my kitchen intervention (after)

Remember what I’m working with…

In the old kitchen layout there was no countertop overhang.  Meaning you could awkwardly sit at at barstool across from the cook at the range, but it was just that… awkward!  So on my radar for a very long time (I keep measurements with me in my phone of pieces I am looking for, both for my clients and myself) was an island.  An “island”, I should say… something that I could push up against that little peninsula (and I use that word loosely) where the range is… a place to sit and have coffee or breakfast.  We’ve always ignored that poorly placed door that opens right into the countertop and since we use the other door we wouldn’t miss it.  One day I was out shopping at a local antique store and found it.  An antique pine table from Europe, not too $$, all beat up, tall enough (35.5″ tall), the perfect length and depth.  So I bought it.  And then decided it was time to spruce up the rest of the kitchen.

added antique pine table

Now, this is not my dream kitchen… but she’s a heck of a lot better and brighter than she was.  There are a few things I would have done differently, but remember I kept my budget tight and priorities in check.  (I should have closed the pantry doors!)

wide angle pantry doors open

wide angle shelves

base cabinets

shelf details

shelf detail skewers and julep cup

shelf detail mountain goat

shelf detail birds eye

container store shelf

shelf detail dog creamer

shelf detail glasses

shelf detail cake plates

shelf bracket detail

roman shade fabric

at the sink

antique soap dish

fridge wall

toaster corner

tv corner

calendar corner

wall pockets


nancy thomas plates

cooler bottle opener and sloaney height

mermaid hook

pantry roman shade

locker etc

antique pine table bar

overstock barstools

all beat up antique pine table

I’m in Las Vegas for KBIS, arrived laaaaaate last night.  Working on two hours of sleep, which if you know me, is not ideal.  I hate to leave you with this detail-lacking post… so what I’m going to do is come back and give you more information on my little kitchen spruce-up on Thursday or Friday.  You can ask questions in the comment section if you like and I will try to answer in the next post.



  1. I’ve been looking forward to this!! LOVE it!! I love the antique pine table for a bar – it’s beautiful. Saving this for ideas for future kitchen work (we really need to paint our oak cabinets)… I know you’ve already posted about it, but the grasscloth in your pantry is amazing…as are all of the little details – and the fabric you picked for your shades in the kitchen is perfect!

  2. Wow! It looks amazing! I LOVE the fabric you used for the roman shades. Looking forward to the details post :)

  3. Love it! I am in the midst of a small kitchen reno myself! Very inspiring!


  4. Looks so great! I love the tin cake top. I have one also that my grandfather made decades ago. I am getting ready to add an antique pine table to my kitchen as well as an island. If my hubby ever gets it finished!

  5. I LOVE those tolix stools…..they have them right now at this cool warehouse near me for $50 each (they have the chairs too!), I SO WANT THEM but alas, can’t figure out where I’d put them. Murpy’s law. Anyway…it turned out beautifully!! xoxo Shelli

  6. LOVE IT! And although you didn’t allow comments on the last post, can I just say how much (more) I love you for posting those pictures?! Real life is so encouraging to those of us(ahem) who aren’t always perfect!

  7. Candace Horner says:

    **Pantry envy**!! Your re-do is beautiful, love the open shelves, the brackets, all of it, can’t wait for details! I have the same fridge, researched it endlessly since I have a small kitchen and needed the narrowest cabinet depth in existence and this one fit the bill! Your pine table is exquisite, perfect for projects/snacks/buffet/cupcake decorating, etc., but the pantry lockers, Fantastic!

  8. I loooooove the kitchen. So my style, not too fussy, earthy colors, fun little touches on the walls and that sweet locker!! I always love the fabrics you choose as well and it’s no different this time around with the roman shade. Beautiful!

    On a side note, my hubby and I are in Vegas right now as well celebrating a big blow-out babymoon before our little Houston Michael makes his arrival. I’m gonna keep my eyes peeled for a famous Erica sighting! ;)

  9. I know there’s a lot to take in here, but I like your large bucket/container of cooking utinsels. Mine are stored through out the kitchen and it’s not efficient. I’ll have to keep an eye out for something similar for my kitchen. Enjoyed the post!

