holiday cards


It feels like Christmas is tomorrow.  I don’t know where the time goes.  It’s holiday card time and I’m aiming to get one out this year.  If I can’t pull it off it’ll be Valentines from the Powells again.

If you can’t seem to get your act together either… maybe this will help.

Our friend Megan at Toast and Laurel has offered an awesome giveaway.  It basically takes all the stress out of of getting your act together!

One lucky winner will receive….


Holiday Suite from Toast & Laurel’s 2011 Holiday Collection

  • 75 holiday photo cards (with blank white european flap envelopes)
  • 24 gift tags
  • 1 return address rubber stamp



The winner will choose the design (you can see all 12 designs HERE and HERE) and be able to personalize each item (the card with their favorite photo & text, the tags with a holiday greeting, and the stamp with their address).  The cards and tags are both printed on a premium 120 lb. bright white card stock.




To be eligible to win leave us a comment and let us know the worst (or most random) gift you’ve ever received!  If you are afraid you might get busted you can use an alias name in our comment form, just be sure to use a legitimate email address so we can track you down.

It’s been about twenty years, but one Christmas my mother bought my 8 year old (male) cousin a pair of slippers… thankfully the camcorder was rolling when he opened the box.   He took one look at them and said, “I think I’m going to kill myself!”

And a few years ago my dad had someone at work give him a pack of these. He thought it was a joke, it wasn’t.


If you’ve never  been on the receiving end of a random holiday gift then you can leave a comment and let us know… do you like eggnog?  



  1. Does giving a bad gift count? We exchange gifts with my goddaughter as well as her brother and sister. One year I found what I thought was the coolest gift – custom designed tooth fairy pillows. So, I picked out fabric to match their rooms and had their names embroidered on the pocket. Dan, who was 6, opened his and burst in to tears. Between sobs (his) and muffled laughs (the grown ups), he said “She said it was cool. It’s a stinky pillow!”. I guess for a rowdy, Bruins loving boy, a pillow is never a good idea 😉

  2. hmmmm…does a $4 hand mixer count? i gave my cousin a nice gift and they gave me a i-got-it-on-black-friday-at-brandsmart hand mixer when i already had a kitchen aid. hmph.

  3. One year, my mother-in-law gave me a track suit set in HER color, taupe, despite knowing very well that I can’t wear taupe without looking dead and don’t usually wear velour track suits. And she loves me, which makes this a random gift 🙂
    I had given up on getting a Christmas card together this year (my daughter is in college which makes it much harder to get a family photo in time) but maybe there is hope yet!

  4. I haven’t given or received a bad gift that I can remember. Well, unless appliances count? But I don’t think they’re a bad gift. This Christmas my husband and I are giving each other a new stove, refrigerator and new landscaping. I don’t really care for eggnog.

  5. Hmmmmm, I can’t think of any AWFUL gifts either gotten or given (at least not knowingly). But as for eggnog, YES, I love the thick, smooth, silky taste of it.

  6. On my 40th birthday I received a bunch of Sanrio (Hello Kitty) things from someone. I love Hello Kitty as much as the next gal, but I don’t think I can pull off using a purse and wallet in that print. My daughter loved them, though! 🙂

  7. My mom jokingly gave my sister, herself and I matching one-piece bathing suits from Valu-city. We still hope that was a joke.

  8. Let’s see….my husband bought me pots early on in our marriage. (But honey, they EVEN have LIDS!) I guess the worst Chinese Auction gift was a “Turby Towel”…a washcloth would dry my long hair better. I LOVE Eggnog (Publix) which I only buy for Christmas Eve (with added rum, thank you very much) or I’d weigh 200lbs.

  9. Can’t think of a “bad” gift…. but I do like egg nog.. 🙂 Well I did get a creepy snowmanesque pull toy ornament. I was not a fan.

  10. The first year we were married my husband gave me perfume … but it was his sister’s favorite scent … not mine and not even close. And to top it all off, I opened it in front of my entire family … he was mortified!

    And as for eggnog, no I am not a fan! But bourbon balls, yes please!

  11. Once I took home my own present at a gift exchange. No one else liked what I brought. Kinda awkward…

  12. the worst gift i’ve received is a ceramic, flower-decorated fondue pot… it looks straight out of the sixties, but i received it earlier this year at my bridal shower. if you’re going to go off-registry, don’t stray fifty years!

  13. Alexa Snelleman says:

    September, 2009: My mother in law gifted my newborn son a talking pilgrim Gund bear (similar to Teddy Rupskin) that tells the story of Thanksgiving complete with rifle shooting sounds. He was a day old!
    It may has well have been a noise activated dancing flower. Clueless woman.

  14. This isn’t so terrible. I once received a Barbie doll from a long-distance relative. I was 15!

  15. One year I received a pair of pajamas from my grandmother. They would have been fine if I was about ten years younger at the time.

  16. 2 vacuums…one for the car and one for the house – I even ASKED for them myself but on that magical Christmas day when I opened 2 vacuums I was a bit disappointed – never asking for household appliances again 🙂

  17. One year I received a very nice silver ash tray, engraved with my name and job title. …only I’m not a smoker. I was puzzled, but said, “wow, thank you!” I guess it is so that I’m prepared if someone wants to smoke in my office(?).

  18. Great giveaway! I can’t think of the worst gift, but my grandmother is famous for finding random things in her closet and regifting them. I’ve gotten socks, a vase from the dollar store, and cards meant for 10-year olds. She’s cute. 🙂

  19. My aunt bought me earrings one year and when I opened them up, they were two different earrings that “coordinated”. It wasn’t an accident. haha. Same aunt bought us a Jesus clock (do you ever get religious gifts just because you are a Believer?) that was brightly colored and Jesus was holding his heart outside of His body with rays of light streaming from it. We still laugh about that one.

  20. a scented vacuum…The giveaway is fantastic. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving E! xo

  21. One Christmas I received a set of folding TV tray tables, from my boyfriend at the time! I tried so hard hide my very visible confusion and disappointment, I mean what 20 something girl wants folding tray tables?

  22. I will respond two ways…that may increase my odds of winning. 🙂 One year my husband gave me a blender. He thought it was a great gift. It was practical, but not what I had in mind. 🙂 Once a year I like eggnog…in small amounts. It always seems like I am drinking ice cream.

  23. My worst present would have to be from my husband a couple of years ago. I was a couple months postpartum and had mentioned I needed to start working out again. With good intentions, my husband went out and bought me workout clothes for Christmas. Ummm, not exactly what I wanted to see under the tree! It’s the thought that counts, right? 🙂

  24. Itsthethoughtthatcounts?? &**@ says:

    About 5 years ago, my sister-in-law, gave me some reindeer Christmas plates from Crate and Barrel. (small dessert plates with matching coffee cups) No gift reciept…. I tried to return them the day after Christmas and they didn’t even sell them the year she gave them to me!! Regifted from a year ago….Drat!!!

    Well I guess it was the old “what-goes-around-comes-around” because Martha Stewart gave me some very bad gift-giving advice the year before when I took one of her “it’s a Good-Thing” ideas and gave my sis-in-law a pie plate with all the makings for an apple pie all packaged together!!! Thanks alot Martha!! 🙂

    Luckily my sis-n-law and I still love one another…but I never told her about the reindeer plates 😉
    Merry Christmas!!!

  25. This is awful, but most every gift I receive from my dad is incredibly random. Last year it was decorative cleaning gloves…like with fake flowers and rhinestones. Usually I donate what he gives me to our junior league’s whale of a sale. Hey, at least I meet my donation quota!

  26. Every year my Uncle will bring by a giant box of clothes for Christmas. They are items that he has found at a very deep discount and never the right size or in style. It all ends up being donated.

  27. Jamie Van Noord says:

    I received bird seed and a bird feeder, it was very thoughtful which makes me feel guilty but it broke almost right after we put it up!

  28. The worst gift I ever received was a bracelet my ex-bf’s mother picked out (and probably bought) . . for him to give me! The bracelet itself wasn’t too awful, but when I saw his other brother’s gf wearing the same one, the gift suddenly lost all meaning. And I later found out she’d done ALL the boys’ shopping that year.

  29. One year a friend of mine gave me a pack of Mentos. I didn’t know if she was trying to tell me I had bad breath or showing me her budget for Christmas was probably around $2.

  30. Brandi Bartee says:

    I don’t like eggnog but everyone is my family does.

  31. Planks to be used when cooking salmon on the grill. Um, what? We didn’t own a grill at the time.

  32. When we were teenagers, my older brother gave me a three page letter telling me all the things he didn’t like about me. It was pretty mean and I definitely cried. Luckily, I’ve been using it against him since then to guilt him into buying me bigger and better presents every year.

  33. I received those as-seen-on-TV furniture moving pads. You know…the ones where you can move a whole couch with your finger. I thought it was random, but I ended up LOVING them! I use them ALL the time to rearrange rooms when my husband is gone (which seems to be when I get the rearranging bug anyway!).

    Yes! Eggnog is YUM!

  34. The worst Christmas gift ever….it would have to be the year that I received the Big Mouth Billy Bass. How random is that? Of course, it was a gag…..and a very good one! That lil’ guy makes an appearance every year! And yes, I do love eggnog!

  35. All time worst…..A maternity….wait for it…..tracksuit!! Yikes. Not a fan of eggnog, but I like the idea of it.

  36. My first Christmas with my husband’s family, one of his aunts gave me a bright pick, floral print, shiny polyester muumuu. Granted, they didn’t know me very well, but that was the farthest thing from anything I would even ever think of wearing. It got donated right quick.

  37. My two great aunts are in their late nineties and live together in New Orleans. Every time I go visit them they scrounge up a ” gift” from their crazy collection of stuff from almost 100 years of life. They are hysterical and a few years ago Celeste came in the room with a pair of lamps with baby Jesus as the base. A pair of them! They were so excited to give them to me. My sister and I were crying with laughter in the car. Somehow we kept our cool until then…

    Amazing giveaway. This is my first Christmas married and I need to get my act together for our card!!

  38. It wasn’t me but one year my husband’s aunt gave him a yellow highlighter. That’s it….just one, not even a pack!

  39. You know, I am quite worried I may gag that I never try it. 🙁 I know, oh so lame!!! Maybe I will be brave this year and give it a go??

  40. Oh my, one year when I was about 10 and my brother was 12, we snuck into my parents closet and looked at our unwrapped Christmas presents. Somehow my mom realized what we did. On Christmas Eve we leave a letter out to Santa with cookies and our wish list, etc…On Christmas morning there was a tin foil package on our letters to Santa, filled with, wait for it, dog poo. There was some note saying this is what happens to kids that peek.
    I must say I haven’t peeked at a present since.

  41. Heather Lane says:

    Haven’t ever received a random gift, BUT I am a lover of all things eggnog … even the creamer in my coffee. Spiked or non, creamy and rich! xo

  42. I’ve been pretty safe with giving and receiving crummy gifts but I went overboard in reminding my husband we weren’t going to do gifts to each other and to save the money to buy something later on our own. But come Christmas morning it was a little sad when the only gift I received was from my mom, across the country in OR. Maybe its better to get a bad gift I can return then no gift at all 🙁 I was sad my husband listened so well LOL!

  43. oops, forgot the gift part, was so worried about the eggnog. haha. My Step mother-in-law, once removed, gave me a box that had been poorly decoupauged with photo copied music sheets and rick rack and feathers and she told me it reminded her completely of me.

  44. Our whole family once received our own pots of dirt from a relative family. No seeds planted in them…just pots of dirt with a note with ideas of what we should plant in them ourselves!

  45. Anonymous for a good reason says:

    My family used to have a gag gift that surfaced every year…an electric nose picker. No, I don’t know where it came from (was Spencers around 30 years ago?) or how it worked. Obviously I like Toast and Laurel enough to embarass myself by sharing this story 😉

  46. My auntie means well but she gives me the WORST gifts every year. Last years takes the cake….a hot pink suede cross body purse that she bedazzled! Mind you I am 29 years old! Needless to say that purse went in the donation pile the day after Christmas. And eggnog – barf!

  47. So many random gifts but the best is the beaded “Florida” belt from a garage sale that was so bad we know re-gift it every year to a member of the family along with a stack of pictures of the previous receivers opening it on past Christmas’s looking puzzled.

    Do I like egg nog? Only a little bit with my Meyer’s Rum and nutmeg.

  48. Jenny Williams says:

    Okay, one year we decided to play the “Dirty Santa” game for my Mom’s side of the family. My Mom usually gives great gifts, but for some reason this particular year she bombed! I, in a fun-loving way, picked at her about her choice of a gift. And lo and behold I ended up with it. Men’s white thermal underwear. Thanks Mom! And I think eggnog tastes like…well, I dont know what. But blek! However, my husband tries to get me to drink it every year and I refuse! 🙂 hahahahaha

  49. My husband actually bought me ear wax remover for Christmas one year! While grocery shopping once, I did mention I would like to try it but really… a gift for Christmas. He gave it to me in front of my parents and we all laughed our butts off! He said, but you said you wanted it! Oh, that makes me laugh just thinking about it.

    I have never even tried eggnog. Maybe this year will be the first.

  50. Jamie Phillips says:

    I love eggnog!

  51. When I was in 8th or 9th grade, my aunt gave me a horrific multi-jewel-toned canvas backpack. And my sister got a matching one! YIKES!

  52. My wonderful husband, who usually gives me the most thoughtful and great gifts, one time bought me these two beaded necklaces (one blue and one pink) that looked like they came straight out of a pretty pretty princess set. I really tried hard not to convey my thoughts of when in the heck would I ever wear these, but he was not convinced and am pretty sure he knew that I didn’t like them. It was still thoughtful, but they were pretty ugly 🙂

  53. Every year my grandma gives me knee-high pantyhose.

  54. My Mother, bless her heart! Is 85 and actually very bright and together! However, two years ago she gave my daughter, then 14, a porcelain replica of the Last Supper! Don’t misunderstand, we love Jesus in our home … but this gift was a little odd … all Callie said was … “do I have to keep this out in my room all year long, mom?” She gives us good stories! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  55. Oh dear, Our wedding was almost around Christmas so I guess a lot of folks decided to give festive gifts as well as our registered items…that was fine. As I slowly unwrapped this gift I thought maybe the giver couldn’t find the right box so they had snatched one from the attic or garage. It was a little dingy and some of the flaps were even missing. Once I got passed the wrapping paper and unfolded the box, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It wasn’t the serving tray that was offensive, it was the oil stain preceded by the cookie crumbs still holding tight to the oil. Yuck! That one was hard to smile over!

  56. My aunt always sends unusual gifts like a cat wind chime or candle holder in the shape of someone doing yoga.

    Similar to your cousins story, we have a video of my fiance and his twin brother getting really excited about getting a solar calculator for Christmas in the 80’s. It is hilarious.

    And I love eggnog.

  57. Worst gift ever? Two candles carved into swans…and half melted.

    Eggnog? Yes, please. Especially my dad’s homemade version!

  58. My most random gift came from my lovely boyfriend. It was a pair of gold squirrel earrings. It’d make sense if I was a squirrel aficionado, which I’m not. I must say the earrings have grown on me.

  59. I once was a nanny for a dermatologist and she got me a full body bathing suit. Niiiiiiiccce. 🙂

    P.S. I have never commented but I love your blog. I have a son the exact age of your daughter so I love reading about her. She is SO cute and I love the way you dress her.

  60. this has actually been incorporated as a hilarious white elephant gift exchange now but was originally given as a legitimate present to my cousin from her in-laws. a wooden carved statue of two naked people/monkeys hugging while sitting. yep, that’s real. i wish i had a picture to link to. you’d die!

    great giveaway and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  61. My Grandmother-in-law is ready for Great Grandchildren. Last year for Christmas she gave me a pair of black lace underwear!!! If that wasn’t embarrassing enough she went into to detail of why she purchased them in front of my In-laws! I guess she thought we needed to spice things up in order to give her the ultimate gift of a great grandchild:)

  62. Getting gifts for wedding that you didn’t register for can be brutal…I got some doozeys! But my MIL always give the 3 daughter in laws the same things but in diff colors. Usually pj pants in small from the jr dept, some fuzzy socks, and some random junk….seems ungrateful I know, but I don’t (either do the other 2) wear small from the jrs dept, none of us like socks (we are still wearing flip flops here) and I don’t need anymore “stuff”. If it were stuff picked out for me, I would accept it. But it’s not. Last year I got some cat photo holders?! We don’t have a cat and we are HUGE dog fans!

  63. I gave my nephew a gone finishing game one year. He looked and really serious and said Aunt Jackie ” I already have this game, you should know that!”

  64. a food dehydrator! bless the givers heart. she thought i really wanted one.

  65. When I was a kindergarten teacher, I once received a necklace and locket with a photo of one of my students. Guess it was mostly an awkward gift!! Not a fan of eggnog.

  66. One year my aunt gave me a baby book for Christmas. I did not have kids and was not pregnant. She apparently meant to give it to my mom, a recent empty nester, so that my mom could put some baby photos of me and my siblings in it. Needless to say it created a lot of confusion and awkwardness when I opened it.

  67. When I was about 12 years old, I received a giant box of sidewalk chalk from my aunt and uncle. We lived out in the country where there were no sidewalks! And my grandmother has a special gift of giving hideous clothing. The worst might be the Christmas-themed, embroiderered sweater vest. She had a one just like it. Not a big fan of eggnog but I do love the tradition. Great giveaway!

  68. I dated a guy once who’s parents had recently moved to Nashville. They were into everything “Western” at the time. For Christmas, I received a SHINY new belt buckle and a red “cowgirl” hat. I’m still wondering how much I could get for those things on Ebay!

  69. My sweet grandmother always had a knack for picking out some… overly festive?? sweaters to give me for Christmas. Thankfully she has stopped now that I am an adult!

  70. What a great giveaway! I think the worst present I ever get (repeatedly) are gift cards. I have the worst memory and I forget I have them. They’re totally wasted on me, y’all!

  71. Every year I get a random gift from a co-worker…..she usually gets things after Christmas for the following year, which is totally fine, but one year it was a plate that said ‘Cookes for Santa’. I noticed the typo immediately, but didn’t say anything. I didn’t know if it was a joke or not. Apparently it wasn’t. The following year, it was from Hallmark four years ago and it was broken! What the heck?

  72. I guess the most random gift I have ever gotten was a shot glass from Calgary. A.) I have never been to Calgary or have a dying need to go and B.) I am not really a shot kind of person

  73. I can’t think of a really bad gift unfortunately, but I do LOVE egg nog. Extra rum (or is it bourbon?) … extra nutmeg… 🙂


  74. Ummm, this would have to be the chapstick necklace. I know I’m obsessed with chapstick but this was overboard 🙂

  75. Love eggnog but can’t have it in the house. It would be gone in a flash!

  76. Oh yeah…I got a rockin’ Winnie the Pooh jumper…as an adult.

  77. My crazy great aunts bought me space saver bags in the 8th grade. Worthless at the time but I keep them and they have been used every time I move.

    But seriously, who sees giant plastic bags and thinks to themself: I bet a 13 year old would LOVE this!

  78. Kristen Campbell says:

    I like to say any gift is a nice surprise, but one year my sweet Dad gave me an in-home tub spa that you plug in and it makes your ordinary bathtub a whirlpool – it was a little to scary to use! What a great offer – thank you!

  79. i’m clearly going straight to H@*L for this one…i gave my wicked step-monster (aka step-mother) a hideous sweater a few years back for christmas merely for the sake of it being ugly and me not liking her…she re-wrapped it the following year and gave it back to me…touche. i threw it in the trash after opening it. does that make me a bad person? hahaha

  80. When I was about 9 years old my uncle gave me a Christmas gift just from him. I should have been suspicious right then and there! It was a nicely wrapped box that held a piece of fake poop. You can imagine my utter embarrassment having opened this gift in front of the entire family. My mom was very upset!! A few years later when I was in high school, I received a breast pump (the super cheap kind) from the same uncle. So, fake poop and a breast pump to a teenage girl – pretty rotten gifts!!!

  81. My husband once gave his mother a step stool for Christmas… that was before he met me. I promise I would never let that happen.

  82. Last year, my dad gave me a huge box of pistachios that I know was given to him by a neighbor. Tried to be grateful. Tried.
    Toast and Laurel’s goods look amazing!

  83. When I was 10, my parents gave me a typewriter. I was crushed.

  84. The worst gift we received was a gravy boat. It was an elf on horseback riding a wave. You put the gravy in the horse’s back side then serve the gravy out of the horse’s neck. Yum!! It was a wedding gift from an aunt, not Christmas gift. We were married in October! It is now part of a game we play with our cousins. Whoever has the gravy boat has to sneak it into a cousin’s house and place it on a bookshelf or mantle without getting caught. If successful the receiving cousin has to keep the gravy boat on display in a prominent place in their house for 3 months!

  85. My husband gave me a new cover for my ironing board on year. Needed…yes, wanted…no.

  86. Kimberly P. says:

    I received a VERY stinky candle one year. I threw it away as soon as I could.

  87. Oh I would LOVE to get it together and send out Christmas cards this year! My sister once gave me an ice scraper that was encased in a giant down mitten. A great idea, but we park in a garage…in Georgia…therefore eliminating the need for ice-scraping. I said something to that effect, and of course, karma got me! We had a HUGE ice storm a few days later, and wouldn’t you know, I was bustin’ out that ice scraper.

  88. One Christmas ( I was about age 7 or 8) and was a real pill at that age. Around Christmas time, I told my mother that if she were a “good mom” she would let me eat pizza for every.single.meal. She said “fine.” I’m guessing at this point my mother was sick and tired of my terrible attitude and decided, “she will get what she asks for.” I woke up on Christmas morning with nothing but socks in my stocking (talk about God awful at age 7) and literal freezer pizzas wrapped up with bows. I was mortified. My mothers classic response, “now, you have enough pizza for at least every meal through the first of the year.” 🙂

  89. One time I received a glass block tile with Christmas lights inside it, and a bow around the outside.

  90. My friend once gave me a William Hung cd. If you dont know who that is, go to youtube and listen to one of his songs. Probably one of the worst singers of all time.

  91. for christmas when i was 22, i got an ankle length pink pool cover tee shirt with a dolphin on the front. it wasn’t a joke 🙂

  92. Nuria Garcia Fernandez says:

    A pair of socks … yeah … I know.

  93. I can’t think of any terrible Christmas gifts that weren’t White Elephant gifts, but the worst White Elephant I’ve ever received is a jar of pickled pigs feet! And worse, the jar was leaking. Disgusting!

  94. PS Once a year I like eggnog!!

  95. My mind is going blank, but yes, I do like eggnog 🙂

  96. One time I got one of those fold up pianos you put on the floor – not fun.

  97. My brother, sister and I all got a very unstylish furry vest from an aunt one year. She gave it out of seriousness but they became quite the gag gift year after year. No likey the egg nog. Although my husband does and it makes me slightly sick to my stomach watching him. Happy Holidays!

  98. One year, my grandmother gave me a set of matching leopard flannel pajamas with not only a matching top and pants, but it also came with leopard socks, mittens and a hat. THEN, she wanted me to try the whole ensemble on for the entire family! Also, I was 22 at the time. Great fun!!!

  99. I can’t think of any awful gifts I have received. Our family has started giving to a charity in the name of each other instead of buying things none of us need. I love eggnog !!!!

  100. Oh my husband has come a long way on the gift giving front. In the early years, there were several head scratchers. One year was a piece of paper that had a clip art of a jacket and said…”I owe you.” He explained that he wanted me to pick out a coat for myself. I explain that that doesn’t fly. 🙂

  101. Brittany NesSmith says:

    A rubber ducky shower curtain at 22 years old. No children. Never asked if it was a joke. Don’t think it was.

  102. Hmm… I can’t think of a terrible gift right off hand. I’m dragging this morning! I do not like eggnog, but I LOVE hot chocolate! I made some yesterday for the first time this season and it was perfect!

  103. The worst present I got was my own fault! I asked for a pair of adult-size footed pajamas …

  104. One year my dad gave me a vase in the shape of a cowboy boot. Hmmmm…

  105. For my 14th birthday, I was so excited because my mother set out to the department store to pick out my gift. I was thinking earrings. She came home with a spelling computer . . . a little gadget you could carry with you that helped you figure out how to spell when you were stumped (these were the prehistoric early 90s). She was right, I am a terrible speller, but since then she’s mostly stuck to gift cards, thank goodness!

  106. One year, I received a matching beach bag & towel – in a print for kids. I was 30!

  107. Love eggnog! Love Toast and Laurel! I ordered gift enclosure cards from her.

  108. I got an ugly ceramic snowman fiqure regift from some nurse manager at the hospital I delivered at. After I had the baby, they put in a room that was a million degrees hot and it took about 6 hours for them to finally move me. She came into apologize and gave me this ugly snowman ceramic- thanks so much. The kicker- I work at that hospital.

  109. Stick on earrings 😉

  110. My “best” gift that I have received was an English-spanish dictionary. Which by the way I kept and now is coming in handy because my son is taking Spanish in school.

  111. This may sound bratty – but while hoping for an annual Christmas bonus from my boss (who is normally very generous and who I have been working for 11+ years) – got me an iPod…. I know it’s cool and all, but I am 33 years old mother of 2 – who just had a baby a few months prior… iPod???
    PS – love those holiday cards designs! and I am guilty of sending out “Happy New Year” cards since Christmas always comes too soon for me

  112. I gave my 3 year old pajamas in his easter basket last year. He and his cousin discovered their baskets at the same time and his cousin’s was full of toys and candy and my poor son only had a pair of spiderman pajamas. My husband told me I was never in charge of easter baskets again!

  113. At 6 months old, my son received a stuffed animal dog that had a motion sensor in it and it would roll around and bark like crazy when it sensed motion. It totally freaked him out!

  114. sherry pitts says:

    A used coffee maker (cheap 4 cup variety)….it was a Christmas/wedding gift for both my husband and myself…enough said.

  115. Not such a bad gift, but a bad result. One year my husband finally asked his mother not to get him any tschotskes for Christmas (we have a small house and no place to put team koozies and napkins, wind-up flashlights, poopouri, etc.) Of course she didn’t listen and gave him a travel scale to weigh luggage. We always carry our bags on, so this gift wasn’t anything we’d ever use and it immediately went to Goodwill. The awkward part came three weeks later when she asked if she could borrow the scale for a trip she was taking — I think his response was something along the lines of, “Mom, it’s gone; I asked you to stop buying me crap.” Ouch!

  116. Worst gift ever had to be the XXL black and white canvas coat that my MIL bought me. It was a hand-crafted coat but it looked like a tarp that someone had thrown black paint onto and on top of that it was HUGE on me. My husband and I at least got a good laugh out of it.

  117. I received a 2 foot tall plastic penguin covered in fake snow/glitter…it was so bad it was funny and actually lived by my fireplace for a few holiday seasons.

  118. The worst (most random) gift I ever received was an ugly ugly sweater from my MIL! Thought it was a wasn’t. Love the giveaway!

  119. Someone gave me a black eggplate that said “Cock-a-doodle” with one letter in each egg hole and an Americana style Rooster in the center…For real. Now, anytime my sister and I see something that we find less than appealing, we say “Cock-a-doodle!”

  120. Awwwww tough call on gift that wasn’t my…uhh…style, I received a kit with candles and a “how to” on building an alter! What!!!! It was a secret Santa exchange at work, so I chalk it up to she really didn’t know me???

  121. I appreciate all gifts–random and bad. 😉 (And I LOVE eggnog!)

  122. In 1997, when I was 17, “Santa” brought me tires for my 1985 Maxima. At the time I thought the gift was totally lame, but now that I am older and wiser I would love for Santa to help me with some car maintenance!

  123. The worst gift I have ever received would have to be a neon green, snakeskin clutch purse, with a large gold chain, that went over my shoulder and hung down to my thighs…hehehe…

  124. I’ve been lucky and haven’t received any bad gifts so far. I do love homemade eggnog.

  125. I think it was the year my Dad decided it was time for me to grow up. There’s nothing like receiving a box full of sports bras from your own father for Christmas…ugh!

  126. I’ve been fortunate to have great gift givers in my life, so I don’t have any truly entertaining stories to share. I do, however, love eggnog.

  127. Last year my brother gave me a 2 foot tall ceramic fat Italian chef/wine holder. And he even paid to ship it from several states away. It was so awful and not me I wondered if he really just didn’t like me anymore! I gave it up in a gift exchange, and even then no one wanted it. I think it went into the Goodwill pile.

  128. Brooke Ramsey says:

    My boyfriend bought me socks! Not even cute, fuzzy socks. These were plain white socks! I forgave him though.. He is now my husband 🙂

  129. My boyfriend (husband now) and i had been dating for 3 years and my 28th birthday was coming up. I was secretly hoping a dreaming for him to pop the question. I also happened to need new tires for my ancient car that was on it’s last leg. A few days before my birthday he took my car for the day and got new tires put on it, only the front two, and said that those were going to be my birthday gift that year. I appreciated the thought, because then i didn’t have to spend the money on new tires, but it certainly was NOT a proposal:) The car broke 4 months later and i had to buy a new one.. As for Eggnog, just the thought of it makes me want to vomit. Peppermint ice cream on the other hand.. 🙂 !!!!! Happy Holidays!

  130. Best giveaway, ever!!

    The worst, most random gift I was ever given was one of of those as-seen-on-tv Pasta Express things. It’s basically a plastic tube that you put boiling water into to make your pasta. What the heck? I never expressed any interest in one, yet my MIL thought I HAD to have it. I’ve never used it once…why boil water and have to transfer it? Makes no sense to me!

  131. This may sound terrible, but when I was 7, I REALLY wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid for Christmas (they were wildly popular that year). Also, they were a bit spendy for my family. My grandmother made my sister and I homemade CPK dolls and although I knew better than to be outwardly unkind about it, inside, I was crushed.
    As for eggnog – nope! Is this a holiday-line-in-the-sand kind of thing at your office?

  132. Those cards are gorgeous! My (crazy) aunt gave me a bright colored painted ceramic night light. I was about 17 years old. Thanks Aunt Julie!

  133. When I was about 16, my new grandmother (she married my grandfather when he was a widower—never know what to call her when I don’t use her name—I do love her dearly!) gave my sisters and I “pajamas.” My gift was a set of leopard lingerie…um…awkward to open in front of your entire family. Would be great now that I’m 30-something!

  134. In the 6th grade we picked names for secret Santa gifts. Everyone was so pumped up! Of course, you hoped for your crush or your best friend as your Santa. My gift was a gold reindeer PIN. Something fit for a grandmother. Needless to say, my Santa was not my top choice.

  135. I am drawing a blank on a random gift. I think a massage kit from my mother in law would count. Complete with massage oil and hot stones……weird. 😉

  136. I’ve never gotten anything too horrible, thank goodness! But I do love eggnog — especially the eggnog milkshakes at Steak n Shake! 🙂

  137. Plastic throw away Christmas Dishes. booo! I still haven’t used them because 1)They aren’t even cute and 2) I forget about them during the holidays!

    One year my aunt forgot to add the milk to the eggnog, and lets just say everyone got along VERY well that year 😉

  138. All packaged together, I opened a 2-cup saucepan, hair scrunchie, chopticks, and socks. I was clueless as to what was going on with this gift…do they all go together in some way? is there a bigger present under the tree these go with? Nope, just the gift givers’ favorite things come to find out 🙂 Haha that saucepan does come in handy though!!

  139. My mom gives some pretty random gifts. One of those – I appreciate it, but have no idea how you decided to buy this for me. Nothing specific comes to mind… But I do like homemade egg nog. Store bought’s only ok. Homemade is great!

  140. This didn’t happen to me but my brother. My grandmother had a set amount of money that she gave away to all 17 of her grandchildren every Christmas. As we all opened our envelopes expecting the mother-load, we pulled out $13 in cash. As my brother, Daniel, looked into his envelop my grandmother said, “Oh, Daniel, I owe you $5.” Hilarious!

  141. I’m about to have my first child, and at my baby shower recently, I received my most random gift….a mint-green, grannie-style robe/nightgown (about 2 sizes too big) to wear post-delivery! I guess it’s the thought that counts!

  142. The worst gift I ever got were some crazy African socks… my grandparents are from South Africa and they mean well… but really… socks?

  143. Oh I LOVE these cards!!!! She does the most beautiful stuff!! The worst Christmas present I ever received was really not so bad, but I was dying for a pair of wool tweed pants from J Crew and my dad ended up buying me a ton of scrapbooking stuff…I was 16 and couldn’t care less about scrapbooking. Looking back I was probably a wee bit selfish…yikes!

  144. One Christmas I received a nylon nightgown from a neighbor. I was like…12 and it was something my grandmother would wear! Very strange indeed…

  145. I hate to even complain about this but it took about 3 years for my in-laws to start to understand my style. I got a lot of not-so-chic jewelry and accessories until they started to pick up on it! 🙂

  146. I guess I try to block my memory of “worst gifts received,” but I can remember one that happened recently. I had thought of this great gift to give my boss. I got him movie tickets in a popcorn bucket with candy and soda inside. It was a free movie night! What I got in return was a little bit of a disappointment. I received a pen and pencil, and it wasn’t the expensive kind of pen and pencil. I did use the pen to show appreciation, but it didn’t last more than two weeks 🙁 They do say it’s the thought that counts right??? I do love eggnog! My husband is an eggnog snob, because we can only purchase the brand name kind. Happy Holidays!!

