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I caught the stomach bug.  It was pretty miserable, but I have fully recovered.

sick day

One day last week, sometime between Sloane fully recovering and me fully deteriorating, we went out for a picnic. This was a first for us and I was excited as I packed a blanket and a picnic basket of goodies.  However, when we pulled up to the park Sloane (remember she’s two years old) had a meltdown and told me she wanted to go home.  I told her I had packed lunch and by golly we were going to stay and enjoy it.  She finally came around and decided that she did love the idea of a picnic at the park.  This specific park is close to our house, the whole place is canopied with huge oak trees and right smack in the middle of it all is a historic antebellum home.  I let Sloane pick the picnic spot and she selected the front porch of the house.  That’s my girl, I feel certain I would have picked the same spot if someone had given me the choice.


eden 2

back to house bw

baby bear

If you vacation in my neck of the woodsEden Gardens State Park is just north of Seagrove Beach in Pt. Washington and is well worth the $4 it costs to get in.



While I’m here I’ll throw in some photos of my adventures yesterday.  I’ve had friends and clients tell me that they think this business must be fun and glamorous, which always causes me to choke a little. Yesterday we went to a storage unit where we loaded up three massive light fixtures, hauled them to a construction site, only to find the stairwell between the second and third levels of the house impassable (scaffolding in the way), so we called in for back up.  When we finally got to the third floor with the massive lights we discovered that the scaffolding we needed to get the lights into position was that which we had just climbed over in the stairwell.  Good thing we have that proper-lifting technique poster at the office.

The storage unit where we picked up the 800 pounds of lights has a pink rolling cart that delights me.  I don’t know if I was delirious or what, but I started to think that I need to order those lanterns (in a smaller size) for my kitchen and paint them pink. pink cart copy
in kitchen

After the lighting was safe and sound back in the storage unit we popped a few muscle relaxers and went out to do some rug shopping.  I love rug shopping.


Then this morning some of our favorite art for little people arrived along with a hand-full of teeny tiny buttons that make you want to squeeze a fox or kiss a bear…

berkley buttons

berkley stamp copy

My girl is stirring from a nap… so I better hurry and throw some photos in here and call it a post.

peek a boo sofa



She was waving at a baby.  She loves babies. At the very last minute she decided on the moose hat.

flower picker

bridgewindow boxes

cheeto girl




  1. Erika: I’m so inspired by all that you can do. Design, take pictures, garden, and have time for a picnic. Can you please send some of your energy my way? Great pictures of Sloane 🙂

  2. I love Leigh-Ann and have just bought a pretty bracelet for Christmas for a friend from her Etsy site. That looks like the perfect spot for lunch (I would have chosen the porch too!)

  3. I need to have a picnic with my almost 3 year old, I feel guilty!! You are super mom. That lantern is HUGE. Good earth.

  4. Sloane is so ADORABLE! Love that picnic spot.

  5. Sloane is so cute… love the shot of her on the porch. That house totally reminds me of Forrest Gump’s
    Loving Leigh Ann’s jewelry

  6. I love those Berkley Illustrations! I recently finished up my nephew’s nursery and the Fox print was a big part of the nursery! I’m leaving you the link so that you can check it out. As usual, thanks for sharing!

  7. I am afraid, my dear, that we have even more connections that I ever thought possible. In addition to the Chi O Auburn daughter-in-law and FIJI sons, my grandmother is from Samson, AL, and we have loads of family in and around Geneva where she spent her last few years in an assisted living and then the Wiregrass Nursing Home. I know Geneva like the back of my hand. As my grandmother would say, “Who are Chance’s people?” Give me an email holler when you have a minute (it might be a while if you are hanging light fixtures and rug shopping) and we’ll figure out if my people know his/your people. Oh, and did I mention that my mother is an identical twin? This is getting to be too much for an old lady. Gotta run. Blessings.

  8. Your daughter is the cutest, I just can’t take it! All my life I have had crazy curly hair and all my life I’ve wanted to have straight hair in a little bob just like Sloane’s! I have learned to accept what God gave me, but I do adore her little bob.

  9. Somehow stumbled upon your blog a little while ago and am inspired by your decorating. Love the printed chair your daughter is snuggled in. Do you know if that fabric comes in pillows? Have been looking for something with those colors and style. Thanks!!