  10. I don’t know where to being, i love everything! the pine table is amazing and the fabric with the green cabinets. the little mccoy fruit holders are adorable…the pantry is great too. thanks for the inspiration once again!!!!

  11. looks great Erika! looks very “you.” (or what I would imagine to be “you,” ha.) love the shelf brackets and all your fun goodies, especially.

  12. tfaulkner says:

    What a happy kitchen! I love the details….the happy, sunny window sill, the cabinet color, the open shelves, and finally, a kitchen that looks lived in….a for real place for cooking, gathering, and living….love it! I would love to know where you found the pencil and pen holders under the calendar. Also, I would like to know where you found the kitchen shelves and brackets, and I love the wall covering in the laundry room (I remember it from the pantry post). Love Sloaney B’s height marks on the doorway. We have the same for our four girls and they love it… Beautiful work! Get some sleep…you sure deserve it!

  13. Love the open shelves and love every bit of vintage EVERYTHING! The cake cover is to die for. I have a giveaway for all of you Southerners (and Southerners at heart) over on my blog today!

  14. Love everything you did…the color, the fabric, the table as island….it’s all so good and I knew it would be!!!!

  15. Very nice! Your kitchen is about the size of mine and we’re getting ready to re-do it. I’m choosing things carefully because want it to look better, but don’t have a ton of money to spend on it! LOVE your pantry.

  16. I think it looks perfect. It looks like someone lives there – so many kitchens don’t. One question, if we sent you another 1,000.00, what would you change? What would you add?


  17. Love the makeover. It is “real world” and perfect to me. Would love to know about your faucet. Looking for something similar. Just replaced my countertops with stainless steel and need something better than what I have now.

  18. It looks amazing! I really like the colors and the open shelving. Great job.

  19. My question is: How did you get so awesome? Thanks for your consideration in answering this one!

  20. Erika!!! It’s wonderful!! “Let Love Rule Here” is perfect b/c my FAVORITE part about this kitchen is that I can tell it is the home of someone who enjoys cooking and we all know that cooking is love. Your sweet little, quirky kitchen momentos are lovely too b/c I bet they each tell a story. I can appreciate show stopping big kitchens, but I’d take your cozy, perfect spot anyday over one of them. And I will be copying b/c our kitchen has cabinet-in-the-face issues too, it’s nice to see a smaller kitchen use open shelving!


  21. Your kitchen is just fabulous! I love how you utilized every inch!
    Kristin XO

  22. This is truly beautiful! I love the paint color for the cabinets and I think the lockers in the pantry are the best part :) I also can’t stop drooling over the antique pine table!

  23. SOOO much goodness in this post! I love how you took pics of all the details …. thanks :)

  24. I love your solution to the overhang. The antique table and barstools are wonderful! I can picture sitting there with a glass of wine talking to the cook. The gray you chose is nice too. Kudos!

  25. L-O-V-E IT ALL!!! I want those dragonfly glasses!!

  26. Love it! It’s very cute and very real. It may be small – but that makes for keeping your family close together. Bigger isn’t always better :)

  27. Lindsey A. says:

    Love it! I totally understand having to work with what you have already, and I think you did an awesome job making major improvements while not depleting your savings. Definitely going to use this as inspiration for my mom’s kitchen, which could use a little love! Thanks for posting more regularly lately. I always find your posts to be very inspirational!

  28. This is so great. I love the mood of this room. Thanks for sharing!

  29. erika! i have been looking forward to the reveal and it is nothing short of beautiful and functional! love how you did the open shelving. we’ve been debating it but my concern is the weight of dishes. i have a decent collection, like you, and am curious what you used to secure it to the wall/shelving units. thanks!

  30. Great work! Love the roman shade fabric, the cabinet color, the backsplash…it all looks beautiful!

  31. LOVE IT!!

  32. It’s so pretty! I love it! Especially love all the personal details. A random detail question – where are your cute wine glasses with the dotted stems from? Love it all!

  33. Oh my WORD! Absolutely fabulous!!! Love everything about it! Especially love all the little special knicknack touches you have around. Where in the world did you find the fruit hanging on the wall to hold your pens? WAY too cute!

  34. I adore your kitchen! My kitchen is also small, so I can relate with you on so many levels here. Everything is just beautiful and cheery. So many great details, Erika! Looking forward to hearing more about the details.

