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BHG sep 11 cover
A few months ago I received a phone call from an editor at Better Homes and Gardens.  She mentioned an upcoming story on “Stylemakers at Home”.  As I listened I wondered why she was calling me about this feature?  She proceeded to tell me that they wanted me to be one of the Stylemakers featured.  My heart sped up a bit, certain that somehow they were confusing me with someone else.  I am a designer and a blogger, but mostly mother and wife, which doesn’t feel very stylish.  To think they were going to feature me alongside Monica Bhargava (senior exec at Pottery Barn) and the Novogratzs ( Nine By Design) was humbling.

I loved the journal/notebook format they used for the story.

BHG page 55

BHG 56 57


[above images used with permission from Better Homes and Gardens magazine, copyright 2011. Meredith Corporation.  All rights reserved.]

When they (editor, photographer, stylist) all zipped into my little town for the shoot I anticipated it being crazy and hectic.  It was quite the opposite… I had a relaxing, fun, and inspiring couple of days.  I know they usually work with big deal people and here they were sitting in my living room eating grilled cheese sandwiches and discussing designerly things with little ole me.  It was a humbling experience.  And it was a lot of fun.

It was so wonderful working with Michael Walters (stylist), Paige Porter Fischer (West Coast Editor), Joanna Linberg (Assistant Home Design Editor), and Rob Brinson (photographer- check out his house)… and my dear sister-in-law Leah (she penciled in my eyebrows and curled my hair) thank you all for making me feel comfortable.  I hope our paths cross again soon.

That little girl at my side, she is my pride and joy, her being in the final shot made me very happy.


And… I’ve answered a bunch of emails about my pink skirt… I ordered it from Anthropologie.  It’s on SALE now, of course.

anthropologie skirt




  1. Congratulations! Great article, and you and Sloane (and your home) look beautiful!

  2. Congratulations Erika! You look wonderful in the article!

  3. Erika:

    I was so excited to get my BHG magazine and see my favorite blogger (you) featured! It made my day and I love your casual style. Congratulations to you!


  4. congrats to you! i was beyond thrilled to see you in BHG! you totally deserve it — and you definitely ARE a style-maker. and what makes you such a great one is the fact that you are a designer, mom and wife! you’re just so darn real! wishing you continued success in all that you do! ps — and i loved the pic with your little one! so sweet!

  5. Got my BHG yesterday and wondered why you hadn’t mentioned it on your blog yet. I love reading your blog and of course you don’t seem like a “little ole me.” It always seems more glamorous and like less hard work in the glossy pages of a magazine or on a blog, right? Anyway, it was a beautiful feature. Congratulations!

  6. congratulations on the article. it’s very well deserved! I’m glad Sloaney made the cut :)

  7. COngrats- that is amazing. A well deserved honor. I love the photos and of course you look amazing!

  8. I just read that article last night! Or should I say I drooled over it. Just amazing and perfectly lovely! Congratulations!!

  9. This is fantastic! Congratulations. And how sweet is that picture of you and Sloane!

  10. Lizziefitz says:

    Erika, it is so funny to me to hear that you were surprised to be included in the article. You are a super star in our house. We reference Urban Grace and “Erika” at least 3-4 times a week in our family. I fear that my husband may start to resent you if I am not careful. You are behind 99%of his honey do’s . Keep up the amazing work . We are so proud of you!

  11. I was so excited to see a familiar face when reading. You look stunning!

  12. So fun to turn the page and see you and your cutie girl! Congrats to you!


  13. Long time follower however I don’t comment much. Just wanted to send you a note of Congrats! You do amazing things and most of all you put family first. Very inspirational. Kuddos to you!

  14. Lizziefitz says:

    Come check out your latest inspiration ; horizontal planking:)))

  15. I just flipped that mag. Can’t believe I missed that layout. I just called my mom to bring her issue to me. Congratulations!

