eye twitching, etc

Hello.  I have a twitch (muscle spasm?) in my left eye that won’t stop.  The cure (according to the internet): sleep.  Which there hasn’t been much of lately.  So… I’m coping.  I wish a doctor would give me orders for a vacation.  Or I’d gladly settle for a mental health day.  Or maybe I should just look into an eye patch and keep trucking along.

We’ve been tied up for the last few days with a photo shoot, which equates to very long hours and lots of heavy lifting.   It also equates to a back-up of emails and phone calls in the office… which we hope to remedy before the week is out.  That last blog post of my Valentine was  created on the fly from my cell… totally didn’t do it justice so I’m back to show it to you again. Marla graciously showered us with her photography skills one afternoon for a little Valentine’s shoot.  She she showed Sloane that her pants had pockets which was pretty exciting.  There were lots of rocks in her pockets by the time we wrapped it up.  Marla and I spent a couple of hours designing the card one afternoon (more like Marla designed and I watched and asked annoying questions), then when I came back a few days later to finalize and order the cards she had redesigned it again.  Designs get better with each tweaking, and Marla had outdone herself, again.  The love script was her idea, but I insisted that it be in my hand-writing so I wrote love a couple of times and scanned it for her to add.  My nugget of love…

Our envelopes were dark blue and Alston updated our address stickers (same silhouettes of the terrihuahuas that we used last Christmas but in new coordinating colors).  Lots of you inquired… Sloane’s little wide-legged blue pants are sort of a chino/khaki weight.  I bought them last summer when I was in Italy and have been trying them on her (anxiously waiting for them to fit) ever since.  I found them at a store called Accessorize that reminded me a lot of Claire’s… yes, Claire’s.  Like the place you may have gotten your ears pierced.  I fell in love with the red side buttons and the white top stitching and wide trouser hem at the bottom.  Cutest little pants I’d ever seen.  The red/white striped turtleneck was a Gap Kids special.

Alright, the eye twitching is totally out of control now so I better wrap this up and give my eyes a rest.


  1. She is too stinkin’ cute. Love the card!

  2. Ahh too cute!


  3. Stop with the cuteness! She is adorable! The card is perfect.

  4. ohhhhh. the dreaded eye twitch. i’ve been there. its stress… the kind of stress that isn’t relieved by a happy hour or laughing at an old episode of friends. you have to really let go of whatever it is… hang in there, you will turn the corner :)

  5. I hate it when I get an eye twitch. I used to get it during finals week when I was in college!

  6. Cutest little nugget of love I’ve ever seen!!

  7. Your gorgeous daughter and her super fashiony pants make the world’s cutest Valentine. I sucked at Christmas with the cards and even worse for Valentine’s (um, none). Parenting fail for me but you my dear Erika got a A+!

  8. My little monkey is about the same age as Sloane..17 months..September 14th to be precise. I was impressed to hear that she could put things in her pocket!! My Gwynnie would probably just eat them…..or put them back where she found them….we seem to have enforced that rule heavily! Congrats on your fab life!
    countdown for shameless plug in 3…2…1

  9. Besides lack of sleep the eye twitching could also be due to dehydration. If you find yourself getting a spasm here and there on another part of your body, then it could be that you are not hydrated enough! I’m a nutrition major at school and we learned that in class.

  10. Oh goodness… she is so adorable. And those pants are the cutest! What a wonderful Valentine’s card!

  11. she’s adorable and such a fun card. BTW–the eye twitching is usually caused by stress…mellow out and it should go away :)

  12. Love, love, love this card! She is absolutely adorable and I love seeing her on your blog. I was going to tell you that Accessorize is part of a company called Monsoon. They used to have it here in the US, but now it’s only in Europe and the UK. They have the most amazing clothes! http://www.monsoon.co.uk/page/childrenhome

  13. Your poor thing… I hope you get the twitching to stop.
    Again, your Sloane is adorable. She looks like she should be on the cover of a gap catalog.

  14. We have Accessorize in the UK but the stuff is nothing like the Claires we have – how strange!
    Adorable photo (as always) and a very cute idea to do a Valentines Day card.

  15. I was just going to add about Accessorize being the smaller version (or sometimes purely accessories store) of the Monsoon store, but Robin beat me to the punch! They have the most beautiful things for children – especially girls. They’re just down the road from me and sometimes I can’t even go in because it’s WAY too tempting!! Love the pants. So cute.

  16. Did I text you that I had an eye twitch on Saturday when I was in Atlanta? See if you can take a few days to catch up on rest and everything and don’t do what you don’t have to. Hope it get’s better. xo

  17. Erika, my husband is an optometrist and he always says that tonic water can help with eye twitching! Sounds weird but he is usually right about these things! :) Love your card…Sloane is absolutely adorable!

  18. Erika, I got the “eye twitch” several years ago when I was juggling lots of design work and my second baby…I went to the doctor and was told that it was “STRESS INDUSED” – not really surprised, ha! It did subside – once I slowed down to a more normal pace!!! Hope you get a little mini vaca soon!