  35. I love it too! So many have commented on the shade fabric. Could you share the name of the fabric? Thanks!

  36. I must know where I can get that cake tin. Beautiful kitchen, I love the color of the cabinets.

  37. wow, erika! it looks beautiful! i love that you shared with us all the details! your dark counters look great with your cabinets and i love the grasscloth in your pantry! you have such great style, in everything you do! (have fun in vegas!)

  38. As much as I love the dream kitchens you have your portfolio, I love this just as well. They say the heart of a home is the kitchen, and no doubt this is true in your household. This is why I’m a fan of you… worked with what you had, stuck with a budget (like most of us)and it all turned out beautifully. I love the open shelving and especially love your pantry with the grasscloth. I MUST have it somewhere in my own house! I have my calendar displayed in my kitchen too ;) Get some rest:)

  39. It looks FANTASTIC!!! Love it!!!

  40. Jennifer says:

    I have been looking forward to your “reveal” (drum roll)BBBrrrrrrdd.. It looks a-mazing! Interested in how you did backsplash. Did you paint base cabinets yourself or have your guys do it too, and satin oil or semi-gloss? Thanks again for sharing, I love your blog. Safe Travels… ;)

  41. I LOVE it! You’ve done a great job and I loe all the details! Where did you find the fabric as well as the lights and bar stools! Thanks!!

  42. Erika!
    Love your kitchen! It all works so well together. I adore that Victoria Hagan fabric – I just got the Summer colorway to put on a chair- I was so excited to see it in your space – it looks gorgeous as shades. I love all of the little touches you added that make the space unique. It may not be your ideal kitchen but I think it’s fantastic! Great job as always!

  43. Your kitchen looks fantastic!!! I have onerandom question…do you have a microwave and where do you keep it?? I have a love/hate relationship with my microwave in my small kitchen and am trying to figure out the best solution

  44. WOW! Love it :) Definitely worth the wait for the reveal!

    Seems like such a fun and happy place to be!

  45. I love it! Especially the faucet! (I’m in love with plumbing recently.)

    This isn’t a strictly kitchen related question, but do you know a good source for vintage plumbing? I’m looking for porcelain cross handles that say “shower” and “spray” for my outdoor shower. I found ones that say hot&cold on eBay but am having trouble tracking the others down. I figured you would be the one to ask.

  46. Your kitchen is simply beautiful – and inspiring. I think my favorite detail in it, though, is the tiny Black Apple valentine above your calendar. My three year old sent those out last year and that’s the one we chose to send Daddy :) I think it might make an appearance now that I’ve seen what you did with it. So sweet!

    I’m hoping for a purely cosmetic update to my kitchen very soon, and I know I’ll be referencing this post a lot!

  47. it looks freaking FANTASTIC!!!

  48. Your kitchen is simply beautiful – and inspiring. I think my favorite detail in it, though, is the tiny Black Apple valentine above your calendar. My three year old sent those out last year and that’s the one we chose to send Daddy :) I think it might make an appearance somewhere in our home now that I’ve seen what you did with it. So sweet!

    I’m hoping for a purely cosmetic update to my kitchen very soon, and I know I’ll be referencing this post a lot!

  49. I think the best part is that you actually live in the type of spaces in which many of us live. My kitchen is relatively small and I am always looking for space saving ideas. I already picked up a few new ones from this post. I also like that you combined a variety of textures and elements, and threw in a few delightful vintage or nostalgic touches that convey a touch of whimsy! However, I most appreciate that your house is more than a designer’s space … it is obviously a “home.”

  50. I love it! All of it. The open shelves are great.

  51. I have been looking forward to seeing this! The cabinet color, the pine table bar, all of it!! And I love that you have the same Atelier dishes as me. Can’t wait to get the deets on everything!

  52. first off..your kitchen is still BIGGER than mine! so i guess i still have the worlds smallest kitchen? i absolutely LOVE how you transformed the space! ps. we have honed carrara and although we love it, your granite is so much more practical! enjoy your “new” kitchen! xoxoxo,


  53. Your kitchen is absolutely lovely! Well done! It’s so great to see what can be done within a budget when a little ingenuity is used. My kitchen is even a wee bit smaller than this one, so it’s very inspiring to see what you’ve done with your space. Thanks so much for sharing!