  147. My (now) stepmom was expecting a ring for Christmas a few years back but apparently my dad wasn’t on board yet because he gave her a grill brush! We’ve never let it go but now they’ve been married for about 6 years.

  148. A few years ago, my (now ex) boyfriend’s mother made us matching hot pink bedazzled shirts.. Needless to say I’m so glad there was NOT a video camera recording me. I tried so hard not to laugh.. I immediately hugged her so she wouldn’t be able to see my face!

  149. My husband and I got a Fushigi Glow in the Dark Gravity Ball ( last year and we’re 25. Seriously the most random gift ever!

  150. Maybe not the worst but definitely the most memorable of recent years. My husband’s grandmother gave me a pair of knee highs. I had just turned 30 that year and thought this was her way of “welcoming” me to old age. They were not used!

  151. Honestly, I am a lucky girl. I can’t remember anything that was terrible!

  152. “Worst” gift was from my mother-in-law – a 2 month late gift certificate to a random restaurant for my 30th birthday. not a place i would ever go to. it has been sitting in my wallet for 2 years.

  153. beckybrodbeck says:

    I once received a beautifully wrapped box of fake blue birds. To my MIL’s credit I was kind of in a bird phase but these birds were awful. They were positioned in such a way that they were hunched over like they were falling. Terrible. They are now a favorite re-appearing white elephant gift at an annual Christmas party. At least its good for a laugh! Yes-I like eggnog, once a year.

  154. Someone I know gave Listerine to everyone in his family one year. Strange. And my Mom likes to wrap up the free Clinique gifts and give them to me, but only after she picks out anything that is remotely good to keep for herself. Eggnog – love. Found a recipe for eggnog cupcakes last year and I made them three times between Thanksgiving and Christmas. yum!

  155. One Christmas I noticed one box with my name on it that I hadn’t unwrapped yet! My 8 year old self got SO excited. I threw the lid off the box and began to cry. There were ashes! And all I could think was that I had been naughty and gotten ashes after all! Turns out my dad had scooped the fireplace ashes into one of my boxes earlier that morning after opening presents. What a relief! 🙂

  156. Georgine Jeffries says:

    For my 18th birthday my parents visited me in college and in front of all my close girlfriends my mom gives me a gift. In it was one XL light blue matching top and bottom sweatsuit (including scruchy-ankled pants and a boxy crewneck top). SOOOO not cool!! We still laugh about it, though I think she got me the light purple version the next year 😉

  157. my mom has always been a big ebay-er. one year she got me some Gap khakis on ebay, size 4. well, when they arrived they were a size 4T (toddler!!) and she decided to wrap them up for me anyway. awesome, thanks mom. also that same year, she had given me a candle for my bday. we were at the beach that year and i wasn’t going home with them, so they took the candle home. my mom had apparently put it in her closet, found it around christmas time and wrapped it up…she totally forgot she had already given it to me for my bday earlier that year. that was a great christmas.

  158. My uncle’s first wife gave me a set of Tweety Bird pj’s… when I was in college! I was never one to wear cartoon characters as a kid and I certainly didn’t start at 22. I hope someone at Goodwill is enjoying them right now!

  159. The worst gift ever was someone gave my sister a rat–NASTY! My mom wouldn’t let her bring it in the house so she put it’s cage in the shed outside….it froze and passed away! Tragic, gross, christmas!
    I do not like egg nog but i DO like christmas cards && our family has never gotten to send any out!

  160. I received a CASE of Carmex for Christmas. Not kidding. It wasn’t a gag gift. I was 12. I didn’t even have chapped lips. What the …..!?!?!?

  161. There is one relative that always gives me something from his house…. not in a good way. It will be something like a random halloween decoration that I know he has had for decades.

  162. I once had a dumpster diving friend gift me a Michael Jackson portrait that was painted on crushed velvet…needless to say, it is now a gift that randomly shows up at family birthdays and christmas 🙂

  163. My husband filled my stocking with breath mints and mouth wash! I almost decked him. 😉

  164. I love Toast & Laurel! The only bad gift that I can remember came from my husband, then boyfriend, at our first Christmas together. He gave me a packaged coffee & chocolate set that was totally something generic that you would give to your kid’s teacher. When I opened it, I was so upset and went to the bathroom and cried! Luckily, we can laugh about it now : )

  165. Georgine Jeffries says:

    Plus I am not the go-out-and-buy eggnog type, but if offered and spiked I have been known to enjoy the tasty holiday beverage. Love ya’ll & Happy Holidays!! XO

  166. One year my mom gave be the “graduated” talking Ferbie…she thought it would be funny because they never stop talking! The Ferbie didn’t last very long until we took out the batteries! But I LOVE egg nog!

  167. I can’t think of a bad gift I have received. We always have a white elephant exchange with friends and one year I received a ceramic dancing pig cookie jar.

  168. Melissa Montgomery says:

    My father in law gave me a globe for Christmas. When I complained to my husband about it later, he said, well, in a way, he gave you the world!

  169. Oh, I just love Megan’s work. I stalk her blog and website frequently. 🙂 The worst gift I’ve ever received actually turned out to be a pretty good gift over the years. I believe I was 16 (or maybe 18), and my parents bought me a cedar chest for Christmas. Say what? Not exactly something a teenager gets all giddy with excitement over, that’s for sure. I sort of resented that big ole cedar chest for much of my early 20s (who wants to lug around FURNITURE at that age), but now that I’m older and a tad bit wiser, I actually am so grateful to have one. It’s housed all my keepsakes over the years, and it’s definitely something I would not go out and by myself. We just recovered it in my favorite fabric, so I am loving it even more.

  170. A woman in my Bible Study was feeling very generous and made a large production of passing out gifts to everyone in our circle. Many gifts were things like hand made scarves, small pieces of pottery, etc. She obviously had forgotten about me, so when it was my turn in the circle to receive something, she reached into her purse and presented me with a box of Benadryl. Good thing we were in church:)) LOVE eggnog, but not with the Benadryl–I’d zonk out for sure!

  171. The dimestore makeup kit with eyeshadow in all shades of blue and cheap lipsticks in little square trays with brushes that a child should be painting with. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  172. Ok so technically this wasn’t for Christmas, but our wedding was right before Christmas last year, and I received granny pjs/lingerie from my husband’s grandmother. It was a long nightgown with a robe and the card said something along the lines of “incase our house is ever on fire and I’m not dressed put these on!” I’m even still embarrassed writing this!! haha!

  173. Once I received a pair or used pink fluffy gloves. Fluorescent pink.

  174. Piper Mills says:

    Merry Awkwardness! My mother-in-law decided she would give practical gifts one Christmas. So she buys all 3 of her daughter-in-laws underwear. Of course, my 2 smaller sister-in-laws got cute colorful undies and I got a pair of huge plain white “Grandma” undies. As if that was not embarrassing enough, we always open our presents together as a family on Christmas Eve and everyone goes around the room and has a show-in-tell session on what you received and who gave it to you! Needless to say when it was my turn, I suddenly needed to take my toddler to the restroom (of course as we are leaving the room, my toddler is crying out…..”Mommie, I don’t need to go to the bathroom” ) 🙂

  175. My boyfriend (now husband) gave me a golden-retriever-wearing-santa-hat snow globe.
    Soooo not my style.

  176. A carpet sweeper from my husband on our first Xmas together as husband and wife. It has got better though!!

  177. Awesome giveaway! The worst Christmas gift I ever received was from my husband’s aunt the first year we were married. It was an angel tree-topper that was so very creepy looking, not sweet like most angels! So funny! And I love eggnog in small doses! 🙂

  178. I turned 28 in July and my well intentioned mom gave me calcium tablets. hahaha

  179. Mary Katherine says:

    One year at Secret Santa at an ex’s house I got pasta in the shape of boobs and ended up it came from the Grandfather! EEK! Totally embarassing! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  180. i LOVE these cards. if i don’t win this, i may have to purchase them anyway 🙂

    The most random gift i received was when i was 13 – and a friend from school gave me a little house on the prairie VHS boxed set. 🙂

    happy holidays ya’ll 🙂

  181. My mother-in-law regifted me a pair of shoes that I bought for her…that she had WORN! She said she was “unsure” if she liked them and thought I would like them more since I bought them for her. We don’t even wear the same size. No thank you!

  182. Egg nog sounds very festive! To be completely honest…I am 30 years old and have been too scared to try it!! Happy Holidays!!

  183. Oh…I have a great story. We did recieve a blanket ( my husband and I) from someone in the family. They took all of my husbands mother’s maternity clothes when she was carring him in utero and made them into a quilt. All 1980’s themed. We almost died. Such a thoughtful idea, but so kinda of creepy. My husband is sooo funny and cannot handle it. We tuck that away and cannot bare to snuggle or cozy up in the quilt. It makes us laugh, A LOT.

    And…I LOOOVVEEE Eggnog. More than I should. I could drink it everyday.

  184. One of my bosses gave me a gift bag of regifted things last year(three hours 🙂 after the gift exchange) when she forgot me as one of her part-time employees!
    I have never tried eggnog, but it does sound good! Lovely giveaway! Thank you!

  185. I received a shot glass chess set from a guy I had been dating for a few months. It was so random. I don’t know how to play chess and am not a big drinker. He said he thought I mentioned it, turned out it was someone else, but come on! How un-romantic!

  186. My late grandfather, God bless him, gifted me with a case of clam chowder for Christmas my freshman year of college. Creative, but a bit strange…It did come in handy, though when pizza funds were low. 🙂

  187. The worst gift I have every received by far was a fruit cake log made by my great grandmother….{bless her heart} It was colorful and well packaged, so I gave it a try. Her recipe included brandy which I believe was hardly appropriate for a child, guess she got them mixed up with the virgin ones, about knocked my socks off! To this day I swear I will never touch another fruit cake log….

  188. My husband gave me a vacuum cleaner one year. Uh, no thanks.

  189. I was once gifted lingerie from my fiance’s mother. I opened it on Christmas morning in front of the rest of the family. Unknowing…

  190. for my graduation I recieved an inspector gadget backpack—- hold on …wait for it…. I WAS 18 YEARS OLD !!! omg

  191. i don’t care for eggnog but appreciate the chance to win!

  192. Growing up, my dad’s family had a housekeeper that was like a family member to us. Even in her old age, she would come and spend Christmas day with our family. One Christmas, I got her a pair of these wonderful soft, cozy socks. But as soon as she opened the gift, she bursted into hysterical laughter. I had totally forgotten she had to have both her feet removed after a bad bout with diabetes! THANKFULLY, she was gracious to me and laughed it off. I was humiliated!

  193. My mother-in-law gave me a big wood slab shaped like an outhouse with a carved red hand pump (you know for water) and wood etching that said welcome to our home. I thought “she hates me” until she explained she had it hanging in her entry way in my husbands childhood home. Oh. Oh my. How about that. Lol.

  194. The first year I was dating my fiance, his mother gave me a very see-through sexy underwear/bra set. I truly thought I was opening the wrong gift! It was so awkward.

  195. I can’t think of the worst gift… but I really love eggnog. 🙂 I wish I didn’t, though, because it’s so terrible for you!

    This is a fantastic giveaway. And I’m laughing as I read everyone else’s comments….

  196. I have an aunt who loves to give adult-ish gifts to kids! I remember getting a fancy ball-point pen when I was about 11…Ok, I guess, til I realized it didn’t work! Oy! And oh boy, would LOVE to get some cards out this year, and T&L has such the perfect, simple, modern options!

  197. I’ve been pretty lucky with gifts – my family rocks. Last Christmas, before opening every single gift my (then) 4 year old would chant softly, “Please not clothes. Please not clothes.” It was hilarious.

  198. My hubby (before we got married) gave me a bird lamp, a jar of cashews and a new wood-like toilet seat(?????)!! Can you believe I still married him?!

  199. My husbands grandmother bought me the adult version of childrens pajamas, complete with footies, ” a back door”, bright pink with little kittens floating on clouds adorned with angle wings and sparkly halos..

  200. Several years ago my grandmother gave my sister (15 at the time) a box full of Tupperware. Not so bad right? Wrong. It was her mix-matched, used Tupperware. We were pretty sure that she had forgotten to put a gift together for my sister so just went into her kitchen and filled a box from random cabinets. It was hilarious!

  201. My mom actually gave a bad gift (cheesy holiday pillows) at our family’s annual dirty santa swap 2 years ago… when we played again last year, guess what showed up again? The pillows! The familiy member that recieved it, kept it to regift and get a good laugh. What was even funnier, was that my mom PICKED the gift to unwrap instead of stealing… it was priceless.

  202. Not so random, but we gave our uncle a pack of coors light, his favorite, except we stole all the coors light and replaced it with diet coke! Funny, especially when he opened it to get a beer.

  203. Long time reader – first time commenter! My mother-in-law got me the most atrocious oil painting I’ve ever seen – 70’s inspired floral arrangement in a tacky vase with a dingy gold frame. If I win, I will send a picture of it to you! 🙂

  204. Katherine Benson says:

    My brother ends up giving me a CD every year. I’m pretty sure he’s the only person on the planet who still buys CDs. Last year he gave me a Michael Buble one, which is great, but random. God love my brother 🙂

  205. The most random thing I ever got and a little wierd was a Go Girl Cup, its what ladies can use to go to the bathroom standing up!! 🙂

  206. I received monogramed slippers one year for Christmas – which doesn’t sound too random – but they were the WRONG initials!!!

  207. Bretta Hayes says:

    One year my mother in law gave me a box full of all of my husbands old toys, ragged teddy bears, etc. The thought was kind of sweet/sentimental ….. but for my gift?? Kind of lame ….. 🙂

  208. I actually got toilet paper in my stocking from my grandmother. Atleast it was something that we were able to use!

  209. For our wedding (in May of 2008) we received a “hand painted” santa donkey statue. It is about two feet tall – santa standing next to a donkey – and weighs like 60 pounds. We left that special gift at my parent’s house for them to enjoy 🙂 Great giveaway, I could really use the cards!

  210. Well, the very worst gift was from my boyfriend at the time, about 10 years ago. We has been dating for some years already, so it wasn’t any surprise that we were to exchange gifts. With anticipation, I open my bag (that’s right, not even wrapped…that should have been a sign!) and I pulled out a paperweight…some random design, with an entombed flower or something of the sort quite obviously bought at an 24 hrs. pharmacy or dollar store. Needless to say, the relationship didn’t last…at least I can laugh about it now! LOL

    Thanks, Lisa

  211. Wow-those are all beautiful.
    The first year we were married, my husband gave me a scale and carpet cleaner. He was thinking “housewares!”, but I was thinking “fat housewife”. Ugh.

  212. I should do a whole blogpost about this; one year I opened a large stuffed chenille frog from The Husband, and I promptly burst into tears. It made no sense. I had encouraged him to shop at a certain store that I loved; he apparently arrived there on Christmas Eve right at closing and ran to the first counter he could find….there, right before him was a display of stuffed children’s animals, so he picked the frog as the best of the choices offered. It was a too little too late gift that hit me totally the wrong way…I guess, in part, because I usually spend months thinking and planning about what I will get him for Christmas. Just so you know, the frog eventually redeemed himself…three years ago The Husband wrapped the infamous frog up for Christmas. When I opened the gift and pulled the frog out I thought, “Oh no, here we go again…” only to find that the frog was wearing an antique diamond bracelet. He made another appearance in February for my birthday wearing matching drop earrings. It was complete and total redemption, sweetened by the fact that The Husband actually had to plan ahead to pull this one off! So the worst gift eventually became a great gift! I guess good things come to those who wait!

  213. about five or six years ago, i made it known to my coworkers my distaste for christmas sweaters. well, guess what their gift to me that year was?
    and nope, don’t like eggnog.
    and i really need christmas card help, so i sure would love to win!

  214. One year my aunt gifted me with a reindeer embordered night gown (I don’t wear night gowns, but that’s neither here nor there). When I opened the box, she exclaimed to the entire room- “I got you a size extra large! It’s not because you are fat, I just wanted it to be roomy.” (thanks auntie-can I get some new self esteem next year?!?)

  215. my husband (then boyfriend) gave me the ugliest sweater ever…looked like it was straight off of the Indian reservation. i tried to act thrilled & even wore it a few times to appease him. I know it was over $100 which back in college was way more than he needed to spend, but it was the ugliest thing i’d ever seen! then his mom gave me one of those sweater shavers! ha!

  216. The females in our family pass around a giant bra. When you get the bra you have to add something to it before re-gifting it. I’ve been waiting patiently and (finally!) last year I was on the receiving end. Seems silly, but one year my great grandmother added red jewel drop earrings to the end of each cup. 🙂

  217. I love eggnog!

  218. I can remember vivdly the worst gift I ever received….I had an aunt that give me a Airbrushed Unicorn sweatshirt with my name it. I remember opening it and thinking I would not be caught dead in it must less everyone know my name walking around with a airbrushed sweatshit of a unicorn!

  219. Dianne Hill says:

    One year my grandmother wrapped up a can of tuna and a bag of potato chips and gave them to me…I was 14.

  220. My grandmother is notorious for gifting from garage sales. You know, old books and cat trinkets. So one year I opened a stack of Babysitter Club books. I loved them when I was 10, but that Christmas I was 22.

  221. My sweet grandmother loves LOVES loves QVC and always finds something random to get me each year. My fav was when she got me a light up snow man doll (i was 30 at the time). The sweetest part is how she trys to sell you on the gift after you open it. Just like what she heard on QVC….

  222. Oh my word, hate egg nog…..
    Worst gift ever received – OK, gonna have to use my brother here – he got switches when he was 7. SWITCHES…..that’s IT, SWITCHES. Poor kid – he was bad but SWITCHES??? SO felt sorry for him. He had a much better year the next year.

  223. One year, my grandfather gave us a ham. A giant, honey-baked ham. I love ham but there were two of us living in the house and that ham was really meant for 15-20 people. We had ham for months.

  224. A red (shiny) 3/4 length raincoat. 1. I’m not a red person. 2. I guess 1/4 of my arms are out of luck and get wet! 🙂 And no eggnog for me! I know, bah humbug.

  225. My sister received a March of the Penguins (like the movie) coffee table book a few years ago (she was at least 18…not the ideal gift for her). Each year, we all conspire to steal it from my parent’s house and re-wrap it (beautifully, of course) and re-gift it to one another. Not surprisingly, my son would really like to get it this year.

  226. Bonniesgirl says:

    We love eggnog, and fruitcake, too!! We also love gifts.

  227. I received a space heater one year! Love eggnog in small doses!

  228. one year my dad gave me black silky pajamas with lace from Victorias Secret. I think I was about 17 at the time. It was so awkward…and I don’t even wear pajama sets…only Tshirts! Needless to say they were returned!

  229. Hmm… When I was 12 my mom and dad gave me an oragami book with some oragami paper… I was very disapointed, since I has no idea what the heck oragami even was.. If they’d given it to me now, I would’ve gladly tried it! But at 12, I was looking for a way to get rid of it asap!

  230. A long time ago before the snuggie blankets were around, my mom gave me what looked like a huge zip-up sack with four holes for your arms and legs. It was the funniest looking “blanket” I’ve seen and we still joke about it!

  231. underwear from my boy cousin….of course his mom did the shopping & we were like 12. awkward stage to say the least….even more awkward opening underwear in front of him. ugggh!

  232. Hhhmmm, I can’t recall a weird/odd gift, and I don’t really care for egg nog. I hope this does not hinder my chances.

  233. Mrs. J Betts says:

    the initials A.S.S. best and worst gift all at the same time. 😉

  234. Rebecca Frame says:

    Let’s see….I have a family member who used to always give me and my sister the “FREE” gift with her make up purchase…everything in the pack was sample size. ..thTmight be the worst ofmit for me.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Rebecca Frame

    Happy Holidays

  235. One year, my mom gave me one those hand held sewing machines. She desperately tries to help me become more domestic! I made a few pillows with it, but that is where it ended! 🙂

  236. A hot pink fleece tinkerbell nightgown. I’m 28.

  237. This is a great giveaway! I am NOT a fan of eggnog!

  238. Kathryn Ward says:

    The worst gift I received growing up that were those special edition Barbies that you couldn’t even take out of the box and play with! What’s the fun in that as a kid? Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  239. When I think of crazy Christmas gifts, my grandmother comes to mind! A couple years ago she gave my dad, brother, and uncle a fire extinguisher!!! One year all the gifts she gave me had my initials on them!!! You learn never to be surprised!!!

  240. I’m sure that I’ve gotten my fair share of random gifts but nothing is coming to mind! I do love eggnog!

  241. My sister and I are very close in age and always looked like we were the same age (many people thought we were twins). Even though our family knew we were not twins, we frequently got the same present, one pink, one blue. I don’t think we would like non-personal gifts even if we were twins!

  242. Two years ago I asked for a specific bag with my monogram. I asked early on in the year and reminded my mom over and over as it was the only thing I really wanted to for Christmas. Being that I have 3 sisters, my mom decided to order us all one {yes I knew the order had been placed}. Fast foward to Christmas morning and everyone is opening presents. Each of my sister’s opened their’s and loved them. I opened mine, {I was so excited} and realize that my initals were wrong! My own mother got my initials wrong. No, it was not a mistake by the company, she actually ordered the wrong initals, getting mine confused with my aunts. Needless to say she has never lived it down and no, I never go another {corrected} bag 🙁 My Aunt, however, lucked out that year!

  243. What I once thought was the worst gift, has now become the best gift I have received…. here’s how.

    As a child, my paternal grandparents always gave us a jar of home-made ambrosia. By the time the Christmas Eve family celebration rolled around, it always seemed to be a bit old and fermented to me. I hated it’s taste, smell, everything. Secretly I wondered why they bothered giving us gifts at all – I knew they were very poor and thought they could just save the money they spent buying all the ingredients.

    The years have passed, and my sweet grandparents are no longer with us. My dad now tells us this story that every year he secretly thought the same thing. That changed when one December afternoon, years ago, he stopped by to see my grandmother. She was sitting on the front porch, cutting up fruit for the ambrosia. He worked along side her for 4 hours, and they barely made enough to fill a quart sized mason jar. At that moment, he realized that all those years the gifts were a labor of love from my grandparents.

    Now, my Dad spends hours at Christmas time making ambrosia for family, friends and neighbors. Like most things my Dad does, he has perfected the recipe and the process. His tastes much better than I remember ambrosia ever tasting. Now, everyone we know practically begs for a jar of it at Christmas.

    Amid all of the fancy wrapping paper and nice gifts, a mason jar filled with my Dad’s ambrosia is now my favorite gift to receive.

  244. My grandmother loves giving bad infomercial gifts that she finds on clearance at outlets. She obviously thinks they are too good to pass up but who really needs a snuggie, a reusable dryer ball or a random bottle of miracle cleaner. I know it’s the thought that counts so the whole family of course pretends to love the items. At least we get to try things we would never buy ourselves!

  245. This was not a holiday gift but a wedding gift…my grandmother gave me a ceramic vase with ceramic roses and it said “Friends are Forever.” On video, I sat there dumbfounded as I opened the box (with the dollar general $4 price tag still on) and I stumbled around for my words for a good minute or two before exclaiming with profound joy that I loved it and couldn’t wait to put flowers in it. Yikes.

  246. One Christmas I received a navy blue and red sweatshirt that had Winnie the Pooh embroidered on it (with a Santa Hat on it to boot!) from my then boyfriend’s mother. I was twenty years old at the time- not the fashion statment I was trying to make in the first year of my twenties! HaHa! I would like to say, I was very gracious about the gift! Happy Holidays!

  247. My husband’s father and stepmother gave us a HUGE canvas portrait of themselves. (needless to say, it is in the bottom of the closet, umm…b/c I haven’t gotten around to framing it:)

  248. My boyfriend (now husband) gave me the UGLIEST bracelet the first year we dated on my birthday. It was gold, with “diamond” xoxoxos all the way around. He later admitted the sales girl told him I would love it. I thought it was from an AVON catalog. We laugh about it now but that thing still makes me shutter when I open my jewelry box. Merry Christmas Urban Grace!

  249. I kid you not, the first Christmas married to my husband I received a Shark handheld vacuum. I was a tad bit (I am being nice here) disappointed but the thing has been attached to my hip ever since! It did not take me long to forgive him! Can’t wait to see what I get this year!

  250. One year my dad gave me and my oldest sister each a blanket that heated up. We were like 14 and 16 at the time, so we thought it was a little random to receive a heated blanket for Christmas. Especially when our little sister who was 10 at the time received an awesome stereo from him??? Haha, so funny looking back on it now.

  251. And one more for good measure, same grandmother but a gift to my husband. She gave all of the grandkids silver dollars at Christmas. She realized after my husband Kevin, whom she affectionately calls Keith (even after 8 years) received his that she didn’t have enough for the other grandkids so she came and took it back. She said “Keith, you’ll have to swap yours for a half-dollar.” No kidding. You can’t make this stuff up.

    And yes, a little eggnog, only at Christmas!

  252. One Christmas, my Dad gave my Mom the soundtrack to the King and I. Mom look really confused, and then Dad realized it was his high school girlfriend’s favorite movie. Yikes. Thankfully, we all laughed and it turned out fine.

  253. The worst gift I have ever received was a bag full of avon samples and a childrens holiday video…and was 18 years old. Although samples are always nice they werent age approriate !

  254. I once mentioned in the presence of my mother-in-law that tulips are my favorite flower. I was unaware that there is an entire genre of “country-style” tulips. I now am the owner of trivets, tea towels, dog leashes, photographs, paintings, nail painting toe separators and door hook that either are in the shape of or are covered with tulips.

    So I guess it’s a random gift that just keeps on coming. It’s the thought that counts, right?

  255. Heather Stripling says:

    When I was in high school one of my grandmothers gave me one of those make-up kits from Walmart that have about 1000 colors in them. I tried to be nice and put a little on and it ended up breaking out my face, just what you need in high school, more acne :P. She also gave me two pair of house shoes, just like she wears. You know the white fitted ones with a light pink bow on the toes. I guess she gave me two just incase one pair got dirty. 🙂

  256. Hmm I can’t think of anything too random or terrible. Hopefully I haven’t given any of those, either! Yikes! Yes, it is eggnog time yet??

  257. Yes Love eggnog!
    I received a glass head sculpture thing once??!!! A hat holder perhaps? Not sure what the point was, but it was weird to say the least! I think it came from Pier One!!!!! Merry Christmas!

  258. This is no joke… old computer monitor, like 1990’s style! Old-school! This was only two years ago at a friends Christmas party. Seriously, that taught me a lesson about choosing the largt, best wrapped box!!!! …and, what the heck do you do with a, working, old computer monitor that takes up more then half your desk space!? …maybe I can hook it up to my MacBook! Lol

  259. Can’t think of a bad gift. I do not like eggnog, but my husband does, so will buy some for him each year. I have made french toast from the leftover eggnog and it was pretty good.

  260. My “very” well off sister -in-law gave me a “very” rustic toad candle holder. So not me and I definately thought it was a joke. My other “very” well off sister- in -law gave my husband a n over the door wreath holder. My brother walked into the room and said why does ——– have the wreath holder tgat didn’t fit over our door? Awkward;0

  261. Years ago for my family’s Secret Santa, my cousin gave me a 1 year supply of disposable contact lenses. While very practical, not an ideal gfit for a 13 year old!

  262. My highschool sweet heart, oh so many years ago, on our first christmas together (my first Christmas with a boyfriend) gave me a book on astrology! I was taking a physics class at the time and was interested in the topic…. not so much that i wanted a book on the different stars, etc!! Great thought, not the best timing. Merry Christmas

  263. Steph Duford says:

    My mother in law gives my husband Jelly Belly’s every year. He hates them but she thinks he loves them. They get tossed every year…it is so funny! Last year she even got him the “Jelly Belly” machine:)

  264. When I was about twelve, I received a hideously ugly painted wooden duck from my uncle. The duck went straight to the donate bin, but I actually still use the wooden crate he came in!

  265. I received a blender for my birthday. When I was in 8th grade. My mom interpreted me saying “we need to get a blender so I can make milk shakes” as “Please buy me a blender for my birthday”

  266. a flashlight wrapped in a dish towel.
    same year, different family member… a book about EASTER.

  267. Most random gift? Red lipstick.

    I never wear lipstick EVER (only colored lip gloss) and red was a little outrageous to me. My mother-in-law must have thought I wasn’t fashionista enough and needed to wear some bright red lipstick. Lol!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  268. Liz Giesman says:

    The most random gift I have ever recieved is a pleather jacket from the professors I worked for in college. I used the gift reciept on to exchange it for a cool purse.
    Also, I do not like egg nog.
    Merry Christmas!

  269. Chelsea Payne says:

    Most of my bad gifts are ones from when our Sunday School class plays white elephant. One year we got a huge ceramic swan plant holder and another we received a cat platter!

  270. Two years ago my in laws gave me pajamas. I thought I’d show my appreciation by immediately putting them on to model. Since the room where I changed had no mirror I wasn’t able to take a look at myself. Turns out the shirt was see-through! I wondered why everyone had a weird look on their face…when I went to the restroom I was mortified that I’d just flaunted my underwear to my most conservative mother and father in law! Eggnog is only tolerable if it’s spiked.

  271. My husband gave me socks one year— yes, socks and he was dead serious. I think we’d been married for a few years at that point and he’s lucky we just celebrated 12 mostly blissful years of marriage except when I received socks!!

  272. I’ve been lucky and never received a terrible Christmas present! I don’t think I’ve given anything awful either… at least that I know of. 🙂

  273. oh how I’d love this!!
    (sometimes it pays to procrastinate right?)

    I was only about 9 years old but I remember the Christmas my father failed, in an epic way, by gifting my mom (a cute, slim, stylish woman) with an acrylic christmas sweater.

    The kicker was when she picked it up from the box to get a better view, it was about 4 feet wide. She calmly said, “Greg it’s a 2X.” (BTW her face was saying something else)

    Apparently the plus size section in the store was titled “Womans”, and he thought that’s where he should be.

  274. I haven’t gotten any terrible gifts (or maybe I have and I’ve just blocked it out….)
    I do like a little eggnog at Christmas

  275. How about a used Kitchen Aid stand mixer – I mean used like they got a new one and gave me their old one – what ??? I have a hard time getting my holiday card act together and this would be a HUGE help. Thanks!

  276. A snuggie!

  277. Amanda Ferreira says:

    Worst gift ever: my dad and step-mom gave me dental floss and finger nail clippers in a superbly ugly fanny pack when I was 9 years old. While fanny packs are inherently ugly, this one took the cake: it was electric blue with a reflective strip across it and a 5 inch thick rubber black waist strap. It also once belonged to my step-mom, so God willing the floss and clippers didn’t.
    That has to be the modern-day equivalent of receiving coal in your stocking! 🙂 Must not have been a very good girl that year?

  278. After getting married I have had lots of interesting gifts from the inlaws. One of the worst was a photo album with an airbrushed angel on the front as well as a tassel. Very weird and kind of creepy!

  279. My mom is a horrible gift giver…she gets excited when my sister, brother, or I show interest in anything because then she doesn’t have to actually think about what to get us, she can just get us ANYTHING dealing with this new interest. So about 10 years ago I mentioned that I liked the Ellen show (big mistake!). For the next THREE christmases I got the outdate Ellen Degeneres bio (that was published in 1995!). The first year I opened it I thought it was just a random book she found at a yard sale…but by the third year it became a big joke amongst my family (excluding my mom). I’m thinking about wrapping up my 3 copies of Ellen this year and giving them to my family!

  280. We get random gifts from my husbands grandmother every year. I think my favorite was the 1 PURPLE SILK random length pillow case with my initials monogrammed on it. The monogram was basically sewn on so it was already fallen off. My husband got a black silk pillowcase. So not only were they not matching pillowcases, they were different random sizes! His grandmother sews. 🙂

  281. Yes, l like eggnog – my husband and I usually do half skim milk, half lowfat eggnog to make it a little healthier.

  282. Ever year from the time I was born til 25 my aunt gave me precious moment figurines for Christmas and birthdays. Talk about endless disappointment year after year. To top it off my mom had me display them on the dresser in my room and every sat I had to take each and everyone off to dust the dresser. I think I had like 200! I HATE precious moments with a passion! My brother and sister received coin collections every year from the same aunt. I guess I was the favorite.

  283. Emilie Smith says:

    My grandparents that lived in Texas – the teeny tiny town of Stephenville – used to mail us a box full of presents every year. And every year we would carefully open those that were for us so that we wouldn’t react unpleasantly in front of my dad. They were the worst. Sounds so bad but they were. I remember one year she had crocheted around a butter tub a purse made out of yarn. Sounds really ungrateful because she had taken the time to hand-make these but still for a 15 year old girl, not the most exciting present. I think the best part of these gifts is the memory of secretly unwrapping them each year. Merry Christmas!

