One of these days I’m going to get ahead, but in the meanwhile let’s backup.  After our jaunt to Memphis I headed north to Chicago.  I have a precious godson there that I had not yet met.  He is a delicious little man.
E & R

Clearly I could have used a little make-up or a nap, but look at that little nugget in my arms.  Pure joy, that little miracle is.  He was baptized on Sunday morning and after the baptism the church congregation sang (acapella) Jesus Loves Me as the little man was carried to the back of the church and then back up to the front.  Goosebumps and maybe a few tears too.

baptism 6

Here I am with Katie’s brother, the godfather.  We were sad Darby wasn’t there, I should photoshop her into this picture.

baptism 8

So in addition to precious memories and time spent with these family friends we also got to see DaddyBoy.  We ventured to a few new antique stores and lunched on Friday.


Sometimes I see things that blow my mind.  Like these sewing machines on display in this storefront.  Can you imagine how much work this was to create?  It sort of overwhelmed me.  Never having heard of Allsaints Spitalfields, I decided to go in.  I figured they sold vintage sewing machines.  Kidding.  But I went in, felt like I was 80 years old because the music was so loud I couldn’t take it and left immediately.
sewing machines look past the reflection

sewing machines

I stayed an extra day so I could hit the Merchandise Mart… if the folks in the Kohler showroom ever decide to get rid of these gray Eames chairs I hope they will call me.

eames chairs

foxglove paper

floral diamond paper


egyptian rug

VH wing

for the dog house

I know a couple of terriers who would love that wallpaper!  Speaking of the terriers, Penelope wanted to make a blog appearance, here she is grinning.



black chest bail pulls


hat people



soap dish

bar and bull

pewter countertop

tile samples

It was an inspiring day at the Merchandise Mart!



  1. I am loving all of the tile, such beautiful patterns would bring so much life to a kitchen or bathroom. I also am a huge fan of the pup wallpaper- too fun! Congratulations on your precious and beautiful Godson! What a blessing!

  2. Leah Clark says:

    oh, I’ve got tears in my eyes looking at those photos of rhett…I have yet to meet him but hopefully this fall. katie’s looking gorgeous as usual, as are you…& I love those fabrics! xo

  3. Your new godson is absolutely adorable…love your blog!

  4. I just received the latest issue of Traditional Home and I’m so bummed that I don’t live in the US and can’t enter the contest to have you decorate a room for me. Love your work!

  5. Your posts, now matter how short or long, are always uplifting. The photos, the honesty, all of it…and I thank you for sharing your trips and sights since when I’m stuck here.

  6. Great pictures as always! What an adorable little guy! BTW you don’t need a stitch of makeup!!

  7. What a sweet little godson you have. Sweet baptism photos.

    That minister looks like Stuart Latimer.

  8. all of the all saints stores have windows full of sewing machines – isn’t that crazy? i wonder if they produce them because they have so many!

  9. Love the bulls head in the kitchen! I have been on the lookout for a bull to give as a gift to my husband (and me) because he is a trader. That one is amazing!

  10. Your godson is adorable! I know you are so proud! What is that countertop made out of, I want it??!

  11. We do the same thing at my church after a baby baptism and I cry every.single.time. Like cry all my makeup off cry. It’s worse if I’m friends with the family.

  12. Looks like wallpaper is back with a vengeance. Sigh. And I have spent years assiduously taking mine down and laboriously scraping my walls clean of wallpaper residue so that I could paint. Why is it that I am always behind the curve?! Must be my age. Are those beveled edge brushed stainless steel counters? Wow. What next? I couldn’t quite figure the animal head out. It that a steer? I hope you will enlighten us. I found it a tad bit discordant. But I never win any prizes for my decorating skills.
    I also hope you get home soon to that little girl who is so cute we could all eat her up.

  13. Gorgeous baby! Love the inspiration photos from the mart…..good finds!

  14. I saw that same storefront in Chicago and both my husband and I commented on it. My sister used to be a showroom manager in the Mart and I loved walking around looking at all of the showrooms. So inspiring!

  15. I’d follow right behind you any day of the week. (I love the pic of you husband and your dad. Classic.)

  16. “your husband.”

  17. Oh my goodness I love those sweet baby pictures!! We have 2 sweet Godsons and we just adore them! We went to the youngest ones baptism 2 months ago and our pictures are so similar! I love seeing this relationship with others, too-makes me feel so good inside! Glad you had such a wonderful trip! Have a blessed day!