  54. i think everything you touch turns to gold. i love your open shelving and your cabinet/shelf color–seems like in the older posts we only got a little peek at that.

  55. Yeah! I’ve been looking forward to this post:). The cabinets make me cringe at my cabinets all the more … sigh … and I LOVE the curtain fabric!!! It was/is one of my top choices if I ever get around to getting curtains made for my kitchen. But it wouldn’t look as good with my lovely suburbia brown stained cabinets as it does with your green ones:):).
    Oh, and love the lockers, too!! Fun stuff …

  56. Erica! I have spent the last ten minutes just staring, mouth agape, at your kitchen “after” shots. I cannot get enough. Gorgeous hardly covers it. I love it all.

  57. Catherine says:

    I love it! One question…where is the coffee maker? The cabinets are a great color. Here’s one of my new faves too…Pratt & Lambert “Whale”.

  58. I love your cake tin and have one just like it except with black handles. It makes carry the cakes, pies, etc so much easier and I never had to worry about the lid falling off.

  59. J’adore! Love the wallpaper in the pantry!

  60. It really is a lovely little renovation! I especially love the cabinet color, the shelf brackets, and the pine table. I used to have a beat up pine topped island in my last home and I miss it oh so much. My kitchen is even smaller and I don’t have that walk-in pantry. That would be awesome! I hope you are enjoying a bit of a return to normalcy now that the work is done!

  61. Love the addition of the table and barstools.

    And I must find something similar to put under my bottle opener to catch the beer tops!!

  62. Catherine says:

    Your kitchen looks fantastic! I love the colors… I have narrowed my questions down to two: 1) I want the same white planks/panels (??) in our laundry room that you now have on your kitchen walls- how do I go about finding and purchasing those? 2) What is the wallpaper in your pantry? Love it.

  63. I love the open shelves with the way cool brackets! Great fabric for the window, too!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  64. Vania Zwickey says:

    love the roman shades. Do you have someone that makes them for you?

  65. Everything looks so lovely! What you might not realize is that we love to see all that you do — you are so creative, pragmatic, and funny (talented, to be sure!) that you could be sharing what you had for breakfast, and your readers would be happily fulfilled! Though it is not a “dream” kitchen to you, this space, like your blog, is just wonderfully beautiful (and authentic) to your admirers!

  66. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! All the little details make your kitchen amazing and comfy cozy…great job!!

  67. Oh! I think it’s beautiful! If you’re ever feeling like your kitchen and storage space are too small, mine is pretty much just your U-shape part. No window, no open wall, no pantry. This is why the George Foreman grill lives in the linen closet. ;)

  68. Lovely post. It may not be your “dream” kitchen, but it really is quite lovely. Thank you for all the details. Love the mermaid hook. Thank you for posting. I’m sure these posts take quite a bit of work, but your readers so appreciate it!

  69. SO pretty! I love it. I’m sure you were already planning on sharing this info, but I would love a breakdown of all the paint colors. As a non-pro, I think that’s the hardest part and you always nail it. Also curious why you chose tongue and groove over a tile backsplash — was it a cost issue or did you prefer that look?

  70. Erika- Your kitchen looks fabulous! I can’t say that I was too shocked by this because you have such wonderful taste. Feels very crisp and clean, yet “home-y.” Love that you worked with what you had and on a budget. I hope you are having a good week! :)

  71. With all those cocktail picks….where are the martinis!!

    Job well done!


  72. Beth Anne says:

    I love the after…some of your details are so awesome; what do you do with toast tongs? Why put them ON the toaster-brilliant! Or what do you do about a husband (presuming your husband is like mine) who always insists on cleaning his fingers in the kitchen sink, give him a pretty and simple nail brush in full view on the windowsill…love it!

    Question: do you have a microwave? If so, where does it live?

    Thanks for sharing!