  16. Congratulations Erica! That is so exciting. I think you have reached blog star status now! You look so pretty in your picture and Sloane could not be any more adorable!

  17. I got the mag a couple days ago and I was so so excited to see you! I showed my husband – “see her? I LOVE her! I’ve been reading her blog for years. She’s the one I always tell you about that I want to be like!” :)

    Did you re-decorate your den (with the matchbooks??) I spy a different set up and no more couch. Am I a stalker or what?! haha

    It was a great article, congrats Erika. You really are a stylemaker and your humility is one reason I adore you so.

  18. That’s really, really cool! Congrats…I’ll be sure to check it out!

  19. My blog link is fixed:)

  20. How amazing.. Congrats to you.. thank you for sharing… Your daughter is beautiful. I’m out to hunt down a better homes and gardens… :)

  21. Steph Duford says:

    WOOT! WOOT! I was so excited to crawl into bed with a cup of tea and my new BH&G mag. last night. (Getting new magazines each month is like Christmas morning to me.) I was just reading and flipping away when I came across MY FAVORITE design/life blogger and her cute as pie daughter (you are both cute as pie:)! OH MY GOODNESS! I could not wait to get up this morning and send you a little message! WAY TO GO…you are truly an inspiration! So proud of you! xoxo

  22. Congratulations, Erika! I was so excited when I saw you and Sloane in my mailbox!

  23. How exciting! I can’t wait to receive my copy of BHG! You look fabulous in the photos! Way to go!

  24. LOVE IT!!! Running out to get a copy (and that pink skirt), you are such an inspiration!!!

  25. I just got my BHG magazine in the mail and saw your feature! I just adore your style and your home. You are such a great inspiration! Congrats on being in the mag, what an honor!

  26. Erika, you look great! What a great article and to get Sloane in there, even better!

  27. Oh Erika. I never comment but had to say that I think this is just lovely. Way to go. I started reading Urban Grace about 4 years ago & it might be silly but I feel like a proud momma. And your eyebrows look very nice.

  28. I loved reading your piece, and am so glad you posted about that skirt source, it’s adorable!

  29. THANK YOU for blogging this, it was killing me that I hadn’t seen the feature as I don’t have a BH&G subscription (boo me, I know!) Absolutely stunning! You and Sloane = Mommy & Me perfection! Love, love LOVE how they formatted it – brilliant.

    Your humility at being selected is beyond gracious, as most of us (your fans and readers) know – you are DA BOMB, and deserve to be right at the top of any pack.


  30. I almost picked up this magazine last time I was in the supermarket (it’s a guilty pleasure). Next time I’m in the store, I’m definitely going to grab it! Congrats!!

  31. Christine says:

    Congrats! It is most definitely well deserved.

  32. this is fabulous.
    living your passions…wow!

  33. SO Exciting! Congratulations! I love how you are humbled, but you DESERVE it! You are SO talented!

  34. Congratulations, Erika! Stylemaker all the way! I know you have been inspirng me with your blog for a long time.

  35. LOVE this! You look so precious and so does Sloane. Just posted it on my blog too :) xoxoxo

  36. you look absolutely gorgeous! and that skirt!!

  37. Gorgeous feature Erika! Of course they featured you – you are one of the most stylish and trend-setting bloggers out there. Love both photos of you but that one with Sloane warms this momma’s heart.

  38. I’ve yet to crack my BHG, but I would have been thrilled to see you and little Slone! Congratulations! You totally deserve lots of kuddos for your talent! And, I LOVE the picture of you a little bit! Just perfect!

  39. congrats Erika! I MUST get my hands on a copy of that mag.

  40. that’s incredible, erika! congrats! however, i am sure it doesn’t surprise any of us.. even if it did you! you look so beautiful!

  41. I received my BHG in the mail yesterday and flipped through it quickly and was so excited when I saw you in the magazine. It was a I know her moment!! Although I don’t actually know you just follow your blog. Congrats

  42. How exciting! I LOVED the article!

  43. Mary Katherine says:

    so awesome, congrats! love both you and your sister’s blog! very inspiring for new things to try in our new home!

