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Steinmart!  Someone emailed and said, “Saw your shirt at Steinmart yesterday!”.  Sure enough, I zipped in yesterday and there she was in all her $34.99 glory.  Glad I didn’t pay more than $50 when I bought it full retail… but I’m not gonna lie it stung a little.  Different tag, same exact shirt.  Someone also spotted it at TJMaxx.  So there you have it.  Clearly (no pun intended), it requires a camisole.



  1. WOOHOO!!!! THANK YOU!!!


    getting a hold of my self here ….

    (I’d already crucified the longing – ha!)

  2. yahoo!! love that shirt and will have to make a little trip to tj’s or steinmart. thanks for sharing!

  3. yay!!!! Running to the store now! LOVE this shirt!

  4. ahhh!! I can never find anything good at our tjmaxx, but I’m going to have to make a trip to steinmart this weekend to see if I can find it…thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Ouch! But now I get to have one– yay.

  6. Wow! I hope no one in my area reads the blog, so I can hop over to my local Steinmart! Adorable. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  7. Grace Sidaway says:

    I’ve just discovered yr. blog & quite enjoy it:)
    Having been involved in the fashion industry for many yrs. based in Montreal..have to say..Steinmart was one of my favourite clients!
    The buyers are a pleasure to deal with & the fit/spec dept…is right on!
    Hard to find better quality/price elsewhere:)

  8. Mary Catherine Sears says:

    I was going to say, your shirt looks very similar to the one I bought at Steinmart. I have worn it several times…it is super cute!

  9. Abby Davis says:

    Hey Erika!
    I met you around Valentine’s Day when you brought in your adorable Valentine’s Day Card with Sloane’s picture on it. I’m an architect, and I work for Tom Christ. He told me about your blog, and then I got into reading it and your sister’s too! Obviously I live in your area, and I’m so excited to know that Stein Mart has your cute shirt! I emailed Luxe about it and still haven’t heard back. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and I really like your work.

    Abby Davis

  10. Wonder if luxe apothique relabeled this shirt! I was just in TJMaxx last night, but I skipped the clothing section and went straight to the home section. I wish I has looked around!! Love this top.

  11. Did you buy me one for my birthday while you were there? :)

  12. I have noticed by shopping at Ross and TJMaxx and Marshall’s that they all carry similar items if not identical… this leads me to believe that they all must shop together over coffee.

  13. You are a blogger like no other. Well, except maybe Darby. Equal. In different ways. You make me laugh. Love your honesty and down to earthness. That shirt looked great on You. And you had it first, even if it was a little more money. Have a great weekend!

  14. LOVE IT! Time to go shopping!

  15. Thanks for letting us know Erika! I went to my local Stein Mart and found it! So excited to wear it!

  16. Ok, well I commented earlier….and right after Soraya woke up from her nap I drove to Steinmart and took both girls in in the double stroller and probably looked like a crazy woman wandering around in circles until I found the top! It was kind of hidden, but my searching paid off. :) Now I just need to find the right thing to wear under it…

  17. Shannon says:

    I found it at my Stein Mart for $35, but they only had L and XL which took me to TJ and it was only $19.99 there! The sheer fabric was just slightly different – smaller dots. I loved it with the white jeans, never would have thought to pair it with that, but it looked so cute on you. I wonder how many look-a-likes you will potentially have walking around? Thanks for the info on the great find!

  18. Julianna says:

    If if makes you feel any better, it looks like the Steinmart one is a very pretty knockoff. The lace on the sleeves of the Steinmart one look like they’re sewn on top of the sleeves, whereas on your shirt, the lace is inset (not sure if that’s the right word).
    Either way, a very pretty shirt, but I think there’s a reason yours cost slightly more.

  19. This is it!! I thought about seeing if the one at TJMaxx was any cheaper, but I guess $34.99 is better than $50! :) You’ve really started a trend with this shirt!! HA!

  20. Erika, you’re the best!!! Going to check out Steinmart today!! :)

  21. Thanks Erika! Out to track that oh so pretty top down.

  22. tfaulkner says:

    Stein Mart Rules! Okay, you truly rule, but Stein Mart isn’t bad either….a reason to leave the house today! Thank You!

  23. I have the shirt, love it and have you to thank for it ;)

  24. Michelle says:

    Yay! Found it at Stein Mart yesterday AND went to search for colors for our home comparing swatches to a house that my hubs and I love…it’s Artichoke! Thanks for everything! :)

  25. Nice! I might need to hit it on my lunch break!

  26. Ran by Steinmart for the first time in YEARS and snagged the shirt. You’re such a trendsetter… so excited. The pictures of you and Sloane are perfection– beautiful girls!

  27. Erica, the fabric in Sloans nursery…. is the panel a creamy linen and have you ever found anything similar to the coral stripe? I’d love to order the fabric for the panels for my daughter’s room and I LOVE LOVE the coral strip….

  28. Thanks Erika :) Found it at Steinmart today. They only had larges but tracked down a small for me at another store. Great customer service and I found the BEST selection of maxi dresses while I was in there. Love that place now!

  29. I wore “the shirt” last night with white shorts! :) Love it and thanks for the post!

  30. does anyone know the designer? trying to track it down in boston! thanks!

  31. I bought this too!! LOVE it!!

  32. Any luck finding the shirt in the Boston area? I live in RI and have searched all the local TJ Maxx stores around me. LOVE this top and hoping to locate it.

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