  284. Growing up, my aunt sold Amway products, and would give her random makeup samples to me as Christmas presents. These were oddball colors like bright green eyeshadow or foundation for someone with a very different complexion than me. Not only was the makeup unwearable, I started getting these gifts at age 10 or 11!

  285. I so wish I liked eggnog. It feels so festive to drink it! I try every year, but sadly cannot choke down more than a sip or two. Luckily there are things like hot chocolate and peppermint lattes to make you feel festive. No truly bad gifts for me. My grandma gave me a pair of brown jeans when I was about 10. I hated them, but wore them every.single.time. she came over so she knew I liked them. it was overkill. she must have wondered if I had any other clothes!

  286. For our wedding, my husband and I received a set of used, old knives. :/

  287. Madison Murray says:

    My sweet, sweet grandmother Baba lives in a retirement community that has a little gift shop with all sorts of hilarious tchotchkes and doo-dads. Last Christmas, she gave my fiance (who was my then-boyfriend) one of those giant, over-sized pencils that you find in museum shops, as well as a set of long, bendy erasers…he is 43 years old! My gracious fiance acted so excited, which obviously pleased Baba to no end. We still laugh about it, though he hasn’t had to heart to get rid of them yet. Happy holidays yall!

  288. some of the responses are hilarious! never been on the receiving end of anything too outrageous. from a very young age, my mom always taught us to put thought into what the receiver would like so it’s almost a competition in our family to see who remembers the most obscure thing one has asked for/mentioned/liked and gift it to them! oh and i LOVE eggnog. too much.

  289. Several years ago at the family “White Elephant Gift Exchange” I picked a gift from my great grandmother, thinking it would be the least harmless of the bunch- WRONG! It was her prosthetic breast that she used in her bra after her mastectomy!

  290. I can’t think of any bad gifts – so – yes, I love eggnog and save it for drinking during special holiday occasions and tasks – like addressing cards.

  291. What an awesome giveaway! My husband and I still laugh about the year my youngest was in kindergarten and wasn’t the best reader. He went to a little gift shop they held at school to buy us all gifts. He got my husband a flashlight that said #1 Grandma on it. He was so proud we didn’t have the heart to tell him then, but now that he can read he still laughs about it!

  292. Awesome giveaway UG & Megan!! My MIL gave me a 24-quart pressure cooker for my 30th birthday, which was definitely quite the surprise considering I typically don’t cook for 300 or can. And I love egg nog, esp when spiked 😉

  293. Julie Carter (the Babysitter) says:

    Ok… Well, I have several of these… But here’s a good one… So in high school my youth minister decided that since our youth group was so massive-like well over a hundred people-that we’d do a dirty santa Christmas party. Sounds fun right? Well how about NOT when me AND my sister (Jill) both to choose (the THEN “cool” guys of the youth group…you know… remember those guys…) gifts… Well the joke was on BOTH of us bc both gifts ended up being LIVE MICE. Not 1, NOT 2, BUT 3 in shoebox wrapped with holes in it. So that makes 6 LIVE MICE at this dirty santa Christmas party (insert loud scream and dropping of the boxes, and the mice crawling out of the boxes and running around the barn with teenagers squealing!) So needless to say it was totally DIRTY santa, and neither one of us came home with a half way decent gift bc of course NOONE would TRADE WITH US!!!!!!!!! That was the last time I EVER chose the hot guys present! xoxo Merry Christmas! Pick me for Mom!! : )

  294. My worst gift was a flourescent fanny pack and a ring watch!

  295. One year I received a paper mache, mexican puppet about 1.5″ tall from a cousin. It was decked out with the large sombrero, chaps and all. I thought, this is cool a unique gift from a trip to Mexico…. Nope. Purchased in the good ol’ USA at who-knows-where!! Guess she thought I would love to have a mexican puppet?! AND I unfortunately do not like eggnog. I wish I did it seems like a good idea around the holidays!

  296. When I was a kid, we were allowed to pick one gift on Christmas Eve. I chose the one from my grandmother, positive it would be the Barbie car I wanted. Well, it was a set of sheets. Used. From a garage sale. For a size queen bed. And I had a twin sized bed.

  297. my fiance and i started dating in november, so i figured we wouldn’t give each other christmas gifts since things were still so new and fresh. well, he gave me a candle (a nice woodwick one!) but at the time, i reeeallly didn’t like candles. i’ve grown to love them and obviously, the candle didn’t turn me off since we’re now getting married!

  298. How about the worst gift I never (thankfully) received? When I was 16, with braces and a bad attitude, my sweet, sainted Mother caught me on video as she went around the room asking everyone if Santa brought them every thing they wanted. Cut to me with a roll of the eyes and a hair flip “Do you see a silver Geo Tracker with a black top in the driveway??!” /thanks God for unanswered prayers and redemption from the teenage years

  299. An exbf’s mom gave me this huge basket full of smelly lotions and just that morning I had told her that I hated smelly lotions.

    I still have the basket sitting in my basement. It was so hard to act excited about the gift when I looked at her face.

  300. What a great giveaway! So 10 years ago or so, my grandfather (a computer science professor) had an idea that was just ahead of it’s time. He bought me a map computer program for Christmas. His idea was that I could take my (bulky) laptop in the car with me and get directions wherever I went. But the laptop battery lasted maybe 2 hours when it wasn’t plugged in and the idea of leaving my computer in the car when I went somewhere didn’t seem like the best idea. And it was much to heavy to carry around. They were never used!

    But of course now I use the navigation system that came on my phone all the time!

  301. There have been a number of strange gifts over the years. One of the most memorable was some sort of teddy bear air freshener. It basically seemed to be a teddy bear dipped in scented wax. It looked and felt sticky and was donated as soon as possible.
    I’ve had a blast reading everyone’s entries. I cannot believe some of these things exist in the first place and am totally baffled they people purchase them!

  302. A jester snow hat with a perfectly rounded cigarette burn in it.

    ps. “cousin” is a hippie that lives with no running water or electricity in colorado. she tried;)

  303. The most random gifts I get are from my mother-in-law each year. I don’t think she ever really knows what to get me, so I end up with random things that I’m pretty sure she bought for herself throughout the year (random shampoo, candle, coin purse, a random paperback novel I’ve never heard of, etc.). At least she has good taste and buys herself good stuff. 🙂

  304. I am cracking up reading some of these! My high school boyfriend once gave me an “ab roller” that we had seen on an infomercial. He swears that I said it was cool…..really????!!!!

  305. Meg Desrosiers says:

    The last Christmas I spent with a commit-phobe boyfriend, I was hoping for a thoughtful and romantic gift. I had done a little snooping and found a receipt for a jewelry store ( I never usually snoop but I was feeling particularly desperate I guess). I didn’t dare look at what it was for so I could be surprised on Christmas. Imagine my surprise when I was presented with a very large package (maybe he was trying to trick me?) – I opened it up to find a VCR (I know I’m dating myself – must’ve been mid-90’s) followed up by the movie Tommy Boy on VHS. Needless to say, I was disappointed – and I never did figure out who the jewelry was for! (Note: I was lucky enough to marry a man who always manages to surprise and dazzle me with his gifts!)

  306. I have an aunt who is notorious for giving strange gifts (and we’re pretty certain re-gifts). I was married in September and as a shower gift she gave us a Santa Clause doll & a craft cotton ball wreath ornament. I wish I could attach a photo of both of these gifts, because if you’re thinking they are cute, you’d be horribly wrong. We did have fun taking Santa out with us in the bachelorette limo though! Happy ho ho ho-lidays!

  307. Well, my husband NEVER picks up on hints. I’ve never had diamond earrings, so one year I hinted Heavily……….and wouldn’t you know, on top of the other gifts was a little tiny jewelry sized box, wrapped all pretty like. It was torture waiting for the customary 11th hour when we exchange our gifts on Christmas Eve before going to the families. Me and the kids gathered ’round as I eagerly tore open my jewelry box, huge grin on my face. As my eyes were popping out of my head, what did I see, but……. you guessed it, no earrings: some gaudy holiday pin. Passive aggressive much?? And Yep!! I bought myself some earrings, c.z.’s, but still….. LOVE EGGNOG AS LONG AS IT’s SPIKED!!!

  308. hmmm…that’s a tough one. My Grandma (whom I love very much) gave me a collection of the 50 state quarters. I will keep it forever, but did seem pretty random. Love the toast & laurel stuff!

  309. Megan Srygley says:

    I bought my husband’s grandmother a channel lip-stain. It was the worst gift ever. I was trying to buy a very nice consumable. However, giving a feeble 88 yr old woman who’s loosing her eyesight a lip-stain is a very BAD idea! She seemed excited when she opened it thinking it was regular lipstick and proceeded to put it on. Oh my gosh, it was very clear how horrible the idea was because she had it all over her mouth and around her lips and it stayed there all day. Lesson learned! I laugh about it now, but it was really embarrassing since we were newly married and I was new to the family.

  310. A hand sander – which now I would like but not when I was in my 20s. Never been a fan of eggnog – I would rather save the calories for dessert.

  311. One year my husband and I received a fiber-optic lamp of a wolf howling at the moon. We were speechless when we opened it. It was from a close friend of his parents and we just stuttered through our thanks. It became a joke in our house and we later used it as a nightlight when getting up with our newborn daughter at night. 🙂

  312. Last year, my first Christmas as a married couple, my new sister-in-law got me a PedEgg. Yes, a cheese grater for your feet!! To make it worse, she admitted that she got it from the pharmacy she worked at (which meant she got a 20% employee discount) – really?!?! I’ve held onto it just for the laugh every now and then…

  313. My “worst holiday gift” story is about a gift my sister received at our family gift exchange. We do a name drawing amongst all of us cousins and several years ago my sister received an unwrapped box of microwave popcorn. It had been opened with two packs of popcorn missing and then taped back up with masking tape. We are all secretively hoping every year that he doesn’t draw our name for Christmas.

  314. A christmas house flag that lights up. My mom was obviously thinking of her decor when she surprised me with that!!

  315. These comments have have been so entertaining! And love the giveaway – thank you! My MIL is the worst to give a gift to, she hates receiving them. One year she told me to get her an expensive face cream. On Christmas, we watched her open it, look disgusted and then give it away to her daughter! One of the many examples, but I love her beyond words!

  316. I LOVE eggnog!! 🙂

  317. Hand towels from Grandma at age 7. Brother crying in picholding up towel. Love it….and this fab giveaway!

  318. So, my favorite “bad gift” story wasn’t me, but my brother, who opened a quilt at 7 or 8 years old. A quilt? Yep. It’s on his bed to this day, but his response at the time, “A bed scrap!? Who wants a bed scrap!?” We still laugh at that one 🙂

    And yes, I love egg nog… it’s something special only my Dad and I seem to look forward to!

  319. I swear my mom gives me a duster every single year. Not talking feather duster here, but “housecoat” duster. Some are plaid flannel, others gingham and some fleece–these beauties beat my collection of old bridesmaid dresses. Sadly, I am known to wear them!! Gasp!

  320. An ex-boyfriend once gave me a deer-whistler (one of those things for your car?) and a tube of regular Chapstick (and that’s it!) for Christmas. It’s no wonder he ended up an ex, right?

  321. Anonymous Annie says:

    Do wedding presents count (we got married near christmas)? We got a horribly ugly ceramic vase and to top it off it was obviously used. On one side the gift-giver had tried to repaint it. I guess it wasn’t going as planned so she decided to gift it to us! Better than what she gave my brother and sister in law, used egg cups. And I love egg nog…with a little cinnamon on top.

  322. Every year for Christmas my MIL and SIL insist on buying and wrapping used items from goodwill, thrift store, etc. Half the time if it is a toy, it has missing pieces. For clothing, it will have another persons name on the tags. (they can even afford to buy new gifts)

  323. My husband’s 18th birthday gift from his parents was a set of horrible gold and paneled wood bookends. For his birthday a couple years ago, they got him a glass bowl, with squiggly little lines all over. We refer to it as the sperm bowl.

  324. To this day I still get clothes from the Disney store from my Aunt…and I’m 26!?

    And I love eggnog 🙂

  325. When I was, oh, maybe 8 years old, my grandmother (God rest her soul) wrapped up a jar of Jif peanut butter and gave it to me for Christmas. She said she knew I loved peanut butter and wanted to be sure I was never without it. Okay, I made that last part up, but it does make me feel a little better about the gift to think she actually said that!

  326. In our first year of marriage in 2008, the main gift my wife gave me for Christmas that year was… a tomato/bagel knife, to complete our calphalon knife set…

    In her (slight) defense, I did say that my favorite wedding gift we’d gotten that August was our knife set. I like to cook, and the knives are pretty awesome. I would frequently sharpen them before cutting meat, etc. and I took good care of them. So in her mind, it made sense to fill that one slot left in the knife block and make my dreams come true.

    When I opened the gift I knew I had to be appreciative and not let on that it was a pretty terrible gift, so I did as good a job of that as I could. I think after she started sharing with her friends what we got for each other she realized that “tomato bagel knife” didn’t have quite the desired effect she was going for.

    It’s something we joke about now and honestly, now I wouldn’t trade my tomato bagel knife for anything.

  327. Love Toast and Laurel–great designs! I don’t think I have received a terrible gift! I must be one of the lucky few after reading some other commentors!!! Happy Holidays!

  328. SarahMonteith says:

    One year for Christmas my Grandmother gave me a pair of padded underwear. She told me that my clothes would look much better on me if I had a bigger behind and she thought these would help! Guess this is why people have always told me that I had a “back with a crack!” Thanks a lot, Grandma!

  329. Worst gift is always tacky figurines from my mother in law.

  330. Amber Perona says:

    Most random gift was a bag of bouncy balls.

  331. A deep fryer from my husband…….I absolutely refuse to use it.

  332. My sister in law once gave me the free gift from an estee lauder purchase! Still in the free with purchase packaging!

  333. when i moved from texas to nyc – everyone (and i mean everyone) bought me for christmas that year… earmuffs, scarves, hats, gloves, wool socks, snuggies. may not be random, but it was a pattern!

  334. A few years ago, I was expecting a ring from my then boyfriend. I got a coffee pot. A nice coffee pot, but still.

  335. Christmas present from my husband… a hairdryer. And yes I like eggnog or as my kids call it “Christmas milk”

  336. My grandmother usually has a budget of $75 for each of her grandchildren, which is pretty nice since she only buys for 3. One year, while my brother and cousin got gift certificates and bottles of wine, I got $75 worth of tchotchke items from Hallmark. They consisted of holiday pins, ugly ornaments, and stuffed animals. I think there was even a cat notepad (and I don’t own/like cats). It is the only time in my life I was not only ungrateful for the bad gifts, but actually cried as I immediately bagged them up for Salvation Army on Christmas Day. Even my mother had no words, and its her own mother.

  337. What a wonderful giveaway! I received a vacuum from my mother-in-law. It was a very nice high end vacuum but still it was a vacuum…from my mother-in-law!

  338. My cousin got me a ginormous box of toilet paper! Turns out, it wasn’t such a bad gift after all…didn’t have to buy toilet paper for a few months! ha!

  339. worst? how about the snuggie my brother gave me for my 30th birthday. Thought it was a joke – but it wasn’t.

  340. can’t think of any horrible gifts i have received but i’ll answer your second question…

    eggnog = gross


  341. Any onion saver?? I mean really…who needs that when a ziplock works just fine? I hate items with only one purpose like that…

  342. I haven’t necessarily received a bad gift that I can remember but my husband did receive a hairdryer one year. He was less than thrilled.

  343. When I was 22, my mother gave me a very cute Vera Bradley bag. I was very happy to see this when I opened the gift, and model it for all to see. I then reached inside and pulled out a matching changing pad and burp cloth. It was a diaper bag!!
    She swears it was on sale, and she thought I could use it as luggage. Still…I will never forget recieving a diaper bag…

    Luckily, I am expecting in June and can dust it off and put it to good use!


  344. Susan Harris says:

    A pair of mens XL size work out pants…I am NOT a man and would wear a medium in ladies!!!! Thanks a lot!! LOL

  345. In the beginning of our 13 year relationship, my husband knew I liked wine. So, in true “male” form, he went the easiest route possible. He went to the local liquor store and bought every brand of pinot grigio he could find! He must have spent $300 and he just thought he had done the most awesome job! Now we have a 4 month old, and im thinking a lot of wine may be just what I need this year 🙂

  346. Luckily, I haven’t been the recipient of too many weird gifts but one year my boyfriend and I both got each other Piggly Wiggly shirts. Super random!

  347. The first Christmas we were together, my boyfriend (now husband) gave me a box full of mechanical pencils, highlighters, post-its, and other random office supplies. He genuinely thought I would like it b/c it was a bunch of little gifts in one. What??!! But he did make up for it with a North Face fleece afterwards.

  348. My sister once gave me a broken stapler. Granted, she was probably 6, but still.

  349. Definitely worst gift ever – a new toilet! We were renovating a home that had been in the family since the 30s and my in-laws surprised us with a new toilet. Although practical, not exactly what I had in mind as a Christmas gift for my new home. We had some good laughs and payback for them the next year was quite priceless. Let’s just say,they live on a farm, raise hand fed show steers & heifers, and use artificial insemination to breed so they can choose the bloodline. Needless to say, their gift came to them in a frozen embryo container with a tag that said, “The gift that keeps on giving!” Good times and we all called a truce.

  350. I received a snowman themed sweatshirt from my mother in law. I don’t wear sweatshirts and I definitely don’t dress for the season. Thanks for a chance to win!

  351. You know how every family has an eccentric family member? Well, in my family, that’s my Great-Aunt Dot. For my wedding shower, she gave me a set of mauve flannel sheets, a “USA” patriotic beach towel, and a soap dispenser shaped like a tropical fish that makes bubble sounds when you push down on the pump.

  352. I love reading the comments! My favorite awkward gift was given to me when I was a geeky 12 year old girl. My church going, lemon menagerie pie making great aunt, gave me a Tupac shirt because she saw “all the kids wearing them”. It still makes me giggle.

  353. I’m not a fan of eggnog after my mom TRIED to make it homemade and we all ended up sick!! Not a very merry christmas 🙁 Lesson learned, if I ever get the courage to try some again I will go with store-bought.

  354. My husbands grandmother gives garage sale sweaters EVERY year! I’m not even kidding.

  355. When I was 14, but Uncle gave me a black leather whip– I have no idea why he had it or why he chose to re-gift it to his 14 year old niece, but it was awkward for every family member in the room.

  356. I love Toast and Laurel! I guess I’m pretty lucky, can’t say I’ve received an awful Christmas gift…so far 🙂 I do enjoy one cup of eggnog each Christmas Eve!

  357. Christol Hickman says:

    When I was about 8 my parents gave me a pair of rain boots. I remember thinking they were the ugliest things I had ever laid eyes upon…but smiled through the pain so as not to disapoint.

  358. Love them! They are super cute. I haven’t really been at the end of receiving a weird gift but I love eggnog and love spicing it up with an adult beverage! 🙂

  359. I get some pretty random stocking stuffers from my MIL but nothing that doesn’t have a purpose… I am a lucky girl! and I do love me some eggnog 🙂

  360. when i was in second grade my class played a second grade version of “dirty santa”…everyone brought a gender neutral gift wrapped and you know the rest. well i ended up with a plastic santa filled with cheap chapstick.
    due to my chapstick addiction today i would be happy with this gift, but in second grade i dramatically thought it was the end of the world. i actually remember scowling at the girl in my class who brought them.
    SO dramatic…but i guess for a second grader these things are big deals!

  361. My brother gave me the worst gold rope earrings from Kay Jewelers – or was it Zales? My dad took a picture – the look on my face was priceless. The earrings? not.

  362. Melissa Whitt says:

    When we were first married my husband gave me a pressure cooker for Christmas, (really, we were still newlyweds, married just one month). I had no idea what it was and to this day I have no idea what one uses it for…I’m wondering now why I kept it all these years? And I LOVE eggnog! Eggnog lattes, eggnog with bourbon, eggnog with spiced rum. Love.

  363. This one is a bit awkward. A few Christmases ago, my ex boyfriend’s father was so excited about the gift he had picked out for me all by himself. When I opened up the Under Armor running thongs I don’t know who was more mortified my boyfriend, his father,or me. Some how the sister’s running thongs and my bangle bracelets got mixed up. Yikes!

  364. Socks for Christmas are pretty bad!

  365. My dad’s girlfriend gave me a crystal bowl wrapped in tissue paper. No box. Regift much?

  366. I love egg nog! It reminds me of my grandmother who always brought a very potent batch over in a red plaid cooler on Christmas day.

    Would love to win some beautiful cards! It’s the very last item on my holiday list!

  367. The weirdest gift is a toss up between a Florida beaded belt, a figurine of Santa holding Baby Jesus and a seamsters’ ham holder. (I had to look that last one up when I received it. “A dress makers ham is a contoured firmly packed cushion in the shape of a “ham” used to press curved seams, darts, sleeve caps and other contoured garment areas. A ham holder will store hams when not in use.”) The giver thought it was a holder for a Christmas ham that one might serve for Christmas dinner. (I suppose, instead of a platter.) You will be horrified to hear that we re-gifted all of those strange gifts. The belt still finds it way into a new home each Christmas with the photos of all of the previous recipients as proof of its nine year journey.

  368. Hmm, can’t think of a bad gift off the top of my head. But yes, love eggnog! (though now I stick to Silk Nog)

  369. We had dirty Santa with my in-laws last year and my husband and I ended up with his and hers lube and a vibrating shower loofa. Talk about an awkward gift in front of your mother and father-in-law!

  370. Um, most RANDOM Christmas gift ever was a stocking stuffer. My mom usually picks up a million things from the dollar store and puts them in our stockings (she still does this and I’m 28, married with child). One year, she put a plastic tampon holder container in there (to keep tampons without having them floating around lost in your handbag). Although weird, I actually did use it quite a bit!

  371. Worst gift…clear glass platter with green glass shaped asparagus on the bottom. It is now the infamouse asparagus tray that we pull out at random for a laugh.

    I do like eggnog (and toast and laurel).

  372. How about twizzers for your CHRISTMAS present from my MIL. Nice, huh?? and that was it.

  373. From an aunt I got a necklace set w/ necklace and 1 earring…and she new the earring was missing and gave it anyways LOL…

  374. Every year my MIL gives me the most random of gifts. One year it was mesh pants, a jacket in a style she would wear, and a large robe which wouldn’t be to bad however I wear a small. I also got from “santa” one year a set of keys to the car that i totalled a few months before chirstmas and a slow down sign. Guess he does really see you when your sleeping and awake! LOL!

  375. Worst gift…the makeup kit I rec’d from my mother in-law, or maybe it was the cheesy sweater that came with it. It was like a gift for a teenage girl. I donated them so, someone was happy!

  376. Every year we trade a hideous holiday mug in our family gift exchange – no one knows who originally bought it but now it’s a tradition for someone to re-gift it! It’s a lot of fun…unless you’re the one that ends up with the mug :).

  377. carolyn Cartwright says:

    The worst gift I got was a gift from my step sister in law, she drew my name three years in a row. It was a pearl necklace from Avon minus the pearl. It fall out before I open it. She said it was very pretty with the pearl, but where was the pearl???!!!! I love eggnog and look forward to it every year. With the rum or without!!!!

  378. One year I was given a dream interpretation gift from my husband’s aunt and uncle.. it was an interesting read 🙂

  379. When I was in college, my dad bought me a Napoleon Dynamite statue that said movie quotes. Totally random, but seriously awesome at the same time!

  380. I am forutnate enough to say I have not been on the receiving end of a bad Christmas gift, but my poor husband had his share last year. EVERYONE (parents, siblings, in-laws, etc.) gave him socks. I think he racked up over 20 pairs!

    Also, I do not like eggnog but I LOVE your blog!!

  381. My ex sister-in-law one year gave packages of jockey underwear from her 3 year-old-daughter.

  382. This happened to my husband, not me, but it fits. His aunt gave him a cassette tape titled “Why Jesus Wants You to Wait Until Marriage.” He was 17. Not only was he stunned and mortified, that was all he got from her. He’s now 31 and it still makes me laugh!

  383. My husband’s grandma always gives random gifts….
    Our first married year, she gave me a “baggler”. It is a plastic handle with hooks so you can carry multiple bags of groceries up stairs easier!!! sigh……

  384. My boyfriend’s parents try so hard to buy me gifts that I will like; however, one year they gave me a gift basket of lotions and such from Sam’s. I thought it was the least thoughtful gift ever because I never use cheap lotion or bubble bath. Also, the basket was a tacky cookie jar.

  385. In college, my boyfriend of 2 years gave me silver teddy bear earrings. I had a complete loss of words. I still do.

  386. My sister-in-law always gave me a list of expensive and hard-to-find gifts for her children which I did my best to comply with. One year (the last year we exchanged gifts) my daughters and I received generic clock radios from Brookstone from her. It just turns out that one of my daughters worked there during the holidays and told us they were the freebies you got when you bought something else. So her kids got the expensive gift from us PLUS another nice gift from Brookstone – and we got – nothing. Like I said – gift-giving ended that year!

  387. A vaccum from Santa before my freshman year at Auburn.

  388. Last year my parents bought my husband a lawn mower. We had lived in our new house for almost two years and our neighbors had been mowing our lawn the entire time because my husband never went out and bought a mower nor would he let me hire a landscaper to mow it. Needless to say, his face was none too happy when he opened the giant box. His response to me later that night in private, “how would you feel if you got a vacuum for Christmas.” To be honest, I’d be pretty excited to get a new vacuum. I guess that’s how women differ from men. Oh, well! ‘Tis the season.

  389. My freshman year in college, my new boyfriend gave me a fleece blanket and a copy of the movie “Babe” (yes, the one about the pig) and told me it “reminded him of me.” I always wondered if he thought I was a babe, or a pig, or just child-like?

  390. One year I got a box of Ticonderoga #2 pencils from my brother, because he said I write a lot!

  391. My then boyfriend (now husband) gave me a giant pillow with a picture of him on it…Merry Christmas to me.

  392. My in laws gave us a dvd of a fire in a fireplace. That’s it. That’s all that was on the dvd.

  393. When I was 17 years old, all the girls were getting really cool presents- new cars, computers, trips, clothes, etc. My parents gave me a hunting rifle. I enjoy hunting occasionally but I was so embarrassed to go back to school and admit I got a rifle for Christmas!

  394. The most recent worst gift was a picture book about Hurricane Ike that hit Houston from my in-laws. We had a tree fall on our house during the storm….not exactly something we want to remember fondly through the picture book!

  395. I can honestly say, I don’t think that I have ever gotten a really bad gift. My family has always been pretty amazing with thoughtful gifts. Egggnog, I love-especially with nutmeg sprinkled on top 🙂

  396. The first year my husband and I were married, his aunt made us matching “Property of…” sweatshirts. Omigosh.

  397. When I was in junior high, for Christmas, an aunt sent me a pair of Auburn Boxers…which would’ve been cool, except that they’d been my uncle’s…as in, he WORE them!!!

    And perhaps this doesn’t count because it was for a birthday, but that same aunt nicely wrapped and sent my mother (for her birthday) a “corn remover” – like, for your feet…it too was used. It’d been their mother’s…who, at the time, had been deceased for more than 20 years…I’m laughing so hard typing this. We died when Mama opened it. My sweet aunt didn’t send it as a joke. She was for real.

    PS I love my aunt. 🙂

  398. I received 5 cans of clams from my husband’s grandmother one year. So random!

  399. I don’t care for eggnog one bit! 🙂

  400. one year i received a hidious pair of floral tights in teen sizes from my step grandmother. they were horrible!!!!!

  401. The gift itself wasn’t horrible, but everything was just slightly off …. one year, my grandmother gave both my sister and me nightgowns. To begin with, they were very ruffly and little girl, and I had entered teenage years … and mine was MUCH too small. It was something of a tradition to go say good night to my grand parents in pajamas at that age, so my mom had to scheme with me to make it natural to not go through that step and make her feel bad!

  402. Oh, do I remember this one! My grandmother gave me a giant jigsaw puzzle CARRIER!! Seriously, they make those?!?! It would be one thing if I even liked to do puzzles… but to actually carry/transport them around 😉 Hmm.. not sure where you even find one of those.
    AND… last year I received a poinsettia Christmas tray with a receipt in the box dated 1999! Now that’s some serious re-gifting!

  403. My uber romantic hubby got me a wireless router for my birthday one year. I think he realized how bad it was by the look on my face when he had to explain what it was. He came up with the idea that it was romantic because we could both be online with our laptops simultaneously! Yikes, poor guy will never hear the end of that one 😉 I’ll only drink my eggnog spiked!!

  404. one year my dad made me a nutcracker.
    but instead of it being a nutcracker dude, it’s a duck’s head.
    weird, wild stuff.

  405. The worst gift I have ever received were bunny slippers… an adult. They are cute for my 2 and 4 year olds, but not for someone in their 30’s. Thanks so much!

  406. I am glad to know that other in-laws give questionable items as well. The most random gift we have received, from our in-laws of course, was a magnetic globe that lit up. Seeing as we had no children at the time, nor are we school teachers, I have no earthly idea how a magnetic globe seemed like a good gift. It wasn’t. I love eggnog.

  407. I can’t think of a bad gift but I do love some eggnog! Thanks for hosting!

  408. Last weekend, my in-laws gifted us a personalized – plywood – snowman family. It’s huge. Thank goodness they live about 75 miles away and won’t drive by on a daily basis to see that it’s (not) up.

  409. I was enlisted to help give the most bizarre gift. My grandmother asked me to wrap a butterfly shaped pewter snack tray for my mother, but grandma wanted me to put meats and cheeses in it first. To sit under the tree. (we had a big dog.) funny, I can’t remember how I politely advise against it.

  410. One year my MIL gave me a Belly Dancing Kit, yes…I’m serious. I didn’t know how to react so I just stared at it until my husband deflected the attention to him. We had only been married a year or so and it turns out it was a joke which I found out YEARS later. I’ve kept the gift hidden still in its original packaging because I have been saving it to return to our dirty santa game. We’ve been married 9 years now, so I can’t wait to see her face when it returns this year!

  411. It doesn’t really count but I did receive a dirty bathrobe once in a white elephant gift exchange… lovely. I do love eggnog. My favorite the last few years is the silk nog. It is made from soy. I love the taste and because it is lower in calories I can enjoy it more often.

  412. yuck to eggnog.

  413. What a wonderful giveaway from Toast and Laurel! I can’t recall any crazy gifts, but I sure do love eggnog!

  414. A guy I was dating gave me a nice gift – small something , cant even remember what it was, I gave him a nicer gift or one that cost more money. Then he felt bad and went out and bought me another gift – one of those Dickens house for christmas- which I do like but weird he thought he had to get me another gift.

  415. The worst gift I have ever received was actually from my parents, I am embarassed to say (they usually give great gifts)! Starting in about 5th grade, my mom ordred me a magazine subscription to this Christian magazine for pre-teen girls (for approx. ages 10-13). Totally appropriate for that age…but when I was still getting the magazine renewed and in my mail at age 21, I had to draw the line and tell her to stop it!

  416. A dear friend has a knack for giving strange and definitely “not me” gifts. A few years ago, it was a huge rubber ducky. Opening a box to find a one-foot tall, yellow, rubber duck was odd in itself, but this one also had seasonal outfits! A phone call later, I quickly realized it was not a joke. Yes, it’s truly the thought that counts! 🙂

  417. yummy! i love eggnog. One Christmas someone gave my daughter a used baby doll with one eye. we call it “ole one eye”

  418. I just had my first child in September and I would love to have this Christmas card suite to create our first family card. The worst gift I ever received was a huge sculptural gold necklace from a friend that cut into my neck when I wore it. The worst part was that she really thought I’d like it. It is the thought that counts and I know she meant well 🙂

  419. Last year my father in law gave me and my husband matching hard rock cafe outfits… mine was a see-through long sleeve shirt and my husbands was a muscle-T.

  420. Yankee Swaps always result in some doozies… one year I ended up with a book, “The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told.” Oh wait… maybe that was the BEST gift ever. And yes, love, love eggnog!!

  421. Ha! I once received a monogrammed contact lens case! Thanks for the opportunity to enter! Merry Christmas.

  422. One year for Christmas my brother (who was old enough to know better… we’ll just say his age ended in -ighteen) gave me a swirly straw (google image if you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about). There was nothing else. Just a swirly straw. He said he knew how much I loved drinking out of a straw. Really? I know how much people enjoy blowing their nose with tissues, but that doesn’t mean I get them a box for Christmas! P.S. I really was grateful, just not as grateful as I would have been if I received the Wilson Phillips CD I was dreaming of.

  423. When I was 12, my Mom thought she was getting me the greatest gifts by giving me the “Lord of The Rings” movies. I opened the box, thrilled because these movies were the talk of all the cutest boys in school, and they hadn’t even come out yet. Key point being that THEY HADN’T COME OUT YET. It was a set of the books, which to this day I have not read. We were both fooled by the packaging. Poor Mama, it really was the thought that counted.

