forces to be reckoned with

Am I about to dedicate an entire post to an iron and a hand vacuum?  Yes.

Are you in the market for a new iron? Perhaps I could make a recommendation?  I had a Rowenta, which I loved, but it was leaking.  So I ponied up some credit card points and ordered this one below.

ironI read the reviews on Amazon before ordering.  I have no regrets, I just ironed a shirt in half the time it would have taken me with the old Rowenta.


dyson hand vac


Darby has the Dyson hand-vac (above).  When I visit her I like to use it.  Then I like to go to Target and look at it.  That’s all I do, look at it. Actually, one time I put it in my cart, but walked about 12 steps, then took it back to the shelf.  I have shopped for it online, but I can’t bring myself to spend the money.  The Dyson is $349.  I can think of a billion things I’d rather have for $349 over a hand vac.  (Darby’s was a gift, I assure you she would never have bought that for herself.)  I hate Dust Busters, I’ve never had one that works properly.  I just wanted a good powerful hand vac.  So I was doing some research after I bought the fancy iron and came across the Hoover Platinum Collection Cordless Hand Vac.  It had me at “powered by an interchangeable 18-volt Lithium-ion battery that provides fade-free power“.  So when the battery dies, it dies.  But when it runs it runs strong to the end.  I love it.




Now, anyone with eyeballs will likely agree… he’s a little nerdy looking.  I think the design of the Dyson is better, but this little machine really gets the job done, and looks aren’t everything.  His first night with us we found ourselves crushing up tortilla chips and throwing them on the ground, just so we could suck them up.

What’s  next for me in the domestic technology department?  Perhaps a Vitamix blender?  Or maybe a nice toaster, because I still haven’t decided on one.

 While this post sounds like an infomercial, I assure you I am getting paid by no one to review these products.  



  1. I felt the need to be the first to comment!
    love this toaster: Magimix by Robot-Coupe Vision Toaster
    Sloaney can watch her morning toast “toast”

    Come back and visit again when im here! btw…im home month of October (most likely) come back to AU for a game weekend again perhaps? love ya!

  2. anna frances bradley says:

    i can vouch for the vitamix. all others pale in comparison. we live by it. every day. all the time. babyfood, smoothies, soups, whatever…GET IT.
    hope you’re great, would love to run into ya in SRB soon!

  3. We heart our vitamix!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I have the stand up Dyson (gift) and LOVE it!…and have been eyeing the hand vac as well! This Hoover sounds like a great option! With children, there is use for the vaccuum on a DAILY basis!

  5. I’ve never been able to spend $349 for something that I may like no more than a dustbuster…which I hate. I’m sure the Dyson is great, but $349?! I love your alternative for $100. I just read a few reviews on Amazon. I added it to my cart…

  6. Erika,

    I am looking for a new iron, and really like the looks of this one! Thanks for the recommendation! Also, I know you are still looking for a toaster, and I have to tell you that this one:|elttsttst
    Is the best one I have ever owned. Thick bagels fit in it, and I love the timers that tell you exactly how long it will be until your item is perfectly toasted. I have talked 4 family members into this toaster, and they too all love it.

  7. Erica, that Dyson vacuum is AMAZING. I simply love it too. There is another one, though, that you should get instead. It has a larger pole on the end for doing the floors, but you can remove the pole and it is the same as the handheld one Darby would have. NOW THIS is the dream vacuum!

  8. I have an older {real old} hand-vac with a cord and it drives me crazy, so I never use it. Thanks for the recommendation. The Hoover slightly reminds me of an anteater. :)

  9. My mum cracked and bought that Dyson as she has lots of wood floors & two dogs shedding all over them… It’s very convenient to suck up the little piles of tumbleweed dog hair so she kind of uses that regularly in the kitchen instead of vacuuming the entire surface all the time. Good to know there’s a cheaper option – I might be tempted by that one!

  10. I have been in the market for a new iron, so I appreciate this post very much! I have spent over $100 on 2 irons over the past two years and both irons suddenly stopped heating?! My husband is 6’3″ and ironing his looong pants is such a chore that I need a good iron to get the job done. I’ll have to check this out! Thanks again!

  11. Caroline R. says:

    I long for the Vitamix blender. I covet the Vitamix blender. I need the Vitamix blender.

  12. Recommendations are so fun and these are definitely two I could use. As for the Vitamix blender, those are fantastic, however, I have a pink KitchenAid 5 speed blender that works like a dream and at a fraction of the cost of a Vitamix.