  19. My left eye has been twitching uncontrollably for about 6 weeks! What’s up with that? I hope yours is under control way before that…

  20. Sloney is adorable! You are truly blessed.
    As far as your eye twitch goes, could be benign like myokymia, which is caused by too much caffeine, stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, a vitamin definciency etc. BUT, if it continues please see eye doctor or neurologist. It could be more serious ( I am sure it’s not), but PLEASE don’t let it go on too long. It could be a central nervous system problem.
    Good luck~

  21. I always say eye and tooth issues are the worst. Try some chamomile tea. Maybe that will help you relax during the day. And if the reason you are not sleeping is not because of your Sloaney but rather because you simply can’t get to sleep because of stress, you may want to give sleepy time tea or calms forte a shot. They are both homeopathic and non habit forming. I used them when I was studying for the bar exam and any other time I feel really stressed. Works like a charm. :)

  22. She is so precious and the pants are ADORABLE! I am getting inspiration for the pickle tree (my etsy shop) from them;) I feel ya on the eye. It is time to slow down for a few days!

  23. Ahhhhh! Totally makes me wish I had sent out a Valentines card! PS I had the eye twitch the entire month before my wedding and before giving birth- it will pass once you stop paying it any attention. Totally stinks in the meantime though!

  24. Oh, Monsoon & Accesorize! One of my favorite stores. I picked up a ton of great outfits for my son while I was in England this past summer. I’m pretty sure they ship to the US: http://www.monsoon.co.uk/page/childrenhome

  25. Those are the cutest pants ever! want some in my size :)

  26. Love the card. Ok, I have an eye twitching problem too. It started in college, went away and came back after I had my baby. My little boys is 2 months younger then your Sloane. I went to see an eye doctor because it was driving me so crazy. Sleep deprived and stress make your eye twitch. She said botox would do the trick but I’m not in to that…just yet. I have to say, I did start using Latisse on my eyes for my eyelashes and it has gone away. It was either that or my baby got tubes in his ears that did the trick. I feel you, I feel like I’m a day late and dollar short on everything in life right now. Its just a season though. The Lord doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. With Him.

  27. Maybe you caught it from me; my right eye has been twitching for months. I keep wondering how it looks to other people, but am afraid to ask. Hope things with the shoot went well.

  28. So precious!!! I just love it, Erika. A girlfriend of mine did some of her sweetpea last year. Here’s hoping my big 3 year old next year will still be cute enough to give these a go. :-)

  29. Adorable. She is just so stinkin cute.

  30. That outfit is just too adorable. and I love how she is putting a rock in her pocket and making that cute face. I love this better than Christmas cards. :) Great job, Marla! And I love your personal touch in your own hand writing. love, love, love it. :) Happy Valentines Day!

  31. This really is the cutest card I’ve ever seen! Your cards are always the best. The rocks in the pocket are priceless. Marla is amazing! If I lived there I’d hire her in a second! Hope your eye twitch goes away soon.

  32. Erika, I, too, suffer from an infernally annoying eye twitch – I’ve had all kinds of tests run (have perfect eyesight, no issues otherwise) and my doc prescribed some steroid eye drops, which I carry with me at all times. Bottom line, when I’m stressed out, my eye twitches – sleep doesn’t even help at times. The drops do help to alleviate the twitch – my bottle says “prednisolone acetate ophthalmic suspenion”. See if you can get some. :)

    Pic of Sloaney is just too cute.

  33. Love that card and especially with your very own handwriting. Your babe will look back one day and so appreciate what you did! Okay, the eye thing. I have had that issue off and on. I used to do a great deal of work on a computer. I was told by my doctor that it was one of two issues: either eye stress..as you know, the computer and other electronic devices have vacillating waves that we cannot “see,” however, our brain recognizes and is attuned to the vacillation. The same thing is going on with flourescent lighting and certain types of lighting used in photography. So the doc told me to limit exposure. Great. That means my job. But, I would recommend looking at magazines as opposed to perusing websites. And have a glass of wine when you do it; that just might do the trick. Finally, the other explanation for the eye twitch is a possible virus. In that case, rest and time are the only remedy. However, I liked the idea of trying some of the soda water and upping vitamins relating to muscle spasms, i.e, potassium. Hope it gets better soon. Looks like a good excuse to fold up that laptop and put away the iphone!

  34. Absolutely adorable!!!

  35. This card is perfection. Sloane is outrageously adorable. And her clothes are too much! I am normally not crazy for bows, but that one is…perfect. I hope you get some rest. Sorry to hear about the twitch. I get them occasionally. It is very irritating.

  36. Just fab fab fab! Every aspect!

  37. I was having some eye twitching issues before Christmas. I felt really silly and was afraid everyone would think I was winking at them. Luckily, it eventually went away. Hope yours stops soon too and that you get a much needed rest! Sloaney is too cute.