  44. Hello!!!

    Found you in BH&G and went straight to your website after seeing how dang cute you look in that skirt!!! Love your style, your blog is adorable and your business web site is fab!! Copper sink looks so cool and I am loving the kitchens they look great!!

    I am headed to school for interior design (today is my first day) and you have inspired me!! Thanks.

    BTW you rocked that skirt so much better than the model!!! Cheers!

    Ally from San Juan Capistrano, CA

  45. Love the whole spread… that pink skirt and cute Sloane are the icing on the cake. I admire your humility and your amazing style!

  46. Congrats on the feature, Erika! Of course you deserve to be there, you have amazing style! Love that darling Sloane is with you in the photo too. Bravo!

  47. I was giddy FOR you when I saw it! Great article! Cute skirt — wish I could wear somethign like that!

  48. it was such a fun surprise to see you and your Sloane when I opened mine up this week! congrats!

  49. My life has been so hectic, so I am behind on most magazines that have appeared at my doorstep this past month. However, yesterday, I got my BHG magazine, and decided I need a few minutes of “me” time, ad flipped through the entire thing. I was so excited to see you featured, along with some other talents!!! Congratulations on the feature, you deserve it!!!

    PS- thanks for the skirt reference too… I guess you knew I would be asking!!!

  50. CONGRATS!!! This is so exciting! I recently added your blog to my list and I check you (and Darby) everyday. :) Love your style. Love your photos. Love your humor. And I also love that you are so dedicated to your work but your family comes first. Thank you for inspiring me! Bless you

  51. Congratulations! I picked up the issue just yesterday. I am so very happy for you. You are truly talented and so real. The article is well done. It is wonderful that Sloane is in there with you. You are a big deal, my dear!

  52. Oh so happy for you. I love that you are not so enamored of designer brands that you will forego the great finds that are out there at places like…gasp…Target or Walmart or Goodwill. The “hunt” for me is almost as much find as the “find!” Of course, we know that you do have exquisite taste which always helps, but you manage to inspire the rest of us who appreciate beautiful things but don’t have mountains of money to spend making our spaces lovely. I also have this feeling that your workload is getting ready to explode. I will pray that you will keep finding the joy in the journey as you continue to make time for those you love. Blessings!

  53. You and Sloanelook stunning as always! Congrats on the feature. You home is amazing, and I want to see MORE! xoxoxo

  54. AWESOME! Congrats! Love that long pink skirt with a plain white beater-tank! And Sloane looks precious, of course. You and your house look beautiful.

  55. Congratulations! What a fantastic feature! You and Sloane both look great!

  56. Just when I ended my BHG subscription! Must reorder now. Congratulations. You and Sloan look beautiful!

  57. I’m going to have to pick it up! Congrats!! You look fabulous and that’s so exciting!!

  58. Sarah Kyle says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t wait to pick it up on the way home from work today!

  59. Congrats!!! you and your house look amazing, as usual. dying to see more! and secretly wish we could be friends :)

  60. OMG…… I’ve had the magazine for close to 2 weeks and still have not had time to read it… almost threw it out this morning but now that I know what’s awaiting in the pages, this day will not end until I’ve at least read your article!

  61. This is sooo exciting! I love seeing my favorite bloggers on the pages of a magazine. I love it, you’re famous!!

  62. How exciting for you and Sloane…she’s published! I’ll have to pick up a copy this morning when I’m out. Congratulations…

  63. They couldn’t have picked a better gal, that’s for sure! You and Sloane look amazing!!

  64. Beautiful-congratulations!! You look stunning in that skirt and Sloane is just precious!! :)

  65. Love it! Congratulations! It’s well deserved.

  66. Congratulations – great layout and I love your style. As a working mom whose heart is also tied up in a little 2.5yo human, I really appreciate your thoughts on being a mom all while having a successful career. Best wishes to you.