  13. I do love my Rowenta. The design of your new iron is interesting. I like it. I think my big Dyson is fantastic. I have done the same “in my cart, out of my cart” thing you did with getting the handheld. Now I have two options! About a year ago, I bought a $100 dollar Kitchenaid blender at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It works great. The canister and blade part don’t separate. I thought that might be a negative, but it is nice to not have to struggle with taking it apart to clean it. I am sure the Vitamix is terrific, just much more money. Can’t wait to hear what toaster you choose.

  14. Irons that work well help to make it less of a chore. I have a “classic” Black and Decker from that is heavy enough to help speed ironing. I may have to get one of those dustbusters! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Talk about appliance intensity, I love it! I’m in the market for a steamer (because I like in ironing skills) any suggestions oh great appliance guru Erika?

  16. We use a Vitamix to make green smoothies – it’s essential to really pulverize all the veggies so the final drink tastes like fruit instead. It’s great for soup too. If you live near a Costco, call and see when they will be demo-ing them in the store. They usually have a big sale then, that’s how we got ours at about half price!

  17. Michelle says:

    I have been so disappointed by Rowentas, but for some reason I continue to by them. I’m on my fourth. They develop a leaking problem because of a short in the cord and it won’t heat properly. I also have an iron similar to the one you just bought. My aunt got it for free with a sewing machine she bought years ago. That water vessel is amazing! You can iron for hours before refilling. I also love constantly pressing the steam button. You will love it!

  18. This is so funny because I have had the Dyson upright vacuum in my cart at Target on more than one occasion and have always taken it back to the shelf and never bought it! And, the Vitamix blender is already on my list for Costco this weekend! If you have a Costco nearby, they have them in stores. I have heard nothing but rave reviews for them. Happy Weekend!

  19. too funny that you were “creating” dirt. thanks for the recomendations. happy weekend! pam

  20. TheTackyMom says:

    My husband and I went through umpteen toasters until we found nirvana – – we only bought the two-slot as we are empty-nesters. Love the “Lift & Look” and “A Bit More” buttons.

  21. My fiance and I finished our registries and I admit that I put a few things on there I normally wouldn’t splurge on myself (like luggage). I figure that if no one buys them, we still get the discount after the wedding so it won’t hurt our wallets too much.

  22. Heather says:

    Blendtec will blend vitamixes for lunch. Worth every hard earned penny!

  23. I might have to try that iron, half the time would be worth it for me! We have the Dyson and love it! However, I like you would never have paid 350.00 for it….we lucked out and Target had it on clearance for 75.00 and I thought that was expensive, ha!

  24. Erika, today’s post just speaks to me. I blogged about my Miele vacuum cleaner earlier this year – best 500 bucks I ever spent. Reading about your toaster dilemma also makes me feel better about my indecisiveness when it comes to things like curtain rods & end tables ;)

  25. Lori Murphy says:

    First time commenting…loooove your blog. It makes me happy. I think you have a good friend out where I live in the Fox Valley (Geneva). Let me say that I obsessed over the Vitamix (and work at Williams-Sonoma) and it is truly the best purchase I have made there. Come see us when you’re in town! (we also have the Magimix toaster!)

  26. Lori Murphy says:

    First time commenting…loooove your blog. It makes me happy. I think you have a good friend out where I live in the Fox Valley (Geneva). Let me say that I obsessed over the Vitamix (and work at Williams-Sonoma) and it is truly the best purchase I have made there. Come see us when you’re in town! (we also have the Magimix toaster!)

  27. I love that you clarified that I didn’t buy that hand vac! Bc honestly, I would never even spend close to that much, I’d use a broom and dustpan for life if I had to! :) And I think when Jen bought it for me it was only $150? Maybe it’s gone up with inflation!

  28. Elizabeth L says:

    I love my Vitamix! I use it at least 5 times a week and it has an 8 year warrenty- think of how many regular blenders you’d buy in that time. Highly recommend!

  29. GO FOR THE VITAMIX!!!! We use our at least twice a day! Protein shakes in the morning and blended veggies after dinner. I have completely given up cooking vegetables…Dave just throws all his greens(usually spinach)in the vitamix with a little lemon juice and water and throws it back! Fresh Veggies for the day done in about 3 seconds! Oh, and unlike the juicer you get all that good fiber. We literally throw the whole apple in…seeds and all. It’s worth every cent!

