It takes me longer to bounce back these days.  Apologies for the delayed blogging.  Missing four days of work results in eight days of recovery.

Sloane got a haircut last week.  She had a trim in January when my cousin visited, but she was due for another so I called my sister-in-law (who happens to be a fabulous hair stylist and please note: I hand-picked her for my brother-in-law, so you know I love her!).
getting started



And we didn’t want Daddy to miss out on the action so he raced over after work to see what his girls were up to…


Sloaney did so well (aka: Leah did so well) we rewarded her with some post-haircut ice cream in Seaside.

ice cream

She’s big stuff these days…

big girl

Now, I’d like to inform everyone that the terrihuahuas are alive and well.  They have taken a backseat, but are still loved…


In other news around here… I finally caved and bought a hydroponic garden system.  I’ve been wanting one for a couple of years and decided to bite the bullet.  My friends Andy and Jen have the mac daddy set up (Mac Farms) and I have been stalking their garden for too long.  Growing veggies in the ground in Florida is difficult.  So I’ve avoided it.  A few container gardening attempts a few years ago and then I gave up.  Well, this system I bought is promising.  And if I run into trouble Andy and Jen live close.  I bought 4 towers (16 pots + 4 ground pots)… I can add more towers to it later, but figured this was a manageable start.  The kit comes with everything you need (except the tank and poles for the towers)… it was easy.


kit and caboodle

hydroponic before paint

So the only downside to the system I bought are the not so appealing white styrofoam planter pots… so I painted my green.  Hopefully once my veggies go wild you won’t see them, so I didn’t spend a lot of time making sure my paint job was perfect.  The paint color is Sherwin Williams “Artichoke” and is actually the color of my house.  I wanted to go with “Secret Garden” which is the color of my fence, but was fresh out and had some Artichoke laying around.



Most of this transpired last weekend… this weekend I sewed some seeds and Chance got the timer and pump working.  I’m hoping later this summer my towers will look something like this:

In more exciting news… we’ve had a visitor!  My twin sister’s youngest son, who we call “Rover”.   He’s got 15 months on Sloane and they are big buddies.

ro ro

I’m hoping when they get to Auburn he will protect her and show her how to find the Haley Center.
SCP shower

I’m pretty sure Sloaney’s friends will have their eyes on her older cousin…

JM smile



And a little dose of color for this Monday morning, thought for sure these flowers were goners (left over from last year), but they bloomed last week, a pleasant surprise.

last year blooms


Also… I spied a fig yesterday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. CUTE E! Love the vertical gardens! OX

  2. Oh my gosh Erika you have the world’s cutest daughter. Her hair – I’m dying! I’ve always said if I had straight hair I’d have a bob and same goes for any future daughters of mine.. but they will most likely have curly hair too :)

    And of course who doesn’t love Rover. You sisters are so blessed!

  3. Thost pictures are just too adorable! Love the new do! ;) Love those chubby cheeks on she and Rover.

  4. Christine says:

    Wow, that Sloaney is so adorable! Love all the pics, so glad to see you back! Oh, and so glad to see the furry friends are well!

  5. I’ve never seen a vertical hydroponic garden like that – it’s amazing!
    Preciousness is the only way to describe Sloan and Rover, and that haircut – I die!

  6. Oh my gosh… is Sloane’s bob not the cutest thing I ever did see? She’s precious! I also love that her and Rover are already enrolled at Auburn. :)

  7. I am loving her cute little bob! She looks like such a big girl now!

  8. How fun is that!? I can’t wait to see your garden! Rover and Sloane are too cute together. I love her little haircut! And we were in Seaside all week for my sister’s wedding! What a magical, charming place!

  9. I love that you, just like my husband and me, assume without doubt that our children will for sure go to Auburn. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Afterall, it is the loveliest village on the plans. :0) This was such a cute post. Sloane’s haricut is precious on her.

  10. I’ve never seen a garden like that….so cool! Sloane is so adorable. I love the pics of her with Rover

  11. PRECIOUS pics of Sloane. Love love your photo skills.

    Inspiring re: garden. I too am a challenged Floridian who would like to grow a few veggies. Hmmm…

  12. Oh my goodness! That pic of the two of them together is adorable! My siblings and I all had our kids close together, and it is so much fun watching them play :)

  13. I love the pics! Sloane and Rover will be best friends for sure! I love the idea of the garden tower. That will definitely come in handy with all this GA red clay!

  14. Love the Rover/Sloane shots. And that garden system is so wild. The green does wonders. You are clearly a designer. We have figs just budding up here in Baltimore. Very jealous of ice cream in Seaside. I was so happy to see that Perspicacity is still prospering in the shopping area. Thank you for such a burst of color on this blah Monday.

  15. I’ve never seen a garden like that before- I love it! I would try something like that, but with our wind, I am sure it would get destroyed quickly. I am excited to see how it does!

  16. So glad the pups are alive and well- I do wonder about them from time to time:) The container garden is SO cool- Ive never seen such a thing- very interesting! and you little one is so super cute!

  17. FINALLY I see it…. the photo of Sloan eating her ice cream she looks a LOT like Raiger. Do you think?

    You guys ARE twins after all and your kiddos (despite sporting VERY different hair colors and resembling their daddies, do still look like one another.)

    love them and love ya’ll

  18. Oh, do keep us posted on the garden. Jeff and I are attempted on too. Along with a chicken coop to harvest our own eggs. Good grief, what am I think with this country boy?!!? Love you, love Sloaney, and love the new new bob.

  19. Erika, I live in NYC and just booked my wedding in Seaside in October and am looking for someone to do my hair! Any chance your sister-in-law does weddings?! Thanks!

