getting out of our rut

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately between technological catastrophes, personal injuries, and broken cars. However, we are slowly but surely getting things back on track! To show signs of life here at Urban Grace we thought we’d share some lively fabrics we are loving right now…

Erika’s choice :: Katie Ridder :: Peony

Allison’s choice :: Mally Skok :: Rohet

Lauren’s choice :: Raoul Textiles :: Pasha

If you want information on these fabrics you can email lauren(at)urbangrace(dot)com !

Part of our technological trouble is related to the “contact” form on our website… it does not work.  Which is terrible.  If you’ve filled out that form and never heard from us, it’s because we never got the inquiry! Ugh. We are trying to get this fixed, but if you need us… please email: allison(at)urbangrace(dot)com

We’re getting back on track, catching up, and recovering… you’ll be seeing more of us on a regular basis now.

Happy 2011!


  1. Look forward to you posts!

  2. Lovin’ the Katie Ridder prints! Glad you’re back!

  3. Yah, you’re back! :) I love the Katie Ridder print!

  4. so glad to see you survived! Happy New Year

  5. Lizziefitz says:

    You were missed:)

  6. Dina Lescourret says:

    I have definitely missed your blog-can’t wait for what’s to come!!

  7. Ooo love those first two! Been missing your posts!


  8. These put a smile on my face :) Glad you’re back!!

  9. Whew! I was starting to think the universe (or the National Title ;) had swallowed you up!
    So happy to hear things are rolling back into place for ya!

  10. Welcome back!! Hope everything gets back on track for you!

  11. Hope your hand has healed fast!!! Glad ya’ll are back :)

  12. Disable the comments form on your website to clear up further confusion. Just comment out the form for now and put in text instructing people to use the email address.

  13. Love those fabrics.. they seem very “springlike”

  14. I LOVE Katie Ridder fabrics! Waiting on my Peony sample in Marigold now…Hope you all are doing well!

  15. All three are wonderful–such great picks for the season ahead!

  16. I really missed reading your blog!! Love the fabrics!!

  17. I was so excited to see a post today! I’ve missed reading your blog!

  18. Love all the fabrics! Looking forward to more posts soon, you’ve been missed!

  19. Janet Boudreaux says:

    Sooo glad you’re back! Missed reading your blog.

  20. I think I have a passion for “Pasha”!!!!

  21. Wahooo! I missed your inspiration, your stories, your take on life, your funnies, your amazing work….need I go on….you get…glad you are back. The fabric is beautiful!

  22. Welcome back, welcome back welcome back :)

  23. So glad you’re back! I Love that Katie Ridder fabric. :)

  24. Thrilled to click on your blog and see a new post. You’ve been missed! As always, your picks are fun and provide great inspiration.

  25. So glad you’re back. I’ve been a daily stalker just waiting to see what you have in store next! Thanks for the fabric eye candy!

  26. I absolutely love the peony fabric! The shade of blue is so gorgeous. I just recently purchased a ginger jar with peony flowers growing up the body… I can’t wait to place it in my upcoming project!

  27. Candace Horner says:

    OOOOHHH loving the fabrics, even the peony fabric with the jelly-fish vibe…., refreshing! glad you are getting back on track, a tough row to hoe you have had,indeed. But you come from strong stock and are “bendy”, so off you go lass (and lassies!) and be lively!!

  28. Glad you’re back! You’ve been missed! Love the peony fabric.

  29. So happy everyone is on the mend! Was thinking of you this weekend, were your ears burning?…as I walked around Jeff’s house saying “You know WHEN it’s time I already know the perfect person to help us make your house OUR HOME. hehe :) Love you!

  30. Welcome back! I’ve missed you!

  31. I’ve had a slow, rough start to the new year, too. We will previal! LOVE all the fabrics! xo

  32. I love Allison’s choice!

  33. Happy you’re back!

  34. YES! So glad your back – i’ve been having major withdrawals.

  35. Erika – thank you for introducing me to Katie Ridder fabric. Until your post I had seen some of her wallpaper but never the fabric and its fair to say it’s love at first site.

    I’m racking my brain for a project to use some – if I come up with one I’ll be in touch with Lauren.

    Glad your back!

  36. Welcome back. I hope you are feeling better. Love those fabric choices!

  37. I think my pick is Team Lauren – but they are all fab!

  38. Dear Erika,

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    Thank you!


  39. I wasn’t able to find a contact email so I posted it here. Hope that is alright.

  40. I’m so glad things are getting back to normal for you. Lovely fabric!

  41. these fabrics are gorgeous! would love to reupholster a chair with the peonies!:)

  42. welcome back! You were definitely missed, but I’m glad you were able to take time out. Love the fabrics, as always. A porch photo will be coming your way soon!

  43. So glad you’re back! Love all of the fabric picks, too.

  44. Usually after a lot of really bad stuff happens, something super awesome and amazing happens! And, these fabrics are lovely.

  45. Glad you are back…need I say more? We want MORE!

  46. I totally agree 2011 has been rough so far :) Glad to have you back!

  47. In the post “If I had a real Dining Room” The Fabric is Beautiful and while browsing with a client we both fell in love with it…but I cannot find it. Can you help me? I would like to know the manufacturer and fabric name. Please, Please!!

    Thanks so much!


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