Good morning.  I figured I better document the garden progress… because everything is growing, growing, growing!  I don’t think I linked to the source for my hydroponic garden system last time I posted, I ordered this system (comes with everything you need – even the coconut fiber (growing medium) except the metal poles and the seeds).  I love it.  I’ve thrown in a couple of pictures of my Garden Helper and a shot of my blooming Confederate Jasmine, wish this blog was a scratch-n-sniff kind, smells like heaven!
mommas helper

beadhead smile

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

zapotec 4.29

tower of greens

tomato tower - zapotec


growing greens

lettuce - over exposed but pretty

cuc squash zuc

cherry tomatoes

confederate jasmine

photo (56)

I couldn’t figure out what was happening to my strawberries, then one day I caught her…

strawberry picker


  1. Ned eats all of ours, too. I have tears in my eyes!!!!! Sloaney!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mary Frances says:

    The Strawberry Gobbler!! She’s been such a blessing to all of us out here!! Praying for you always!!

  3. I read your blog and know you like to garden! I get Gwyenth Paltrow’s newsletters, GOOP, and thought I’d pass this on since I just read this on your blog!!
    Have a good day!

  4. Love Sloane’s swimsuit! Where did you find it? The salad you made looks super yummy.

  5. precious! I cannot believe how quickly you turned those towers of pots into FOOOD! That is so amzing! My strawberries are in a hanging pot so my little gobbler has not found them yet!

  6. This looks absolutely heavenly! I am about to check into that system.

    What a darling she is!

  7. You have made a believer out of me. I could not have imagined what this system has produced. Love your little helper and the fact that she is helping herself to nature’s bounty. Just think of the wonderful things she is learning out there watching her momma and daddy dig, plant, nurture, harvest and then enjoy at the table! You are teaching her well.

  8. Your garden looks amazing and your helper is as cute as they come!

  9. Lizziefitz says:

    Wow, I am sold ! You should get a cut of the sales. You know you have a colt following when you have to source Soap, toothpicks and last years party favors ,Ha! I can’t even imagine how many emails your office gets after each new blog post?! By the way what brand of toothpaste do you use ? JK:) sloany is too fabulous for words!!!

  10. Confederate jasmine! How hard is it to start and maintain? Oh, I’ve been wanting to find someone who has it!! Thanks!

  11. Kristen M. says:

    I read your blog religiously, but never comment, until now. Just wanted to say that your simple, honest, positive approach to life and this blog make me smile. And your little one is really the cutest thing ever!

  12. The jasmine is beautiful! I wish I could get mine to be so full! Your little helper is also adorable!

  13. Oh my goodness!! I am incredibly jealous – up here in Ohio, we have barely enough sunlight to grow anything like this quite yet.. but we have been getting the rain! I will just live vicariously through your photos :-)

  14. Wow! I can’t believe how well everything is growing…. I’m trying to convince Sam to let us try it – I’ve always wanted a garden, but am not the best at keeping things alive ;) Do you have any problems with bugs/animals eating things? How easy do you think it would be for me to maintain…don’t have a lot of time to spend caring for them. That salad looks so good – nothing better than fresh picked vegetables/fruits!

  15. Love it! That salad looks yummy! Where did you get Sloane’s bathing suit! It is so cute!

  16. Sloane is the cutest little peanut! Seriously, ever. Way to go on the garden! Mine is not surviving Chicago’s “Spring.”

  17. You garden looks fabulous! It has grown a lot since your last post on it. And, you couldn’t ask for a more darling little helper.

  18. such a cutie!

  19. Sloaney is precious! Wow she is getting so big. Your garden looks great also!

  20. Garden Helpers are the best! And yours is extra cute!

    I’m glad you posted about your “Confederate” Jasmine again. When I was in my hometown in LA a few weeks ago, I saw it spilling over fences and made a mental note to plant it ASAP…also remembering yours. So lovely!

  21. How wonderful! I have a tiny little lemon tree with itty bitty still green lemons…. crossing my fingers! OH and that jasmine is crazy gorgeous! My favorite scent!