  30. Shannon says:

    Too funny. I just dedicated a whole entire post (much longer than yours – sadly) about my new steam mop. Maybe you are in the market. I’m not getting paid either, but I love it so much I had to write about it.

  31. Shannon says:

    Also, I’ve been eyeing and strongly considering the Vitamix at Costco. I recently (accidentally) blended the plastic insert lid to my old, crappy Cuisinart, so I may have a good excuse. If you get it, would love to know how it works.

  32. I just so happen to need an iron and a handvac! Thanks for the reviews. I have an upright Dyson–worth every penny! I had a rug I thought was worn and needed to be professionally cleaned, but after one vacuuming, it’s good as new. The colors are brighter. Amazing. I like the Hoover NerdVac and especially the $250 savings.

  33. Love your blog! You share a wonderful mix of household information, fashion, one of the cutest little girls around and lots of fun.

  34. I’ve been wanting the vitamix for a year now and just can’t seem to take the plunge on spending the money. But I’ve heard it’s FABulOUS!

  35. thanks for the rec for an iron! as far as the vac’s go…i don’t think he’s nerdy at all. i have the dyson hand vac and i have the hoover platinum big boy vac. both are great, but the dyson dies sooo quick. while i couldn’t live without him, it does tend to drive me bonkers.

    enjoy your goodies!


  36. Lisa Perry says:

    I have the Dyson hand held and it is terrible!!! It constantly loses power. A friend gave us the hand held as a gift b/c she knew how much we loved our Dyson upright. I prefer our old fashioned black and decker Dust Buster. As for a blender, I bought a Vitamix from Costco (my mom and MIL each gave me money towards it for my 40th birthday) and it is awesome. Lots of hidden nutrition in all of the smoothies by unsuspecting children.

  37. Now I don’t feel so bad about going into the store to spend time with the Dysons! I am cursed when it comes to vacuum cleaners (I once sucked up a mobile phone charger and the whole machine set alight and then our replacement spontaneously combusted – no jokes) so I have been vetoed from spending any more than £30 on a vacuum. I might mosy on over to Amazon and check out the Platinum vac (I am a sucker for anything called ‘Platinum’)!

  38. LOL! I love the comment about a handheld vacuum being nerdy looking hahaha… honestly the Dyson looks sort of power-drill-ish …I could probably talk my husband into more cleaning chores with that one! “Here honey it’s a tool ‘*wink’ for terminating dust, go to town!”

  39. Love the Delonghi iron. It is amazing. Our clothes look they just left the dry cleaner. Never touched my Rowenta again after using it.

  40. I’ve had my eye on a vitamix for quite sometime…and now I may have to check out that little handvac, too! Love your blog!

  41. I love good product recommendations, in fact I’ve been meaning to do a search on your blog for your Covergirl lipstick recommendations from months ago! These both look like great products! Can I add mine to the mix? The Haan Ultralight steam mop is my favorite new household gadget. And Erika, if you do look at the Vitamix, consider a Blendtec instead. Both are great, but after doing a pretty thorogh review of them both, we went with the Blendtec. Now I’m off to search for lip colors!

  42. Heather Turton says:

    I thought my Rowenta was the only one that leaked… am going to have to investigate your iron. Before you crack and get a vitamix, look at the blendtec and google the comparisons. Love my blentec!! On the toaster front, I broke down and bought a Dualit. It cost a fortune and really it just toasts, but it is so pretty!

  43. Go with the Dualit toaster. You won’t be dissapointed, promise! Since moving to the UK I’ve become a big Dualit fan. We have a Dualit hand mixer, toaster and kettle. Such great design and really simple mechanics. I’d recommend the 4 slice Dualit toaster. I couldn’t live without the Dualit electric kettle but then again I am living in England:)

  44. Meredith W. says:

    If you are considering the Vitamix, I second (or third or fourth) the suggestions to look into the Blendtec. My husband was a juicer guy, but gave it up for the Blendtec. It is so much easier to clean (as I’m sure the Vitamix is), has more uses, and you get more of the good stuff. His dad had the Vitamix, but my husband prefers the Blendtec after using both. More importantly, I just realized that my favorite smoothie shop uses the Blendtec as well.

  45. ERika – because of your recommendation with bought the Hoover. Thank you. We almost went with the Dyson. Hoover does a great job. Now i am looking to purchase the iron:) Love your blog.

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