  67. Wow, Erika, that spread looks awesome! Congrats!! I wish I could be half as cool as you when I grow up :) xoxo

  68. Telise Ensey says:

    I LOVED your BHG spread! I love your home and sense of style. I showed my husband the article and said, “see, this is the blog that I read, the kitchen I keep showing you…I’ve been reading for years. If I could have anyone help with our house, it would be her!” He said call her…have you ever worked in rural Oklahoma??? :)

  69. What a great article! You are a truly talented designer. I was hoping you might share your source for the two antique brass “picture light” sconces over the piece of artwork with the close-up of the man’s face. I have been in the market for a sconce just like those for years!

  70. went out the other day & had to snatch me up a copy!
    yay you!
    & of course, the rest of us know you most definitely deserve to be running right up there with the other big dogs.

  71. This is so amazing! I’m excited for you:) I’ve been a long-time follower of your blog, and it’s so cool to see you in BHG. It’s definitely one of those issues that I’ll be saving. I especially loved the layout of the article. The picture of you and Sloane takes the cake!! Congrats!

  72. Hi…
    We follow you on your twitter & on your blog…you are fab! We are about to change things up incredibly & would like you to stay in the loop! you to follow us too!!!

    * I would love it if you would hit the like button on the top of our new facebook page…right next to our company name…this is our link!…Thanks! Annie

    * Please share the link with your friends too! We need lot’s of likes…there are amazing new things coming including a whole new website!!! You are going to love what is coming soon!

  73. You deserve the recognition! I think you are oh so stylish – of course they would want you to be included! I’m not surprised at all. :) I need to go pick up the magazine so I can look through the rest of it – thanks for posting those pages…I love seeing that Sloane made it into a shot! :)

  74. Congratulations! First I open my Traditional Home to see you and now my BHG as well!

  75. Yeah! Good for you. Your work is inspirational to me. Also, I like how you said “mostly mother and wife”. You are way more than that but it made me smile.

  76. so wonderful! congrats!

  77. Lindsey A. says:

    So precious, congratulations! I just picked up a copy on my lunch break. You’re definitely a style icon in my eyes. And little Sloaney B is the cutest ever- watching her grow up in all your photos makes me excited to be a mommy someday!

  78. Congrats! (That skirt is gorgeous, I love it paired with turquoise, too!)

  79. I too was excited when I was reading BHG earlier this week and saw you featured! Congrats! You are extremely talented and deserve all the success and recognition that comes your way. :)

  80. Just received my issue today. You were my favorite among the style makers, so I just had to pop over and see more! Can’t wait to dig in and get inspired. Congrats!

  81. So very proud of you, Sister! Congratulations! I love you!!

  82. Hooray!! Look at you and Sloane glowing! You are too awesome and pretty silly for thinking they had you confused with someone else… You are the coolest Erica! You really do deserve to be called a style maker! Kudos, props and all that jazz!

  83. I’m a total copy-cat and found the skirt when I first saw you in it – before you told us anthro. Already ordered! Love it. Great spread in BHG.

  84. I just recently found you through Jones Design Company. Where’ve I been?! I love your blog. I’ve gone back and read ALL of your posts. Yep, I have a life but am crazy like that. I follow several blogs, but I’m always checking to see if you’ve posted something new during my work “breaks.” Working from home has it’s drawbacks or benefits depending on how you look at it. Blog on!

  85. I am so excited for you! I have been reading your blog for a few years (along with Darby’s) and I love it. I was vising my granny last week in Michigan and I was flipping through her latest BH&G magazine when I saw you, I squealed a little and jumped up and down with excitement. My granny wondered what all the excitement was about and I told her “I know her!” and she asked me how long we had been friends, that is when I tried to explain blogging to her…ha! Well, I feel like we are friends, congrats again!

