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Someone requested our Fall picks which really excites us.  We love when seasons change and we also like to shop and daydream.  Who doesn’t?  So, without further adieu…


My name is Erika and I love Fall!  I picked A because it popped up on Pinterest and I keep going back and looking at it.  I rarely go back and look at my pins (is that weird?) but for whatever reason I keep looking at that bag.  B because deer goodness, it’s festive for a powder bath or a dog leash or with my new bag hanging on it. C “Chopsticking To My Story” I’ll be honest I already own this and have been sporting it for a couple of weeks.  It’s a good orange.  Very autumnal.  D, just love them and think they are festive.  E, I love green and I love gold. F, because it’s a wood keyboard! G, really wanting a portrait of my girl and saw this artist in a magazine a few weeks ago, keep thinking that I need to be snapping pictures with an oil portrait in mind.  Love the casualness of this.  H, saw these throws at West Elm when I was in Puerto Rico and they are gorgeous.  Everyone loves a cozy throw when temperatures drop. I, just haven’t worn dangle-y earrings in awhile, so why not.  J, I just ordered them…. because I was worried if I didn’t y’all might snag the last pair in my size!



This will be my first “Fall” at the beach–which leaves me wondering if I should list my wool peacoat on Ebay. Anyhow, these are some things I have been eyeing as of late (please note the lack of sweaters and wool–ha!). A These are like Wallabees, but only fancier (real word?). Could they be as comfortable as well? B This is my favorite book (and movie). To me, it’s the epitome of a great Fall classic movie.  I still have yet to be a ham for Halloween–maybe this year. C Yes, I’m serious. He’s just so quirky and weird–and that’s no bull. D Cords. These are loud. And I like that. E Love the combo of rustic leather with gold. F Brown and grey leather, with enough room for all my cr*p. G Love the bright colors of the flowers over the muted background. Light and airy.  H My sister and I have been eyeing this watch from J. Crew for about two years now. It also hasn’t helped that Erika has one and wears it everyday. Turns out, Timex also makes a similar one for Target and Walmart. Winning. I In order to honor the late, great Steve Jobs, it is only fitting that the iphone 4s make an appearance on this list. That, and the fact that I’m due for an upgrade (so long 3g!). J  This mug probably makes coffee with white chocolate mocha creamer taste even better!


AS fall

A. Even though it’s still in the 80′s here, nothing says Fall like macaroni and cheese.  B.  I love antique rings that mix gold and platinum (and who doesn’t need a little more luck in their life?) C. Perfect for gameday. D. I think I need these shoes in my life.  E. When Erika and I visited our clients in Memphis, we were introduced to this artist, and I have been in love ever since. F. Football season is the best season. While at Viking earlier this year, Zack introduced us to Smathers and Branson’s very stylish belts. I’ve been wanting this ever since.  G. My poor 5 year old wallet is falling apart. I love the colors and little leaf design on this one. It very much reminds me of Autumn. H. While in Houston, we were lucky enough for Courtney to show us these absolutely beautiful sheets which would be perfect for adding that extra layer on my bed. I. Nothing says Fall or football to me like Bon Jovi’s “Livin on a Prayer”. J. We all died when we saw this new Brunschwig fabric. The colors are much richer in person and the pattern is so unique. I love the striped leaves.


  1. Love all of these! Especially of of your shoes!

  2. i love seeing the UG picks! It gives an insight to your personality a bit. Leigh Ann, I’m wanting a pair of red pants too. Ever since I saw them on Emersonmade, however I don’t think I’ll look as chic as she does in them. Love that you used the word “winning”. That cracked me up. And Allison, really is there anything better to rocking out with Bon Jovi? I think not. Great choices, ladies!

  3. cindy griffith says:

    Erika, I think you already have your pictures of Sloane for the inspiration of an oil portrait of her! ……any/all of the pictures of her you snapped at Edens State Park (on your picnic day). Incredible pictures! Do it!

  4. Leigh Ann, can we be best friends? I think we have the same style. Loving those bright cords, the floral top, and have officially added the Wal Mart Timex to my Xmas list (yes, I start Xmas ideas early).

  5. Oh I have a CV trop bag and LOVE it! Go for it:)

  6. Steph Duford says:

    Brilliant post! I love it! I especially love your shoes Erika! Where can a girl order herself a pair?

  7. Hi Erika! You mentioned wanting a portrait of little Sloane, and I wanted to pass along my sweet fiance’s website….handsofmusic.com….his website is on the verge of a serious makeover, FYI. He works in graphite pencil (not oil, as you mentioned) but his drawings are truly stunning–yes, I am wee-bit biased, but you must take a look if it sounds up your alley. He travels all the time (has many clients in Delray Beach, FL, actually) and his prices are quite reasonable compared to oils. I think his work is more versatile in a home because they can be placed in a casual setting, like playroom or family room because. I know this is a shameless plug for my fiance, but I couldn’t resist. Happy Friday!

  8. I’ve always loved that J.Crew Timex watch, too! And I didn’t know about the Walmart version. That is SO going on my Christmas list, thank you!!

  9. I was thinking it was time for another lists post. I love your lists, ladies! Love the bags, the bracelet, the shoes. Allison, this is the second year those wedges have been on your list. Make it happen before they go out of style. These are some of my favorite posts.