  20. I love that potting system! I have never seen it before. Where can you get it? I have started my first ever container garden. I am one week in and I am already a little worried about the final product!

  21. Please do tell where your sis-in-law does hair? I live in Miramar Beach and may want to make an appt. :) Sloan is such a cutie!

  22. Love those cousin pictures! Painting those styrofoam pots is so darn funny. The green is way better. But, still makes me laugh that you painted them. Good luck with your gardening!

  23. Natalie G says:

    Your little girl is getting so big! She is adorable, as are the cousin pics!

  24. Those kids are way gorgeous! It’s too much!

  25. Love Sloane’s bob hairstyle! And the pics of Sloane & Rover are too cute! I’ve never seen the garden system you have – please keep us posted on how it works.

  26. Thanks Sister for keeping the little wild man! I just tucked him in for his nap and asked him if he missed you and he said, “No, Momma Sissy is meeeaaannn” and then he laughed uncontrollably and I knew he was just teasing! :) Love you! Thanks again!

  27. I love cousins! Those pictures are too cute of Rover and Sloaney.
    I have never seen a hydroponic garden. I love that you painted them match your house- that is so something that I would do:)
    I found a bloom on my strawberry plants yesterday! SO exciting:)

  28. Rover and Sloanie….the most precious picture ever!

  29. SO SWEET!!! She really looks a lot like her Daddy in the shot of her eating her ice cream:). My girls would just scoop her up!!!!!

    I’m going to have to share the vertical garden info to my oldest … I’ve never seen one of those and I think she’d be all about it:).

  30. loving the shot in the red chair. those kiddos are DARLING!

  31. Oh my, there is nothing better than cousin love. My two grandbabies are fifteen months apart, and I cannot wait for the day when one follows the other around in adoration. My cousins and I are still close and celebrated a reunion this past year of our Bosom Bottom Buddy Club (that’s a story for another time), our not-so-secret first cousin society. Sloane’s hair is darling, but I love those chubby little feet the best. They make me smile. Blessings to you and your dear little one. She is growing up so quickly!

  32. I think I just felt my womb knock on my belly!!! Those dang toddlers are the cutest!! My youngest just turned 6 this week, the sweet baby days are awesome. Hope the cousins are having a blast! oh, and love the veggie garden idea, looks like salads and salsa are in your future. :}

  33. Hey Erika!

    I love S’s hairdo!! Kater needs a haircut, and we were just discussing taking her in. Oh my! Wish I lived closer – I would certainly utilize Leah’s services :-) And, had not ever heard of that type of garden until recently. Good friends here in H’ville are installing one in their yard as well. Such a neat thing! Keep us updated for sure! You should definitely take time to share these gardening lessons!

  34. Your daughter and nephew are cute beyond words! Adorable!

  35. They don’t come any cuter…the picture with Sloane and Rover in the chair…award winning – so precious!!

  36. Oh my goodness, that picture of Rover and Sloane is so precious! It reminds me of a picture I have of my cousin Jordan and I when we were that age. I ended up marrying Jordan’s best friend 5 years ago, I hope there is a fun story in the future for your little ones! I am such a big fan of your blog and I hope to be reading about them at Auburn in 17 years!

  37. Petunias brighten everything up don’t they?! I had never seen those pots before they really are incredible. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

    And of course, Sloane and Rover as a cute as can be.

  38. Sloany and Rover are both so sweet…I love her new “do”.
    Thank you for this nice post and all the wonderful pictures!

  39. Love all of the pictures! I had never heard of a vertical garden…SO cool. I might need to look into that a little more for maybe next year… I’ve always wanted to try growing a small garden, but that one looks like something that I might actually be able to do. I’m curious to see how yours goes!

  40. i can’t wait to see your garden flourish. i have never even heard of a vertical garden before (i have a black thumb btw). \ sloaney looks so much like her cousins now. she is just beautiful. ps. love your longchamp bag!


  41. I don’t think Sloane could get any cuter. Or Rover. I’ve been pining for the Gulf Coast lately, and have thought of you in the process. Glad you’re doing well!

  42. Wow! Sloane is one uber-stylish girl! Love that haircut! It’s adorable!

  43. I am so jealous that you get to live in such a beautiful place even though my hair can’t handle the humidity. My hubby and I love Hwy 30A.

  44. Your daughter is adorable! Fun post!

  45. I have been following you forever, and I think this is my first time to comment! I laughed out loud (at work) reading about how Rover would show Sloan around the Haley Center! I am a proud Auburn Alumni and my heart melts when I hear others talk about Auburn with love and with sweet thoughts… there’s nothing like the plains!

  46. Michelle says:

    LOVE the artichoke color of your house! My husband and I are having our home painted this spring and I am looking for something new. Currently our cape cod is a greenish/blue and I love it, but think that I want something different. What color would you recommend the shutters to coordinate with the artichoke?
    Love your blog. :)

  47. i swear…your sloaney reminds so much of my maya girl! it’s probably the dark hair and eyes, but sometimes i see pictures of your girl and have to do a double take! i should send you a picture of maya to see if you agree.

  48. Too too precious – the cousins. And I have never heard of the vertical gardens before but it looks very cool.

  49. How adorable is your daughter, move over Suri Cruise!! I love the vertical planter idea, I would love to grow vegetables and vines. So many of us forget to be mindful of our food, and a ton of it goes to waste. We pay a fortune for Organic food, why not grow our own and save a fortune? Food for thought.

  50. Sloane is one uber-stylish girl! Love that haircut! It’s adorable!

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