  424. The year was 1998. I was 14, a high school freshman. The formative years. There are two dress bags hanging in the living room from a good friend of my mother’s. What was it, you ask? Not anything from The Limited as I’d hoped. Two MATCHING dresses with Santa prints on them – one for me, one for my 9 year old sister.

  425. I worked at a hedge fund a few years ago. As you can imagine, gift exchanges can be quite awkward for those out of touch with regular, normal society giving. A partner drew my name so I was hoping for a designer purse or something fabulous, like he had given his assistant. Much to my dismay, when I opened the bag, the first thing I saw was KY & forced the bag closed again. Umpteen shades of red I turned. I had just gotten engaged & he thought it was a great idea to give me a marriage survival kit, complete with ear plugs, chapstick, breath mints, etc. The KY was massage oil & he hadn’t a clue about what the brand was known for. Needless to say it went over like a lead balloon, and I think the person he drew the following year ended up with something much more appropriate.

  426. The first Christmas my husband and I were married he got me a trash can for our bathroom. Bless his heart! Of course I graciously accepted the gift, but I couldn’t help but think, ”what in the world was he thinking.” Wishing you and your family a most blessed Christmas!

  427. Oh and I only love eggnog if it is homemade and has whiskey in it! (No lie, my Grandmother has a special recipe that is to die for).

  428. One year in high school my boyfriend bought me a sweater from a plus size women’s store….I weighed all of 98 pounds and could easily shop at Limited Too!! At least he bought me a small! I never had the heart to tell him.

  429. My worst gift was from my husband. Foot warmer slippers from bed bath and beyond, the kind where you put the insert in the microwave to warm it up, and a lighted vanity mirror. Looking back, it doesn’t seem as bad, just not the kind of gift I was expecting from my usually awesome gift giver husband 🙂

  430. My mother-in-law gave me a picture of her dog in a dog frame. I’m allergic to dogs and we don’t live near each other so I don’t even really know her dog. I couldn’t quite understand this gift. Our kids get a kick out of it though; they think it’s the silliest gift ever.

    Another year she gave us a DVD of the yuletide log…you know how the yuletide log is shown around Christmas time, with holiday music playing in the background? That’s what the DVD was. That’s all, nothing more to it. I suppose that years ago when we only had 3 TV channels, the yuletide log may have been the thing to watch on Christmas. But now, with hundreds of cable channels and a fireplace of our own, what’s the point of owning that DVD??

  431. Last year on Christmas Eve, my kiddos got to open one present of my choosing 🙂 I had made them all pj’s. My 6yo son cried because it wasn’t legos, while his 3 younger sisters happily put their new pajamas on. Is it mean that I’m considering making him another pair this year?

  432. The worst gift I have received is a dead poinnsetta from a coworker.

  433. Shelly Hickerson says:

    A box of slap scrabble cards that the person ran to the store to buy after we had arrIved!

  434. I’ve received a number of bad gifts. One was a space heater from my parents when I first moved home after college. They heard my complaints about the house being 60 degrees everyday. Another worst gift was pocket tissues from my boyfriend’s stepmom. She likes to collect random things throughout the year and give everyone goody bags of random things. Lastly, I received furry (not good furry, like troll hair flurry) hot pink slippers from my aunt when I was 22 years old.

  435. Worst Gift? Probably the pack of nasty liquor filled chocolates I got last year. Can’t remember who gave them to me, but in my mind, tequila goes with lime, not chocolate! Blech!

  436. Well, I once received a gift that resembled a sock stuffed with beans. My aunt and uncle, the thoughtful givers of said gift, explained that it was “a neck soother”, to be used as a pain reliever for neck problems. I was 22. No neck problems, just the recipient of a gift that was obviously lying around their house and thrown into a box once they remembered their niece was coming for Christmas!!

  437. Don’t like eggnog! 🙂

  438. a used wireless router ‘wrapped’ in a plastic grocery bag. he meant well though.

  439. The worst gift I received was for my wedding. Not only did I get eight (yes, eight!) crock pots, I received a crocheted afghan that was in a rainbow of the nastiest colors ever…definitely not my style at all. Since it couldn’t be returned, we just donated it. I hope it has found a new home where someone can love it!

  440. My Grandma loves to knit (which can be a good and/or bad thing) so I’ve received many a knit socks, scarves & hats over the years. I’ve worn some knit hats out because I love them so much and others I wouldn’t be caught dead in even if I was dying of hypothermia 🙂

  441. last year i got my sister a package to the spa and she got me a pyrex dish (9×13)… i hope she gets a little more creative this year

  442. I’ve gotten a couple of random gifts over the years. Two that stick out would be a doll from my husband’s grandma and a baby onesie in red that said “Baby’s first Christmas” from one of my friends the first Christmas my husband and I spent together. And yes, I love eggnog!

  443. I was about 3 months pregnant and my then sister-in-law gave me a ceramic block for the baby’s room. Almost forgot, I don’t like eggnog at all…yuk!

  444. Stephanie Lowe says:

    The most random gift I ever got was a full zip up ski suit. Why random you ask? Because I don’t ski like not at all like hot chocolate in the lodge don’t ski:)

  445. Way back in my early teen years we traveled down to visit relatives in LA. I was the youngest of all the nieces and nephews at the time. I spent a lot of time playing with the animals on my Aunt and Uncle’s farm (I was a city girl with no pets). Well my aunt decided that I needed a dog, and so for Christmas she bought me a walking toy puppy that barked. Yes, there I was in Middle School with a Go-Go the walking pup. I had never felt so young and silly in my whole life.

  446. Once in a yankee swap, I ended up with a chicken wing. Someone sliped it in as a joke at our annual friends Ugly sweater christmas party. The anticipation of getting the gift open and then seeing the look on everyones face was priceless..We must have all laughed for a good 5 minutes and then through out the night… I bet you can imagine how fast I traded my chicken wing for a bottle of baileys:) Who does that?? happy holidays,TO YOU ALL!!

  447. um. i got a plastic poncho in my stocking. while practical it wasn’t too exciting.

  448. An old boyfriend once gave me this really nice hand soap and bathroom spray set…really??? Was he trying to tell me something? When I opened it, I thought he was kidding….no, he wasn’t!!! 🙂

  449. Fortunately, I can’t think of a horrible gift I’ve ever received. I must have great friends and family who know me well :). I used to love eggnog but it seems to grow more disgusting to me the older I get. Odd. I’m crossing my fingers my name gets picked–otherwise, I think I’m skipping out on Christmas cards this year.

  450. One Christmas I got a condiment tray in the shape of a hotdog. The gift giver was appalled that I wasn’t overly thrilled…

  451. I’m pretty picky about the decor in my house, yet my family always buys things for me. I feel guilty for not displaying all the gifts (is it bad that they go from the gift box to Goodwill?). I could list several things, but let’s just say that if I kept everything I have been given, my house would look like a Hallmark store from the 80s!

  452. I can’t think of any terrible gifts, but I do love me some eggnog!

  453. One year my husband asked for an “electric hair trimmer” (or an electric razor) and my grandmother addressed a package to both of us with a “pubic hair trimmer and shaver set”! There was a graphic on the package that looked like it was from 1980, if you know what I mean!!! Our family still laughs about that to this day!

  454. You know the really cute wine bags…when you see one, you get excited just thinking about what’s inside? Well one year I got the bag, and instead of wine there was a bottle of Pete’s hot sauce. Not exactly something you want to poor in a glass and sip…

  455. I soo need a push for christmas cards. We have a ‘blended’ family so the picture part is hard but I want the picture cards!!

  456. My grandma gave me a hand painted panda sweatshirt, front had the front side, back had the back side. All of my cousins got one as well.

  457. I LOVE your blog and have been reading it for a while, I have never posted a comment until this AWESOME giveaway! I would not say our family gift was a bad gift, it was given with good intentions. My husbands grandmother was out West on a church Seniors trip and she wanted to get all the grandchildren, their spouses, and her great grandchildren personalized ornaments for their tree. Every family got great ornaments except for ours. She wanted everyone to have one so there was not a ornament with the names Kevin or Creighton.So,she decided she would just use substitute names and got them ornaments with Kelvin and Clayton. Of course, we had to use them,she was very proud of her quick thinking! 🙂

  458. When I was 17 years old, my Grandma gave me a pink Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. I love my Grandma, but my first thought was, “Geez, does this woman even know me?”

  459. I had a great aunt that would wrap up things in her house and give them as gifts. Haha…so I could go on and on about the random things we received… some sort of prescription drug promotional flashlight, a weather radio, pre-worn mittens, a nightlight and then the following year the EXACT same nightlight. Just a few from the long list of things.

    She was about 4 feet tall and she was one of the sweetest, most kind women I’ve ever met. She also wore her christmas tree skirt as an actual skirt one year. I guess that also makes her one of the most resourceful women I’ve ever met, too!

  460. I don’t love eggnog, but it isn’t Christmas for my dairy-free husband until there are several cartons of “soynog” in the fridge.

  461. I’m blanking on any terrible gifts I’ve received, but a few years ago my husband received a Tinkerbell wall decal and a Disney Princesses’ holiday village set – you know those things you set up on a table. Awful. It was from his brother and sister-in-law and I’m sure was meant to be a joke, but that’s all they gave him, no real gift! I’m crossing my fingers really tightly on this giveaway, we have a new baby to celebrate and send cute photos of 🙂

  462. Two christmas’s ago i got used lotion. I was like what? But my Grandma only has good intentions!

  463. Worst gift ever was an gaudy, intricate ceramic fruit basket that rattled before I opened it. Come to find out it was broken into thousands of pieces! It made me lose the guilt of not putting it out at home since it was broken i could throw it away. And…I LOVE Eggnog! My grandmother had the best recipe, I use it every Christmas.

  464. Melissa Heckathorn says:

    My stepmother gave me the SAME Liz Claiborne sweater two Christmases in a row. What is better than a Liz Claiborne golf sweater to a 13 year old girl? Getting it again the next Christmas as a 14 year old girl!!! Best part is that I wasn’t allowed to take it home to my house. I had to leave it there and it just happened to be her size!

  465. My uncle gave moth my brother and I body pillows. I was 8….my brother was 12. Not even a little bit awesome.

  466. Can’t think of any weird gifts, but I do like eggnog!

  467. At about 12 Santa (dad) decided it would be a great year to leave me a fishing pole, deluxe camping Swiss Army knife and pump pellet/BB gun. Needless to say this girly city-girl didn’t really know what to say! Neither did my Mom 🙂 Oh my 6 year old sister also got a fishing pole… I’ve got to say that some of my most fond childhood memories are of our father/daughter fishing trips!

  468. Thank you for providing a good laugh! I think every year I get one of those gifts that make me go “huh?” Last year it was a light up wall hanging. Eggnog, yes please! I prefer mine straight up from the carton…with a dash of cinnamon…yum 🙂

  469. My second year of marraige, my mother-in-law went with my husband Christmas shopping ang “helped” him shop for me.. I was very surprised Christmas morning to open up not one but two of the day gowns(the type that had snaps down the front)I couldn’t hide my disappointment. I cried all Christmas morning!! Needelss to say, she never helped him shop again!!

  470. One year my mother forgot 95% of my presents in her hiding spot…I have three older siblings and spent the better part of the morning watching them open gift after gift from my perch on the couch. At the end of it all, my dad looked over and said “geez, Abigail, doesn’t look like you got a whole lot this year.” At which point an almost literal lightbulb went off over my mother’s head…She more or less SPRINTED to her bedroom to find the rest of my loot.

  471. Heather Cates says:

    Random holiday gift…yes, a Pannini maker from my father-in-law. I did not use it for a year, but then tried it one day and decided I loved it.
    I do not really like eggnog…it’s too thick and like a runny egg yolk for me!
    Now, if the eggnog is spiked, then I might have to have some.

  472. It’s not the weirdest gift but about 10 years ago I received one of those already boxed perfume kits from Macy’s (Pleasures..if memory serves). It would have been a nice gift from my Mom but it was from a boyfriend (of a year). I remember hoping it was going to be something so special and being so excited to open it. Then I opened it…and poof…out went all the excitement. It would have been nice to receive something that had a little thought put into it! Needless to say…much like the gift the relationship when up in smoke too! LOL. Happy Holidays!

  473. The worst–a “rock” that was also a votive candle holder. What do you do with that?!? We use it as a door stop….

  474. Every year growing up, my grandmother always gave us underwear. I remember being so embarrassed to open the gift from her because I already knew what it would be. Sometimes I would go hide behind the couch to open her gift. She refused to give us anything but something practical!

  475. One year I received a pair of shoes that I had given the same friend the year before…I guess she forgot;)

  476. Worst gift…I’d have to say plates I received from my Aunt last year…..ugliest-plates-ever! They looked like Italian pasta plates….but had the most God-awful hand painted FRUIT on them….I was polite about it. I’m low on space, as I live in an apartment….they’ve been collecting dust for almost a year now.

    I don’t have the heart to give them away to charity or to someone that would love them….I do not. Food would be scared to drop on to these plates.

    yes. Their that ugly.

  477. I can not believe I am going to tell this story, outside family, but here goes. I was actually the one giving the gift. My husband’s family had a sweet, sweet lady that had done house work and cooking for them since my mother-in-law was 16 years old. After she retired, the family still continued to include her during the holidays. In her later years we were the ones tending to her needs. I can’t remember the exact year, but back in the 80’s, when the “toe” socks were really in style. I thought that would make a great gift for her complete with skid resistant bottoms. Little did I know, due her her condition, that she had to have her foot amputated earlier that year. When she opened her gift you could have heard a pin drop. I was humiliated! She was sooooo gracious and had a big laugh about it and tried her best to make me laugh about it too. Even though she passed away several years ago, I still think about it and how she was so wonderful making me feel better about the most terrible gift ever. SHE truely was the most wonderful gift to our family.

  478. I have always been so happy with my gifts, I can’t think of one! I love this season! Can’t wait for Christmas!

  479. bad gift . . . . let’s see how about a blue and red velour bodysuit for a 3 month old baby given to me last year for our 18mth old girl??!!!! and they kept going on about how wonderful the gift was ….. I don’t even have words to explain . . . ha ha ha Love your blog! ……….. and YES I like eggnog but only the Silk Soy Eggnog!!! YUMMY

  480. worst gift…just inappropriate, actually. my lovely Grandma (with grandkids all 7-10 years older than I) gave me some Victoria’s Secret lacy underwear. I think I was 11 or 12. So embarrassing and just wrong.

  481. Oh my word, I’m DYING to win this! But my worst present ever received – this wasn’t for Christmas, but for our first {first!} anniversary my husband gave me one of those clear plastic dish things that you put under a plant to catch the water. Yep. I still won’t let him live that down. For the record, he did give me something else, but still… I was noooot a happy camper. 🙂

  482. My grandmother gave me the book “A Wrinkle in Time” THREE Christmases in a row when I was young. I thought it was a joke, but she never remembered giving it to me before! Fair to say I probably re-gifted a couple of those! 🙂

    My sister Katie just had a baby boy and I’d love for her to be able to send some of these holiday cards to friends and family with her precious baby boy, Jude, on them!

  483. My neighbors were going through a separation, the children were about 10 and 8 years old, the mother put COAL in the father’s stocking.

  484. The worst present I ever received was a giant plastic/resin Santa decoration that I was told was a coveted collectible and still had the price tag of $1.99 on the bottom lol.

  485. The first year we were married my husband and I were trying to save money. Knowing that I liked to shop at the Salvation Army my husband thought that would be a good place to get my gift, and it would have been if it was something fun. Unfortunately he bought me an old ladies sweater (that smelled) and a pair of men’s sock. Yeah, that was NOT a good first Christmas. I have taken to buying my own Christmas gifts and 14 years later we are still happily married.

  486. Two years ago, in January, I started receiving a Science Monthly type magazine…my uncle decided that I needed to brush up on my science skills every month, for 12 months. I hate science. I had to take it 3 times in college just to pass with a D. But nah, not a big fan of eggnog

  487. My husband got me this oversized grey thick fleece bathrobe shortly after I had my son (I don’t even wear bathrobes) – I would have given it a try except it is the most unattractive thing you will ever see! I am sure he thought it would just be comfortable after having the baby – but seriously so not the gift to give to a new mom who’s was desperately trying to feel attractive again 🙂

  488. It never fails….every year, my dad gives me a box full of random thigs that my step mom bascially does not want in their house anymore…thanks. But seriously…every now and then, something gets sprinkled in that was his mom’s and I LOVE THAT!!!

  489. Love eggnog. I got an open can of popcorn, but it was open and had a hanukkah theme…

  490. Oh man do I want to win this?! I can’t think of a crazy gift- I guess I’ve been lucky? But I do like egg nog, so does that count? 🙂

  491. Woohoo for giveaways!!!! Thanks, Erika & Toast & Laurel! I don’t have a rolling on the floor hilarious gift that I’ve received, but I do have a “hardy-har-har” gift–one year my husband gave me a really nice juicer–never told him I wanted one, and have no clue how he came up with that one, and never used it either 😉 I’ve learned to be specific about my wish-list!

  492. Morgan Ford says:

    My husband is from England, so we often get small, light gifts at Christmas, because they are easy and inexpensive to mail. One year (when my husband was in his late 20s. maybe early 30s), his aunt and uncle sent him a wrist wallet. What is that, you ask? It was a pleather change purse, with a zipper, attached to a pleather strip that attaches around your wrist with velcro. Thank goodness they weren’t there to see him open it!

  493. I haven’t checked blogs in over a week and I’m glad to read this today! What a nice giveaway!!
    One year a distant relative sent me a candle holding chandelier with hook for hanging. It was so strange looking.

  494. Anytime my husband gives me something for the house! It just feels so not personal. One year it was a comforter- isn’t that really a gift for both of us? Sounds ungrateful, I know!

  495. My husband’s grandmother is famous for giving the worst gifts (poor dear). One year she gave me a CRAZY ornate brightly-colored embroidered jean jacket (that a woman in her 60s might wear if one liked gaudy things), two tube tops, and a pair of corduroy jeans that I’m sure were men’s and cool in the 80s…I think this was in 2007 and I was 25. 🙂

  496. one christmas after my wedding I received a gravy boat stand from my wedding registry. gravy boat was never purchased. RANDOM!!!

  497. Our cousin gave my sister and I the worst looking jumper dresses. We were in high school at the time we received them. My mom took them back to the store and of course they were $3 each. It was the worst gift ever!!!

  498. it was a custom made bag—out of faux leopard print, glass bead handles, and the pièce de résistance — some sort of feathery boa thing at the top – and it wasn’t a joke either….

  499. Well, 10 years ago this Christmas my husband asked me to marry him! What an amazing gift that was!! But on the same day his Grandmother( bless her heart) got me some “lingerie”. The room was filled with tons of family watching me open my new “bed clothes” as she called them! Agh!! The worst was that it was those gowns that Grandmothers wear, usually pastel in color, with ruffles at the neck and sleeve, super soft with a zipper…sexy right?!! My whole family was laughing hesterically!! Definitely a Christmas to remember!

  500. One year when I was teaching 2nd grade (circa 2005 or so) I had a seven year old give me a pair of patent leather red high heels and a less than modest black shirt (backless, very lowcut, and a IF I had actually put it on, my stomach would have shown). I’m not sure if she stole a gift from under the tree that was for someone else or if she thought I must really cut loose on the weekends.

  501. My husband and I got married on November 17th so we got several Christmas related items as wedding gifts. Someone gave us an Alabama pottery santa that looks like a monster! It took us a while to figure out it was a Santa!

  502. A friend of mine gave me a coffee bean grinder, bag of coffee beans, and espresso cups. Nice, if I drank coffee…or had a coffee or espresso maker. Very random gift.

  503. My husband and I were gifted a set of those yard blow up decorations – a penguin family. We had no children at the time and our style never incorporated blow up yard art. But we had to keep them b/c of who gave them to us. At least our sweet little toddler completely loves them now so I guess it’s ok 🙂

  504. We were given a purple and silver egg-like figurine that when opened had a couple ice skating around to music. It’s so tacky that we’ve actually kept it out each year to have a good laugh. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  505. Fortunately, I’ve never been on the receiving end of a bad gift…. well, unless you count duct tape (but I actually used it, a lot). As far as eggnog…. I LOVE IT!

  506. i hate eggnog…but i do like bailey’s which is kind of the same color right? 🙂

  507. When I read this the first thing that came to mind was not a gift that I received but one that my younger brother did from Santa when he was 7 years old. These were the days that Spuds Mckenzie was cool, and he got a Spuds Mckenzie poster and it was by far his favorite present. We fortunately got him opening it on video and he said “oh yeah, Suds Mckenzie”. To this day we laugh about him saying SUDS and the fact that my mother gave her 7 year old son a poster with the mascot for Bud Light beer. Classic!

  508. wow- almost 500 chances for this fabulous giveaway aren’t looking so good!

    My most embarrassing present(from my husband) was opening margarita mix, alcohol and a margarita machine in front of my family that called me “Anna the Baptist”- it was husband’s highlight of Christmas to see everyones response- especially mine…

  509. A crockpot. When we were visiting in Canada my in laws gave us a crockpot. While we did need one and crockpots are great, we live in California so we had to ship it down to ourselves. So we basically paid more than double what it was worth in shipping…

  510. my mom and MIL have both given me awful house socks. they make my skin crawl when i feel them and they snag on every dry spot on your foot. i guess they are tired of me walking around barefoot 🙂

  511. I get the most random gifts from my dad…One year he gave me a long bathing suit cover up he found at a gas station…it had the image of the sea on it with dolphins, fish, and coral…I “gifted” it to Goodwill. Eggnog is good mixed with milk. 🙂

  512. Well, I was on the receiving end of this one, and honestly didn’t mind it at all (secretly happy) but everyone else finds it hilarious… when my now husband and i were dating a few years, one of my presents was a shop vac (at the time I was helping my mom remove some very old wall-to-wall carpeting, so it helped with the cleanup). Another year he gave me a blue tooth for my cell phone (it was free to him after his was replaced for breaking and they have him 2). I promise he is typically not that bad!

  513. Oh, pick me, pick me!! Surely I have received a random and/or terrible gift at some point, but I am drawing a blank….I do love eggnog, especially if it’s got lots of ice cream in it 🙂 Yay for Christmas giveaways!! 🙂 xoxo

  514. My Granny gave me a nightgown when I was 9. She did not pay attention when buying it so at the tender age of 9 I received a nursing nightgown, complete with two openings at the top for nighttime feedings.

  515. My husband and I were getting married on January 1st, and for Christmas, his sweet grandmother got me a very see-through nighty that was red with some white fur around the top and got him matching santa boxers. I opened it in front of his family and then I had to stand up to show everyone. I thought I was going to die of embarrasment. But, I lived and got married now we’re about to celebrate 2 years of marriage and all the girls are buying Nana (his grandma) a whole stocking full of thongs! HAHA I love my in-laws!!!! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!!!


  516. One year, my well intentioned grandmother, gave every driver in the family those awful tacky beads that you can put on the seats of your car. At our big family gathering, everyone opened their gift at the same time and you cannot imagine the simultaneous shock and horror and silent confusion of every single recipient as they pulled their new beads out of the enormous box they came in, which was then followed by many forced and stuttering thank you’s to my poor grandmother. We all laugh about it and those wretched beads now, but still, we wonder what in the world she was thinking:)

  517. When my husband and I were first married, I joked that I wanted a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. He thought I was serious and what a surprise for me on Christmas morning 🙂

  518. The first year we were married, by in laws gave me a red christmas sweater with furry dogs all over it, complete with glittery leashes and actual real belles on their collars. I thought it was a joke – but nope, they expected me to wear it to dinner that night. (I didnt’) eek!

  519. Without a doubt, THEE most random gift I’ve ever received during the holidays was from my husband’s grandmother. (god bless her soul). It was a yarn dispenser made from a doll head. And the yarn came out of (you guessed it) the doll’s mouth. I wish I still had it – it has most definitely made the rounds among our friends in white elephant gift exchanges and always gives both the giver and the recipient a laugh. 🙂

  520. We did a Yankee trade a couple of years ago with my husband’s family, and we ended up with a plastic garden gnome and a small plaster bust of Vlad the Impaler. Eggnog is even worse than those gifts. Yuck!

  521. Whitney Alexander says:

    This is a “giving a total bust of a gift” story: Two years ago, my husband and I were newlyweds. My husband’s nephew was 9 at the time and his mom told us that he loved Playdough. We bought him a huge bucket of Playdough and accessories. He ripped open the package on Christmas day, and honestly, it looked like someone had killed his dog. It was terrible. Apparently, the kid did not like Playdough after all!

  522. Christmas (age 13) I walked downstairs to find santa brought me a chest of drawers! At 13… really? Who wants furniture? Let’s just say not the reaction “santa” expected. Oh yeah, I got a furby, too..icing on the cake.

  523. The most random gift I’ve received was during an white elephant gift exchange. I ended up with a “hobo gift basket”- complete with a beanie baby, cigarettes, playing cards, a kazoo, and pez dispenser. Clever, but so odd!

  524. I’ve never recieved anything too weird… I did recieve an odd wedding gift recently. It was an old timey kerosene lamp. After we assembled it, it’s actually kind of awesome! The explained sentiment in the card made it more special 🙂

    I LOVE Toast & Laurel!

  525. Before having my son, my mother in law used to frequently gift me with sexy lingerie. Now that I have fulfilled the grandchild requirement, the gifts are no longer so creepy. 🙂

  526. I love the cards! They’re absoutely beautiful!

    My worst (and most random) gift ever was when my boss gave me a an old “I love mom” picture frame (I don’t have kids), his younger brothers high school football senior picture, and a brewers magnet of the schedule from the year before. I didn’t even know how to respond to it. So awkward!

  527. Rather than give baked goods or drawing names, my husband’s extended family goes to the dollar store/gas station/junk drawer at their house to be able to get every single person a gift. Most of the time they run along the lines of Nerf shooter guns and packages of cashews, but every so often I’ll get a tool belt attachment for a ladder we don’t own or a bottle of WD-40 or something just really random. At least once a year I’m always like, “What the what?!”

  528. I don’t think I have received anything too awful but I do NOT like eggnog.

  529. Michelle W says:

    I was invited to a Dirty Santa party with some neighborhood ladies I did know very well. We were told to bring a $30 item, when I opened my gift I got the “gag” gift which was a pair of airbrushed Micheal Jackson sweatshirt and a bottle of homemade wine. Afer the party was over the hostess asked for my gift back because she had another Dirty Santa party to attend with her bridge club so I walked out of the party with Nothing!

  530. I received a bagel slicer. That’s as bad as a toaster.

  531. What a perfect giveaway!
    For my 22nd birthday my dad and stepmom gave me a set of brown bath towels. Not the worst gift ever but not exactly what a college student had in mind 🙂

  532. My office does a Yankee Swap and I got stuck with a yardstick that had a built in level. I must have looked so bummed out that my co- worker was kind enough to swap with me and I ended up with rose scented hand cream. Although, now when I’m hanging photos and paintings at home I sometimes wish I had kept the yardstick!

  533. Sweet chrisser unknowingly gave me tickets to the musical “Wicked”… for the next YEAR. we still laugh so hard about that! And I don’t know if I’ve ever actually had eggnog… maybe this year?

  534. love this give away. my fiance and i got engaged last november- after the engagement party, shower, bachelorette & now wedding invites i cannot fathom ordering more cards to send for holiday cards! this would be such a blessing.

    my parents got me a skip-it for easter one year. see link below.
    i sobbed. wanted a baseball mitt like my brothers. until i dragged it into the front yard and realized i was the only girl on the block that had one. aka became the most popular girl on the block for a few hours!

    looking back, should be thankful we even got easter gifts..

  535. Can’t think of a bad Christmas gift but I can say that I am not a fan of eggnog but I am a fan of Christmas cards! One of my favortie thingings about Christmas!

  536. We have a white elephant Christmas party on New Year’s Day with our extended cousins. The same Chia Pet has been circulating for years. I finally won 🙁

  537. i was just on their site last night drooling!!

    the worst gift was probably a toaster. that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?!! EXCEPT it was a gag gift, and my and my husband forgot to buy a regular gift. Our previous toaster broke and I was so happy to be rid of it since I didn’t use it – used the oven for toast. well…i found out that he didn’t like the toast i made in the oven so he bought me a new toaster for christmas. too bad it was the only thing i received that year. at least we laugh about it now. 🙂

  538. I am a teacher and one year I received a gift bag full of different hotel shampoos, conditioners and lotions. You know, the little samples they leave in your bathroom and you take the extras home? I just had to laugh because they were from a bunch of different hotels (and not nice ones either). The funniest thing to me was that they came from a nice person and I guess she thought I wouldn’t know!

  539. tara faulkner says:

    Sometimes it isn’t how bad the gift itself is, sometimes it is how poorly we choose to execute the use of it. Picture this….age 13…received the somewhat practical Christmas gift of long underwear from my Aunt Paula (mountains of North PA, so this makes sense)….but from my favorite clothing store at the time, Outback Red…truly thought they were pants…I had asked for clothes from the store…yes, truly…WORE THEM TO SCHOOL THE FIRST DAY BACK AFTER BREAK…they looked like waffle knit , creme colored skinny, tapered pants…no amount of justification could make this sound better…8th grade….need I write more??

  540. Early in our relationship at my boyfriend’s (now husband’s) family Christmas lunch, I received a full fledged maternity shirt from his aunt. She has quite the reputation for finding the best bargain deals and then passing them out as gifts at Christmas. I wasn’t too hopeful for a usable gift, but a maternity shirt when I wasn’t even married(I think I was 19), much less thinking about getting pregnant, was too much. My husband and I still laugh about it and hope it was just a subtle way of saying that she wished us a very happy future together, with a house full of children. On a side note, for high school graduation, she gave me a basket of half used lotion hand wrapped with celephane and a homemade bow!

  541. Great giveaway! A few years back, my mother-in-law gave my husband and I a glass ornament that she made. It was filled with white feathers, and all of his baby teeth, cavities and all. It has turned into a joke, every year, I put it on the tree and he gets disgusted and takes it off. Weirdest gift ever!

  542. Kristen M. says:

    Random gift from a 3rd grade student of mine…an obviously used mug. 🙂

  543. Laurie Shepard says:

    A whinnie the pooh themed pack and play!

  544. I like eggnog!

  545. When I was about 7 years old my aunt gave me a Tracy Chapman CD. While I love Tracy Chapman now, at 7 I thought I’d been totally ripped off!! Would love to win the holiday cards — so beautiful!

  546. My dad got me some miscellaneous items one year…I’m pretty sure they all came from the check out lane at the Walmarts…lint roller included!!!

  547. Oh my. The worst Christmas gift ever?? How about a collection of hotel shampoos and conditioners from hotels that my aunt visited? I think that is a pretty horrible Christmas gift. She even included some paper napkins from hotel bars. Wow. What a treat!!

  548. I already have my Christmas cards ready to mail tomorrow… but I love Megan’s designs!

    One year when I was in high school my grandmother gave me a monogrammed dickie with matching monogrammed socks. I didn’t even know what a dickie was!!!

  549. Loren Leigh Baggett says:

    My first Christmas with my now husband we had been dating exactly a year, and he was in dental school and poor, but still could have been a little creative and romantic. He gave me WHITE STRIPS for my teeth and a DVD!!! I was pretty mad. He made up for it the next month with an engagement ring which sure beats white strips!

  550. Amy Harris says:

    The worst gift huh? Probably a sausage gift pack. This would be bad anyways, but doubly bad because I am a vegetarian. Woops

  551. Vicki Rayburn says:

    Nearing Christmas many years ago, my mother-in-law asked what I might like to have for my Christmas gift…and knowing what an accomplished knitter she was, I told her about a hooded fisherman knit cream colored sweater I had seen featured in Family Circle magazine. She said if I could get her the instructions, she’d be delighted to knit it. I was soooo looking forward to Christmas Eve when all the family gathered to open gifts together. We always had fun ways of ordering the opening of the gifts and this particular year, my sister-in-law was before me. When she opened her box from our mother-in-law, lo and behold!, it was a sweater just like I had requested…only in her tiny petite size. I thought “Wow, Jean liked the pattern so much, she must have knitted one for all the girls”! Well, not so, as it turned out when it came my turn I opened my box to find a hand knit sock hat which matched one she knitted for my husband. No sweater or mention of it at all:-( Nobody else in the family got a sweater either…only lots of scarves and hats for us!!! Thinking back- wonder if the sweater started out for me, but some miscalculation turned it into a great sweater for my sister-in-law? It probably suited her better anyway!!!

  552. an ant farm…filled with dead ants!!! that’s pretty bad, right?

  553. For about 5 years consecutively, I was given floor length, long-sleeve, plaid, flannel nightgowns with oversized lace collars – straight-up little house on the prairie, but surprisingly comfortable. And I love eggnog.