  18. I just saw the sewing machines in DC while eating lunch across the street from them…. and wondered what it was, glad I pondered from afar! That island top is AMAZING!

  19. How fun! I always cry during baptisms and if that wasn’t sweet enough, Jesus Loves Me? Too much. I love Chicago. LOVE that gold rug! And your sweet Penelope spotted girl!

  20. Your dress is beautiful! I also love the pom pom trim; it’s so girly.

  21. Steph Duford says:

    Where you at the showroom in Kohler, WI? I live only 30 minutes from there and can you believe I have never been? What’s wrong with me?

  22. love all of it! and if that’s a pic of you without makeup…i hate you. ;) i opened trad home yesterday and i saw your pic for the contest (i will now enter a million times) and i felt like i was seeing someone i know! hahaha! love your blog :)

  23. I cannot get over the window filled with sewing machines! It’s so creative and so beautiful. I am smitten!!

  24. That Penelope is such a sweetie! I love her absolutely straight toothy grin!

  25. I also like the grinning Penelope !

  26. Leslie King says:

    I looove the black chest with the bail pulls. Can you tell me what kind it is?

  27. We have a lot of the All Saints shops in London and they all have the sewing machines in the window – there are some good clothes (and a beautiful dress that I have my eye on at the moment) – but I too need to find my earplugs first!!! Oh, and as my surname is Singer I have to restrain myself everytime I pass seeing all the sewing machines with my name on! I just hope no-one loots the store!

    Looks like a great trip.

  28. where is your white dress that you wore to the baptism from? i love it!

  29. Looks like a wonderful trip- I just LOVE that blue and white bath! So fresh and so clean clean!

  30. these are beautiful pictures! how sweet. i love those chairs, too. so sleek. AND i love your dress! so feminine! where’d you get it? glad to see when you blog :)

  31. I want one of those sewing machines!! And your cute white dress.

  32. Your daddy is just so classic. Every picture of him I have to stop and take a 2nd look- the mans got style.

  33. wow you at at my church! I live right around the corner in Winnetka

  34. Your Godson is adorable! (And that bathroom made me swoon!)

  35. love the pics of the waiting guys! perfect!

  36. The frog wallpaper is adorable and disturbing at the same time. Always love hearing about your trips!

  37. OMG-what a cutie pie (the babe that is :) )

    Merchandise Mart ey? I might have to scope that place out since I am a Chicago-an!

  38. Love your dress! Where’s it from?

    All your Chicago posts make me want to visit there. Penelope is adorable :)

  39. I love, love, love that blue/white bathroom and the frog fabric!

  40. Glad you enjoyed your time in Chicago! I love walking around the Merchandise Mart and browsing the dreamy showrooms. Happy weekend!

  41. That soap dish was incredible! And the chrome countertop detail…swoon. Happy trails!

  42. your Dad’s expression is priceless! LOL

  43. Erika -

    That was so sweet of you and Darby to wait for us on Saturday at Rivercamp, I was so sad to miss you guys! We were running late back from the beach and lunch. I would love to meet you in person. We will be at McBeach through the weekend – leaving monday morning, so if you have any time to get away, bring your family and join us for a cocktail :) We will be here!

    Team Freas

  44. what a great godmama you’ll be! that tile is beyond gorgeous!


  45. Kristen Campbell says:

    Please give the details on the pewter (brushed stainless?) counter top. Fabulous!!

  46. Love the wallpaper, fabric, trim and the gorgeousmbath AND stainless countertop! Beautiful!

  47. Lisa Dalton says:

    The fabric with the blue birds and orange flowers is beautiful. Do you have any sourcing information?

  48. Loved seeing you at Grace in the these photos. We attended that church for five years, and have also been reading your blog for some time. I can’t believe that I missed you! Yes, it is Stuart Latimer (one of the commenters asked!) So glad you got to vacation with your family recently too!

  49. You are very talented and I love your blog! Funny to be reading/looking through and recognize the godfather!! Such a small world!

  50. I’m new to your blog. Absolutely love your work! I actually just read about you in BHG. I have to ask where did you get that beautiful pink skirt? Love it!

  51. oh my goodness, it’s Stuart Latimer! I know him from back in his Nashville days when he worked at Covenant Presbyterian. He did some of my husband’s and my premarital counseling, and we both LOVED him. He’s one of the best preachers I’ve ever heard, and I bet he would die if he knew people were commenting about him on your blog. :)

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