  10. a wood keyword…as rachel zoe would say…yep thats major! wow! great picks! happy fall!

    ashley over @

  11. Thanks for doing this! I always enjoy reading this.

  12. Hi just wonering how you create these Fall Picks Boards. I loe the idea and would love to be able to learn how to use them!

  13. Leigh Ann where can I find those shoes??? Love them.

  14. Love these choices… think I need a run to the drug store or Tar-jay for the opi autumn nail polish! Awesome choices girls… love them ALL!

  15. I went out and got the OPI color! Love it:-)

  16. Caroline R. says:

    Dear Erika, I own the Clare Vivier bag and I love it. You will too. It is the most buttery buttery leather ever. The end. Also, come back to Houston and show me where to hang up the deer hook in the powder bath. Andy says he’s buying us more wine next time.

    Dear Allison, I LOVE that you included food on your list. The end.


  17. Love your lists! I’m so glad that you’re thinking of having an oil painting done of little Sloane. With her lovely coloring and features she seems the perfect subject. The black and white photo of her from your previous post was just asking for a frame as well.
    Personally, I would be very happy with Leigh Anne’s watch selection.

  18. I keep seeing that bag too – LOVE IT!

  19. Erika,
    Loooved the grey and brown shoes….but you didn’t mention who makes them or where you can get them….I haven’t seen ANY fall shoes that I would die for and these are the ones….help!!!

  20. Oh I love it when you ladies do your seasonal picks! They always get me in a festive mood! I love Erika’s deer head hook, but I especially love everyone’s impeccable taste in Autumn footwear!

  21. E, I have that polish too, but during football season I have to stay away. It’s a little more your Tiger than mine ;) Allison, THANK YOU! Love y’all and will be in touch soon. My list of emails to UG are stacking up higher than a giraffe’s neck. xx

  22. I love Clare Vivier bags! I have this bag and love it! I just got the messenger too and it is divine. You will not be disappointed! Pretty Mommy carries all of them and if you sign up for email notifications she always has sale codes (20% or higher) and free shipping! Some times the sale codes are right on her website too!

  23. I just declared earlier “No more shopping” and then I saw yall’s favorite things and now I really want more stuff. Thanks for the inspiration.

  24. OPI has an orange shade like that? getouttatown!

  25. E – I love that you have staffed your office with Auburn gals! War Eagle, Ladies!

  26. What a fun post! I love everything you all chose. I’m going to add a few to my own fall wish list: the orange nail polish from Erika’s, the watch from Leigh Ann’s, and the blanket from Allison’s. To be honest, I actually already bought 3 of the blankets to give away as gifts and LOVE them. Allison – didn’t you post those jcrew booties last year? I think its time you treated yourself :)

  27. You girls have some darn good taste. I love all of it. Esp love – in no particular order – the ugg clogs, the Anthro mug, the Timex watch (why pay more for the same good look?? LOVE it, esp love the preppy stripe band version) Love the scarf, the red pants, the deer hook. Good stuff!

  28. The tea cup on Leigh Ann’s list is so pretty!

  29. Leigh Ann – The Timex Watch you really want is on sale at JCrew (25% off & free shipping on items $150.00+ *use code LOVEFALL). Great Deal!

  30. Oh ladies, these are always my faves. I think the first time I ever posted was when Erika wanted the ruffled “Mom” bathing suit. But I was at a different blog then called Running in Circles. Alas.

    You all have such enviable style! It took me like 10 years to catch on to Uggs, and now they’re all I wear. And let’s just say the ones I have aren’t exactly at the height of fashion.

    So thanks for the inspiration, as always. So lovely!

  31. Who is Allison’s Memphis artist???? Lovely!!

  32. …oh, got it…anne siems!

  33. Congratulations Erika!! Just saw that you are the winner of the Duralee New Traditional Designer contest! That is so awesome! Can’t wait to see how you use your fabric! Love your stuff!

  34. Love your wish lists. Erika, love the clogs could you let us know who makes them? Thank you!

  35. is that wooden keyboard for real? or just painted plastic?

  36. Hi there Erika! I work with Christine, the creator of fail jewelry, and one of the two makers of the leather cuff above! We just wanted to thank you for including the bracelet in your post! Is there an email address that we can contact you through? We’d love to be in touch…

    Thanks so much, and best regards.

    fail jewelry

  37. I love you picks, and your “pics,” Leigh Ann. Always checking your posts.

  38. Erika, I bought a handbag at JCrew a few weeks ago that looks very much like the bag on your list. It was on sale for $99.00 in store and may be even cheaper now if you can find one. http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Navigation/Women/PRD~51634/51634.jsp

  39. That Brunschwig & Fils fabric is so much prettier in person! I just brought it home as an option for my office re-do and realized I was looking at the same striped green leaves you mentioned in this post! Love it!!

  40. Love them all :)

  41. Nice collection, I like the pants, the phone and the watch.


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  43. iPHONE 4s in leigh ann’s fall wish list was in my wish list also !!
    am looking forward to your blog ! thanks

  44. i love all the products featured in here. Good Job!



  45. the pasta looks like very delightful..can i have some? =)


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  47. Wow I love your macaroni and cheese.

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