  554. This is just a funny Christmas story…(at least to me)

    My parents always put numbers on me and my sister’s gifts instead of names, that way nobody snoops..on Christmas morning they handed them out to us girls and we each take turns opening gifts…my sister had saved her biggest gift for last and she began to open it and a werid look appeared on her face….”ugh? isn’t this for Danielle?” she asked my parents…they both looked at the gift and I looked and sure enough her “big” gift was actually mine! I laughed so hard and so did our parents, my sister didn’t see the humor in it then but now we have a good laugh when Christmas rolls around. I guess that’s what my parents get for wrapping presents at three in the morning!

  555. Haven’t ever received a random gift (thank goodness!) But i do love eggnog – eggnog chai lattes 🙂

  556. Mary Frances says:

    I’m sure over the years I’ve given and received some pretty off the wall gifts – but nothing is coming to mind now. I did circle almost everything in the Delia’s catalog one year – hoping my grandmother would pick out a couple of things – when it came time for presents, I opened an enormous box full of every single thing on the list. None of which fit.

  557. I can’t remember getting anything really odd. BUT…we did get a very belated wedding gift. A cardboard box showed up on our doorstep, addressed with a sharpie and a big “Congratulations” on the outside. Inside was an electric red with golden cherubs comforter! We had no idea what to do with it or what inspired such an um…interesting…gift!

  558. I have been the giver of not simply random but random theme gifts. We have a niece we rarely saw while she was growing up; we heard she liked pigs and latched on to that and every xmas gift was pig themed: books, figurines, stuffed animals, shirts, socks, bags, hats…you name it we gave it to her in pig. She always wrote a gracious thank you. It was only after seeing her a teen girl I realized that 7 years of pig gifts had likely been too much!! We laugh about it now and we drink eggnog. Thanks for the timely giveaway.

  559. Lindsey Bukhari says:

    My dad gave me an electric bike pump one year (age 10)…. but no bike? He sometimes would wrap up things he picked up at hechingers (now home depot) and wrap them for my sister and me to add to what we had to open. The next year, I opened an air popcorn popper.

  560. Worst gift I’ve ever received…Shake weight. Absolutely terrible.

  561. Can’t think of anything crazy.. though I did acquire some killer colored tracksuits as well! Like Egg Nog! Made some with the Soy Milk one they have out…is pretty good, oh and also added it to my coffee! Yum!

  562. The worst gift was definitely a Jockey training bra and undwewear set..from my grandparents’ next-door neighbors. I opened the gift in front of a whole party of grownups and felt so completely embarrassed. I was about 12 but had no need for a training bra yet–so it made the situation even more awkward.

  563. One year my husband’s aunt sent us an ugly christmas angel…….still not sure if she really thought I would put it in my home or if it was a joke!! Love the giveaway!

  564. My husband and I have been married a long time. We got engaged at Thanksgiving. When Christmas came I was sure he was going to get me something special to start our new lives together. It was a …Water Pik!!! His response was I knew you wanted one. Worst gift at worst time ever.

  565. I can’t remember a terrible gift, but I do LOVE eggnog. I remember sneaking into the back refrigerator with a spoon to get a taste of the “grown up” eggnog. It was sooo much better than the stuff they gave us!

  566. one year, I received a star trek shirt from my bff. thankfully it was a gag gift!

  567. I married a Korean man, whom I love dearly, but was not up to speed on Korean wifely traditions/duties. My MIL bought me these long Asian Loofa type towels (, only they were not for me to use…as a dutiful wife I was to use them to daily wash my husband…8 years later the product is still unopened. Sorry buddy.

  568. my step mom got me this god-awful fuzzy pink scarf once that would have been awesome if I was 9 but I was 24 :/

  569. Naomi Tang says:

    When I was 6, my grandma gave me bedsheets for christmas. A gift that I would gladly take now-but no 6 year old is hoping for sheets when they rip through the wrapping paper!

  570. The worst gift I can remember was from my ex-boyfriend’s mother! It was no secret that I could not cook and would rather order take-out the majority of the week. I guess she thought it would motivate me if she wrote out recipe cards of her son’s favorite meals and put them in a (kinda cute) recipe box in the hopes that I’d cook & make a better wife one day. 😉 Good thing that didn’t work out!

  571. After 5 years of celebrating Christmas with my boyfriend and his family, the gifts from his mother only continue to get more random year after year. Every year I ask him to at least try to pass a hint along to his mother because I hate to see money wasted on a gift I know I will never use (hello, light up snowflake earrings, first aid kit, one of those Anthropologie gift sets of a soap and dish with an initial… but with a random letter!, and every year without fail; one of those daily tear page calendars usually featuring cats… I hate cats). At least my boyfriend and I look forward to trying to guess what random items await us under the tree this year!

  572. My husbands “bonus” one year was an 18 inch TV. I’m not sure where they thought the employees would put it but thankfully it was returnable.

  573. My most random gift was my going away present from group of university professors. I was certain it would be something fabulous, but when I opened the box (in front of a packed room), it was a very strangely shaped bamboo bowl-type-thing. Completely bizarre, random and strange – I had no idea what to say! I leave it out in a prominent place in my home, to remind myself of the awkward moment which always makes me laugh.

  574. The most random gift I recieved was a bag of shelled pecans and a box of used golf balls… I dont play golf and have allergies.

  575. These comments are HILARIOUS! I’m almost in tears from laughing so hard! The worst gift I’ve ever gotten was from my parents. For Valentine’s day several years ago, they gave me a cookbook called “Cooking for ONE”. Ouch. On Valentine’s day, really? It wasn’t a joke either and I still haven’t let them live it down!

  576. margo quiriconi says:

    Last year was the 10th year anniversary of being with my beau. He had made hints all year that something special was coming my way. when I opened the Christmas present, I found a silver crawdad on a 10 inch run of the mill chain. I thought…”Maybe this means a trip to New Orleans is in store and maybe it is during jazz fest.” Why what else would a crawdad on a chain mean to a gal from Missouri. But no, it was simply a crawdad on a chain.

  577. Angie Davis says:

    The first year that my husband and I were married I opened up a fruit cake from his grandmother. I thought it was precious and tried to keep from laughing while telling her thank you. Although the fruitcake wasn’t a joke, I then opened the card with a check for $1000!

  578. My grandma gave me what we still affectionately refer to as “the sealskin pants”. Some kind of fake leather with a design legging craziness.

  579. Catherine Tucker says:

    Each year we attend a family Christmas party where we play “dirty santa”. One year my step-grandmother wrapped up a container of vaseline and some prunes. She said it would help keep you regular and she wasn’t kidding; She takes a spoon full of vaseline every morning!

  580. Sadly, I once received a set of tupperware from someone who will remain nameless but answers to “hubby.” Not sure what he was thinking but I am certain he won’t be giving anyone tupperware ever again!

  581. 2 boxes of Rice-a-Roni, wrapped up with a bow from my hubs! (he said it meant we were going on a trip to San Fran, 6 yrs later, still haven’t made it to San Fran) 🙂

  582. I taught at a foreign private school and received many, many bizarro gifts. My favorite was a cheap doll (but it was in a special box, as thought it was a Madame Alexander doll) dressed in a pink lame dress with roller skates and cheesy accessories. The limbs could be arranged in all sorts of poses. It was given in all seriousness, as if this was something a teacher should LOVE. It was a very sweet gesture to give a gift at all…. just… strange. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  583. I got a gift card to petsmart for christmas one year…so my dog had a great christmas that year…me, not so much.

  584. I received ear wax removal candles from my Dad’s very young wife(35 years younger than him) for christmas one year along with one of those bears they give free with perfume purchase (but she kept the perfume)

  585. I have to share what a co-worker got, because her story beats mine. We teach Kindergarten and one of her students brought her kikkoman’s soy sauce… we’re still trying to figure out why.

  586. Years ago my SIL, who doesn’t particularly like me, gave me perfume called “Laundromat”. First I don’t wear perfume, but more importantly, all I could think was “what? do I smell bad or something?” And my face must have given me away b/c she started laughing and explaining. So uncomfortable at the time, but so funny now. xoxo

  587. jeni bailey says:

    My first year of marriage, my mother-in-law gave me a wooden goose statue 3 feet tall. No joke. My husband on the other hand received a $300 rod and reel. Lovely.

  588. When my husband and I were just dating in college, he worked at a department store. They found in their stockroom several boxes of summer clothes that should have already been shipped back or sold so they were ringing up super cheap — like 59 cents. So he bought about 20 bucks worth and gave me mounds of gifts to open. They were HIDEOUS – there was a reason they never sold. And they were all the wrong sizes. That was when he thought quanity of gifts would impress me — he has since learned:)

  589. I don’t think I’ve ever been on the end of a rando gift. But, one year I wrapped my sister’s panties … She was so excited when she opened it, because it was new panties in the same patterns as her favorites. It didn’t take her long to realize that they used. Sometimes, I like eggnog! I love this give away!

  590. Awesome giveaway!

    The most random gift I’ve ever recieved?? I got a very small LL Bean hand-crank lantern as a college graduation gift. I’m not going to say that it was a bad gift or anything- and actually has been proven quite useful, just a very random gift to give to a 21 year-old girl who majored in psychology!

  591. My Mom is a terrible at gift giving. I will leave it at that. I like eggnog. I think this Toast & Laurel giveaway is great. The striped ribbon they use is beautiful, too.

  592. My grandmother has given my daughter peppermint bubble bath off of QVC for the last 5 years. My daughter is 16 and she is such a good sport about it. But it is so funny because she hates peppermint and she comes up with a surprised face and lots of excitement every year when she opens it. The funniest part is i don’t think my grandmother even realizes that she gives it to her every year……..

  593. I like eggnog!

  594. The first Christmas I celebrated with my husband’s family, my mother-in-law gave me Moist Mates (wet toilet paper.) I was the first to open a gift (I was chosen for this honor) and it was the first gift opened. I was completely mortified and all I could do was laugh hysterically, for about 20 minutes.

  595. Amanda Utley says:

    One Christmas my sweet dad gave me one of those fake sleeping cats that are made with real animal fur so they look pretty realistic. After realizing that it wasn’t actually dead in a box, I then realized that he seriously thought I would love it. I was in college and not allowed to have pets, so he thought having a fake one asleep on my bed would be a nice alternative. Not so much. And I love eggnog!

  596. I am a teacher…a very proud student handed me a beauitfully wrapped gift…i opened up a… red dickie (cropped turtleneck with no sleeves!) that read ho, ho, ho on the collar…keeping a straight face was impossible.

  597. The most embarrassing gift I ever received was the Christmas I was in fourth grade. Apparently my mother thought that I should be wearing a bra and felt that giving me one as a gift was a good idea. I could have died from the embarrassment right then and there. Fortunately, I’ve since recovered 🙂

  598. The most memorable gift I received for Christmas was a gift my brother and sister in law gave everyone in our family.
    They were the vegan/holistic followers and surprised all of us with colon cleansers for Christmas!Yes, that’s correct. My parents threw their’s in the trash (a few weeks later). I kept mine for a special occaision… my fiance’s bday in January. 5 days prior to his bday dinner, I decided to try this awesome colon cleanser-pill form. I took 5 pills/5 times a day for 5 days…. by the end of the week when it was time to celebrate my fiance’s bday- I had finished the cleanse and decided to go out for margaritas with a friend. Bad mistake. Night of finance’s bday dinner, I fainted and ended up in the ER! Guess I stripped all my electrolytes PLUS, I apprarently didn’t follow directions closely and drinking margaritas after my cleanse was not the best idea. BUT MEMORABLE.

  599. I LOVE eggnog flavored frozen yogurt – but not the real stuff – is that odd?? My husband does love eggnog – so every year I have a sip of his just to be festive! Thanks for the opportunity to win – I just had a baby 12 days ago and this would be so helpful in getting my Christmas greetings out the door!!!

  600. One year my husband’s well-meaning grandmother called me before Christmas and wanted to know my bust size. I couldn’t imagine what she would need that information for but on Christmas morning I opened up a custom-made vest COVERED in sequins. She had a church friend who made it and she thought it was sooo pretty! Thankfully, she sticks to gift cards now…

  601. I can’t think of a bad gift I’ve received! I must be lucky! And eggnog – yuck!

  602. at the moment, my mind escapes me as to a random gift i have received…not to say there haven’t been any, but i really can’t recall! and as a bonus, nope, eggnog is not for me! i’ll stick to fat free milk, with ice of course! thanks for offering a giveaway!

  603. ok…after 596 comments, i don’t know if this will get read but…i’ve got the best/awful christmas gift. on my first christmas as a married girl, my mother in law thought i would be needing a “darning egg” and “darning needles” in order to darn my new husband’s socks. what? she also gave me “typed” directions on how to “flip collars” on men’s dress shirts. i’m dead serious. i’m not sure what kind of 1930’s girl she thought her son married but i wasn’t that girl. we really haven’t gotten along since. duh…

  604. My mom once gave me a door stop shaped like a cat. I’m not a fan of cats…more of a dog person. I was 12! The first year my husband and I were dating he got me rechargeable batteries! How romantic, huh? He still says it was a great gift because I use them all the time. He has done better since, but I remind him every year of ” the incident”.

  605. When I was a teenager, my dads secretary gave me a little manicure set. Back then I thought it was the most random/ridiculous gift. But I soon discovered it was the best thing ever! (I now gift these to high school grads).

    As far as eggnog…we have a place in town that sells eggnog DAIQUIRI’s! They are DELICIOUS! So yes. I do eggnog!


  606. tina sneed says:

    it was a wedding gift. it was a themed photo frame for a wedding picture….smoked glass, etched wedding bells, doves. hideous. thankfully, the lady who gave it to me was not present when i opened it!

  607. I once received super hero under-roos from an aunt. Not the coolest pre-teen age present at the time.

  608. My husband gave me a wire kitchen rack as part of my gifts for our first Christmas. I wasn’t too happy about it, but we are still using it!

  609. When my husband and I were first dating my Dad gave him an inflatable fishing chair and flippers (to fish in the Galveston Bay)for Christmas. not so much

  610. I love eggnog! Especially Jack in the Box’s eggnog shake 🙂 yum!

  611. My husband’s grandparents gave us a mule coin bank for Christmas… The mule will kick the coin into the bank for you… sometimes 🙂 As for the eggnog…I have honestly never tried it! Merry Christmas!

  612. It was our son’s first Christmas as a married man, and my daughter-in-law put him in charge of shopping for a gift for me. Afterall, he knew my taste and needs better than anybody, right?

    When I opened the tiny Pier1 Imports perfume bottle with a single silk stalk of something approximating a flower sticking out of it, she caught on camera my best effort at disguising a contorted little UG-face. Precious! Over the next twenty six years, they’ve learned that a nice Christmas Card is really all I want or need… much to my son’s great relief.

  613. One time when I was maybe 12 my grandmother gave me a book all about “Manners”.. I don’t know why because I was actually a pretty well-behaved kid! It still stings me a little to think about it 10 years later.. but honestly knowing my grandmother she probably just saw it really cheap somewhere and wanted to buy it lol!

  614. Ooooh, I hope I win! Love these Christmas Cards! I can’t think of a really bad gift I have recieved right now but one gift giving mishap comes to mind… as a little girl, my grandmother always gave us girls dresses SHE liked, one year is was purple dresses with crinoline and LOTS of lace… we made my ten year old sister try hers on and come out and model it for everyone, she still hasn’t forgiven us for that one! And, I have never tried eggnog, looks yucky! (:

  615. What a fabulous give away!

    The worst/most hilarious gift I ever received was one year (I think I was in college) was from my father. He decided to give my sister and I nose hair trimmers! Basically I think he went into The Sharper Image and just bought a bunch of random stuff to put in our stockings. We still enjoy reminding him of this faux pau. You don’t give your 20 something daughters nose hair trimmers. Was he trying to tell us something???? Hehe

  616. My BIL gave me a musical snowman that shakes his booty. Ugh- I did bring it to my parent’s house and NOW (years later) the grandchildren like to dance and sing with the snowman!:)

  617. Ale Cretul says:

    My husband is awesome in many regards, but thoughtful gift-giving is not a strength of his. One year, he got me a CD and a book I already owned (and had read). Apparently, after seeing it on my bookshelf for years, he knew I would like it. I never let him forget about that!

  618. A few years back my mom (yes, my mom) gave me a certificate to send away for a free coffee maker if I purchased some of the companys coffee. It was basically the same promo everyone gets in the mail!

  619. So here is my crazy story…It was my family Christmas and it was my fiance Jeffs first Christmas with my family. Everyone always gets amazing really cool gifts…but when it got to Jeff it was triangle wrapped package interesting we thought hummm. He opened it and it was expired jelly samples! we were SHOCKED I think my mom and her husband got it free from someone. So thats our crazy gift story.

  620. The most random gift that I ever got also happens to be my favorite…my first year teaching 6th grade in Birmingham City Schools, this precious and quirky little girl (who always had her nose glued in a thesaurus) proudly presented me with a half used bottle of hotel lotion!!!

    It was all she had to give me, and she was so excited about it that it brought tears to my eyes. I’ll never forget that little girl!!

    And I love eggnog!!

  621. I recently had a baby and someone gave us a baby doll that looked like Chucky. We put it on the dining room table and our dog wouldn’t even walk past it.

  622. worst gift would have to be a bath set I got from my aunt- obviously recycled, and the scent was awful.

  623. Last year we gave siblings’ families each a Toto toilet seat, the self closing kind. Don’t laugh, if you’ve never tried one, they are really great. They all, sincerely – really, loved them.

  624. I have been racking my brain, but I cannot remember ever getting a bad or random Christmas gift. I just have happy Christmas memories! Now about eggnog…No, I do not like it. I will admit though I have not had it as an adult. I accidentally drank a glass as a child and did NOT like it and I have steered clear ever since.

  625. michelle s. says:

    One year I saved and saved and had an original piece of artwork (sculpture) commissioned for my then boyfriend. He gave me a Pier One candle holder. It was the worst gift EVER. Unfortunately, it is the gift that keeps on giving…..that was 18 years ago, and my sister likes to remind me about it every Christmas. She is lucky that I love her 🙂

  626. I honestly haven’t been the recipient of a bad gift. I do have a ‘crazy’ aunt who has given some doozies though. Luckily I haven’t been on the receiving end of those…yet I’m afraid.

  627. a lovely purple-ish sweater 🙂

  628. A few years ago I received a coffee mug from an elderly family friend. The mug was empty and was simply printed with the message “Marry Christmas”. I cherished my Marry Christmas mug until last year when my it’s life was ended by my 18 month old daughter.
    Also, I love egg nog, alcoholic or kid-friendly. I found out today that Whole Foods has Egg Nog cheesecake in the bakery! Can’t wait to try it out.

  629. My boyfriend (at the time, now he’s my husband) bought me a slap chop as part of my graduation gift from college. I was so confused. He claimed it was intended to be a joke, but that’s probably just because he saw my reaction! His gift giving skills are much improved and I’d love him either way! 🙂

  630. Natasha Boyd says:

    My mom once gave me 2 8×10 glamour shots of herself for Christmas. I laughed because I thought it was a joke. It wasn’t!

  631. Eggnog is not my favorite, but I love these holiday cards! 🙂

  632. I love this giveaway, I wanna win!! Worst gift was a crimping iron, way past its prime. It became the joke gift of my family that got passed around year after year. Always a surprise to find out who’d get it each year.

  633. I got a shiny pink and purple velour top from my husband’s grandmother. And a hood/scarf thingy. I was in my 20’s at the time, so totally inappropriate. 🙂

  634. Well this thankfully did not happen to me, but my brothers received soap on a rope and spray aerosol deodorant in their stockings. What were my parents thinking????

  635. I guess I am super lucky…no bad gifts here 🙂 I do like eggnog!! Super pumped for Christmas!!!

  636. I love eggnog!!!!!

  637. Meredith W. says:

    My brother-in-law (before he was my BIL) gave me a doll from the dollar store. I was 20 years old at the time. I started to laugh thinking it was a joke but quickly realized it was not. He simply had no clue what to get and didn’t want to spend much money. The truth is, it was not the thought that counts in that situation. I would have much rather received a dollar bill because I ended up feeling guilty for donating the doll to Good Will. I think it took me a few months to get up the nerve to get rid of it. ha

  638. Tracie Behan says:

    I don’t know if white elephant counts but last year I got a jar of little heads. I couldn’t make it up if I tried to bad I can’t attach a photo. 🙂

  639. A step stool. A step stool!!! Yuck. Way to make a short girl feel…shorter. 😉

  640. We were given a picture frame engraved with our names for a wedding gift, but they spelled my name wrong on it.

  641. The strangest gift I received was a shower cap and I had to open it in front of a family of more than 50 people. We had to guess who gave it to us as well. It was very hard to describe how thankful I was on the spot with everyone snapping pictures and laughing behind their hands. The gift giver was in her 80’s and was proud of her gift.

  642. One year my grandmother gave me a sweater with beautiful merry-go-round horses with metallic threads and ribbons streaming off of the horses manes. It would have been perfect, if I wasn’t 16 🙂

    And I’m not a fan of eggnog at all…which means more cookies for me!

  643. My husband bought me a flashlight, how romantic!

  644. Every year I get a plethora of smelly soaps, lotions and candles from my first graders. I always wonder if I smell…
    I don’t like eggnog!

  645. I do like eggnog. Yummmmmmm. Although eggnog lattes are pretty gross…and I really like coffee. I can’t think of anything awful-gift-wise….

  646. Where do I start? My family has a strange sense of humor but I always had fears about the first day back to school when I had to exchange gift lists with everyone else. Them: Nintendo, clothes from the Limites. Me: a cat nightlight, a puffy paint sweatshirt. I have also been the giver of worse gifts including the 7th grade gifting of popsicle stick bookmarks. I was trying to be crafty and I didn’t have an allowance. FAIL (hilarious).

  647. I received a half eaten candy bar from a student during my elementary school teacher days. It was actually pretty adorable mixed with a little scary. Certainly not an awful gift as I love chocolate but totally random and a gift I will never forget.

  648. I don’t like eggnog, however I would love to win!!

  649. When I was a little girl, I begged for months for a fur coat, so when I found a large puffy clothes box under the Christmas tree, I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, I pulled a Christmas Day flop when I opened the gift and saw it was only a housecoat…

  650. worst gift I ever got was a really ugly diamond necklace that my boyfriend picked out…I wanted a nice simple solitaire pendant and I got an ugly fancy one. I felt so bad returning it but it was something I would never wear!

  651. I like old things, I really do, but I don’t care for old ugly tarnished ornaments that probably came from a yard sale or sat in the closest for years. I would get these beauties yearly from my Aunt’s parents. I know, I know, it’s the thought that counts!?

  652. I received a candle holder once (at least that’s what I think it was) that was awful…too bad to re-gift too!

  653. When we were newly married, my husband gave me a hideous green and black piece of lingerie. Worse than that, he had me open it in front of his parents, my parents, and his 80-yr-old grandmother!

  654. Oh my, the favorite story of a family member gift was getting an old used mug with a dead spider in it. No joke!

    Would love this package!

  655. I got toenail clippers!!! My precious, precious grandmother, whom we lost just a week ago at the age of 92, always had a set amount she spent on all of us grandchildren. I guess that the other gifts she had given me that particular Christmas didn’t equal the limit, so she wrapped up some clippers to “even” things out. I have had a toenail complex ever since! Ha! God love that sweet woman!

  656. Wow! What great timing for this giveaway. I am behind and would love to win those fabulous cards. 😉

    I do like egg nog but, I have to make sure I don’t think about the ingredients while I am drinking it to really enjoy it. Haha!

  657. A blanket with kittens on it…

  658. This is a funny one! We always get together for a holiday dinner with the preschool board of directors and the teachers. Well, we were all pretty fresh and still getting to know one another in the first years of our preschool being in business. Apparently one of my fellow board members thought that I could handle a good joke. We did a a gift exchange and I was on the recieving end of her gag gift. I unwrapped the most ridiculous toy version of some world wide wrestling federation’s idea of a large barbie – he was absolutely obnoxious! I loved it and we all laughed so hard and the joke was definitely on me. From that moment on she has been one of my very best friends! From that Christmas on – we have always exchanged some sort of funny gag gift! One year I got her a singing deer wall mounting. This year she will receive a Chicken Head from Duckies! It has been a very fun tradition! I love keeping the humor in the holidays! BTW – I have done Christmas cards for 11 years until last year and it was very liberating not to do it, but something is pulling me to really want to do them again this year. Maybe this will help! Thanks and happy holidays!!!

  659. Well, when I was about 12(22 yrs ago!) I think my dad was having son envy, or something. Basically my sister and I received all “boy toys” for Christmas, toy laser guns, remote control cars, walkie talkies…. Now when I look back on it, it was a little weird by not terrible. But back then my sister and I were like, “WHAAAAT?”

    This giveaway would be amazing! I am a student and a mother of 2 (3 & 4 yr old) I could really do some good with this!! Thank you!

  660. Worst gift I ever received was a pair of very unattractive sequined bedroom slippers.

  661. Somewhere between worst and most random is the charcoal grill my husband (we’d been dating about a year at the time) gave me…it was a sweet thought but not what I expected to get on our first Christmas together:)

  662. My worst gift…I was 10…I have 2 sisters and a brother and the entire holiday season I was bragging about how I had the biggest gift under the tree. It was huge. I remember on Christmas I waited to open that gift until it was the only one I had left. I had talked about that gift so much my brother and sisters were all so jealous…and then after much anticipation, I opened it and all it was, was a blanket. A blanket with teddy bears on it. My gift wasn’t so grand after all.

  663. eggnog? Give me a Hot-Totty!
    Happy Holidays!

  664. Summers Bell says:

    When I was twelve I received a Chia Pet with no seed. What do you do with a Lamb Chia Pet with no seeds?

  665. I don’t care for eggnogg, but I do love Christmas cards!

  666. Wedding gift–two glass swans because they mate for life…not my style and to top it off one was completely shattered!

  667. We did a gift swap at my first job and my big, burly co-worker gave me a single china(ish) teacup that had a big chip out of it. It was definitely a head scratcher, but the rest of the office got a huge laugh out of it.

  668. I’m a middle school teacher, and at the end of my student teaching, my mentor teacher had my students throw a goodbye party for me. A lot of the kids came with small gifts for me. One boy, who didn’t come with a gift but clearly didn’t want to be outdone by his classmates, gave me his half-eaten sandwich from lunch!

  669. I’ll eat just about anything, but eggnog is one of those things that I just don’t get. The bad gifts that come to mind aren’t holiday gifts, but anniversary gifts. Poor guy tries so hard and it’s definitely the thought that counts, but he doesn’t seem to get that Waterford just isn’t my thing.

  670. My 90 year old great grandmother used to knit and crochet everything. One year she knitted my sister and I white bikini bathing suits with no liner attached. They were the skimpiest things and even a Playboy Playmate could not have pulled it off. The wholes of the knitting were not in the appropriate areas ( if you know what I mean). I think the funniest part was that they were given to us by our 90 year old, very religious great grandmother. Needless to say, we could never actually wear them, but our kids teddy bears had a great new outfit!

  671. I am drawing a blank on the random gift, but I do know that I do jot like eggnog.

  672. I LOVE eggnog!!!

  673. Worst gift–Hilary Clinton nutcracker! But every year I received more and more random and awful gifts from my MIL. Bright side–I used each gift the next year in my neighborhood Christmas Yankee Swap! Eggnog? Ruinous use of milk and eggs! Even a pump of that stuff ruins a great Starbucks treat.

  674. Jennifer Williams says:

    I like eggnog, but I don’t LOVE it. I do, however, LOVE this giveaway!!!

  675. Michele Wesdock says:

    A tin of sardines–I’m not kidding!

  676. No random gifts for me that I can think of but my dad bought my mom some camo house shoes for her birthday. It was long before I was old enough to help him pick out her gifts. She will not let him live that down. The topic comes up every year.

  677. In third grade I drew a name for exactly the other kid in class I didn’t want to switch gifts with. Bless her heart, she was new to the States and so I ended up with three teeny tiny (matchbox size) “decorative boxes”. Hand made in Japan. Like I cared about that at age 8. I went to the bathroom and cried!

  678. Candace Queen says:

    I didn’t get this gift, but it is too funny not to share. A friend of mine had been dating a guy for about 3 months when Christmas rolled around. She decided to get him a sweater and a gift card to Barnes and Noble because he liked to read. He ended up getting her a plant light. That has to be the worst gift ever!!! Happy ending though – they just got married. He figured out some better gifts after that!

  679. sooooo ev-er-y year. every one. my mother buys me a new robe. sound nice?? well. it’s always at LEAST one size too big, and chenille or fluffy and weird. i’ve tried to tell her…

  680. A snuggle! However, we did get a good laugh out of it – and my daughter loves it!

  681. My friend gave me perfume that I know her mother gave her for her birthday the year before because she complained about it giving her headaches. I think she forgot she had told me about it. Her mom had put her initials on the label at the bottom of the bottle… a re-gifting oops.

  682. My husband’s grandmother is the queen of random gifts. My first year in the family I got a wooden spoon. Last year, my son got a packet of cocoa mix, and my husband got a 12-pack of croissants. Seriously!

  683. Sarah Skloss says:

    I was given used make-up!!!! Not to mention it was the free gift you get when you buy something and they used it first!!! Yuck!

  684. Yes! I love eggnog – I know it’s xmas when I finally taste it 🙂

  685. during a white elephant gift exchange with my work peeps, i almost went home with the clapper and then a bottle of champagne but ultimately took home a pair of maternity underwear. winner!

  686. Ok, so I can’t think of any really terrible gifts that I have ever received myself but my husband on the other hand always gets stuck with the worst gifts from Dirty Santa. Two years ago he got a Hickory Farms sausage with two tennis balls taped to it! But in an effort to re-pay some horrible Dirty Santa gifters, I plan to bring a goldfish as my gift to that party this year….. I think that after that party I can officially say that I have given a horrible gift =)

  687. I have two! One year my step-aunt (who obviously wasn’t a big fan of my mom and I) gave me an XL sweatshirt with a cartoon drawing of a sunflower with a face…did I mention that there was a muddy boot print on the back. Oh and at the time I was 10 so I wore about an XS. Second one, actually a good gift, a quilt from my parents for my college bedroom. The bad part was that it was given in front of my entire extended family and my newly serious boyfriend (now my husband). As soon as I opened it my dad yelled out, “Now there is to be no fornicating under that! Do you hear me John?”….needless to say that was a memorable experience and five years later the quilt is still referred to as the fornicating blanket.

  688. For our wedding we were re-gifted (the package had clearly been opened and stored for awhile) a seafood steamer. Neither of us eat much seafood, and the gift was from close friends so it made it even more bizarre.

  689. Ooops! I just remembered…is it sad that I’ve received this many bad gifts?!?! My college roommate (who has the most inappropriately perverted sense of humor EVER) loved to give awful gifts at every occasion. One year we drew names within our group of friends and she got mine. This was not a gag gift exchange, but I got a pair of panties that an elephant could wear, an opened box of off brand tampons and on small vanilla scented votive candle that had been lit. Seriously! Needless to say that $35 I had spent on my gift was not reciprocated! Not sure which of the three are worse.

  690. I realllllly want to win this giveaway!!! Please pick me 🙂

    Also, the worst gift even was this crazy strange weird green concrete wind chime someone gave us for our wedding.

    I still get it out sometimes for a good laugh.

  691. I opened a silk scarf that was hot pink on one side and bright blue on the other, it is the ugliest thing I’ve ever been giving. I kept looking at it thinking….WHY would you think I would wear this. But it is the thought that counts, I donated the scarf.

  692. Paige Rodriguez says:

    Such a fun idea and lovvvve the prize! Random gift…. Definitely when my mom bought me a maternity shirt bc it was “cute” when I was 16. What in the world!!??

  693. My senior year of high school I received a ceramic cow with my graduation year painted on the side. The cow was even wearing a graduation cap! 🙂

  694. A video of someone’s colonoscopy. Granted it was a white elephant exchange, but seriously!? Love eggnog…just little sips. Happy Holidays!

  695. Love real egggnog! Not lowfat, non fat, sugar free, whatever. The real thing!

    When I first married, my MIL wanted some ideas, so I gave her a list with about 5 things on it. She went out and bouht all 5 things. I felt horrible, I guess no one had ever given her an idea list before and she thought I expected everything. At least none were very expensive or exclusive to one store.

  696. Last year, at my work Christmas party, I received a cammo hat with lights under the bill and on the sides in our white elephant game. It’s actually pretty awesome, but it is random. I don’t care for eggnog at all.

  697. It’s a toss-up between the cheesey plastic-handled silverware my boyfriend (now husband) got me for Christmas one year or the fountain shaped like a boot that he got me for Valentine’s Day last year. Lol! At least I can laugh about it now. At the time, I wanted to run over his unromantic self with my car! Haha!!!

  698. Amy Spencer says:

    My brother in law bought me a water flosser last year for Christmas. Yep, a water flosser. Mostly love eggnog lattes.