  86. Just got my BHG in the mail today and loved the spread they did on you! Congrats!

  87. It certainly did not surprise me! Congratulations, I really enjoyed reading the article and loved the beautiful picture of you and Sloane.

  88. SO amazing. congrats. You look fantastic, and what an honor!
    dang. I totally went to buy that skirt. sold out for me. You look stunning in it.
    - {darlene}

  89. you look fantastic – congratulations! Totally deserving =)

  90. Couldn’t be happier for you!

  91. I was so excited when I turned the page and saw your smiling faces! Congrats on the article and what a great gift for Sloane when she gets older. She will think she has the coolest mom in the world! If you ever tire of her, just send her my way. :-)

  92. I was so excited to open my magazine and recognize your face and your beautiful daughter. Congratulations!

  93. Way to go!

  94. I saw it first on FB from Darby and then couldn’t wait to get it and read it! Beautiful pic and so happy for you! You deserve it!

  95. awesome! your style is fantastic. i’m sure everyone including myself would love to see more of your awesome yet livable home details. way to to go!

  96. oh my goodness. so happy for you! absolutely deserve it. you are so inspiring to me… in style, design, and life! thank you for your lovely blog.

  97. Awesome. Proud of you friend!

  98. A major congratulations! That is fabulous! You deserve such praise! Still thankful for all the millions of ways you’ve saved us time and money!

  99. i love how humble you are :) you look gorgeous! can’t wait to go pick up the magazine :)

  100. I just picked up a copy yesterday not knowing you would be in it. The photographer did a fantastic job capturing you and your daughter. Congrats!

  101. Congrats…..That is so exciting! And I’m in love with your skirt!

  102. Last week I was in TJ Maxx and saw some long skirts. Inspired by your picture, I picked one up (it is a print and not nearly as fab as yours)and I made my mom get on too! I may go check out yours the next time I am in Anthropologie! Congratulations Again!

  103. I am loving your blog. Congrats on the wonderful feature.

  104. I accosted some woman at the pool yesterday to see this in person! She was lounging in a chair and I said, “Is that September BHG???? My friend’s in that with a little black-haired girl!” We passed it all around the Scituate, MA Knights of Columbus pool: You have arrived, Sloaney Bear!

  105. Congratulations! As a longtime follower of your blog, I was excited to open my new issue of BH&G and find you on the pages!

  106. I was one of the people who asked about your skirt :) It’s been ordered and arrives Monday! I thought this was a great article and from this discovered your wonderful blog! Congrats on your feature in BHG!

  107. Congrats! You, with out a doubt, deserve to be in this article among many others. Your designs and home are so inspiring and you always keep things so down to earth and approachable. Two things that some magazine articles forget about with their features. I am so happy for you (plus you and you home look amazing!)

  108. Congratulations Erika! Love your skirt, the glimpses of your home and, of course, a special appearance by Miss Sloane.

  109. Congratulations on the article, the pic of you and Sloane is beautiful. I was also about to jump on the skirt bandwagon but it seems everyone beat me to it :) Love it! Seems to be sold out now though – you obviously sparked a rush!

  110. I’m not sure why you don’t see yourself as amazing and wonderful as we all see you. You are the “it” girl, the girl we all want to be. Stylish, talented, down-to-earth, humble, loving and gracious. You don’t even have to try and you are just “it”. I think you will have a show on HGTV someday soon and we will all be watching and discussing each and every episode:) Congrats and Happy Weekend!
    Amy R.

  111. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Erika! Congrats on the BHG feature! I’m an avid reader of your blog but I hardly ever comment. I just wanted to tell you how much your style inspires me to take on little projects around my own home — I’ve even gotten my boyfriend interested in decorating (well, somewhat :). Also, I have a request — at some point can you give us a “tour” of your wardrobe and where you buy your clothes? I know you’re in the business of designing interiors, not outfits, but you have such impeccable and lovely personal style, and it would be great to get a sense of where you generally find your clothes. Thanks so much!

