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Around here we love some good paper products. Recently we came across For the People Project. They are a non-profit organization who make all of their cards and notebooks by hand. From the website:

For The People Project is part of a non-profit organization that employs recovering drug and alcohol addicts to individually hand paint and hand stamp its Hand Made Card and Journal lines. We not only provide a job for those working to overcome life controlling addictions, but we also teach life skills that our employees will use as they transition back into society following addiction rehabilitation.

For The People Project gives 100% of the profit from the sale of its products back to non-profit organizations that work with recovering drug and alcohol addicts.  We partner with multiple organizations that share our vision to see men and women completely restored from addiction and we want to support their programs that are changing lives.

Hand painted folded notecards:

Verse Cards:

Pocket Journals:



  1. that’s an awesome project/company!

  2. thanks for linking these…off to purchase the coffee bean verse card…i pray that scripture for my girls

  3. thank you for sharing these! i have a close family member who is in recovery from addiction. i am going to order some cards as a gift for a friend, just so i can support this great organization.

  4. What a nice company! I wish there were more like it. Thank you for sharing!

  5. love the scripture ones! thanks for sharing :)

  6. I love companies like this! Their products are darling! Love it, thanks for sharing. Just might need to order some pocket journals.

  7. I am SUCH a card JUNKIE! Thanks for contributing to my collection {or rather, addiction?}. :) Love this company!

  8. Love these and love the concept behind them!!

  9. Erika, thank you for sharing these. It is tough to imagine there is anyone whose life has not been affected in some way by the addiction of a friend or family member. What an important effort by this company!

    And they are lovely as well.

  10. what a great cause!

  11. Betsy Silberman says:

    I have purchased quite a few of these cards and have been extremely pleased with them.. The quality is excellent and the cause which they benefit is wonderful. I have sent the verse cards to severl people who continue to mention how they minsiter to them. I also know the designer personally, and she is an awesome young woman with a wonderful heart. I would encourage others to support “For the People Project” by purchasing these unique cards.

  12. Thank you for this post. What a great organization!

  13. What a fabulous company- seriously- so inspiring. I work at a psychiatric hospital part time (hosting art based therapy groups)-and I constantly think about opportunities out there for recovering addicts…there need to be more companys like this! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Be Joyful Always!! One of my favorite verses! What a beautiful ‘project’!


  15. Lovely, thanks for sharing:)

  16. Oooo, i love some good paper products, too. Thanks for sharing!

  17. What a great mission and company! Thank you for sharing!

  18. thank you- I love this

  19. This is Amazing! Thank you so much for posting about it. As someone who has been directly affected by addiction, I love when I see programs like this. I will definitely reblog!

  20. Such an important post! I adore the “pocket journals”- isn’t that just a fun word to say? I will support.

  21. Just ordered 4 sets of cards – love them and can’t wait to get them!!! Thanks for show casing this company; I’ve never heard of them until now.

  22. Sounds like an amazing organization providing a constructive way out of addiction – fantastic. I was already planning a post about ways to give back when giving, and when I do, I will detinitely include this one to pass the good news along.

  23. Very cool!

  24. Wow! What a great company!!

  25. What an amazing company, wish there were more people like this in the world.

  26. You’ve never shown us photos of your kitchen re-do. Have you? Did I miss them?

  27. I just loved this post. In fact, I loved it so much that I mentioned this company in my blog today as one of the companies that are dedicated to helping others. You provided the inspiration and so thank you. A partial blog steal, but for a good cause. Have a great weekend!

  28. Cute stuff! Random question… I remember awhile back you talking about the Wonderbar. Do you still use it? How has it done over time?

  29. that’s an awesome company! BUT i’m still dying to see your kitchen!

  30. Hey Friend!! You are CUTE!! I have been out of the blog world since Hayes made his appearance, but I just spent a little time catching up. I LOVE it. I can hear you narrating it. I’m sorry that you are so streesed and tired your eye is twitching. Dang girl… slow down! LOVE YOU :)!! Can’t wait to hang out with you and the nugget of love soon!!

  31. AWESOME link! Thanks for sharing Erika! I’m gonna place an order!

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