  10. Love the updates:) sloanes B&W photo needs to be framed ASAP ! The lanterns are so worth the muscle relaxers , they are going to make the space( maybe the fabulous barrel ceiling , killer rug or amazing fabrics will?) talent oozes from your pores. Hope your weekend trip is bananas 🙂

  11. Gorgeous pictures at Eden Gardens!! We love it there!! It is so beautiful. We almost got married there, but ended up choosing St. Andrews State Park to be on the beach. Maybe we’ll renew our vows there someday, though! You are right about the $4 being worth it! I’m glad you and Sloane have recovered from the stomach bug! Your plants are beautiful, and I love the pic of Sloane eating Cheetos!! So cute!! Have a blessed day!

  12. Yuko on the stomach bug. Ick. Glad to hear you have jumped that hurdle. I love to hear your real life design stories! So fun.

  13. What camera do you use? We’re shopping for a new one. Your pictures of your little girl are just divine. Couldn’t love the blog or your work more.

  14. That black and white of Sloane on the porch is adorable! Congrats on the newest team member 🙂

  15. Woot woot! I spy Visual Comfort and Ralph Lauren lighting. 🙂

    Sloane is such a little doll. That home is just gorgeous! Hope you’re feeling much better today!

  16. Beautiful photos! Glad you are feeling better. Hi Leigh Ann! Looks like you are settling in perfectly, wonderful picture.

  17. Sloane is precious. My girls are 2 also (twins), such a fun and trying age. Where do you typically buy her clothes? She always looks adorable!

  18. My whole family had the stomach bug last week- yuck! LOVE the ceiling in the picture above. And by love, I mean I want one!

  19. Candace Horner says:

    That black and white of Sloane on the porch just amazing… love it!! Hope you are feeling up to snuff soon, thanks for beautiful update!

  20. Sloane is such a doll baby…her love of babies begs the question…baby number two???

  21. I love all the Sloane photos and Design photos, but I have to laugh at the questions people ask you. It always seems that someone picks up on the smallest detail and must know what toothpaste you use or what brand your chapstick is. Do you feel like a celebrity?!?

  22. 1. Can I barrow Sloane’s orange gingham shirt?

    2. I prefer the moose hat but as an Alpha Beta alum I hope she like owls

    3. I love white cheddar puffs!!!! We call them White Trash at my house because my mother is convinced that that’s who Cheetos are for and they’s white cheddar. Get it? Punny. Ba dun ch.

  23. Sloane is so adorable, even when she’s sick! I think you do need that lantern for your kitchen- a nice redish pink that will tie into the pattern on your shades. 🙂

  24. Eden Gardens is beautiful in the spring. Perhaps your daughter thought someone lived in that big beautiful house– thus she would have to meet strangers??. We did not catch the tour, as that day there were no tours. The place is a work of love from the efforts of the Friends of Eden Gardens. It is a jewel in the crown of the Florida Panhandle. wow that sounds like a country music song line

  25. I was wondering the same thing as someone mentioned above! The chair fabric!! Where is it from? I want it badly! An Solane is just the cutest little thing!! Love the picture of her with the pink bear! Adorable!

  26. What is the name of the fabric on the chair? I think it would look great in my family room with chocolate leather; thanks!

  27. I want to picnic there!!!

  28. love all of the pictures! I got the owl hats for both of my girls…though Sloane looks pretty darn cute in that moose hat! I’ve been wanting to go to Eden Gardens some day when we’re over in that area – I’ve heard it’s beautiful and looks like it is from the pictures! Picturing y’all carrying those huge lights is pretty funny… I guess people don’t really think about all of the behind the scenes work that goes on to make the rooms that gorgeous! I’m loving that lantern (and that ceiling!!) – I want to see the room when it’s done! Glad to hear you’re feeling better…reading your posts always makes my day! 🙂

  29. so fun! Happy you all are feeling better. I stepped on a snake in that same park. About had a heart attack. ha. It’s our favorite spot to visit too. Will be there next week and now you have me dreaming!!!!

  30. I am inspired by the fabulous window box – luv luv luv it!

  31. I love your life! You live in my favorite part of the South, you have the neatest job and the cutest kid ever. Have fun at the hub’s class reunion!