  699. My husband and I regularly receive “survival gear” from his grandparents, one year it was a wind-up cell phone charger (in case you run out of battery, another year it was a headlamp and another year it was an industrial sized flashlight. In case of an emergency or the apocalypse–we are prepared! LOVE eggnog, full-fat kind, NOT the light stuff!

  700. I think I’ve loved all my gifts, and I like eggnog. 🙂

  701. One year I asked for a dried flower arrangement for my table…well my MIL got me one…it was about 4 inches tall, a few little brown flowers under a glass dome…lovely!

  702. Margo Sexton says:

    I for sure have one that is a worst gift turned into a best gift! I was given what was told to be a chair for a doll. It was two pieces of wood that was hammered together and had nails sticking out of it. I was only 8 at the time and it was from a friend down the street so I knew I had to be thankful for it when I opened it. My cousin thought it was so hysterical and it has been something that we have given back and forth to each other for almost twenty years now for any and all occasions we can think of. We are always trying to trick the other and wrap it in a way that the other will not know right away. However we always know who has it so we are somewhat expecting it. It has turned into a hilarous trick and gift between each other and we have even documented when we give it back and forth to each other many times. we are pretty much out of space but now serves as such a memory of so many occasions for us. Small laughs that feel so big are really the best!

  703. One year, my daughter received a gift during our extended family exchange that was a Christmas Stocking (nothing in it, just a stocking). On the tag attached to the inside of the stocking was the name of someone else written on it. Not only was it the ugliest stocking ever, it had been someone else’s. It actually looked like it came from a garage sale.

  704. i once received partially USED soap/lotion in an office swap. talk about awkward?! i had to see the person each day and pretend it wasn’t really odd (to put it nicely) to receive half-full bottles of bath goods. fortunately, i’ve been on the receiving end of some really great gifts in many other situations. happy holidays!

  705. My husband always got sheets from his Grandma for Christmas–a tradition all the kids hated. What’s funny is, his mom has now started doing that for her grandkids–my newborn received a set of lovely(?) train sheets even though he’s still in his crib.

  706. my cousin and i are a year apart and as children we had to have the same things: purple keds, cabbage patch dolls, anything new kids on the block, you get the point. one christmas my dad had the great idea of buying us life size dolls. upon opening our presents we both simeltaniously cried in horror! at 4 and 5 years old those dolls have traumatized us to this day.

  707. I don’t know if I’ll ever forget this gift. In junior high we had a gift swap where we each had to bring a gift and they were randomly distributed to everyone. I was the unlucky one, I received a gift bag with four half-empty bottles of used nail polish. Horrible. Oh and I do enjoy a glass of eggnog this time of year! I’ve loved your blog for a very long time!

  708. Rose Richard says:

    My husband’s aunt once gave me a dickie….you know, the little triangle of fabric that can be inserted into the v neck of a shirt. Yep, just a Dickie!

  709. Okay – over 700 responses! What are the odds that I might win this lovely give-away! Anyway, many years ago my husband’s much younger brother bought Christmas gifts for the family with his own money for the first time. Hubby got a very large, bright-colored painting of an Indian on black felt in a wooden carved frame. (you remember those, right?) He was so proud of his gift-giving. Trying to appreciate the thought – we actually hung it for a while in our family room. Well, a couple of months later on hubby’s birthday, a poor friend of his gave him a deer scene painting on black felt in a wooden carved frame. Totally serious. He thought hubby liked that “art” since we already hung one. Well, by then we were pretty dumbfounded. One thing to get that gift from a 9 year old! I don’t remember how long they both hung there before we had the nerve to take them down for good and risk offending our friend. We will never buy art for anyone.

  710. fake gold toenail clipper set in it’s own fake leather pouch

  711. As a first grade teacher, I’ve received some very unique “treasures”. Even the worst gifts becomes extraordinary when I see the joy and pride on those sweet litte first grade faces!
    As for eggnog, I’m not a fan!

  712. A friend gave me a painting (a for real oil painting, not a print) of someone’s ‘Aunt Sally.’ She is lovely, but just slightly cock-eyed and highly disturbing to look at, because of course, she is looking back! I have her on the wall with my family photos:) Wish I could post a pic.

  713. My worst [and funniest] gift came from my mother.

    For Christmas 24 years ago, she gave me a half used jar of Shaklee vitamins and a box of health food Fettucine Alfredo. The vitamins because she thought I should be taking some and the pasta because she thought fettucine alfredo would be healthier coming from a hole in the wall health food store. Of course it wasn’t the gift that counted, it was the thought. I had never been more surprised in my life.

  714. One year, my husband got me all things “as seen on TV”. The magic bullet, the clapper, and the egg thingy that you scrape your heals with. I had a good laugh and now I am very specific as to what I want.

  715. My mom used to buy my sister and I clothes in her size and when we wanted to exchange them she would say that they were on sale and not returnable! I don’t think she was being rude, I think they really were clearance items so she picked out things she knew would get worn.

  716. The year we were engaged, my husband’s mother asked what I’d like for Christmas. I metioned really wanting the Rubbermaid storage dishes with the lids that stuck to the bottom (random, but you know how that drawer can get!). She turned up her nose and replied, “I’m not getting you that,” as she walked away and instead gave me a bright, vinyl wallet with a light that turned on when you opened it…

  717. Antinette Johnson says:

    My husband’s grandmother actually bought me a large pack of cat food for my cats. No other gift. Just the 24 pack of Fancy Feast. For my cats. At least it was Fancy?!

  718. Kathleen Davidson says:

    For a wedding gift I received a hideously ugly old lady cut crystal cake stand that if you flipped it over, also served as a punch bowel. The worst part was that there was crusted up cake particles left on it!

  719. A few years ago, my husband’s step-mom gave me this totally random, really bad piece of framed art. It’s long since been sent to the Goodwill, but as I recall it was a white frame with a pink & white polka-dot mat (and they were not cute polka-dots; I’m not sure how polka-dots can be ugly, I normally think they’re adorable, but these were) and the picture was a really bad print of a bouquet of flowers. I’d rather have received a $5 giftcard to Starbucks!

  720. Does it have to be a Christmas gift? One year my former husband gave me a scale for Valentine’s Day. True story.

  721. I told my mom I would like new cute, cozy slippers for Christmas one year. She gave me giant pink flamingo shaped ones and died laughing when I opened them. Then she gave me some cute ones as well. Go Mom!

  722. Years and years ago, my parents got me a talking E.T doll, knowing that I was terrrrrrrrrified of E.T. But they thought it would help me overcome my fears!!! It didnt.

  723. I’m not a big eggnog drinker, but I love eating candy cane cookies!!!

  724. My ex-bf got me a hello kitty stocking filled with my little pony chocolates a couple years back. I am 24 years old. Womp womp. 🙂

  725. Kristi Flores says:

    The worst gift was a homemade, sewing-themed vest from my grandmother. It even had a measuring tape sewed into the vest! I wasn’t alone though, as my three sisters received themed-vests too. We’ve never worn the vests, but they generate laughs and good memories every Christmas. Eggnog? No thanks.

  726. no random gifts off the top of my head…and yes, I like eggnog!

  727. My loving husband gave me a Drill for Christmas one year. I couldn’t believe it ! How unromantic can you get? Now, I actually use it and let him borrow it on occasion. Ha!

  728. Unfortunately, I think I’ve given more bad gifts than I’ve received. One that comes to mind is I gave my then-boyfriend (now husband) a duvet cover. I thought it was so thoughtful since he had a duvet with no cover but I have since learned don’t ever give a guy something related to bedding as a gift. It’s the equivalent of a woman getting a vacuum I suppose. Anyway, love the giveaway!

  729. My MIL always gave us interesting gifts. One Christmas she gave us a ceramic egg that was painted with a bunny. I stuck it in a closet, of course. She passed 3 years ago, and I still cannot get my husband to get rid of that ugly egg.

  730. Definitely the one that comes to mind was a gift from a suitor I had at the time (pre-hubby!). He gave me a weird glass rose that was dipped in “gold” at the stem. You know, the kind of decorative rose that people have on top of their TVs and the cat lounges right next to it? He said that it was so the flower would “never die” …. I think I almost died myself when he said that cheesy line! Love Toast + Laurel and Urban Grace!

  731. My grandfather is the king of ‘gifting things already in my home’. One year I received a portable 10′ tv (complete with antenna and am/fm radio). When i opened the lid on the box there was a note inside from AT&T thanking my grandfather for switching his phone service to AT&T and hoping that he would enjoy this gift from them. 🙂

  732. I guess I am lucky? Or I have just blocked it from my memory… so, yes, I love egg nog! 🙂

  733. I really can’t think of a strange gift. So, yes I do like egg nog but only Borden’s!

  734. Oh Yall, I have too many! The year I thought my now husband was about to propose he gave me a label maker. My great aunt gave me rouge and said if I put it on my cheeks I wouldnt look so pale all the time. And another aunt yearly gives me her free gifts from banks. IE a plastic cup that says chase, a fanny pack (yes really) from a local bank, and a BoA thank you plastic clock. Fa la la la la.

  735. My husband actually received this gift, but I think it qualifies as a random gift. He was the chief resident for his residency program and had gotten friendly with the doctor who was the program director since they spent a lot of time planning and coordinating program details. He didn’t plan on exchanging gifts and was surprised when she gave him a wrapped book…Middlesex! If you’ve read it, you know how odd that is. It’s a book that I’ve read and found fascinating, but I find any book is hard to give to someone you don’t know well, particularly a book with such a sensitive topic! He never did read it…

  736. maggi moss says:

    my grandmother gave me a glass block with christmas lights inside with a ribbon tied around it. Another gift that same grandmother gave me, a coco latte maker…it was weird at first but ended up being awesome! it made the best hot chocolate.

  737. Kristen L. says:

    From family friends I received a VERY contemporary gold vase from Bloomingdale’s….it clearly cost them a pretty penny, but would have never fit in my neo-traditional home! And, I do love egg nog!

  738. Lauren Wyatt says:

    The worst Christmas gift I ever received was actually from a Christmas bridal shower I had before I got married. My best friend from college (who knows me very well) gave me a snowman toilet seat cover. At first I didn’t know what it was because no one in my family ever covered their toilet seats. When she told me what it was I laughed so hard that I offended her. The funny thing is, she is one of the classiest most fashionable persons I know. I still give her grief about that gift. I LOVE eggnog!

  739. My husband ran to CVS the night before and bought me a nerf gun as my major gift. I think he played with it most of xmas morning.

  740. Georgine Jeffries says:

    I had EGG NOG yogurt last night!! @ Yoforia… if you have one near you- you might like it topped with granola and chocolate sauce 🙂 Thought of you guys.

  741. Catherine Shields says:

    The worst gift I can remember is a dustbuster…but I actually really like it now. It works great and I use it all the time. My kids are really messy eaters!

  742. I do like eggnog! Apparently I’m picky though – we had some generic eggnog for Thanksgiving and yuck!

  743. Kimberly A says:

    A precious moments alarm clock…I was 16. Not really something you want in your bedroom at 16…in my opinion. Not to mention I never collect those things anyway.

  744. A pair of old sunglasses with the ear piece missing and it was not a joke!

  745. On our second Christmas as a married couple my husband gave me a bright yellow car stop because I kept pulling in too far in the garage and scratching the front bumper. Thoughtful, yes, a romantic gift from the husband it was not: )

  746. My wife reads your blog, therefore I read your blog. When I was young, my grandma Lucy told me she made me a gift and she was so excited about it. After repeatedly watching Home Alone as a kid I replied (in my best Macaulay Culkin voice), “what is it? a sweater with a big bird on it?”. Gma Lucy, being not so good with humor, was visibly hurt. Fast forward ten years and as a high schooler I’m visiting Grandma Lucy with my family. Turns out, she decided she’d have the last laugh and as I opened my Christmas gift I pulled out an old, frumpy sweater with huge wooden buttons and a bird on it. Touche, Grandma!

  747. Does something your husband got count?! Once when my husband was 8, his grandmother gave him egg cups as his Christmas gift, needless to say at 8 years old, he didn’t even know what it was!

  748. My sister once gave me and my other sister some kind of faux animal scarf. It was made of these furry balls and felt really weird. Apparently fur scarfs were in at the time but this just looked a like a dead animal on our necks. We all still laugh about it today.

  749. One year (I was 30 something) I got a flashlight that also had red flashing lights AND a siren. From my mother, really? (yes) I think it was from one of those QVC tv commericials “but wait! if you order now, you’ll get not 1 but 2….”
    No egg nog for me, but instead serve me boiled custard…but only the grocery store kind. My frugal grandmother used to make hers- had knots and lumps in it- gag.

  750. The most random gift I have received is a purple silk bathrobe from my mother-in-law!!

  751. I LOVE megan’s papergoods!! this is a generous and wonderful giveaway
    worst gift was an obviously used hand held massager from a co-worker. sooooo weird

  752. A dress from my grandmother she wanted me to wear to my first school dance – It.Was.So.UGLY!! I wore it anyway to make her happy – the pictures haunt me to this day:)

  753. I think mine top them all, so I had to share. My grams would ship gifts to me for Christmas and my family every year from Montana. She grew up during the depression and had very little, so in her older “grandma years” she went to every garage sale to buy things cheap and make up for the hard times she once knew. My grams was a smoker too and I think she blew smoke in the box before shipping. So here’s my gift…..cigarette smoke knitted booties mixed with a turkey fat separator with 25 cents on the side (I was maybe 15), nylon stockings transformed into little people with dried apple faces that you stick in a plant. They were called “Blooming idiots” . She also always had a bag of dried bananas from her food dryer. The fruit looked dirty and smelled like smoke. Sorry grams! Your gifts went straight into the garbage. I just adore her though. Coolest grams ever! Thanks for reading

  754. Wow…I went straight from T&L’s sight to yours to see if you had any holiday card ideas and this was your post! My worst gift has to be a pair of japanese-style slippers from my sweet grandmother 🙂

  755. Years ago my grandmother made the whole family Christmas sweaters. A super sweet, labor of love…but just about the last thing my middle school self wanted to wear.

  756. Hi Erika! I love these cards. The worst gift I have ever received was a wedding gift. It was a used casserole dish in avocado green (the 70’s most popular color). The color was a sure give-away, either re-gifted 20 yrs later or they had been using it all that time. Too funny and I am 38 and have never tried egg nog.

  757. When I was growing up, it never failed, my grandma would always give us a big package of underwear (and not the pretty kind). I remember bring completely mortified every time I opened that present!

  758. kelly pollard says:

    Last year, the first gift I opened was a little electric rinky, dinky Bissel vacuum cleaner. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why my husband thought I would enjoy this gift. About an hour later, after all the other gifts were opened, My husband and son went outside and brought in a beautiful black labradore with a red bow around her neck (rescued from the humane society). The Bissel??…to vacuum up all the dog hair from my white tile kitchen floor.

  759. I never received anything random, but my mom has bought me several kitchen things she KNOWS I already have! And pretends like she forgot? For example – a sweet tea maker, a magic bullet, etc. It’s hilarious! I REALLY love this giveaway! 🙂 but not as much as I love your blog!!!

  760. It had to be the Rockin Santa Claus…he sat about eighteen inches high on top of a motorcycle,complete with tough guy sunglasses!!! The worst part…he would start up with “get your motor runnin…” and begin rocking back and forth! Over and over and over…it would drive us crazy because there was no on/off switch – we finally had to pull the batteries out! Needless to say, Motorcycle Santa made a permanent move to Good Will – hope he found a loving family!!!

  761. Last year at a “Dirty Santa/White Elephant party”, I had the misfortune of picking the highest number, meaning that I selected my present first. This normally means that if you get a good gift, it’s likely to get ‘stolen’ from you. Well, not me. I opened the first gift, and it was a white ceramic cat. (I don’t know, maybe these things are “in” in the decorating world, but probably not) This cat had literally no purpose, but to be displayed…with a fat body, and a long, skinny neck, it wasn’t even cute. Everyone else opened gift cards to various restaurants, movie theaters, etc., and to my dismay, no one ‘stole’ my cat. Needless to say, the ceramic cat went home with me. I’m not even a cat person. Also, I do like eggnog during the holiday season (not before December though)… even better when it’s got a little spike of bourbon in it.

  762. My mom had the best sense of humor and always tried to come up with a funny gift to go with the nice ones. About 10 years ago, she and my stepdad decided it would be fun while they were dog sitting my Maltese, to put together a photo calendar showcasing the search for a husband for me! They took my dog all over town to the craziest places. Each month they had my dog at at places like the city dump, a tatoo parlor, funeral home, chain saw repair shop, by the railroad tracks, etc. It was hysterical! I think I still have it somewhere around here.

  763. When I was 13 my mom gave me a sewing machine for Christmas. I should point out that she gave my brothers and sisters portable DVD players. Now 20 years later I’m thrilled about it but that the time I was not.

  764. I love eggnog, but only at Christmas! I shudder to think of drinking it more than once a year! Lots of bizarre presents over the years but then I’m pretty sure I’ve also given some 🙂

  765. abby swancutt says:

    Back in college I got a pair of leopard silk granny panties from my boyfriend’s mother. The worst part was that I opened the gift in front of his family and mine – I was completely mortified!

  766. Oh, the Snuggie! My sister-in-law has to be the worst gift-giver ever. Sweet, but no clue 🙂

  767. I can’t think of any terrible gifts…surely I’ve been on one side of that kind of exchange at some point!
    I don’t really care for eggnog…I always try to give it another chance when it’s available, but something about it doesn’t sit well with me.

  768. One time I got a cover that you put over an air vent to direct the way the air flows. Gift from my grandma. Awesome!

  769. as a teacher I get a lot of random gifts….one that comes to mind would be a hummingbird feeder…and of course there is always a varied assorted of scented bath/body products that make me wonder if the students think I smell

  770. I do NOT like eggnog. My in-laws make this drink at the holidays called boiled custard, have you heard of it? I imagine it’s like eggnog, but virgin. They’re both egg-y. No thanks. I’m lucky my husband doesn’t like boiled custard himself so I’ve never been pressured into trying it!

  771. I have given some real winners! It’s the thought that counts right?
    I always appreciate the thought of a given gift, however I am sure my brother questioned my thoughts when I gave him an “bald eagle” POSTCARD! I was very young….we still joke about it 35 years later! and I always hunt for eagle postcards to mail him wherever I travel!
    yes, I love eggnog!

  772. My Bro-in-law & Sis-in-law always overgive to my Husband and I every year. Part of that over-giving is always gifting me with a large basket of smelly bath products. It’s a nice gesture but I can’t wear (or really even be around) scented stuff because it gives me migraines! On the other hand I don’t think they like/use any of the gifts we give them either!

  773. Fortunately, my family and friends are fantastic gift givers and I can’t think of a horrible gift that I’ve received! That being said, I ventured into the world of eggnog last year and very much enjoyed it.

  774. christine lasko says:

    The worst gift i ever received was a massive pair of granny underwear in powder blue- u know, the kind that go over your entire stomach! it was a joke of course!

  775. My aunt has a habit of giving me the freebies she gets from her job (at Bank of America). So I have a BofA bottle opener, note pad, measuring spoon, etc.

    But on the other hand, this giveaway is awesome!!

  776. My husband’s grandmother gave him a long nightshirt that had pictures starting at the top and going down with labels underneath like ‘the kitty’s bowl’ and the ‘the kitty’s toy.’ At the bottom it said ‘night night, kitty kitty.’ He was 15.

  777. no eggnog….maybe hot buttered rum though. 😉

  778. “Massage” slippers which were more like vibrating slippers! I thought it was a joke since a massage therapist gave them to me, but it wasn’t!

  779. can’t think of an awful gift but i do like rice egg nog! thanks for the giveaway!

  780. My husband and I got married on New Years Eve so the following Christmas I was going to give the family our wedding pictures. At the time my husband was playing soccer and when I mentioned our family gift idea to my mother-in-law she got so excited! “NO, instead lets give everyone a framed picture of (my husband) playing soccer! I have some awesome action shots!!” I did not know what to say!! Come Christmas, everyone including us!, got the framed photo. My husband was so embarrassed and to this day our wedding pics haven’t made an appearance! I just have to laugh and assume I’ll be the same excited mama about my little boy!

    Here is also a funny little video of a friend of mine when he was little! Check it out!

    Merry Christmas!

  781. Worst gift was probably given to my husband (not once but 4 other times)….a hankerchief. What year is it?! One with his initials, with a long horn on it, with a map of Paris on it, and most recently a check one (that is actually kind a cute).

  782. marti driver says:

    my boyfriend (now husband) gave me a shotgun for our first christmas together…a shotgun??? we do live in AL but i have never shot anything!! still not sure how he decided that i would want i gun….and still not sure how he got me to marry him after that!HA
    since then he has given me 6 beautiful babies that take up all our time and money so this giveaway would actually make it possible to send christmas cards this year:)
    thank you for the great giveaway!

  783. catherine coberly says:

    love your site and toast and laurel! so inspiring, it makes me excited to tackle my home and work projects.

  784. A snake bite kit in a larger box . . . with a fake snake coiled up in the bottom. I threw the present toward the fireplace. My heart practically stopped! Mean!

  785. All my life growing up my extended family would draw names and exchange gifts after Christmas dinner. Every chair in the house would be put in a huge circle around the room so everyone could get a good look at the gift you were given.

    When you got something bad you had to act like you loved it! Like the time my cousin gave me Men’s Size 9 Mississippi State house shoes! I am a girl who wears a size 6 and went to Auburn! To date that is the worst gift I’ve ever been given!

  786. The most random gift I got were these huge 5 inch dark metal earrings, my earlobes sagged when I put them on!

  787. One Christmas my mother-in-law gave me a tin of pecans.
    Yes, she loves me that much. Fabulous give-away!!!

  788. My mother in law just re-gifted a christmas ornament that I gave her 5 years ago…. and has proceeded to tell me how hard she had to look to find the “perfect” gift just for me! I don’t know if I can keep pretending like I don’t know, or if I should just tell her… the worst part is that the gift tag from me is still taped to the bottom of the box.

  789. we always – growing up – had a huge Christmas lunch at my grandparents house and then opened presents. we took turn opening, so everyone watched what each person got. one year, when i was a freshman at AU, i opened one of my gifts, with everyone looking on as normal. i saw some stacks of old wrapping paper, and thought they must be in there cushioning whatever the actual present was. i kept pulling out this old wrapping paper – all shapes, sizes and designs. i got to the bottom of the box and that was all it was – the wrapping paper. everyone was kind of looking on like “huh?” until we looked at my grandmother, who was hysterically laughing. she had accidentally wrapped up her spare wrapping paper, thought it was a gift for me, and put it under the tree! Every year since someone in the family receives a box filled with old wrapping paper scraps. My grandmother is gone now, but we know she’s up there laughing as we carry on that tradition!

  790. My aunt always finds something around her house to gift each year. Last year she gave a blanket that we had originally given her.

  791. A couple years ago, my aunt (who normally gives really good presents) gave me a box that contained a roll of duct tape, a black wig, and a bottle of dish soap. I didn’t know what to say (and I think she just forgot Christmas and packed up a few things from around the house)! Can you imagine! I always thought it was so odd but I have to say I used the soap, all the duct tape, and I have used the wig for numerous costumes!

  792. A pair of shoes that still had the three mark down clearance tags on the bottom of the sole!

  793. NO to eggnog!

  794. My mother in-law gave me a coat a few years ago that was of a fake fur material with what could only have been melted plastic thrown all over it. Oh, and granny panties that I opened in front of my father in-law and three brother in-laws. 🙂

  795. Lindsay C. says:

    I loooove eggnog…but only warmed up with espresso for my latte.

    On another note, my sister thought she was being funny when she got me a “I heart penis” t-shirt for Christmas on year, but I spent Christmas with my (then-boyfriend) husband’s family for the first time. Imagine my embarrassment when I opened it in front of my future in-laws. They still tease me about it and it’s been 10 years!

  796. One Christmas, I got a picture frame from a neighbor. It was obviously a ‘re-gift’ because when I opened up the picture frame, there was an old card addressed to my neighbor attached to the back of the frame!

  797. My grandmother is a little disconnected and notorious for giving random Christmas gifts. I have received everything from miniature hummel(?) plates complete with a plate rack to a wreath with something similar to a Raggedy Ann doll attached. Not sure where she finds this stuff! The best has to be the year she gave my pre-teenage brother a Lenox statue of David. He wasn’t real sure what to do with that. She means well and we always get a good laugh! This year I am thankful that I just got married and can suggest help completing our wedding china. As for eggnog… yes, please!

  798. hmmm…..probably a set of jams by my Canadian relatives. I was excited at first because I love fancy gourmet foods…but then I saw they had expired TWO years prior!!! It was totally a regift! hahaha.

  799. kristin m. says:

    My ex mother in law got me the “redneck cookbook” because “I seemed like the type to use roadkill in a recipe” this is all because I wore Noconas!

  800. Brooke Bleyl says:

    Best gift was the book “someday”-from my Mom. She wrote a sweet note inside and it will forever be cherished. A book that every Mother should give their daughter. I cry every time I read it. Worst gift-a live Lobster when I was 16 yrs old working in a retail store. Our boss gave each employee a Lobster as a Holiday bonus. Seriously what teenager wants a Lobster???

  801. I can’t think of a really bad Christmas gift, but I do remember one of my worst wedding gifts. It was a really really ugly cake platter! I’m pretty sure I drove straight to Goodwill to drop it off!

  802. Christmas is a time to procrastinate– when you have a small income I honestly did not like to be extravagant in the early years when the children were young. The year I expressed a desire for an omlette pan my husband fashioned a frying pan out of cardboard. he painted it and under the dim festive tree lights I saw what I thought was the absolutely worst frying pan I could imagine someone could spend hard earned money on. When I picked it up and realised it was a stand in– for me to select a suitable pan on my own —I thought it was so hysterical I saved it as in the end it was rather thoughtful and creative on his part. I challenge husbands to fashion faux presents when uncertainty causes then to pause

  803. Jade Campbell says:

    Worst gift ever received was some grandma underwear from….my grandma.:)

  804. When my older brother was around 10 he recieved a sesame street wallet from a relative — we stil joke with him about it 20 years later:)

  805. Emily Jones says:

    I once received a pack of batteries and the tag line said “present not included” (as in the opposite of when you normally get a gift and it says battery not included)! Granted it was a gag gift, but still!

  806. One Christmas recently, my aunt gave me a purple, feathery purse!! I about died when I opened it but she genuinely thought it was so stylish and something that I would love!!! OH MY!!

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the cards!! It is my baby’s first Christmas and her picture would look so beautiful on one I these cards!!

  807. one year my dear aunt, now passed away, gave me a sweater embroidered with a squirrel on it. Not the best gift for a 14 year-old girl! But the memory lives on and fortunately someone snapped some great shots of my cousin laughing her heart out and slapping her knee at how ridiculous it was. We remember it every year and think of my aunt with love!

  808. One Christmas my Uncle bought me bunny slippers. They were nice but I was 27 at the time and yes he seriously thought I would love them.

  809. Just last year I received a reindeer that “pooped” jelly beans. And was also in a secret santa with co-workers and I picked my boss (also a personal friend) who proceeded to tell me what crappy secret santa presents she was getting one of which she claimed was a muffin from a truck stop.

  810. Beth Mattei says:

    One Christmas my Dad gave me a large summer sausage and a bird house. I was about to go to New York for the first time and he thought if I didn’t want to eat it I could at least use it as a weapon if need be. Not sure what he thought a high school girl would do with a bird house….

    And then there was the Ode to Denim Christmas… but that’s a whole different story!

  811. Ha…my grandmother is an author and gets tons of free books. Two years in a row, I got the same prayer notebook-one had already been gently used by someone else.


  812. I got a cat statue….I guess I said once that I like cats. I should have mentioned I like them alive.

  813. Ha! One year my grandmother gave my recently divorced uncle a huge tub of vaseline lotion. It was all caught on video – PRICELESS! And by far the worst I have received was a 5 piece set of animal print luggage (each piece was a different print). There was a $25 price limit on our gifts – you can imagine the quality:)

  814. One year my husbands brother and his wife gave me a pair of jeans, size 12 (I have been a 2/4 for 25 years!) Don’t know what the message was?!

  815. A ceramic chicken that was a late wedding present they pawned off as a Christmas present. Of course off the the donation pile it went.

  816. When I was probably 8, my Godmother gave me a probably 24″ replica of the human skeleton on a stand complete with a guide book to identify each bone of the body. Now, I did want to be a doctor at the time (and until I went to college), so it wasn’t completely random, but at that age, I would have much rather had a Crimp n’ Curl Cabbage Patch doll. 🙂

  817. I can’t really think of any terrible or weird gifts I have gotten. But I do really love eggnog.

  818. Erin Ruane says:

    Eggnog…yes, but only with bourbon;)

  819. I got a party luge. It’s a thing you freeze then pour shots down it. Gross!!!
    I do love eggnog!!

  820. A lovely glass slipper soap dispenser. It stays under the sink until the giver comes to visit 🙂

  821. …and I LOVE eggnog!

  822. stephanie russell says:

    One year, not too many years ago, my grandmother gave me a silver jacket that looked like it was bedazzled with sequins and some sort of lace!

  823. Gold Satin Sheets….from my mother-in-law!! Best Performance of liking a gift in my life!

  824. I can’t think of any bad gifts I have received.
    And no, I do not like eggnog.

    Merry Christmas!

  825. What a great giveaway!!! When I first started dating my husband (2004), his mother gave me a knee-length jean jacket, bedazzled and all. It was her’s when she was in her 20’s (in the 80’s) and she thought I would just love it! The jacket was older than I was (I’m 26).

  826. My mother-in-law once gave me a $200 tooth brush. Of course the year before, she gave me a few pairs of old shoes used by my husband’s sister and a pack of Swiffer dusters. And another year, she gave me a Commemorative Football from my husband’s favorite football team that he had been eyeing. Thank goodness I already know she loves me!!

  827. First, I would love to win this! Beautiful!
    Second, when I was a child (6 or so) there was a huge box under the tree for me from my grandparents. I was so excited that I saved it for very last. When the time came, my parents and grandparents watched me as I finally opened this large gift. And inside, a large red lamp.

  828. One year we did a Dirty Santa exchange with our family. We did a $25 max on gifts. Most of us did some for of alchol or gift cards. My Grandmother was so excited when I grabbed the gift she brought. I could barely hold the giggles in when I opened it to see a dish towel with a matching pot holder. She was so excited because she bought it for me. It was mauve and blue country print…my house is all warm fall colors.

  829. A few years back I received a tacky turquoise dollar store bud vase from my sister n law… it was about 4 inches tall…with the tackiest “mauve” rose bud painted on it…I so wanted to take the present I gave her back!!!!

  830. worst gift ever? nasty punk rocker barbie … seriously scary looking. And no, I do NOT like eggnog either!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  831. crissy armstrong says:

    ha! thanks! my husband gave a hickory smoked sausage set to one of my cousins! the funniest thing is that my husband would LOVE that gift but my family thought it was a riot.

  832. A few years ago my brother and SIL gave me a Vera Bradley bag, not a big fan, but I thought it was a very generous gift. I thought I’d see if I could exchange it for something more my style, well I was informed by the sales clerk that it was a free gift with purchase for the bag my niece had gotten! :O Oh well! War Eagle! And sorry, not an eggnog fan, just the nog! hehe

  833. The funniest gift I’ve ever received is a hatchet…I have to admit it comes in handy in the yard and everyone knows I love to play in the dirt. I love eggnog especially with lots of nog!!!

  834. A few years ago, my husband’s grandmother was very excited about her gift to us. She even called my mother to make sure she didn’t get the same gift for us… Ha! No worries there! She gave us an oak quilt rack for all the quilts I don’t own!

  835. A lamp with a football helmet shade. It wasn’t given to me but I was present when the receiver opened it and tried their hardest to muster some words to cover their facial expression. I honestly don’t know if I’ve been given anything awful. I’m super happy when I get presents though, I love presents!

  836. A painting of a bloody indian! and it was a wedding gift…..?

  837. A soccer jersey…I don’t watch or play soccer :)Love these cards!

  838. Bridget Corbin says:

    Honestly, I can’t recall a random Christmas gift. But my hubby and I just found out that we are expecting a baby boy in April! Talk about a wonderful holiday gift!!!

  839. Man, I feel like I can’t even compete with these responses, but it’s worth a shot… My worst gift was probably underwear… opened in front of my whole family… when I was a teenager! Epic embarrassment! Merry Christmas!

  840. I’ve never been on the receiving end of a Christmas gag-gift. I guess that probably says more about me than it does of my family. My husband is the king of this kind of stuff though and last year he planted a stack of cash in his card from his mom. When it was time to open cards, he made a big production of opening his. 🙂

    I haven’t aquired a taste for egg nog although I have tried it.

  841. I Luvvvvvvvvvvv eggnog and last year’s brass earring tree stand takes the cake for random useless gifts. Love the toast and laurel giveaway. If I win I am giving cards to a friend who’s going to have a challenging holiday this year!