  73. Love it as usual! XO

  74. I know you are loving this “new” kitchen! It looks so amazing with your perfect touches. I bet it was fun setting it up with the accents. I love the freshness of your kitchen along with the vintage homeyness (is that a word?, yo yo)

  75. Love the makeover! Where did you get the corbels (braces) that are holding up your open shelving? Gorgeous!

  76. i love it. it is beautiful and homey and efficient! the open shelving and the antique table make me drool. and, it is SOO much bigger than my NYC kitchen… my “pantry” is ONE drawer. enjoy it! xox

  77. That is the perfect small kitchen Erika! Such a great mix of country charm, a touch industrial, and rustic homeyness. Beautiful work. I can smell the apple crumble pie baking in there already!

  78. Couldn’t wait to see the finished product! Turned out beautifully! Love the lamps, the color and the extra table w/ the stools – Way to go, doesn’t it feel great to have it finished!xo*S

  79. Ok, so I am AMAZED! It looks perfect! I love the open shelving, the cabinet colours and the layout but more importantly, I LOVE the fact that everything little thing seems to have it’s own place! Now that’s my kind of kitchen!

  80. what a precious makeover!!! chic and sleek and still warm and inviting. love it!!! also, just saw your mention in traditional home…that rocks! your taste is impeccable. keep the good stuff coming!! :-)

  81. Wow, looks great!!! Love everything! I have to ask, what are those brown stick things with twisty tops on the open shelves in the green and silver containers??? I love all the little details you use! Thanks for sharing!

  82. Lynnette Ross says:

    I’m in love with your budget kitchen. WE are looking to do a few changes in our builder grade kitchen, thanks for the inspiration!

  83. Wow !!!! What a beautiful kitchen renovation! It looks fantastic! Congratulations on your new space ! Questions: Where did you find the stools? Who makes your kitchen plates and bowls? (Manufacturer and Style Name) Thanks so much!

  84. I love the kitchen redo, but do the open shelves {while lovely to the eyes} make you mad when dust constantly settles on your dishes and shelves? How often do you have to keep up with the maintenance to have that look?

  85. I love every detail! I have been anxiously awaiting this post. AMAZING!

  86. Love your kitchen, you did an amazing job as always. Where did you find the bottle cap holder and what size is your Linnea calender and what frame did you use,love the idea of framing it? Also love the pineapple canister

  87. Wow. Wow. Wow. That is really gorgeous!!!! So hard to believe you did this on a tight budget. Can’t wait to hear the details!

  88. ahh! Amazing. I’m in the middle of helping my mom spruce up her kitchen on a very small budget. Definitely getting some good ideas here.

  89. Oh my my. I love it. You are so awesome Erika. I would really love to hire you one day. Really looking forward to the details, as others have said. I’d especially love to hear your top ideas for working within a tight budget. Thanks for finally posting this!!

  90. I’m probably the billionth person to ask, but I’d love to know paint colors. :) that green on your cabinets makes me happy! I love your kitchen…. it looks perfect in every way :)

  91. christy cartwright says:

    I’m looking for black stone counter tops and I really like yours. What type are they and where can I get them? Would you take a close up picture so I can see the details. My current counter tops are black lamanite and the kitchen walls are bright green.

    Thanks! Your kitchen looks fantastic by the way.

  92. Love the kitchen photos! So inspiring!! My husband goes to KBIS too – he works for a cabinet company so I’ve tagged along on a few of those trips. Love your blog and your sisters!

  93. Looks absolutely amazing! Love the green. Love the drapery. Love the shelving. Love the massive wood table. Love the seating. Love!

  94. Oh my! You’re good! Very good! Is that a Victoria Hagan fabric? It is beautiful! I’m in the middle of a whole house reno right now and I’m looking for something similar. I love your style little girly!

  95. obsessed… with everything!!

  96. Looks beautiful!! I’d kill for that kitchen, it’s probably 4x the size of mine.

  97. Does everything you touch turn to gold? :) The rosemary color is earthy and muted and works perfectly with the industrial, sort of worn patina happening over in the breakfast bar area. And that fabric is sassy as hell. Liveable without being typical. I think I need those dishes in my life. Can I ask?….

  98. Love the kitchen ~ it may be small, but it’s beautiful which so much better than big and ugly :-)

    BTW ~ If you find somebody to give you 3cm honed Carrara marble send ‘em my!

