A handful of you inquired… the shirt was a hand-me-down from my dearest friend Cameron. Thanks Cam!

It’s Forever 21. Vintage by now, they turn things over fairly quickly you know.


  1. Garnet Hill has some cute embroidered tops right now!!

  2. Good find! The last thing I bought from Forever 21 was a denim romper, so…

  3. love it! I can only go in forever21 maybe a few times a year…have to be in the mood to really hunt for something good.

  4. Garnet Hill does have some cute ones. I have the same style as the current ones, but with a 3/4 sleeve (for the fall) and I have worn it out!!!

  5. tell us about the beautiful quilt the blouse is on!

  6. I love it! I was wondering where you got it. You’re one lucky lady to get that hand-me-down! L.U.C.K.Y! So adorable!!! ;)

  7. Over here at my house we like to call it “Forever 31″…cute top!

  8. NICE hand-me-down! My sister always gives me goodies like this!
    Forever 31…funny!

  9. Haha, Love that it’s vintage now ;)

  10. Ok, now I love the top even more! Doesn’t it seem like the things you always love on someone else they got in a foreign country or they are no longer available?!

  11. It is an adorable top….Vintage! Ha!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

    Art by Karena

  12. You’re kidding?! It is adorable and definitely looked more Anthropologie than F21.

  13. LOVE the top! I would go to Forever 21 a lot more if it weren’t for the crowds and crowds of teenagers always in the store. I don’t like having to fight my way through a mob.

  14. Lizziefitz says:

    Is your email on the fritz again?

  15. Super cute top…but cracking up how someone asked about the quilt now, if you give a mouse a cookie! Where did you get the staple in the tag. lol :0 Have a good weekend, hope the week has improved. ~JR

  16. I am on a quest to find it – adorable!

  17. Hi Erika, I’ve followed your blog (and your sister’s) for a while now. I have a quick question, I saw on your blog a few months ago that you use “fresh” makeup products and I’m wondering if you still use the wonderbar with these products. I’m using the wonderbar, but having a hard time finding makeup that doesn’t have a reaction with the wonderbar and make my face breakout. The company mostly just recommends not using makeup, which i’m having a hard time doing! Any suggestions… or did you give up the wonderbar?

  18. I have the same shirt! Everyone asks me about it as well!

    PS: I just love your style and I definitely get inspiration from your projects! :)

  19. You daughter would look too adorable in this similar one http://www.pinkchicken.com/product_p/pcn516a.htm

    Okay, you could get a half dozen tops at F21 for this price, but so cute! Lots of cuteness going on at the pink chicken.

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