  112. Congrats to you!!! I was excited to see all of your ideas I can use and that you too are a young mom and wife working at home to have an income and be able to formost be with your family. It is very rewarding to see that moms don’t always have to leave to the office to have a fulfilling career. Kudos!!!!

  113. Erika, I am SO proud of you and excited for you!!! I flipped through my BHG mag last night and was PUMPED to see you and your precious baby girl! Good for you!!!

  114. I got mine in the mail a few days ago and haven’t had time to sit down and look through it. I am pumped to see it!!

  115. Just got mine in the mail today (my last issue) and it’s even better in person!!!

  116. You are so precious! Love your humility… although you are mistaken if you don’t know how truly FABULOUS you are! I talk about “Erika & Darby” like you’re my real-life BFF’s! Ha. Sloane is a doll. Your work is effortlessly chic… I love everything you do! Congratulations on all of the press– it’s not hard to see how someone like you is quickly rising to the top! Many blessings!

  117. how neat! congratulations! a wonderful pic with your babe :) very excited to get my september issue in the mail!

  118. SO SO SO wonderful!!! and so well deserved- you seem like such a hard worker! and you look absolutly stunning in the feature!

  119. I read your blog, then opened my mailbox and there you were! Congrats, you look fabulous!

  120. I literally let out a scream when I was looking through my BHG today and saw you! So excited for you and your success!!!

  121. I was at the salon last week waiting for my cut and flipping through this issue of BHG when I saw your spread. Oh my word! I was soooo excited! I took a pic and sent it to my sister immediately. We both follow you and Darby online and it made us both squeal with delight to see your beautiful face, decor and sweet baby girl, Sloane…especially in surprise fashion. :) How fun! Totally brightened my (and her) day. :) Congratulations! I can’t think of a design blogger that is more deserving. XO

  122. Congrats!!!! It looks amazing!!!

  123. It’s a total joy to read your blog. You inspire me to live a more beautiful life. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Very special congratulations for the BH&G spread, just AWESOME!!

  124. Hello Erika, Congratulations! The picture of you and Sloane is so sweet. I was thinking how special it will be for her when she grows up and see’s all of her mom’s accomplishments published in magazines. It has been so fun to watch all of your success. And I’m sure there is so much more to come. Hope you have a chance to sit back and enjoy it all!
    On a totally different note, thanks for passing along the info. about Big Folio. I recently redesigned my website and they were so great to work with. I probably drove them crazy, but they were very patient with me!!
    All the best, Lauren

  125. Congrats, Erika!!!! So well-deserved!!! XO

  126. ERIKA! congratulations on the article. you look stunning in it.

  127. Congrats! Amazing coverage.

  128. I just finally got time to sit down with my BH&G last night, after all 3 girls were in bed. I’m in love with those shelves in your kitchen! I like the steel look of the shelves juxtaposed against the vintage white beadboard. Great look.

    I’m so glad you were featured! A new vintage blog! I’m an Estate Liquidator, so I’m immersed in vintage all day long. Glad to find a world where others love what I do.

  129. So excited to see you in the magazine! Congrats!!

  130. I just love reading your blog and was so excited to see you in my BHG magazine! Congrats, very cool!

  131. I really enjoyed article in BHG mag. Instead of asking about your skirt I have a question about the portrait of the boy in the hayfield. He looks just like my son. We lost him in an auto accident almost 6 yrs ago. Is there any way I could get a copy of it? Would you be interested in selling it? Hope to here back from you. thanks

  132. Erika,

    It was such a thrill to work with you on this story. We’ve gotten so many compliments already and notes from readers who absolutely love you!

    One woman at my husband’s office even said, “Oh my gosh! This is my favorite designer!!”

    Here’s to doing it again soon!

  133. Congratulations on your feature!! I know it is well deserved. You and the little one looked beautiful!

  134. Ummmm…totally awesome lady! Way to rock it! I need your tips and tricks for how to grow an interior design biz.

  135. saw this when darby posted – then ran out and got a copy immediately! I am so so thrilled for you, erika – it’s well deserved!! and ps, love that sloanie-bologna of yours, she’s scrumptious!