  38. This Valentine’s card is adorable! I’d love to try this next year.

  39. I love watching little Sloane grow and she is so incredibly cute. In all her pictures, she looks like she’s a cool kid (just like her momma). I love her (really your) style! It’s not overly, syrup-y (cliche) sweet and girlie (personally not a fan of baby pink). Also, love the idea of a Valentine’s Day card in lieu a Christmas card…she’ll stand out of the crowd more. Thanks for sharing.
    ox Atelier Turner

  40. Adorable, Erika! {Might I also say that you & Marla are quite the team? Talk about power house. :)}

  41. Oh, my mom had eye-twitching the entire three months before my wedding! Then, it miraculously went away at the reception!

  42. cute pants. cute top. cute gal. great card.

    for the eye twitch, i’ve heard eating a banana can help. I guess it never hurts to try.

  43. She is so adorable!! My hubby is a family practice physician and he said stress, lack of sleep and caffeine are the main causes. Hope this helps!! Love your blog!!

  44. I get that as well. I have gotten it for years on and off. Go into a good health food store around you and ask for cal-mag in powder form. You mix it with water. There are directions on the label of this product. Drink it per directions. It helps relax muscles. Its calcium and magnesium deficiency I have heard.

  45. That eye twitching stuff is so uncomfortable….your plate is so full….thank you for sharing your valentine. She looks amazing!

  46. The eye twitch-cut back on the caffeine…..it really works!

  47. Sloane is so very adorable!!! Do you still have the dogs? You never mention them anymore. Funny how that happens once a baby enters your life. :) I still want to see your kitchen…please.

  48. Is it strange I show off photos of Sloane to my daughter Sloan whenever you post them? She gets such a kick out of them because there’s so few Sloan(e)’s out there and your baby girl looks so much like what my baby girl looked like when she was that age! This photo is too cute for words! Oh and those pants! Do they make them in my size!! (:

  49. So sweet! She’s adorable! Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  50. Hope you get some rest this weekend. That is simply the most adorable card I’ve seen. Happy Friday

  51. So the scalloped edges you cut, or it was the paper?

  52. Oh my gosh she just gets cuter and cuter! I can’t believe she’s already standing!
    Hope your eye twitch goes away. I had one for a year once…it was a very stressful year!

  53. I used to get the worst eye twitches. A warm compress helped a bit – lets your eye relax. Happy Friday!

  54. thats the cutest valentines ive ever seen! i love italy..would love to go back now that i have kids {to shop for them!} those pants are too cute for words!!

  55. Stephanie W. says:

    The eye twitch for me generally means that not only do I need to get some sleep, but that I need to remember to take care of myself too. As a mom of three boys(ages 17,15 & 7) that can be challenging. I grab a magazine, hot tea, lock the door and take a long hot bath. It is not a cure all but it’s a start!

  56. THE LEFT EYE TWITCH!! Have been having it for the past 3 weeks, and you’re right…Less caffine and More sleep is the recommended cure! As a mother of 1 year old twins neither will happen, so a glass of wine at night and a soak in the tub is what i’ve resorted to. Sloane B is PRESH!

  57. OMG, that is the sweetest, most precious thing I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing that nugget of love :)

  58. eye twitch: I’ve heard that tonic water helps too! (according to hubby’s medical staff/trainers). Personally, I’d add some gin and a slice of lime, just to be on the safe side.

  59. I too have the dreaded left eye twitch that comes and goes and am actually dealing with it right now. As others have said, it’s stress, lack of sleep and dehydration…at least for me. But really, that’s the recipe of life for any mom with young kids, especially those who like you are juggling a very busy work life as well. I hope yours (and mine!) disappears quickly. Your Sloane is adorable, by the way!

  60. Lynn Sterling says:

    Maggi is right. Magnesium deficiency. The powder is called Natural Calm. And drink more Pellegrino ; )

  61. The sleep cure is totally true. Been twitching. Did some infant sleep-training. Slept. Stopped twitching. =)

  62. This picture is so adorable! I love your blog. I am so glad I found it!!

  63. Adorable!

  64. Cutest card ever!
    About the eye twitch i have heard it is a potasium deficiency. Try eating a banana

  65. Oh my, you wee one is a ball of sweetness. How do you get any work done?

    About the eye twitch… yes sleep, but you know my doctor told me that it could be from not having enough vitamins and the right minerals in your body. Do you take a good multivitamin? It might help. It helped me.

    Good luck.

    mb from Dallas

  66. I meant to say… your wee one. I really do hate all those typos I post. :0

    mb from Dallas

  67. CAH-RAAAZY Cute!!!

  68. LOVE the precious valentine. Also, that could mean low potassium about the eye!

  69. I get the eye twitch too from lack of sleep and lack of good nutrition….take a little time out for yourself:)

  70. MarieClaire says:

    Just wondering if your eye stopped twitching…? Im a loyal blog-reader but never post. Reason I’m posting is because a few hours after I read your eye-twitch post MY eye started twitching. Did I catch the eye-twitch from you?! Did you send it my way?!! Hope that yours has stopped because mine is STILL twitching and driving me CRAZY!

  71. She is too cute! Love her wide leg trousers :) She’s so en vogue for 2011!

  72. Erika – Oh my, so ADORABLE!


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