  22. would love to see picture of your landscaping!

  23. would love to see pictures of your landscaping!

  24. Sloane and John Martin could pass for twins if they were just a little closer in age. She seriously looks just like him with dark hair! Of course, they are both adorable!

  25. Wish I had an eye for gardening like you do. Your garden looks great and that salad looks super yummy! LOVE Sloane’s swimsuit…where did you get it?

  26. I can’t believe how everything grew so fast! I cannot wait to see the dishes you prepare from your garden!

  27. Je§ica says:

    That lettuce is so impressive. I am sure the squash, tomatoes, etc will be equally as impressive! Did you decide on this system due to pests, space, or what? I love it and your helper!

  28. I am so glad someone else saw it too! Sloany does resemble The Rover, especially in the white dress photo. She is so cute! Your garden is beautiful and you have food already!

  29. YAY! I love a garden. I can’t wait to get mine planted soon (I’m late!). That salad was delish, I’m sure. Sloane is too precious for words. Love all her little outfits!

  30. oh, your garden makes me want to garden! and i usually do, in a big way, but we’re moving cross country very very soon (seattle to dallas). i’ll just live vicariously thru you until i can dig in the dallas dirt. and little sloane is just way too cute. pam

  31. That garden and that girl are so yummy! Can I come for dinner? :)

  32. Jamie Wilson says:

    I love your daughter’s black and white swimsuit. Where did it come from??

  33. We planted our mini garden this weekend with our little “helper” too! Sloaney is so adorable!!

  34. Jessica says:

    Just bought a watering can covered in William Morris’ “Strawberry Thief”. She’s your little Strawberry Thief! Love it!!!

  35. golly, sloane has got to be the cutest, sweetest garden helper, ever. I so wish I could smell that jasmine–you’d really like the fragrance kai–if you haven’t tried it before, it’s a dang must.

  36. Oh my goodness! That last photo is adorable. I planted a vegetable garden in my backyard for the first time this year. My little guys are so excited about it. I can’t wait until it’s time to pick fresh veggies. I’d never heard of a hydroponic garden until I read your blog. Great images!

  37. Those photos of Sloane are the cutest ever.

  38. beautiful! where did you get your confederate jasmine? i can’t find it anywhere! did it take a long time to get that big? i love it!!!

  39. Wow! It really is blooming! I have such a huge amount of respect for people who can make stuff grow. Plants recoil from me in horror when they see me coming!

  40. Candace Horner says:

    Stunning photos, what a green thumb you have! The last pic to pop up was that gorgeous salad, and I have two hours til my lunch break! Wow!! Sloane looks absolutely precious and I see your dad’s face more and more each time you post a new pic…! Congrats on all your successes! is that a word? lol….

  41. Thank you so much for your sweet comment about our baby girl. I have to say seeing these presh pictures of Sloane renews my hope and get me so excited that this tough stuff will pass and one day I will have an adorable garden helper all my own. She really is so adorable, brightened my day!

  42. So jealous. We live in Upstate NY and can’t even think about planting until Memorial Day. It was 36 degrees two nights ago. Enjoy your bounty.

  43. It should be required that Sloane is in every post! She is too cute for words!

  44. Cutest strawberry sniper I’ve ever seen.

  45. congrats on the success of your garden! you have to be so proud! great pics too!

    and would you mind sharing where you got sloane’s hair clip. we have some cute felt ones to pull back my daughter’s hair but am trying to find some simple clips with grosgrain ribbon just like that one she’s wearing. thank much!

  46. She is so so so cute! And I can’t believe you find the time to garden?!

  47. wow. your baby is growing faster than the plants. she is so beautiful!!!!! can’t believe how big she is now.

  48. that is awesome!!!
    i want one!
    i am going to go check it all out for next year.
    it looks so cool.
    and yummy!

  49. Bless her little heart, going after your strawberries like that! She is so sweet, E:)

  50. Lovely garden and a beautiful idea!

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