  136. Sally Wheat says:

    I saw this and thought it was SO GREAT!!! And what a fantastic issue!! Congratulations!!!

  137. i was sitting on a plane yesterday flipping through this magazine and there YOU were! i smiled so big. i don’t even know you IRL but i was so happy for you! it was such a great article! you should be so proud.
    YOU ROCK!!!

  138. Joy Hutchings says:

    I read the magazine and was inspired by your piece in it. It led me to your blog which I love!

  139. Daddy Boy says:

    Erika, What can I say you are awesome and always have been! You continue to amaze all of us who know and love you. You are a gift to all of us! Thanks for spending the weekend with us and thanks for dinner Buen provecho! Love YOU, Mom & DB

  140. Congrats!!! You are certainly a style-maker in my book.


  141. I loved the BHG article! You & your daughter look beautiful! I loved the write up on you too!!! Congratulations!:)

  142. Congratulations, i love your style!

  143. Congrats Erica! Great article! Quick (random) question…I am in the process of decorating a nursery for our baby girl coming in Nov! I am in love with the drapes in Sloane’s room and picked an ivory linen and a pink/cream stripe fabric by pindler&pindler for the border. I found out today it’s been discontinued. I am bummed. I think the stripe you used is also discontinued?? Do you know of any other places I can look for a stripe like that? I am sorry to bother you with this but thought you might know off the top of your head. I am desperate!
    Thanks so much!! Staci

  144. That is so exciting – this should make me read those magazines when they come! I will go dig mine out of the pile and take a closer look ;) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  145. okay, digging the overdue BHG renewal letter from the bottom of my pile!! Can’t believe I let me subscription lapse and you were in the issue I didn’t receive!!Sure you have sold them many issues and subscriptions!! Love everything about your sense of style!!

  146. Hi. My wife directed me to your site after seeing the nice BHG write up. I’ve perused your blog and was struck by how clear and vibrant your photos are–can you tell me what kind of camera you use?



  147. just saw you in BH&G and loved the article. I recently moved to Florida and was so excited to see another Floridian (well, I’m in south florida)with similar tastes. Your kitchen is pretty much exactly what I’d like for my place. I hope you’ll share with me some good thrifting and antiqueing spots! Saving you to my Google Reader!

  148. Will you please give us a full tour of your home?!?!?! Would love to see all of it! :)

  149. Hi,
    I am found your blog via BHG that I get in the mail. I love your layout and designs. I wanted to Pin the photo of your master bedroom, the one with the gold leafed art and white dresser. I want to create a red/aqua with hints of gold for a master bedroom. Sound crazy?
    I tried browsing but could not find the same photo. I might just scan it in. Or is it on your blog, in more detail? Like a house tour?

  150. Hi – saw your article in BHG. Congratulations! That must of been such a thrill (envy, envy!!).

    I am in the midst of changing and improving my blog. I have a ways to go – but it will get there.

    Great to hear of your success! Love your work.


  151. I am trying to find more information on a bed found in Better Homes and gardens magazine September 2011 issue page 46-47. It is a simple but classy wood bed frame. On the page 146 buying guide, it is not shown..

    Please email me..thank you

  152. Congratulations!! You, your sweet girl and your home look incredible :) x Sarah

  153. Therese says:

    Hi ! I am driving myself crazy trying to find the buying information for the bedding on page 46 of the Sept 2011 issue of BH and G you were featured in. If you would be willing to email me with any information I would be forever grateful! Love your home and your skirt :)

  154. Hi, I was wondering the exact same thing as Jess, about the bed in the September 2011 issue, page 46. I would really like to know where to find one. It is so sleek, simple and beautiful. Thanks so much. Katie

  155. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this
    topic to be actually something that I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to
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