  32. LOVE those cute lil’ buttons! your daughter has the best wardrobe..such a cutie patootie! (love your blog!)

  33. Is the lantern Visual Comfort?!? I don’t think it is – It looks like Paul Ferrante…?!? Will you share and let us know!? Love love love it!

  34. Love all the pictures of Sloane. Just adorable!

  35. Sloane is always the cutest little thing, I love her outfits (and good choice on the moose). Also, Leigh Ann looks like the nicest person in the world and is probably the strongest too if she helped carry that light fixture.

    Have fun at the reunion. I had my 10 year at the beginning of the summer and it was a blast.

  36. Mmmm, I really like those lanterns and that wood ceiling! And of course the pictures of Sloane are adorable as always! Enjoy your time in LA this weekend.

  37. Your blog is always such an inspiration! Would love to know your favorite shopping sources for Sloane – love her clothes and big bows! She is a stylish girl!

  38. cindy griffith says:

    Hi, Erika. I just sent my first post to you. Have been reading your blog since last fall when I met your cousin, Erin, in a hair salon where I live. ( She was styling my hair.) We had both just gotten back from Florida, and I found out we had been to the very same area in Fl. (Seaside,” George’s”, Watersound, 30A area) During our chat, I also found out that we both grew up in So. Il. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.. I had met someone who lived in Chicago (all of my friends from Chicago go/visit Naples.Fl.) who knew and loved, like I did, that little piece of paradise in the Florida panhandle, plus she also had roots in So. Il. She told me about your blog that day and your sister’s blog. I had never ever read a blog before…didn’t even know how to do it/access it, really. Well, I have to tell you, I was hooked from the get-go. What an inspiration you have been to me! Since then I have read other design blogs, but NONE compare to yours and your sister’s. Maybe this has been TMI, but I had to share a little since YOU share so much with all of us, your fans. And btw, Erin, is a fantastic hair stylist, and you, girl, (among all your other talents) could/should be a professional photographer! Thanks, Erika, and Thanks, Erin!!!!!!

  39. Oh my…so much in one post…. LOVE that black and white photo of Sloane. It is pure perfection! I al so LOVE her orange and white gingham shirt…Precious!!!!!

  40. adore your posts. they are so wonderful! i am going to try really hard this weekend to add ruffles to my little one’s pants like on sloane’s red ones. my sister lives in sandestin and she had her little girls’ 1 year pics taken at that park/house.

  41. cindy griffith says:

    Little Sloane sitting on the stairway eating Cheetos wearing UGGS…..priceless!

  42. oh, if I had a nickel for every time I’d choked when someone told me how “glamorous” this job seems…haha….

  43. The black and white photo of your daughter leaning against the antebellum home would make a GORGEOUS Marc Whitney painting. . . Should someone pass that suggestion on to your husband for Christmas? 🙂

  44. omg – she is soooo gorgeous!!!!! love the pictures.
    and love that lantern – where is that from – or is the source secret? I need one for a client exactly like that!!!


  45. Absolutely no fair with this child. I learned nothing…….nothing! Zero! All I did was look at that adorable child!

    Just so you know! Adorable!

  46. yay leigh ann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I’m glad to hear everyone is on the mend. I am a longtime blog stalker and love your blog and your work. Can I ask what color the wall is behind the chair Sloane is lying on? Is it the same paint color as in your kitchen? I love it!

  48. Marlena Anne Kirby says:

    This is the 1st time I’ve ever looked up a blog. Got yours from Better homes & Gardens mag. I’m a decorator of sorts, mostly end up doing the hard stuff,slip-covers,complicated window treatments, & doing things for little or no money for relatives.LOL. I love it though & want to expand my business. Very interested in what camera you use for you outstanding pictures? Very grateful in Prescott Az., Marlena

  49. jordan chestnut says:

    the ceiling in the room where you were hanging the “massive light fixture” is to die for! i love it! also thanks for the sunglasses info! take care.

  50. Wow, I love your blog!! Your sister’s too!!

  51. Love the lights!! And ….. Sloane is adorable!!!

  52. Love and miss you! I’m waiting on our pineapple drink date. The Eisenhower misses us. Love the pics of SB. I could eat her up!

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