  99. Worth the wait! It’s fab. Thanks for keeping it real and showing all the details!

  100. Erika, you did an outstanding job on your kitchen. It makes me want open shelving but mine would not be as neat as yours. I can’t wait for the details and I am hoping you will share information about the white beaded dinnerware on the open shelf with the black and white cow, there are also small lemon shape dishes there. I hope you are able to rest and have fun on your trip. Thanks

  101. Love, love it! Especially curious about the “wallpaper” in the pantry…who makes it? Looking to put something similar in my son’s bathroom.

  102. Love that pineapple cookie jar! Where did you find it!

    Great makeover. I also have a small kitchen in need of renovation. How do you work with out of state people? I live in VA.

  103. I LOVE the open shelves – I’m trying to convince my husband that it would be a relatively easy first step in a much-needed kitchen makeover!

  104. Courtney Gallaher says:

    Your new kitchen looks wonderful! I have moved to a new house with a smaller kitchen. This post reminds me that how you make the space feel through your styling and accessorizing is what matters most . . . thanks for reminding me of that!

  105. i spy victoria hagan autumn! love – actually was considering that for my upcoming kitchen redo…or the winter for my bedroom…too many decisions. looks great !

  106. Because of counters, a wall, and a cabinet above, my refrigetor is land-lock. To replace it, I’ve been told that I will have to special order a smaller size than the “standard” size that Lowes, Home Depot, etc. are currently carrying. Your fridge doesn’t look as big as many of the ones I’ve look at. What are the measurements of your Jen-Air refrigerator and/or the style number? And by the way, your kitchen looks fantastic!

  107. I love it!!! What is that paint colour on the shelves and cabinets?

  108. ooops- ignore my question- I saw it was answered in your last post. :)

  109. *LOVE*. do you and Darby have matching measuring spoon holders?

  110. LOVE this kitchen! I am about to redo my kitchen and that fabric would be perfect… would you mind sharing the name of it???? Please:)

  111. I’d like to know how you did the planking on the wall behind your cabinets. My husband and I are currently planning to paint our oak cabinets and add some sort of backsplash. I was thinking subway tile but I love love love what you’ve done here! Plus our granite countertops are sort of crazy and I don’t want to replace them now. Will look forward to a detailed post!

  112. Also, removing the 4 inch backsplash (we have this and I want it to go bye-bye)… is this a job for a professional or can the diy-er do this???? Thanks!!!

  113. p.s. the pistachio mixer looks pretty sweet in the “new” kitchen. where are the dragonfly glasses from?

  114. So, so, so very much love this kitchen!! I too have a tiny kitchen which I would love to paint white, but the white appliances look like a hot mess at the end of each and every day with my three kids. This color is beautiful and the fabric the icing on the cake!! Love everything about it. Tell me, did you chose the fabric and then the paint color, or the paint color and then the fabric?

  115. hi erika!!

    love your blog and check it everyday!

    i’m sending you a link to a university of alabama site that is acting as a hub for links to organizations that are attempting to help the the victims of last week’s devestating tornados.

    i live far away from alabama now, and besides financial donations, have been searching for a way to help. i am sending this link to all of my favorite bloggers hoping they will post it.

    i’m not sure if you ever do this kind of thing, but help, donations and prayers are desperately needed for these people who have lost everything.

    thank you erika!

  116. Looks fabulous Erika! You’ve inspired me to finally start planning my kitchen renovation. Thanks!

  117. claire says:

    The gov’t issued a warning about your high chair today!

  118. totally LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen! Every single thing about it! NICE JOB!

  119. Ashley J says:

    Where are your Roman Shade fabrics from? The fabric would look great in my kitchen!

  120. I wanted to know where you got your old green lockers that I assume are in the pantry?

  121. Emily Young says:

    Erika, I love your blog and all of your work. I am looking for a cream (but not too yellow) paint and was curious what color was on your walls. I’d love to know as I search high and low for the right color. Thanks!

  122. Hi Erika, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come back to this page of your blog for inspiration. You have such great style!! When my husband and I started culling ideas for our kitchen remodel in spring of 2011, we saw this and loved it! I love how things you’ve used that I had never seen, are now becoming common place. For instance, we loved your use of lockers, but couldn’t find any here in Laguna Beach, CA. Now you can find them new (not as great) in catalogs! Thanks for making our world better one room at a time! Warmly, Mary Blanton

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