Darby’s kitchen

Hello, I’ve hit a wall.

I’ve been out of town and out of town and out of town.

Something that might interest you while I regroup – my sister’s kitchen remodel is featured on Apartment Therapy today.
darby kitchen


  1. I loved it! I sent the link to my parents, as I’ve been trying to convince them to paint their circa 1992 oak cabinets forEVAH! Kudos to Darby – those Apt. Therapy folks thik a lot of her (and so do we!)

  2. Love love love a good makeover! This is one of the best!

  3. By far the BEST before & after I’ve ever seen!!

  4. I love her kitchen!

  5. I’ve always turn to the picture’s of Darby’s makeovers for DIY inspiration. My mom and I look at your pictures for…dream interior design inspiration! What creative and fun sisters you are!

  6. Thank you for sharing! What an incredible makeover!

  7. Her whole house blows my mind. Like that orange bathroom.
    Erika – I know you love stationery like I do – Here’s my new favorite for a great cause- and there’s a discount code…

  8. Oh that is so awesome! That house has come a REALLY long way!

  9. Hi, Erika!
    Did you know that one of your gorgeous kitchens is featured today on House of Turquoise? Your designs are so inspirational! Loving your recent attic makeovers. :)

  10. LOVELY!! incredibly jealous but thrilled for them. That is one special ‘before’. :)

  11. Patricia O says:

    How come you did not help her? Having you she could have done it even better.

  12. Hi Erika,

    Very beautiful kitchen! I would love to submit some of your work to the magazines I shoot for. Are most of your projects in Florida, or all over the country? Take a look at my web site and and shoot me an email if you have any interest. I shoot bunches of kitchens and baths for BH&G and Woman’s day. Also whole houses for Coastal Living, BH&G, and a lot of more regional pubs.



  13. Hi Erika–just wanted to pop in and say hello. hope you can catch your breath soon!!

  14. What a beautiful transformation!!! I linked over to that and then your sister’s blog. The house looks awesome! Quick question…if you have time… I have been on the hunt for the perfect tan sisal rug for our living room. Any ideas where to find one like in all the designer magazines?
    Thank you!

  15. Her kitchen is one of the BEST I have ever seen! I showed it to my mom and aunt, who both have oak cabinets. We were all in awe at the transformation.

  16. I love apartment therapy! How awesome that your sister was featured!

  17. Yikes! Talk about a transformation! The old kitchen reminded me a little bit of a boat interior? I can’t believe those were the same cabinets! I had to blink a couple of times just to be sure!

  18. Karen p says:

    Beautiful makeover. Is the navy and white trellis fabric still available? It sounds like it was on your website at the time.

  19. Michelle says:

    Love your post- that’s how I think. ;). Would love to know the name of the green color of your exterior paint. Deciding on paint colors for our home. Yikes! Also love your blouse in those photos- gorgeous pics!!! Thanks for sharing.

  20. hey erika – i am looking for your post about the sisal rug in your living room and my search keeps pointing me here. i see natural rugs all over the internet and i’m looking for one that will stand up to a toddler, an infant and two dogs. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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