over the invites…seriously adorable!

  20. I love the red and white striped tablecloth, it looks gorgeous in the kitchen!

  21. So So Sweet!!!!

  22. cute party……even cuter birthday girl πŸ™‚

  23. Just discovered your blog today.

    Two things:
    1. Your children are adorable
    2. That food looks soooo good!

  24. seaside perfection for your little girl!! LOVE.THAT.TABLE.CLOTH.

  25. yes happy birthday to sloane! and please do share where the fabulous fabric and balloons came from!

  26. Oh, goodness – so much adorableness going on! I love it all. Happy Birthday to Sloane. Can’t believe she is 2, which means I’ve been reading your blog a bit longer than that. Where has the time gone?! She is beyond precious!

  27. Sandra White says

    Love her dark hair with cute “bob” cut. Love that she looks so much like you! Love the decorations!
    War Eagle!

  28. LOVE that table skirt! ADORABLE!


  29. Adorable pictures! Sloane is beautiful! I love all the decorations and the invitations are amazing!

  30. Erika, you are killing me with that table skirt! I bet you say that it was whipped up by your seamstress. What a beautiful party for a beautiful little girl. So cute.

  31. Looks like a really cute and fun party! Love the colors-especially those little red toms. Cuteness!!!

  32. Love the polka dot balloons and birthday cake along with the red stripes. Of course, Sloane looked adorable on her special day.

    BTW, I purchased the Hoover hand vac that you spoke about a few weeks ago and I love it! Thanks

  33. Love the polka dots!

  34. elizabeth Holmes says

    Can you tell us again what camera you use. Every photo is amazing. Even the out of focus cake photo. Great block. Just love it.

  35. Your celebration looks wonderful. Ok. I love the red striped table skirt. It is so happy! And the cake is adorable. But, not nearly as adorable as your Sloaney B. sitting on that barstool. my goodness. Her little body is morphing into an older child. It is such a miracle how that happens. It is awesome to be a parent. You are very blessed!

  36. Great photos! It looks like Sloane and her little friends had a wonderful time. We love the festive, striped table skirt. Thanks for sharing!


  38. what a cutie! happy second bday sloaney πŸ™‚

  39. What a fun day!!!! My favorite pic is the one of the back of her head…so sweet. Did Darby make the cake? It’s so tall and pretty. I’d say this party was perfection as is sweet Sloane.

  40. Such an adorable party! Every detail looks so perfect for your special little girl. So sweet!

  41. Ahhh! I love it. I used the same canopy stripe fabric for my little one’s 1st birthday party back in May. Although I didn’t create a skirt for the table and am really regretting it now!! I also used the same huge balloons. πŸ™‚ Maybe your awesome style is rubbing off on me! haha. Now that’s a real laugh, if you knew me in person, you would totally be laughing. Ok enough blabbing, glad you all had a wonderful celebration. Can’t believe your little one is 2….that means I’ve been reading for a long while. Have a great week!

  42. Another “I love the tablecloth” coming from me! You must post details! πŸ™‚ But above and beyond that, Sloan is adorbs and the party looked so sweet!

  43. Happy Birthday to Sloane! What a party – I absolutely love the striped skirt on your kitchen counter! Polka dots and stripes – love it!

  44. what a perfect party! the balloons, table cloth! love every last detail. what a great mommy you are!

    ashley over @

  45. Every detail is just exquisite!! Lovely, lovely photographs. Happy Birthday to your dear Sloaney!

  46. she is absolutely beautiful! And what a cute party! We just celebrated Mia’s last week, too. I was thinking Sloane’s had to be sometimes since I remembered they are so close in age. Super cute pics and looks like such a fun party! πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing.

  47. what fun!

  48. love your photos – looks like a wonderful day – beautiful details, but most of all, a darling little girl!

  49. Super cute mix of color and pattern. Happy second!!

  50. happy 2.
    hope it is a happy year ahead and not a terrible 2 year ahead.

  51. Love the color theme – it coordinated so well with your home, I will have to remember that when choosing party colors!

  52. i love the red/white/blue theme and those crab inivtes are adorable! your daughter is beautiful!!!!! cheers to 2 years!:)

  53. Love it all! Where are the invites from??

  54. Yes, PLEASE share details about the balloons and table skirt! And her precious dress!

  55. I LOVE it – especially the striped table cloth! Happy Birthday Sloane!

  56. Here’s for hoping that the 2’s are terrific instead of terrible! πŸ˜‰ Love & adore the polka dot cake πŸ™‚ perfect match!

  57. precious party for your precious girl!! looks like it was a fabulous celebration of her 2nd sweet year of life. LOVE the red striped table cloth. totally coveting that! πŸ˜‰

  58. Dina Lescourret says

    Precious! Happy 2nd Birthday Sloane! I am so happy I follow your mommy’s blog and have had the chance to “know” you since you were merely a bump, or before! Ha! We did a red, white, and blue crab theme for my lil guy’s 1st bday back in May. I had a blast making all the party decor too!

  59. darling darling party!! and baby girl! details, we need details! Please share where you got the tall cake candles and the number 2 candle. Also where did you get Sloane’s shirtdress in your gorgeous family pictures?

  60. So insanely adorable…I’m nuts about the bar table skirt…so so fabulous!

  61. Love everything about this! Right down to the red Tom’s shoes…too cute!!!

  62. Sloane’s party was very pretty. I love the striped fabric and balloons.

  63. oh, do tell us where you found everything!
    happy birthday precious girl!

  64. everything everybody else above me has said about everything – DITTO. cute as all GET OUT! but my fave is the sweet pic of her head resting on her arms.

  65. Beautiful! All the details are gorgeous – I love the cake x

  66. What a wonderful party to celebrate Sloan’s 2nd birthday!…where did you get her adorable invitations?

  67. So sweet! Cute party!! Sad we missed it! Give SB a kiss from cousin! Miss you! XO

  68. Every detail is perfection, like always – beautiful. I’m guessing that you might do a sources post, could I ask that you include the olive?/gold? gingham button up on Sloane in one of your flickr pics? It’s just so sweet. Also, have a post request πŸ™‚ Would love to see you do a post on your favorite way to make a bed – everything from sheets to how many/which pillows, to duvet/quilt/both? So interested to see your preferences!

  69. There’s a lot to celebrate. That girl – she is such a cutie (and I’m glad that we share the same taste in shoes.) And the photos in the last post are wonderful as well – the image of Miss Bologna standing on her daddy’s feet made me tear up. Happy, happy to all of you.

  70. Erica,

    I just want to know how did you make those dots for the cake? It’s adorable!

  71. Such fun ! I absolutely love all the polka dots and the picture of Sloane with her head on the counter. Your cup runneth over.

  72. Beautiful party! The colors came together beautifully…I love how the number two on the cake looks like an “S” in the perfectly out of focus cake photo! Job well done!

  73. Where did you get the labels and tape for the invites? Fantastic!

  74. Happy Birthday Sloane! Everything is so adorable. Those navy envelopes are killer!

  75. I love the bold stripes and polka dots you used for decorations here!

  76. Erika – I love your site but miss your posts! I hope you’ll get back to posting more frequently–your readers miss you!

  77. I just love your blog.
    I have 2 questions for you:

    1. Did you make that adorable striped table cloth – gathered with piping?

    2. What kind of camera and lens do you use/prefer?

  78. SOOOOoooooo cute! I wish there weresuch cute ideas around when my girls were little!

  79. Hello! Where did you purchase our bar stools? Thank you so much!

  80. Can your seamstress whip me up a tablecloth?