changes!! and introductions!!


Last August I hired Lauren.  Things have been so insanely crazy that I never found time to properly introduce her… and here I am telling you she’s gone.  Shame on me!  I knew it would not be a permanent gig because from the beginning she told me she planned to move back home to north Alabama in a few months.  Somehow I convinced her to keep renewing her lease.  We pushed her “last day” back three (or was it four?) times, but at the end of April it was official… she was moving north.  It was a sad day because we LOVE Lauren.  WE MISS YOU!!!  Come back and see us soon!!!

Lauren, this is who has taken your old seat… meet Leigh Ann!


As you may recall we posted a job opening on the blog, it was to fill the Lauren void.  (Big shoes to fill.)  We received so many great resumes it was very hard to narrow it down, but after an interview with Leigh Ann we knew she was a perfect fit.   She started on Tuesday and we are sooooo very glad to have her!  After stalking her on Facebook we decided her coffee carrying skills looked promising.  (Kidding!)  But she is a talented, smart, and funny cookie.  And… a licensed Interior Designer.  Look out!  She is married with fur babies and in her spare time she makes jewelry out of vintage pieces.  Allison just snagged this cute lemon cuff…

lemon cuff

The deal went down like this… Allison peeked up over her computer monitor and said “can I buy that lemon bracelet?”, Leigh Ann said “sure”.  And then it was done.  This could be dangerous.

In other exciting news….


Anne Scott is back!  (that’s a double name… two double namers in this office!) You may recall she was our summer intern from last summer.  Which makes the intern process so great… no training required, she came right in and went straight to work.  She is a blessing to us and we are so honored that she wanted to come back again!!

And let’s not forget Paula, Joan, and Allison!!

paula joan allison


It’s humbling to have such a wonderful group of people, it really blows my mind.  So very, very, very grateful for them!! They make going to work fun.



  1. I wish I lived nearby to come and meet all these fine ladies in person.
    What a great team and boss.

  2. Lizziefitz says:

    You are only as good as support team:) well, you are pretty darn fabulous on your own, but icing on the cake is good too;)

  3. Hey, I have an idea, why don’t you all move to So California so I could work along side of you great girls. It looks like you all have a blast together and do such beautiful work! Have fun this summer, looking forward to hearing about it all on the blog.

  4. Liz McNeil says:

    Will your new co worker be making another lemon bracelet? I hope so!! Please let us know if she does! Love your blog!! And your sister’s!!

  5. Hey Leigh Ann!!! I am so pumped for you! :) This is AWESOME NEWS!!!

  6. So proud of you little sister! Harper told me she wants to move to the beach like Annie. Maybe one day. Urban Grace is blessed to have you : )

  7. I am in no way qualified (or close enough) to work for you, but if I work really hard on my coffee carrying skills, maybe someday it could happen. You are kind of my dream office. Someday…

  8. I LOVE Lauren’s gingham dress, any idea where she got it from?

  9. Is it Joan that could pass for your sister? Amazing. What a fun group of ladies.

  10. The jewelry is beautiful–just ordered two necklaces. Now I’m off to purchase the mascara and lip stick you recommend. When I showed my son some fabric you recommended for drapes, he asked, “Do you do everything the designer says?” Why, yes. Yes I do. Thanks for all your stylish suggestions!

  11. Hi! I actually wanted to ask you two questions! Did you ever find the braided Kairo Birkenstocks? They seem to be sold out…never owned Birkenstocks, but may try…suggestions? Also, from a previous post, I LOVE the monogrammed necklace from Willow…I may order but it’s hard to see what it looks like online…are you happy with the necklace?! Thank you and look forward to the coop updates!!

  12. What a great team you have! I’m sure you are a dream to work for. Love the lemon cuff, too!

  13. love the lemon bracelet! is it a requirement to be cute and stylish?

  14. Erika-What a refreshing boss you are! It’s so nice to see the leader appreciate the people that help make the company what it is. Love that about you. Oh dear, I am in love with that lemon cuff. Just sent Leigh Ann a note through etsy. SO hoping she has another.

  15. You are running quite the ship down there! Looks like such a fun group. ps. we list our preferences for where we’ll live next year soon…kinda hoping we end up down your way, then we could be real life friends and not just internet friends :) xoxo

  16. Leigh Ann is a dear friend of mine, and a true delight to be around. Urban Grace and Leigh Ann are both SO lucky to have found eachother!

  17. looks like an awesome team of ladies!

  18. I can carry coffee, too! If I lived in your area I’d so want to work for you!

  19. Erika – you do work with an incredible group of ladies! Just in the last couple weeks I realized that Allison knows every answer to every question (and is even funnier in person than on the phone) and Paula is so calm, even when I call from my garage with the delivery guy and end table freaking me out!! I’m sure you all will really miss Lauren, but thank goodness you found a very talented designer in Leigh Ann to fill her shoes. Can’t wait to check out more of the jewelry . . .

  20. I grew up with Leigh Ann! You gotcha a good one!! Congrats on a new job LA! :)

  21. Love love that jewelry!

  22. Oh my goodness. Her jewelry is A.Mazing. I want four necklaces this instant!

    Ps…I’m new to the blog, so I’m not sure of your business. I know it’s Interior Design, but it seems like you’re all over the country. Do you do work everywhere?

  23. Caroline says:

    Dying to know where Lauren’s dress is from!!

  24. That blue gingham dress is too cute! Congrats on your new crew! The lemon bracelet is gorg!

  25. What an awesome team of hard working woman!!!

  26. I wish you were my boss! So great how you honor your employees the way you do!

  27. THE Lauren :) says:

    I miss y’all so much!! Leigh Ann is so lucky to be working with y’all. It is still my plan to move all of you up to Huntsville. Sadly, I got that dress few years ago and I can’t remember if it was from Belk or just a store in Huntsville. UGI IS THE BEST PLACE TO WORK EVER! (You can quote me on that)

  28. Candice from Romo says:

    So cool that you have all of the team on here. I was just stalking to see who Leigh Ann was since I just emailed with her. Leigh Ann, it is nice to Blog and Email meet you. :)

  29. What a lovely group of ladies! Hey Leigh Ann!!! And congrats again!

  30. leigh ann!! i went to summer camp for YEARS with this precious sweetheart!! congrats congrats!! you are going to LOVE HER

  31. Allyson says:

    I am just now seeing this! So happy for you!!

  32. DuRee Stewart says:

    You continue to amaze me with the positive attitude,appreciation and support you show to your staff. With that type of respect, they will be dedicated and loyal to you forever. Best of luck with continued success in your business.

  33. hilliary says:

    In the pic of Lauren, I see the fabric that is on your chairs in your living room…can we get the specs on it please? I love it, it fits wonderfully in your home! :)

  34. Yay for pictures of all these Auburn Interior Design girls (Lauren, Allison, and Anne Scott)! I’m sorry I don’t know the newbee but i’m sure she’s great! But I’m glad to see Anne Scott (a Dothan native) back on the team for a time, and will say that I wish I was back in school and could do an internship at Urban Grace…that would be so cool! Keep up the great work!

    -Whitney G. Brown
    p.s. Anne Scott, talked to Lindsey the other day and she said you were back at Urban Grace! (Can i come room with you for the summer and shadow you at work? haha!)

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