  842. My mom is a teacher so she is constantly getting #1 Teacher Mugs and other random horrid coffee mugs as gifts. One year she put about 25 in a box, wrapped them, and said she didn’t have the heart to throw them away so she was regifting them. The next year I gave them back. The tradition continues….

  843. a 4 foot plush mickey mouse, when I was 18. I regifted it to our weimerainer and she loved it.

  844. My husband and I received our wedding invitation stuck to a plaque, and adorned with wood craft letters as a wedding gift.

  845. A old/used/ratty Christmas “collectors” Santa figurine from my in-laws. They openly told me that they purchased it at a garage sale from a lady who’s father collected them and had passed away…nice!

  846. I can’t think of anything that I’ve received, but one year my crazy Aunt Pat gave my three younger brothers Axe deodorant and body spray. Best part was that the scent was Dark Temptation. I guess it was supposed to be Chocolate-y?

  847. For my first Christmas with the in-laws, I received a pair of dollar store purple faux-fur monster slippers from my hubby’s cousin. They were the essence of bed-time fashion 🙂

  848. This is a great post, and I am loving all twelve designs for the cards. Wish I had a good bad-gift story to tell, but I dont! I am loving the blog though, so happy I stumbled upon it!

  849. My mom and dad who usually give the best gifts thought that it would be a good idea to give me (at 15 years old to boot) a full length, black leather, swing coat. Seriously! I think it weighed more than I did. Maybe they thought I wanted to dress up like Meatloaf for Halloween.

  850. Jennifer Bailey says:

    My husband and I received a large (think big enough to display in your yard) ceramic statue of Santa Claus holding the Baby Jesus as a gift for our wedding which was in the month of August.

  851. Oh…and eggnog? It’s a good dessert with a bit of Grand Marnier! Eh, what’s once a year?!

  852. Love these!
    My grandparents were always extremely thrifty. Each year when we were kids we would each get a check along with a roll of toilet paper from them. I guess they assumed it was practical.

  853. my worst gift was a wedding present from a close friend of my husband. it was an acrylic napkin holder with a monongram and a vase. the napkin holder was cracked and not our monogram and the vase had dirt in it!

  854. The Vintage Hill says:

    Worst Christmas gift ever was granny panties from my mother when I was a young newlywed!!!! I was mortified and turned beet red when I opened the gorgeously wrapped present. I think she noticed, as it was the last year she ever gave me underthings….

  855. canned soup & frozen burritos. In my parents defense, my sister and I had been on a trip to europe (we saved and paid for it ourselves) and had not been planning on coming home until several days after christmas. Our plans changed and they picked us up from the airport late on Christmas eve and mom said she had not had time to shop. Her excuse was that we didn’t need any presents because we had just gone to europe. I guess we should be lucky we got anything that year. 😉

  856. My husband thought I would really be into origami. 8 years later the paper is still sitting around.

  857. A gift I received from a good friend one year was one of her grandfather’s “creations”. She was half joking -but half serious and said she had an enormous box of this “gift”. I opened it up and it was a clear cellophane bag with a pair of bright red lips in it that were sticky/jelly consistency. I asked what they were used for and she said her grandfather “created” them to sit on your desk at your office…it was sooooooo random!

  858. A very ugly god heart…not a solid heart, but a loopy, scripty heart…hard to explain. Just ugly and clearly bought by my then boyfriend, now husband’s, mother in law…I just couldn’t fake excitement for it!

  859. Maryann Hedstrom says:

    I had a student give me a previously OPENED box of chocolates–with chocolates missing….and I teach high school, not grammar school! 😉

  860. I would say the “general store” themed birdhouse we got as a wedding present. It was so bizarre.

  861. One year my mother-in-law gave ME (note, my husband and everyone else got something different) a beautiful brass door knocker with our last name engraved on it. Too bad we lived in a bungalow with a GLASS door…which she visited many times.

  862. My first married Christmas my husband gave me a space heater. He wanted me to stay warm without a huge electric bill 🙂 Last Christmas, we by accident left that same space heater on and it malfunctioned and started a house fire. Thankfully everyone was safe and the house didn’t burn down, but we were out of our house for 3 months. That was my worst Christmas gift ever.

  863. a toe nail clipper for my puppy:)

  864. Anonymous on this one! says:

    Bras and underwear…seriously!! My mom likes to give practical gifts!

  865. My husband’s secretary gave us a plate of Christmas cookies that were melted onto the plastic plate.

  866. The gift wasn’t for me….my grandmother used to give my mom an envelope full of coupons.
    And she would also give my poor mom back the gifts she didn’t like.

    Love eggnog!

  867. I always hated trading gifts at school and getting Barbies! I never liked playing with them, but always seemed to get them as gifts. I should have saved them for my daughters! That is the ONLY thing she wants for Christmas!

  868. hmmm…one year my mom bought us all matching disney character pajamas…in fleece…a size too small…one year my husband gave me a vacuum for mother’s day…it was a dyson at least!

  869. Teri Gosselin says:

    Amazing giveaway! One year I received a very random gift in a White Elephant exchange at work. Unfortuanately, I ended up with a Christmas platter, that was obviously regifted. It looked like it was from the 1980s, and the box it was in was greasy and really tampered with.

  870. I kid you not….2 books on plastic surgery and a check to get liposuction, from my mother-in-law. I like things flavored with eggnog, but not the actual eggnog. I dare someone to top this one!!

  871. My father in law gave me an emergency car escape window breaking-seat belt cutting hammer tool. His feelings were hurt when I opened it and said, “well that’s a gift I hope I never have to use.”

  872. I don’t like eggnog. And a few years ago I remember getting a wire jewelry holder in the shape of a lady, which wasn’t attractive or practical. Merry Merry to all the ladies at Urban Grace!

  873. my husband’s grandma, “uha,” knew I liked chocolate so for our holiday gift exchange one year she bought me boxes and boxes of jello chocolate pudding mix. 🙂 not quite the kind of chocolate I usually go for but it was so cute!!

  874. My grandma once gave me a knitted tam with shiny multi-colored sequins on the top.

  875. When I was in high school I decided that I wanted to “eat healthy” and told my boyfriend about my new food kick. That Christmas I got an old cigar box from him and when I opened it there was a bunch of celery with a ribbon tied around it. Can I really blame a high school boy for trying to be thoughtful?

    Thanks for the chance to win and yes please to the egg nog.

  876. The worst gift I have ever received had to be a book on how to make Sushi. My sweet MIL thought since I liked sushi, I would enjoy making it. It’s the thought that counts right!

  877. My sweet grandmother bought me a gray Dickie for my birthday. Ya know the sheet of fabric you tuck under a shirt to make it look like a turtleneck…

  878. heather goss says:

    don’t like eggnog and on our first Christmas together my husband gave me a knockoff Kitchenaid mixer. now he buys gift certs to williams sonoma and tells me to have fun. 😉

  879. Allison Stephens says:

    worst present ever was from my mother-in-law. She sewed a quilted flag with a screen print of a wedding photo of me and my husband in the center. A flag. Purple and Silver. Us in the middle. To hang for all to see. AND we opened it in front of her. Fun times. WOuld love to win cards so we can display our photos in normal ways!!!

  880. Every SINGLE year I get some sort of monogrammed gift from my mother in law. Sounds nice, right? I love monograms! Well I would love it if she used the right monogram… I kept my maiden name, so, of course, the monogram uses my husband’s last name. Sigh.

  881. This isn’t my worst gift, but I have a friend that is a well-known regifter (only I think she doesn’t realize that other people know this about her). She took a cute embroidered towel to a one-year old’s birthday (she and the little girl had the same first initial). When the mom opened the towel it was a ladies towel that wrapped around your chest. What’s worse was that the person who gave her the towel originally was even at the little girl’s birthday party. Talk about an oops moment.

  882. It’s a running joke in our family that my aunt gives the worst gifts! One year, my sister and I received a pencil and bubbles. Several times we have received gifts with the tags still on them revealing that she got them for really cheap. And last year, I got house slippers that were way too small. I guess it’s the thought that counts, but I’m not even sure I can give her credit for that!

  883. My mother tells the funny story of her friend buying a (what she thought was brand new) hand mixer from a garage sale. The box was new and taped with clear packing tape. She proceeded to wrap it and give it as a bridal shower gift. Little did she know the old, crusted, rusty predecessor-mixer was inside that box….and for all to see when the bride opened it at the shower!

    it’s not a Christmas story, but still funny 30 years later.

  884. When I was in college, my mom sent me a birthday gift comprised of the following: a mango, a Christmas tree nightlight, a rubber fish keychain that doubled as a flashlight when you squeezed its sides, and a sweater set. I learned that year to open any package from her in private.

  885. the best i can think of…shampoo/lotion/conditioner “minis” taken from a hotel. now, i am not talking frederic fekkai from the ritz carlton minis…think holiday inn. 🙂

  886. My mother-in-law gave me her slippers for my honeymoon! I smiled and said “No thank you.” Even after being married 17 years to her son, she still hasn’t forgiven me for not accepting her gift. =)

  887. Asked for a Marc Jacobs bag and got a roasting pan. I don’t cook.

  888. The worst present I ever received was a piñata. I was then blindfolded and had to attempt to break it open in front of everyone.

  889. One Christmas when I was 12 years old, my Aunt gave me a holiday themed dickey. O-M-G.

  890. Melissab74 says:

    My worst gift would probably have to be some very cheap, very nasty smelling hand lotion! Thanks for the giveaway!

  891. I was 8 when I opened up a glittered, rhinestone decked out jean jacket that my grandma had made and let’s just say at age 8 I already knew that wasn’t in style. I’m not sure I ever wore it but my mom has kept it for a good laugh every once in a while.

  892. My husband felt pressured by his secretary at work (who wore only fake/faux? jewelry) to buy me some of the same stuff she wore. So, for our first Christmas together, and in front of all of my family, and after my older sister had just opened a “blue” box, I got to open a pair of DiamoNIQUE earrings. Oh well, he’s a sweetie, so I just put them on.

  893. and no, I do not like egg nog.

  894. My brother always gets me bad gifts, from a metallic fish pitcher and matching shot glasses to bubble blowing toot machines! Without fail his gifts elicit groans.

  895. Never tried eggnog

  896. The first Christmas that I spent with my husbands family after we finally were married, his ever-so-perfect mother, (who is now looking down from above at me typing this :))
    gave me a small box with my hubby’s baby teeth and belly button stump. It was 25 years old. She was so proud.
    I had no words.

  897. At a company gift exchange, everyone was getting beautiful things: blankets, martini glasses, etc. However, I received a car vaccuum that plugged into the lighter. My face fell (I’m sure), and I made a joke about our boss not wanting to pay for company car washes, but it wasn’t from him, and it wasn’t a joke! Merry Christmas!

  898. Victoria secret from my husband….given to me in front of his parents, mortifying!

  899. Nancy Naylor says:

    The worst gift I remember receiving (as a 10 year old girl)
    was a screwdriver set.I am pretty sure my sisters received
    the same thing. My mom had given my cousins lovely gifts,
    just not sure who did their shopping for the gifts
    given in return. What 10 year old needs a screwdriver set,
    much less a 10 year old girl. Gives me a big laugh now!!!

  900. One time I woke up went to my front door and a cat was lying in front, someone random gave me a fake cat that moved since they knew i wanted one. Another time I went to get my mail and 2 fishes were in my mail box. What’s with all the animal gifts? 🙂

  901. As cheesy as it sounds…I love all the gifts I’ve received {I really loved the thought that is…some are in the “Will never use” Pile 🙂

  902. Hi…
    Happy Holidays…
    One year,my sisters were given beautiful dolls. I was given a red and orange beret. These gifts were from a great aunt.Don’t think I was the favorite.

  903. The first Christmas I was dating my now husband, his mother gave me canned ham. It’s been a running joke btwn me and my SIL ever since…”really? what’s worse than canned ham?” I didn’t even know ham came canned!

  904. I do like egg not, an awful lot!

    I didn’t drink in high school, and when I turned sixteen my then boyfriend gave me a necklace with a keg charm on it. It was downright mean.

    Not sure why that just popped into my head! Wish I’d thought of something funny instead…like the fact that the same boyfriend gave me a flannel Mickey Mouse nightgown that had a ruffled collar and long sleeves and went to the floor? I suppose he had a bit of maturing to do in the gift-giving department. But what 16 year-old boy doesn’t?

    Are those both awful enough?

  905. Can’t think of a bad gift…but i love eggnog. We even put it in our coffee! But, even better than eggnog–boiled custard. It sounds awful, but, like my son says ‘it’s like Christmas in my mouth!’

  906. One year I said I’d love some things for my garden and my great aunt interpreted that as a Garden Gnome!!!!

  907. My college boyfriend gave me a Chia Pet for Christmas one year. The worst part was when I opened it he said it reminded him of me. I asked for clarification but he couldn’t come up with anything flattering so he just stopped talking…thank goodness.

  908. My husband taught fourth grade ELL students several years back. One student brought him a half empty bottle of cognac out of their parents liquor cabinet for his Christmas present!! Hilarious. It is still being passed around at our family’s Dirty Santa every year. 😉

  909. elizabeth anne says:

    It happened 11 yrs ago, but i will always remember receiving a yellow broom with attached dust pan. Yep, the exact one you see on the cleaning aisle at Wal-Mart. From whom? My brand-new mother-in-law.

  910. I LOVE eggnog – but only the Dairy Fresh brand. weird, I know 🙂

  911. A Disney Pocahontas sweatshirt from my aunt…I was 22 🙂

  912. This is a fun question. Technically the gift was for my son’s first birthday, but I opened it… My husband’s grandmother sent 2 wooden rabbits that were about 1.5 feet tall each. She had painted on them, and that was special. However, it just caught me off guard when I was opening them in front of everyone… and not a usual baby gift. 🙂

  913. I can’t remember a kooky gift. I’m sure I must have received one (or more), so it must have been so painful I repressed it. I’m taking the eggnog route, instead: Can. Not. Drink it. My sister used to make it all year round. It was her favorite after-school snack (Non-alcoholic, of course). Something about drinking raw eggs gives me the heebies. And the storebought versions are always too synthetic tasting. Even today, with the homogenized egg products that you could add instead, I just can’t do it. However, I do love the SNL “NPR Delicious Dish” eggnog sketch, so it’s not all bad.

  914. I think it was fruit cake, that was old and stinky.

  915. A friend of mine once received a Bible for Christmas from his grandma, which was a nice gift. The next year, he got the same Bible in large print. Maybe she thought he wasn’t reading it closely enough!

  916. My sweet husband has a habit of getting me something “useful” for my birthdays. Luckily he pairs it with something I want/like as well so it’s not so bad. This year it was a popcorn popper. Last year a paper shredder.

  917. Worst holiday gift? When my husband gave me some beautifully-wrapped HUBCAPS.

  918. My Grandmother gave me underwear one year. It was practical. It just didn’t seem right when my cousin opened a Nintendo system right next to me! I love eggnogg! What an awesome giveaway – thanks for sharing!

  919. A dustbuster from the hubs. But it was sort-of a joke. Kinda. No egg nog for me, thank you.

  920. One Christmas I recieved a fully wrapped and unrefrigerated cheese log from my Aunt Dot. Wow. I was seven years old, and I’d never see a cheese log before. Ah, memories.

  921. When my husband was a child his grandmother gave him footed (polyester) pajamas with the plastic feet they used to make them with. He was so mad he threw them in the fire and watched them melt!

  922. Stephanie says:

    Our wedding gift even scared our cat..I am still not sure what it was..however, it looked like a stuffed squirrel & was numbered a if it was a collector’s item (14/110)…we kept it for about 6 months because it made us laugh every time we saw it!!

  923. One year I exchanged gifts with a co-worker. I bought her a pair of lovely leather gloves, she bought me a 3 pack of Ivory soap because she thought the package was pretty.

  924. Worst gift from my husband was a strapless floral dress from Victoria’s Secret. Running joke that he knows not what to get me. Best Egg Nog is from Shatto Dairy outside of north of Kansas City or Calder’s from south of Detroit. Yum!!!

  925. What an amazing giveaway!! My boyfriend (now husband) once gave me a bonsai gardenia tree & a financial calculator! I have no green thumb or math skills 🙂
    And yes, I Like eggnog, especially with a dose of Rum!

  926. As a wedding present, my husband and I received a big desk top globe (like two feet high). But all the countries were made from colorful rocks or gemstones. (And I am not even sure how up to date the countries were!) My brother in law received the exact same gift when he got married!

  927. Mine was my husband’s gift. We were gathered with his family, with whom we draw names and all watch each other exchange gifts. In front of us all, he opened a decorative THONG… for himself… from his FATHER!! Not only that, it was Alabama themed (sick!), so you can imagine what was used to fill the trunk!

  928. Debbie Ash says:

    I gave a poopet to a family friend’s child for their birthday one year. It is a sculpture made of cow manure. I thought it was funny, but probably not exactly what a child wants as a birthday gift!

  929. One year my Grandpa picked out matching sweatshirts and sweatpants from Walmart for my sisters and I. Mine were both bright white and when I tried them on I looked like a huge marshmallow. We were all trying not to laugh so we wouldn’t hurt his feelings. We still laugh about!

  930. This actually happened to my mother, but I love this story (cringe). One year, my father went out and bought my mother a beautiful diamond and sapphire necklace for Christmas. As he was leaving the store, it occurred to him that the gift was far too expensive: they had five children! There were tuition bills to be paid! And so he returned the necklace and didn’t mention it to my mom…until Christmas, when he gave my mother a card with the receipt for the returned necklace inside. He thought that maybe mom would agree that “it’s the thought that counts.” Mom took it like a champ; she agreed that it was too extravagant. Dad said, “Gee…you took the return a lot better than the saleslady at the jewelry store. She almost cried!” This has gone down as a classic story in my family.

  931. I guess the worst gift I got was a silver pen from my sister….It doesn’t sound so horrible, except that she gave me the exact same one the year before. Must have gotten a good deal on them! I was thinking, every college girl [at the time] loves a good writing pen 🙂

    I am on the fence with eggnog. like a sip or two, and that’s about it

    great give a way!

  932. For the past 20 years, i get the Holiday Barbie…it was cute when i was 10, 11, 12 but now that I’m 30 it’s not. And i LOVE eggnog!

  933. Most random gift I ever received was from my aunt, which was Energizer Bunny shorts (she worked for the company). Needless to say they weren’t worn very much 🙂

  934. My FIL gave me a rusty, mildew-infested old trumpet last year! I don’t play ANY musical instruments, but I do have a mold and mildew allergy! He thought of me because i like vintage! I try eggnog every year, but never like it…I do Baileys!

  935. leigh Brown says:

    I love eggnog!

  936. My father in law takes home the prize for random gifts. The most memorable one of all was a cast of two faces kissing mounted on an acrylic base that he gave to my husband and I the christmas we were engaged and told us that he called it “eternal kiss” but we could give it whatever name we felt best suited it…my thought “regift”!

  937. My favorite worst gifts are white elephant exchanges! We have seen some pretty hick, weird things over the years. Strange gadgets, ugly clothes, tacky knick’s just so much fun to see people’s reactions!

    One of my favorite gifts from my husband though..that was more funny than anything was a small trinket box with a husband and wife on the cover and the husband had his arm around his wife. When I opened it and looked at the picture..I immediately saw that the husband was CHOKING the wife the way his arm was around her neck! I started laughing and laughing and couldn’t stop! We were in a restaurant and my husband was somewhat emabarassed and confused and I felt so bad, but I couldn’t stop laughing! It is a funny memory now..but oh my I was out of control. 🙂


  938. I will never forget this gift everrrr, I was 12 years old and just starting to well…develop and was very sensitive to the fact that I was, my grandmother so proudly handed me one of my gifts to unwrap, we unwrapped our gifts one person at a time so everyone could see what we all got, I was mortified when I pulled out the sweater she bought me with a giraffe stitched on the sweater whose neck went all the way to the top of the sweater and the head of the giraffe was peering inside the shirt. My family thought the shirt was hilarious…me not so much!! (:

  939. Mrs. Claus says:

    Last year our adorable 80+ year-old next door neighbor gave us quite the interesting assortment of Christmas gifts all carefully wrapped. Included was a box of purple crystal air-freshener beads, 3 solar-powered lawn ornaments, and a cuckoo clock. She has asked a few times what happened to the ornaments and if the clocks ever wakes us up at night…bless her heart.

  940. Hmmm… my mother-in-law tends to give gifts that she loves, but doesn’t consider the taste of the person she’s buying for. So those gifts often go in the “put out only when they’re here” pile as we have very different taste! Thank you!

  941. Well, there is one that has stuck with me for a while. Our kindergarten class’ Secret Santa exchange was my first experience in working hard at gift-giving and not getting quite the same in return. I’ll never forget unwrapping those puppy dog ear muffs and feeling oh so disappointed. They were a little ridiculous for an Alabama winter, no matter how cute some mom thought they might be. For reason I’ve held on to this memory for far too long. It does, however, inspire me to keep my Amazon Wishlist fresh and up to date for gift-giving occasions. 🙂 No earmuffs, please.

  942. My husband and I received a ¨lawn ornament¨ of a frog riding a bicycle…luckily we love the person who gave it to us and we put it up actually!

    I don’t like eggnog but love these holiday cards!

  943. My Dad bought my Mom a vacuum cleaner one Christmas. We still talk about i tevery year. My Mom didn’t speak to my Dad for days…haha

  944. I can’t think of a bad gift but as far as eggnog I don’t really care for it.

  945. MY grandmother is well known for her gifts….one year she gave my husband $40 cash and I got a $20 gift card for JC Penney….guess who she likes better ;). I have also received a plastic alligator mini stapler one year.

  946. One Christmas my crazy grandmother gave my sister and I furry leopard print lingerie. Making it even more awkward was that we opened it in front of cousins, grandparents, mom and DAD!, and our boyfriends!!! I don’t know who was more embarrassed.

  947. I always get great gifts except for when I received a big ugly water jug cooler/despenser that I had to fit in a 900sq ft. home. not my idea of adding to the decor. We ended up donating it to the church so it was a useful gift 🙂

  948. Oh…I love Christmas Cards. Every year I intend on sending them, but then every year I put waaay too much on my holiday plate. But this year, I have sworn I will do less. In doing less around the house, I still want to spread the Christmas cheer. So, it would be awesome to have some pretty cards to send out!
    And the oddest gift I’ve received, a drill from my husband when we were dating. But you know, I’ve loved using that thing for years!

  949. In the 4th grade, my friend gave me a stuffed animal that was already hers. And last year, was given a really tacky necklace by my MIL and is basically forced/obliged to wear it. Hoping for not the same this year!

  950. Lots of random little gadgets in the stockings from my mother-in-law….does a small plastic table vacuum shaped like a pig count as a bad gift? My sister-in-law and I wrapped up a few of the more “choice” items she gave us and re-gifted them to her a few Christmases later….which got a lot of laughs—and hopefully not too many hard feelings! 😉

  951. Hello 🙂 The worst gift I ever got was a swimsuit from a friend’s mom. It was a thoughtful gift… but I felt like I needed to go try it on for her. YEA right!!! Just sort of weird 🙂 AND YES! I LOVE Egg Nog! YOU should try the Evan Williams premade Egg Nog! You will die it is so good!

  952. My first Christmas in my husband’s family I received a pair of very big, very hairy, very purple knee high slippers. I smiled and my mother-in-law said ” I thought they looked like that monster from Monster’s Inc. (the children’s movie I mentioned to her that, AS A CHILD I had liked.) Bless her heart, she still asks me how I like those slippers.

  953. Nicole Rienstra says:

    Well, my sweet (but somewhat out of touch with what young adults want for Christmas) gave me a pink fluffy toilet seat cover and toilet rug one Christmas. Yep, that’s pretty bad.

  954. My ADULT husband received a Chicago Bears nylon wallet!

  955. A used xxl sized snowmobile coat complete with gasoline smell from my husband. I don’t ride and would need a medium if I did!

  956. I was teaching sixth grade and this pityful, but precious little boy gave me his sister’s necklace and his mom’s bear from her collection because he saidI was his favorite teacher. I could tell the items were used but did not know where they came from until his mom came in for a conference several months later and saw her bear on my file cabinet and asked for it back!!!! OH MY!!! She was sweet and I was so mortified!!!

  957. Hmmm.. I was once given “salad hands.” I don’t know what they are really called but those things you scoop salad with. And I knew they were a re-gifted wedding gift. Too obvious!

  958. a couple of years ago, my mother in law gave me a wooden banana rack…i hate bananas AND it didn’t match my kitchen. VERY unthoughtful! also, when i was younger, my grandad (dad’s father in law) gave my dad a small desk clock…you could very well see where “newsweek” had been rubbed off the clock. later we noticed in a newsweek that the clock was a free gift for buying the subscription! dad got the clock, not the subscription:)

  959. A few years ago a coworker gave me the worst gift I ever received… a fork fan. Yep. A hand fan made out of plastic forks with tacky ribbon laced through the tines. It even had a mauve and country blue bow hot glued to the front. Still not sure if it was supposed to be a joke or not. Annnnd I still have it.

  960. becky porter says:

    my grandmother definately gave my sisters in law and myself matching long plaid flannel nightgowns with lace around the cuffs and neck. Pretty sure my mid-twenties sisters in law were thrilled to be part of that family tradition!

  961. I received an ugly sweater with a large teddy bear on the front… when I was in my 30’s.

  962. For a shower gift, we received a rusty, tin birdhouse with yellow sunflowers painted on it. Was it supposed to be outdoor shabby chic or farmhouse vintage? My husband and I always get a good laugh about our worst gift ever (he more than I because my friend was the gift giver). Someone thought it was a treasure because it went to a special home via a garage sale.

  963. When I was 12 my grandmother gave me a handmade bingo vest. How does a kid look happy about that? Good thing she stuffed a 20 in the pocket!

  964. I got button covers from my aunt one year. Um, no thank you.

  965. My boyfriend in high school gave me a pair of blue and white porcelain sconces. It was pretty obvious that he didn’t pick them out. Hurt my feelings…

  966. One year I received a lovely “teacher” sweater, complete with books and ABCs all over it. BTW, I’m not a teacher! And no, I do not like eggnog but LOVE the Christmas cards!

  967. A couple years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a hideous hunter green button up sweater with trees and other paraphernalia on it that was quite obviously from a thrift store or goodwill (she frequents those places). HORRIBLE . . . I am a 28 year old interior designer! What on earth made her think I would like that thing still makes me wonder!?!

  968. Last year’s Christmas from my in laws had to be the worst ever. We literally received wrapped cereal and macaroni and cheese (and lots of other grocery type items that we just don’t even eat). For some reason my MIL thought all of us were going hungry or something!…. It was truly horrible. Thankfully my sister in law helped put a stop to that and this year we got real presents (opened at Thanksgiving!). Still things we ‘needed’ but nicer than groceries 🙂

  969. My father in law is notorious for giving RANDOM gifts. When my husband and I were first married he gave me a box of ballpoint pens. Not kidding. And he honestly thought that was a great gift. 🙂

  970. Julie Gregory says:

    When I was in elementary school i was given hand weights. Not really what a 10 year old girl is looking for under the tree.

  971. Kristin Widman says:

    I had been dating a guy for a couple of months… for Xmas, he bought me flannel pajamas and house slippers. I still joke about it every year when the holidays come around. It lacked thought and didn’t fit my personality; I felt like he was buying it for his kid sister.

  972. We got a crystal serving tray as a wedding gift. I’m really not one for crystal, and it had a particularly rotten apple pattern etched in it. It was surprising, as the couple who gave it didn’t seem like ugly crystal platter people. But oh, what’s that in the box? A card FOR them from ‘aunt Mary’. Turns out they had gotten the bad platter as a wedding gift the month before and were simply regifting. I would recommend a little more tact next time, people. For example, I made sure there were no other cards in the box when I regifted it to my cousin the next summer. 😉

  973. i was five. my aunt hand made spider monkeys…. i screamed spiders as i threw them in the air. now i love them

  974. Fruitcake. My dad has a theory that there is only 1 fruitcake in the world, no one eats it so it just keeps getting passed around!

  975. One year my uncle thought he was so hip and gave me red patent leather high heeled converse sneakers. Thank god they didn’t fit and I ‘had’ to return them.

  976. I once asked for a curling iron and got a straightener….. mom was confused!

  977. a restaurant gift card……for a restaurant in another city! LOL – think it was a re-gift.

  978. The adults in my family don’t exchange Christmas. Gifts. Usually. One year, I received a mystery gift. It was a velvet Christmas thong. With bells. I opened it, had no idea what it was or who it was from. Then my stepmother yelled, “It’s a thong, you know, for you to wear on the holidays!” I felt like Ralphie! Embarrassed and scarred for life!

  979. Worst Gift – A re-gifted (and dusty) cookie cutter set, it was given to me in 2010, but the packaging said it was made in 2004 – so it had sat in my Aunt’s basement for 6 years!

  980. I do not think that I have ever gotten a bad gift! And I do not like eggnog, its gross! 🙂

  981. Love eggnog! Especially Organic Valley eggnog…yum!

  982. Eggnog is gross for sure. All gifts are great! Right????

  983. I think the worst present I received was a pair of awful earrings. They look so ugly and cheap, I was afraid my ears would fall off. Never cared for eggnog, but would really help to get the Christmas Cards done!! 🙂

  984. The worst gift I’ve ever received was a fish stuffed animal. It vibrated when you hugged it. I was 30. I know it’s the thought that counts, but does it count when they obviously weren’t thinking? :)…and I’ve never tried eggnog…

  985. krysta gibbons says:

    i had my first born three weeks before thanksgiving and against my better judgment hosted my inlaws for turkey day. my husbands parents were in the middle of a divorce so i thought the neutral ground would be good. the disaster of a night ended with a bottle of red wine all over my dining room and dried out turkey. for christmas we got a “spill proof tablecloth” and 4 turkey thermometers from the inlaws themselves. needless to say, im never hosting thanksgiving or getting gifts for my inlaws ever again!

  986. Megan Ann says:

    I received a tweety bird sweater from my great aunt when I was…….18! not the worst gift ever, but I never even liked tweety bird when I was young, let alone in my first year of young adulthood. Also, I strongly dislike eggnog.

    Love the blog, thanks for sharing!

  987. The worst gift I have ever been given is when my husband spends too much money on jewelry that I don’t like!! You hate to tell him you don’t like it but you hate to waste the money on something you will never wear!! That is why I now give him a detailed wish list and let him pick his favorite items!

  988. Jessica Williams says:

    My then boyfriend of 3 years gave me a garlic press for Christmas. Huhhh… is what I thought. An engagement ring followed in March, and he’s now my husband. Worked out ok.

  989. A giant plastic candy cane (seriously, taller than I was when I got it in the sixth grade) filled with terrible tasting candy from my aunt… and no, I don’t like eggnog. 🙂

  990. One year, I received a turtle faux stone lawn sprinkler because my mom thought I needed to water my yard more so it wouldn’t die. My response, thanks mom but you know we have sprinkler system and yes she knew.

  991. an aunt of mine gave me a grey solid hanes men’s t-shirt, size XL. I was 8…I also wore a small. it was pretty terrible.

  992. My poor older sister never seems to get the gift giving thing down pat. Luckily, I’ve perfected the fake “I love it!” Some of the random gift she’s bought included a parental advised rap CD, I think it was eminem (I’m not a fan of rap) when I was in 6th grade. My parents ended taking that away. Another year I asked for a new night gown I believe I was in 7th or 8th grade. ( I’m a senior in college now) She got me a night gown from victoria secrets and needless to say that was taken away too. Lately she’s been doing better now that we’re both adults are style and interest are more similar but back in the day I never knew how odd or shocking my gift might be!

  993. One time my grandfather gave me a set of golf clubs–nice gift and nice gesture but it was totally lost on a 10 year old girl! I like eggnog–if it has Wild Turkey in it.

  994. From my last boss I received a stuff squirrel at a Company Christmas party. It was so embarrassing. Why a squirrl, well lets just say I got into a car accident with my company car & blew out two tires because I was trying to avoid a squirrel. My company car had to be towed and they had to pay for two new tires.

  995. my mother in law seriously gave me a necklace that looked like the heart of the ocean from Titanic. and she was serious…

  996. My in-laws are notorious for giving the massive amounts of the most random, inexplicable gifts. The one that comes to mind most readily was a couple years ago when my husband and I were gifted the book “Childproofing Your Marriage” while my brother in law and sister in law, also new parents, were not. Um, are you worried about us? We’re doing just fine, really! 🙂 Also, my mother in law, without fail, always gets me at least one pair of dangley earrings although I NEVER wear dangley earrings. There must be a dangley earring case at the Goodwill dedicated to me! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  997. My aunt once gave me a pack of thermal underwear long johns….for men. I’m a girl! Men’s thermal long johns have additional material in the crotch area! Lol.

  998. linden hansen says:

    Not a fan of egg big but silk big is delicious!

  999. cindy griffith says:

    a moth-ball smelling, shrunken, worsted wool, fuzzy v-neck sweater from Great Aunt Irene. Does everyone have an Aunt “Irene”? Hope so. Everyone in the family loved her so much (God rest her soul), and her re-gifting brought many a smile to our family. My mom pounded into us kids, “Now, c’mon everyone, it’s not the gift, it’s the thought that counts.” Thanks, Erika, for bringing back these memories.

  1000. My sister-in-law made us a fake dog-poo ornament from her dog, Comet. We hung it on our tree every year until it fell apart:) Love, love eggnog.

  1001. Sigh. The ugly sweaters from my grandma every ye though I did get good use of them at my college sororitys wacky tacky Christamaskha party

  1002. Most random was a as seen on tv gimmick. They r the best;)

  1003. Oh boy..if my mother in law knew this she would KILL me! But right when I started dating my now husband, I was invited to spend Christmas with his family. His family were more than gracious and everyone in the family went out and got me a little something. Super sweet! My MIL however gave me basically a Little House on the Prairie style nightgown…white, long sleeves, and to the floor. UGLY…and VERY matronly. My husband was holding back his laughter as I opened that gift!

  1004. Jennifer Nichols says:

    My mother in law gave my Husband and I a bunch of DVD’s from the 60’s (that we never heard of) in a cardboard box that was wrapped in pink tissue paper and staples. The best part, she bragged about how she found the movies in a dumpster behind Scotty’s (an old general/hardware store). She was proud!

  1005. I married into the family of “worst gift givers ever”. The first year I lived with my husband (boyfriend at the time) he gave me a gift certificate to go sky diving. Alone. I’ve never even been on a roller coaster. That same year my father in law gave me a small plaque with an old fashioned coca cola scene. The following year he gave me a nutcracker. One of the three kings on a rocking horse. After that I got slippers with Cartman from south park on them and they said “I’m not fat, I’m bigged boned”. Then it was microwave popcorn. A box from costco. Do I need to continue?

  1006. Well, I have a Godmother who always gifted me unique things. She had no children of her own…or at least this is my excuse for her sometimes odd choices for gifts. One year I got some underwear from her, but they weren’t new. They looked liked they had been washed and there certainly weren’t any tags on them. Luckily she got me several things each year and made up for it most likely with a book about art but she’d throw in random things like that quite often.

  1007. underwear…

  1008. Well, we all know how hard it is to get a light fixture hung. I’d been complaining that I needed a drill, I’d been using my neighbors. My husband seemed to think rather than just BUYING one that week, it would make a great Christmas gift. So I opened my sparkling new Black and Decker drill that year, and made a comment that is now famous in our house. “Jon, in the future, JEWELS, not tools.”
    We still laugh about the drill, but I will say, it was the last tool I ever received as a gift!

  1009. Days of the week underwear from my grandmother. I was 19. And yes, I love eggnog!

  1010. My Dad gave me a smoker–you know the thing that’s like a nutcracker but smokes incense instead of cracks nuts–all the way from Germany. And in the shape of Merlin! Well, he affectionally became known as “Smokin’ Merlin”! I lost my parents a year later and it would not be Christmas without Merlin!

  1011. cindy griffith says:

    Just re-visited this post. 1,010 comments……. Erika, you are a rock star! I can’t quit telling people about your blog. It’s your your humility, your humor, your honesty that we, your fans, love so much. Your BLOG is like one big HUG too. (That’s a lot of H’s.)

  1012. Sorry, forgot to add the most telling question…eggnog. I am not a fan. It smells good, but something about the dots in it, the milk-gone-bad-thickness, and the egg part. No. In my family they spike it, which to me, is like spiking buttermilk. Meh.

  1013. 1. thanks for the amazing giveaway
    2. can’t remember a horrible gift off the top of my head.
    3. eggnog…no thanks
    4. that little skirt of your girlie’s is too cute…i love the zipper, too!
    5. and i love the crazy chevron curtain from your hug room…might just need to get something like it for my kitchen curtains!

  1014. A couple of years ago my husband ran out of time to do any Christmas shopping. So on Christmas morning he heads out to his truck, comes back inside with an arm load of stuff not wrapped and placed everything down on the coffee table in front of me. Let me first say that I love to work in my yard and I love birds and he’s so sweet to know this. In the stack of stuff was hedge clippers, a two pack of industrial rubber gloves, and a couple of $2 hummingbird feeders. I use the hedge clippers and the gloves and bird feeders didn’t last more than one season. It was just funny when people asked me what I got for Christmas I would tell them and get this crazy look like “Oh wow, fun for you…NOT”

  1015. Kendal Blanchard says:

    Well a few years ago one of my second graders that I taught, gave me a purses fashioned out of Capri Sun juice pouches! He was so proud that his mother had sewn them all together and for an elegant touch had added a pink feather boa around the top. I felt so bad because I know she worked hard on making me such a unique gift, but I’d rather drink a Capri Sun than wear one as a fashion statement.

  1016. What a great giveaway! So can the bad gift be one I like to give? My favorite white elephant gift to give is a nose flute. But it might be replaced with go girl this year… A funnel type contraption for when you don’t want to sit on a dirty public toilet. 🙂

  1017. The worst Christmas gift I’ve even received was a wooden loaf tray the year I got married. I’m pretty sure it was a re-gift (or a joke)! Now each year when a group of us get together to play Dirty Santa, the loaf tray is an ongoing gift. Of course, we have to disguise it so noone knows they are getting it!

  1018. My dear grandmother used to give us homemade gifts (which is a sentiment I am completely onboard with, especially as an adult!), but when I was a teenager she made me a sweatshirt appliqued with fabric flowers and outlined in puffy paint – with matching socks. I don’t remember if I wore it once or twice around her just to make her happy, but I know I wouldn’t have worn the ensemble out of the house!

  1019. I won a shake weight (!!) at last year’s office party. Fortunately, the person who put it in the pile did it as a joke so no awkwardness, just some laughs!

  1020. A green pottery plate with a lizard attached to it – random and comical. We now use it for Halloween. Great giveaway, I love Christmas Cards!

  1021. love the cards! i could use some help getting it together this holiday season for sure! i love eggnog…drink it half egg nog, half milk!

  1022. Worst gift was definitely this hideous wreath my mom had commissioned for me. She knew it turned out horribly, but felt she still had to pay for it and give it to me. No way to return it so I’m sure I’ll end up selling (or trying to sell) it at a yard sale.

  1023. I had just moved to Portland, ME from Minneapolis, and was living with two people I didn’t know very well. We were hanging out in the kitchen when someone said, “You’ll never believe what I got for Christmas this year…” So he ran to his room and pulled out this hideous argyle sweater from his girlfriend’s parents. I then jumped in with what I thought was a real topper – my aunt had given me an angel Christmas ornament made out of dried OKRA – I know! That wasn’t even the worst! My other roommate chuckled went to her room and grabbed the gift her grandmother had gotten her; a variety pack of dickies! No, not the pants but the fake turtleneck collars in assorted colors. Needless to say she won hands down!!!

  1024. I once went to a white elephant party where everyone was supposed to bring a REAL gift, spend about $15. Someone did not get the memo and I left with a soft toilet seat.

  1025. Rebecca S says:

    Hmmm, let’s go with NFL themed freezable beer mugs with a team on them that I don’t root for!! It’s the thought that counts right?

  1026. One year, probably 10 or so years ago, my dear husband gave me ONE shoe for Christmas! The very next day, my Birthday, I unwrapped the other shoe from him. That rascal.

  1027. curves socks, complete with side zipper(to hold keys/money)…i was a pregnant, non-curves member,,,and my mother in law thought they would be the perfect gift!

  1028. Heidi Wilson says:

    When my grandma was about 93 years old, she gave my brother an opened package of beef jerkey. Who knows how old it was. He didn’t try it to find out!

  1029. I don’t think I’ve ever really received a horrible Christmas gift. To answer your 2nd question- I am not an eggnog fan at all.

  1030. I received a pink poncho with built in turtleneck from my in-laws. My husbands face was priceless. It looked like something Dolly Parton wore while singing on stage with Kenny Rogers. It took me back to the 80’s and when I think about it I feel like singing “Islands in the Stream”.

  1031. Well . . . I’m a pastor’s wife, so I’ve had my share of awkward/random/worst gifts. Bless their hearts. 🙂

  1032. anonymous says:

    My parents gave this book to my husband and me a book on marriage by James Dobson (and they KNOW we DON’T like him or his organization!). Oh, and they wrote a dedication in it so that we couldn’t sell it to a used book store.

    The in-laws always give the noisiest kid-gifts they can find…. including going in on a drum set for our 2-year-old boy. You would think the noise from the 2-year-old playing them was bad, but the noise from my husband playing them was WORSE!!

  1033. Katharina says:

    Lucky me…don’t remember any bad presents that would be worth mentioning here. I am not a fan of eggnog (amazing, which words the Urban Grace blog is teaching me…guess they didn’t teach us ‘Eggnog’ in school 😉 – but I sure like to drink spiced wine on a nice christmas market when it is freezing cold outside.

  1034. Dusting powder from my dad. What the heck is dusting powder anyway? I thik of women in a western movie using it?? No clue.

  1035. A few years ago I got some nice flannel zebra stripped no shape hideous pjs. whats worse is they were like 50 bucks…I could think of a lot more to spend 50 bucks on! things that make you go “Hmm”

  1036. One year we all go checks instead of our usual present. My dad had his video’ed all of us opening our checks and zoomed in on my sister’s face. Apparently, she was expecting more $$ and her face showed it!! We still give her grief over that one!

  1037. What a beautiful collection! I’m thinking a faux-fur blanket that had mold on it was probably the worst gift I’ve ever gotten. Hopefuly nothing ever tops it. 🙂

  1038. One year my mother gave me a purse made out of license plates. Yes, license plates.

  1039. I drink a glass of eggnog every night in December!

  1040. Thankfully I have not been on the end of a bad gift many times, but my husband (then boyfriend) once got me a microwave for Christmas! At the time I needed one for my apartment and I had told my Mom specifically NOT to get me one since that was not a Christmas-y gift and I would get one myself. Enter my very practical engineer hubby…and the gift that kind of sucked! Haha…he still hasn’t lived that one down!

  1041. The most random gift I ever received was a bright blue peacock watch from my grandma 🙂

  1042. Hi! Oh, how I would love to win this contest! My worst gift received was a sewing machine as I did not sew at the time and my mo. Thought I would love it. Ummm…no! I was 13 at rge time and that was not a cool gift!

  1043. For our first Christmas together after our wedding, I was expecting a romantic, newleywed kind of gift from my husband. What I got was an electric foot-bath! Huh? Was he telling me that I had smelly feet? He must have seen the look of confusion on my face when he explained that since I was on my feet most of the day at work, he wanted me to have the luxury of a daily foot massage. Well, the foot-bath did vibrate when plugged in! Nice idea, bad gift. I’m happy to say his gift giving has improved 1,000& since then!

  1044. I hate to admit that I was the giver of a bad gift. I have 10 nieces and nephews so it’s tough figuring out what each one would like. One year a friend of mine, who is a coin collector, suggested giving each of them a framed set of coins from their birth year. It included a quarter, dime, nickel and penny. I thought that was a great idea, so I did. My 6 year old nephew’s friend asked what he got for Christmas and he answered, “my aunt gave me 41 cents and I can’t even spend it cause it’s in a stupid frame.” Definitely, a bad gift. He still reminds me of it, ten years later and we have a good laugh!

  1045. BTW, the coin sets cost about $25 each – not 41 cents! (My husband just told me to add that!!)

  1046. We once received a clock that made farting sounds every hour on the hour. It was an office gift exchange and that was the only bad gift. Everyone else gave gift cards or DVDs. Huge bummer (but it was kind of funny)

  1047. Tacky wooden fertility gods are alway the gift that keeps reappearing every year at our family pirate Christmas. It’s so funny when someone opens them! We know they’re already plotting to bring them back next year!

  1048. sarah la rose says:

    My mother in-law bought me a variety of tacky patterned paper napkins for my birthday this year. I’m not kidding. It honestly has to be the WORST GIFT EVER!!! I didn’t even know what to say. I looked into the bottom of the bag thinking there would be a gift card but no such thing existed.

  1049. Footy pajamas as an adult…enough said.

  1050. the most bizarre gift I ever received was a porcelain soup tureen, shaped like a mallard duck for my 1st christmas, from my grandmother. It wasn’t even a family heirloom! What’s a one-year old to do with a soup tureen??? 28 years later and she still gives the strangest gifts.

  1051. Robin Stamp says:

    One year we went to my notoriously cheap Aunt and Uncle’s house for Christmas. My sister and I opened our gift… she got one painted barn bookend and I got the other. Who splits up bookends?!?!?! When we left, my family laughed all the way down the road for a good 10 minutes. Still a funny family memory 🙂

  1052. Used make-up – yuck – definitely the worst!

  1053. My mother in law gave me a pair of silver (not sterling) hoop earrings – with rust on them. My sister in law said she had noticed them laying on her dresser a few months before. Only to be topped the next year by a glass paperweight with the $1.50 church bazzar price tag still on it. That was the last Christmas Day we spent with my in-laws.

  1054. cindy griffith says:

    Oh, and as for eggnog…..make mine with REAL ice cream and it’s a winner!!!

  1055. As a teacher I got this coffee mug and lotion that was from a company that makes bra’s. I forget the company but to have a teenage boy hand you a coffee cup with the wonder bra written on it is VERY weird!

  1056. Ugg … really, really, really ugly jewelry from my hubby’s trip to S. America. Honestly, I was sooo disappointed that I couldn’t hide it. And then I was a total brat and wouldn’t put ANY of it on. Sigh … and thus, the last jewelry my hubby bought me. He refuses to try ever again b/c I was so terrible about it. (I shouldn’t have been so awful but I couldn’t help it at the time. I told him to think of David Yurman as per my taste. He must have thought I said Davy Freaking Crockett. All I kept thinking was what happened to the little Tiffany boxes that used to appear while we were dating!! ACKKKK!!!)

  1057. Hmm that’s a toss up between two gifts. My mothers 80+ yr old boss gave me a ladies electric shaving razor when I was 18 (odd and slightly creepy!) and a couple of years ago my husband got me proactive. I had mentioned I wanted to get it… for HIM! At least he was listening to part of the conversation lol absolutely awesome giveaway 🙂

  1058. My sweet mother, who smocks beautiful dresses for my little girls, decided two Christmases ago to smock me a nightgown. It basically looks like a grownup version of a little girl’s smocked bishop dress. Bless her heart, it was such a kind thought… but oh, so random!

  1059. Egg nog will never pass these lips again! My husband’s grandmother grew up in the Depression and learned never to waste a thing…scraps of foil, cool whip tubs, expired canned goods…you could find it all in her pantry! On a post Christmas visit (closer to New Year’s than Christmas) she offered us some of her famous egg nog lovingly prepared from scratch on Christmas Eve!!! Fortunately, I was pregnant at the time and could politely decline.

  1060. Stefanie swain says:

    Wow, these cards are my absolute favorite! What great colors and design!
    Most random gift I’ve received would have to be a pack of AA batteries… It’s nice to be prepared but a gift of just batteries? Hmmm.

  1061. On the subject of eggnog. Is it spiked with brandy? Either way– too many calories, too sweet– there was a time I thought it tasty sprinkled with nutmeg, served in special green footed glasses with hobnail detail–now never even think of buying a container, bring on the bubbly Cooks, Tattinger, whats on sale at the market is good enough for me –sparkling wine served in flutes awesome toast the holidays and the new year. save the post office mail your holiday cards in vast quantities as you from the comfort of your living room can occupy the post office –keep those cards and letters coming in– keep the postal workers occupied though out the year— subscribe to your favorite decorating magazine order catalogs place and order — and we thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.

  1062. I am a teacher and one year I received a potted doll. Hard to imagine, right? It was the scariest looking thing – kind of like Bride of Chuckie. Of course I smiled and hugged and thanked and then chucked that sucker in the garbage after all the kids left! The giveaway is awesome!

  1063. My most random gift ever… Well I cannot think of one I got but I do have a friend that one year (while broke) got a automated coin rolling machine. He always says, “what do you give a guy with no money? A machine to count money!”

    I do not like eggnog.

    Thank you!

  1064. oh dear. okay. well as a little one, i loved dolphins. i thought they were amazing for their intellect and physical prowess. my aunt, to whom i was very close, thoughtfully bought me dolphin-themed items every holiday and birthday. sometimes a fondness for something doesn’t translate to having a physical representation of that thing in every medium possible. i think my mom finally intercepted the well-meaning themed gift-giving when i was eighteen and still receiving dolphin watercolor art, dolphin-charmed jewelry, and (the worst) ceramic dolphin statuettes.

  1065. also, i do not like eggnog. give me a peppermint mocha instead, please.

  1066. charlotte edwards says:

    Well. My sweet husband and I have been married 12 years. We were married on a beautiful October morning and were blessed with a sweet little fella the very next October. When I went to my 6 week check-up, I was told my obgyn that he would be seeing me again the next month and the several months after. The next October we welcomed our second baby boy in less than a year. To say that I was overwhelmed that Christmas would be an understatement. We lived away from family and my husband was out on medical leave. See. The week before our second son was born, he was preparing his beloved hunting camp for the upcoming deer season. While swinging a machete through pine saplings, he swung too hard. The blade sliced through the tree and into his knee. After surgery and a 4 night stay in the hospital we came home. Jackson was born 3 days later. Brent was at home for 10 weeks. I thought I would lose my mind. So, Christmas rolls around. Surely, there is something fantastic for me under the tree. Right??? Wrong. A pair of slippers from my man. Not the fancy slippers Erica just got. The best slippers they sell at Wal-Mart in Brewton, Alabama. I went outside and sat and cried for a bit. Now, I look back and laugh. Well, kinda. Needless to say, he has done much better since then!!

  1067. Can’t really think of a bad gift, so I’ll say that I LOVE eggnog, but only if it’s my Grandad’s recipe (which really isn’t eggnog at all, but my family’s always called it that). Here’s the recipe for anyone interested: 1 Cup cold, strong coffee, 1 Cup of good whiskey, 1 quart of good vanilla ice cream (Bluebell Homemade Vanilla is the BEST). Put all in a blender and blend. DELISH.

  1068. I do not like eggnog!

  1069. I’ve never been given a “bad” gift, but definitely the most random was a brown ballcap that was covered in sequins. I’m not a bling kinda gal, so it was a very odd gift to receive from my mother-in-law! (Who I love dearly, so it was not a reflection of our relationship – it was just a very strange gift selection!)

  1070. Hi Erika! Awesome giveaway!! The first Christmas that my husband and I were married my new mother in law gave me a polyester black sweater from Kmart complete with faux pearl reindeer and faux pearl “snow”. It would have made a perfect gag gift but she was entirely serious and I had to be a grand sport and wear it to Christmas Eve service at church to meet all his family and friends (eeek!!)

    P.S. Love eggnog, particularly in a latte!

  1071. Audrey M. says:

    Worst gift? Hmmm… a paper towel holder made out of granite. It didn’t work well and was SOOO heavy!

  1072. I, like your dad, have also been the recipient of Glade Plug Ins!

  1073. I can not recall any presents that I did not like and eggnog is not for me!

  1074. Christina M. says:

    The worst gift I ever got was a case of stinky fish sauce…literally, 24 bottles of the stuff. Thanks, Uncle Mariano! You’re the best!

  1075. last christmas my brother in law had me for secret santa and he got me a deep fryer. i was feeling especially self conscious of my “winter layer”and this particular gift was a little salt on the wound… no matter how good the intention 😉

  1076. I was the lucky recipient of the gift that keeps on giving….each year this naked old man made out of nylons shows up at my work’s annual white elephant gift exchange. Well I “won” him a few years ago and since then the white elephant party has been put on hold. What do I do with him??????? Plus I’m in a new home, new life and need, need, need to get cards out this year! Choose me! Merry, merry!

  1077. Back in the 80’s when the Cabbage Patch Kid thing was the big craze, my dear mom tried her hardest to find me one for Christmas. They were sold out everywhere and she was only able to find a boy CPK. She thought I would be so unhappy with it being a boy so she attached yarn braids to his hair. I had no idea, found out a few years later. How sweet is she?!

  1078. Not an eggnog fan at all!!

  1079. Ok, so this wasn’t a gift I got, but it’s the worst present that comes to mind. When my husband was a child his gift, from his grandparents no less, was a can of ravioli. To top it off-that actually happened 2 years, but at least one of them he got the family size can :).

  1080. Sarah Frost says:

    The worst gift I ever got was a sweatshirt with a potholder sewn on the front!! It was made by my mother-in-law and she had made one for all of the women in the family. She thought it would be fun if we opened them all at the same time!! Imagine what we did when we opened them!! Mine was a yellow sweatshirt with a potholder in the same of a duck sewn on the front….and it was just a little crooked!!!!!

  1081. A white elephant gift,a instore advertising drink cooler like they keep beer in ice at a convenience store. This was an Arizona brand drink cooler. I have always been scared to try eggnog!!

  1082. I honestly can not remember ever receiving an off the wall present, and I certainly don’t give them either. There is one person who tends to give me the “free gift” for buying something else that is so cheap, you open it and it doesn’t work! As for eggnog, I love it! Especially the Pennsylvania Dutch kind!

  1083. What a great giveaway! Megan is amazing. M.

  1084. It is not an awful gift, but probably the most disappointing and unforgettable gift I’ve received because of the source and it was also a sign of things to come. My boyfriend of two years at the time (and future husband) gave me a waffle iron from William Sonoma for Christmas. I didn’t let him know I was upset with his practical gift because he was so proud he had bought me something he was sure I would like. But I went in the bathroom to hide and have a good cry. I felt badly and spoiled about it because he is such a good person, but was not being the romantic I wanted him to be. We have been married now for 22 years and I now know to be very careful and very specific about what I mention I like the weeks leading up to Christmas. If I’m not, I will end up with a very nice, but very practical gift, like… a fly fishing vest, ice skates, a tennis racquet, a bicycle, a second hand television and a second hand computer. Some things will never change!

  1085. I think the worst gift I ever received was a bag of stinky mothballs labeled “reindeer poop” and a can of tuna. For real, y’all. It was part of a secret santa gift back when I was still a teacher.

  1086. One year my sister gave me a whole box full of random dollar store utensils/towels/kitchen stuff as a gag, but I thought she was serious so I did the whole pretend I loved it bit, lol. The humor was lost on me lol.

  1087. I am not a fan of eggnog, but if it’s the only alcohol at a boring party, I’ll suffer through drinking it. ha!

  1088. Kara Shriver says:

    When I was 4 years old my grandmother got all of us cousins matching “Hee Haw” overalls. I still have a photo and laugh every time I see it! And of course I start hearing “Where, oh where are you tonight?
    Why did you leave me here all alone?
    I searched the world over and I thought I found true love
    You met another and, Pffft, you were gone ” and becomes permanently stuck in my head! lol
    Kara Shriver 🙂
    North Texas

  1089. One year I got a stuffed santa face/head toilet seat cover!!!!

  1090. santa clause brought be a sweater when i was 7…not exactly what i had in mind!

  1091. My mother-in law gave my husband some night vision goggles that can see up to 50 feet away. My husband hasn’t been hunting in decades – if ever, and we live in the middle of the city of Atlanta. He asked her what he was supposed to use them for and she replied “you can see someone clearly as they are about to break into your house”. That same year, I also received a hair bow making kit with beads from her. Being that I was 36, my hair bow wearing days are were long gone 🙂

  1092. Eggnog makes me want to barf. I try it every year in an attempt to convince myself that it isn’t so bad but every year I gag very hard and spit it out. Gross I know but I try to like it and putting bourbon in it doesn’t help.

  1093. Lori McCoy says:

    Honest to goodness…my big 13th birthday party sleepover (I am now 40 yrs. old and can still remember this). One of my closest girl friends at the time talked the entire week before my party about how excited she was to give me my gift..that I would looove it and that she was soo excited! She was a very crafty friend and always either bought or made wonderfully adorable gifts…I saved her present for last…”best for last” type thing. Would you believe she made me a purse out of her 17 yr. old brother’s old denim jeans! the purse was the entire top half of her brother’s jeans…for starters, the purse had a yucky smell to it…like she didn’t wash them maybe before making a purse out of them?? All I could think about as I looked at the zipper and pockets was that this same zipper had gone up and down when her brother used the bathroom….gross! She lined the inside in a really pretty floral fabric but I couldn’t get over the fact that they belonged to her post puberty brother at one time! Purse went in the trash…I sent her a nice thank you note and had to make up excuses as to why I wasn’t using the purse every time she asked me about it!

  1094. one year (i was in highschool) and my mom wrapped up and gave my brother and me FAKE CELL PHONES..that LOOKED REAL! we were beside ourselves with excited & when we opened the box and hit a button on the phone, it made a cartoon noise & my mom was on the couch crying from laughing SO HARD! we still make fun of her to this day! even my dad was confused by my mom’s gesture and said.. “what were you thinking?!” she thought/thinks it was so funny! and the kicker is..we begged & begged for cell phones..and did NOT get them..but got the fake ones! so it’s not even like..she had the real ones to present to us, after this mean joke! i am still confused!:)ha ha!

  1095. My son received a terrible gift when he was about 5 years old. His name is Braden, my brother’s name is Bruce B. and he and his wife gave Braden a coffee mug with a B on it. Think it was a re-gift??
    It has been a joke in our family for over 25 years as the worst gift ever!

  1096. The weirdest Christmas gift I’ve ever received was from my father…he got me a 410 double barrel shotgun. I’m not a hunter, so it was a pretty strange gift.

    My family also had several years where we regifted a tie that played the Duke fight song when you pressed a hidden button. It was always a surprise to see whose turn it was to receive it!

  1097. One year my father-in-law (whom I adore) gave me a pant press for Christmas. The following year he gave my husband & I a very odd stretching device/machine. I think it was called a gravity arc or something. My husband and I weren’t sure what do with it! Needless to say it remained in the box. We weren’t sure how we would explain the arc (sitting in the living room of our cramped apartment) to visitors & friends. Can you imagine?

  1098. For our wedding last New Year’s Eve, my husband and I received two pairs of gardening gloves inside a Harley Davidson bag. Since we live in an apartment in the middle of a city and have never even ridden a motorcycle, we still aren’t sure what to make of this anonymous gift!

  1099. My husband and I received some used movies for Christmas one year.

  1100. A hand towel with embroidered shrimp!!! I am guessing because i live on the coast? 🙂

  1101. NOT big on eggnog…can go without!! Random gift…mmmm can’t think of one. I guess I have been pretty lucky! I try not to give one either. My sister claims the storage containers for her kitchen were random from me. I claim she needed them and that is why she got them! Have a wonderful day!!

  1102. My husband gave me a frying pan one year. Boo!

  1103. I am often on the receiving end of very random gifts from my in-laws, but my all-time favorite has to be a set of large white porcelain reindeer with gold antlers from my MIL.

  1104. The worst gift that I ever received was when my mother-in-law regifted a serving dish to me. The funny part was that MY mother had given it to her the previous Christmas. Just another reason that my MIL and I don’t get along….

  1105. Oh yay! I love Megan’s designs!

    The worst gift I ever received is from Chinese Christmas…(I got stuck with it because #17 stole it and I was stuck with it) was a purple fleece blanket. It wasn’t so bad but not a color I’m partial too and one that would pill in a few days.

  1106. Two years ago we received a Mr. Potato Head complete with his own snap-on Red Sox shirt, batting helmet, etc. We also received a Mrs. Potato Head with the pink version of the gear (my husband HATES the pink RS Nation gear). The funny thing was that the P. Heads arrived without a tag or packing slip so we had no idea whom they came from or even if they were intended for us. We figured it out last year when my husband’s Aunt and Uncle sent us one of those toasters that toasts your favorite sports team’s logo onto your bread. I love the Red Sox as much as the next guy, but this thing is ridiculous! (Really, it can’t toast a bagel properly b/c the Boston “B” ends up centered on the bagel hole.) The irony is that we always give my husband’s Aunt and Uncle cool, designer-y gifts that we would LOVE to receive. This year I suggested to my husband that we “play the game” and get them some equally obnoxious Giants themed gift, but he refuses to encourage bad gift giving (coincidentally, he is a champion gift giver –very thoughtful!).

    I love eggnog, but prefer my dad’s homemade stuff. It’s potent and sooo good!

  1107. Funny thing my daughter and I were just talking about it. Years ago my darling husband carried her shopping with him for my christmas presents. He chose one sweater that he thought was just perfect for me. We actually have the seen on video as I opened the present and started admiring his gift to me my face turns red and I scream at him a 14W have you lost your mind!!! The joke was really on me at the time I was thinking 14W meant 14 wide. To this day he won’t buy me a thing unless I am with him. Poor man, to have such a silly wife.

  1108. I can’t think of a horrible present — I guess that’s good… But yes, I do like Eggnog. It’s pretty thick and rich though, so I can only drink a small amount! Happy Holidays!

  1109. I got “candy” birth control…after announcing just prior to Thanksgiving that we were pregnant with number 3. I guess the grandparents didn’t think they could manage any more kiddos when we needed a date night! LOL!

  1110. I just received this christmas a metal train…complete with engine and caboose. Not sure what I’m supposed to do with it? ha!
    And NO…definitely do NOT like eggnog! Gag!

  1111. I used to only love Light (Lowfat) Egg Nog until this year when I tried real eggnog from a local dairy. OMG, so great. I am now a convert.

  1112. I love eggnog! While it was a joke, someone once gave me a “number two pencil”. It was your typical yellow pencil, but it had a poop shaped eraser on the end!

  1113. I received a re-gifted bubble bath set from a high school friend. How did I know it was re-gifted? She had previously described receiving the set from her aunt.

  1114. I know I’ve had some bad Christmas gifts, but I can’t even think of one right now. I do not like eggnog, but I love these cards!!

  1115. A co-worker gave me reindeer stockings, meant to cover chair legs. I had no words.

  1116. my grandparents gave my cousins national geographic subscriptions when we were like 8, 9, and 11. they gave my brothers and me the free book bags that come with the subscriptions. not cool.

  1117. I am absolutely drawing a blank on bad gifts (I’m certain I’ve gotten several), but I can say that I do not like eggnog. I do, however, adore these Christmas cards and I’m very behind on that front this season–would be most appreciative if I won!!

  1118. My father-in-law gave me duck call.

  1119. Abby Mullins says:

    One of our wedding gifts was an ceramic egg. You wound up the back of the egg, opened it up, and inside found a ballerina dancing for you. It was all just very strange!

  1120. Christine cao says:

    I received some canned ham. I was speechless. Still am.

  1121. At my former job as a speech therapist in an elementary school I received some random gifts. My favorite had to be a half used bottle of lotion (presumably from his mom’s collection) given with a sweet note! I wonder if mom knew it went missing?

  1122. hmmm…awful gift. my then-boyfriend once gave me a toaster overn, but it actually turned out to be quite useful! oh, he also gave a watch that i clearly hated…couldn’t hide it. we took it back immediately. AND…i LOVE egg nog! just tried the egg nog covered almonds new at trader joes. quite tasty as well!

  1123. When I was 15 it was 1999 and digital cameras has just made their debut. I was really wanted one, but was horrified when i found a barbie camera (yes i was peaking at my presents). Please keep in mind that i was 14 and had not touched a barbie since 2nd grade. The camera itself was horrid and wouldnt have served much purpose even if i could have gotten over my social anxiety about using it. It only had internal memory and could take 7 pictures at a time. There was no digital screen and no flash. Oh and did I mention that it made Barbie sound effects when I took a picture?

  1124. 14 or 15 … I went back and forth on what Christmas it was. The point is – I was as too old for anything Barbie

  1125. One year I got a ceramic flip flop tea light holder!!!

  1126. amazing giveaway! Worst gift – a set of not so pretty cheese knives. They ended up w Goodwill.


  1127. I know I’m too late for the drawing, but I just had to share…I believe it was my first Christmas with my soon to be in laws. My mother in law actually gave me deodorant. (Among other things) I was flabbergasted! Could it be a hint? But then I saw she gave deodorant to my future sister in law and her sons too. Whew!

  1128. A worm farm..complete with red wigglers

  1129. One year all the girls received pajamas. With care bears and clouds. At the time I was a buyer for NM and thought the one piece footed pj’s complete with a bottom flap was a joke. This from my MIL- thought she hated me, until I saw that all the girls, age 30 received a pair.

  1130. So sad that I didn’t won especially since I picked up the xmas my husband was determine to get done. Our computer is acting up so I would had to wait till work. He ended up going in his work early yesterday to order them. I am pregnant so my reaction was a little dramatic/hormonal but needless to say we didn’t talk the rest of the evening. We had beautiful pictures taken & then he puts them on a cartoonish xmas card from Walgreens. REALLY. I know its after the contest but this was a must share…at least now. It wasn’t yesterday =)

  1131. We have a white elephant gift exchange with my family every year, and for several years running, the same toilet seat has made it into the mix. Whoever gets it just holds onto it for the next year.

  1132. Thankfully I’ve never been given a horrible gift – my friends and family know me too well! I do NOT, however, like eggnog. Rocky can have it.

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