M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I…

Allison and I are embarking on a road trip in the very near future.  We are heading to North Mississippi, Greenwood to be exact.  We’ll be passing through…

Pensacola, FL

Mobile, AL

Hattiesburg, MS

Jackson, MS

Greenwood, MS

If any of those listed above are your neck of the woods can you suggest fun rest stops for us!?  You know what we like: antique shops, non-fine dining eating establishments, karaoke bars…

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



  1. If it’s not too out of your way you should scoot to Oxford, eat at City Grocery, and shop around.

  2. Renata Ledwick says:

    I could help you if you were coming to Maine… that seems a bit out of your way. Safe & fun travels!

  3. Is that the “family truckster” from National Lampoon’s Vacation? Funniest movie ever! Have a fun road trip!

  4. While you are in Pensacola shop at Duh and Celebrations my two favorites. Then head over to Dharma Blues or Fish House for lunch/dinner, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Hope you have a blast!

  5. Hi Erika,
    I’m not from Pensacola, but I can recommend a couple of places! A & E Fabric Variety & Craft Store is my mom’s favorite fabric shop in Pensacola. They have great sales and a stash of great fabric. It’s a hole in the wall.

    Also, if you like Greek food, Shoreline Deli is another hole in the wall. My mom and I each buy a year’s worth of olive oil there when we’re down in the summer–it’s that good!

    Enjoy your road trip!

  6. Designer trip to Viking I assume? Have fun! You will love it!

  7. Molly Flynn says:

    I hope you are heading to the Alluvian in Greenwood…it is absolutely fabulous!! A neat little town with some little shops and restaurants!!

  8. Joy Peterson says:

    If you are in Hattiesburg around lunch time, you should try Letha’s barbeque…if you don’t do BBQ, Mugshots has excellent burgers and fries! Both of these are non-fine dining and delicious! Downtown Hattiesburg has some great local art shops too! Enjoy your road trip!

  9. I’ve never been to MS…but roadtrip sounds like fun! Hope you have a blast :)

  10. Broad St. Bakery in Jackson is great!

  11. ohh and Beagle Bagel in Jackson is quite yummy as well! They have all types of sandwiches, salads and goodies so it’s a great place for not just breakfast.

  12. Duh in Pensacola for shopping. Terrible name, fabulous store. The Homegoods in Pensacola is also one of the best… if you like Homegoods. It’s a TJMaxx/Homegoods in one.

    Jackson, MS- lunch at Keifer’s is a MUST (feta dressing with the pita mozz and cottage fries). Or the Cherokee (hole in the wall but oh so good). Dinner at Walkers or the Mayflower. Neither will disappoint.

    I hope you are staying at the Alluvian in Greenwood! It’s so wonderful… definitely a treat in the Mississippi delta!

  13. If you stop in Mobile around lunchtime, stop by The Bike Shop downtown on Dauphin Street. It’s coastal Mexican with delicious offerings like mahi tacos, crawfish quesadillas, and the best queso and guacamole ever! You can also order from Liquid Sushi lounge next door (they share a kitchen) if one of you is in the mood for something different.

  14. Sallye Wallace says:

    Come on up to Tupelo and visit us too. You won’t be but 45 minutes away when you reach Oxford. I love Oxford!

  15. Jessica says:

    I am in Jackson. You should check out the Fondren area (which is where I live) in Jackson (right off i55 in NE Jackson). Great old area with shops/studios and cool houses. Very eclectic. Eat at Babalu!

  16. Shoot! I’m in NC…can’t help. But, AL??? Stop in and see Darby!!:) Isn’t that where she is?

  17. In Hattiesburg, be sure and stop by Captain Kidd’s Treasure House! Wonderful antiques and decor. Their address is 5238 Old Hwy 11 Suite 10, Hattiesburg, MS, 39402. Look for them on Facebook.

    Also in Hattiesburg, you HAVE to eat at one of Robert St. John’s restaurants — Purple Parrot Cafe (fine dining) or Crescent City Grill. Check out his website at http://robertstjohn.com . He’s an awesome guy and his restaurants are incomparable.

    In Jackson, my favorite restaurants are Sal and Mookie’s and Babalu Tacos and Tapas. They are both located in the fabulous Fondren District of Jackson and you will also *love* the shops in that area.

    Y’all have fun! Mississippi is the greatest :)

  18. If you are coming to P’cola via Hwy 90, there is an antique store called the Copper Possum on the right side of the road before you cross the bridge into “downtown” Milton. I haven’t been there in a few years, but it’s a favorite antique shop here.

  19. Oh… and Dharma Blue is a restaurant in downtown P’cola. They have the best sushi, but everything on their menu is pretty good.


    That’s all I got.

  20. My husband is from the MS delta, and downtown Greenwood has a few charming streets (and some that are not). On Howard street, there are some beautiful antique shops and gift shops as well. If you make a stop here, you must get a carmamel cake from MS Gift Company. You won’t be disappointed. They also have a great stock of my favorite pottery, McCarty’s and Peter’s. Greenwood has a couple of great restaurants as well. . . Luscos and The Crystal Grill. Luscos has great fried and broiled shrimp and also great steaks and pompano. Have fun! There is no place like Mississippi!

  21. Cameron says:

    I’m with the others– hope you’re heading to the Alluvian! Jackson, MS- Keifer’s (for pita mozz with feta dressing & gyro… yum!!) and Cherokee Inn (burger and a fried plate). One of my best friends always finds great things at UAL (United Apparel Liquidators) in Hattiesburg and enjoys LT’s Fish House and Stone House Restaurant in Purvis, MS (outside of Hattiesburg). Have fun on the road trip!!

  22. Ooooh! Love Greenwood. Just got back. Go to the spa at the Alluvian for sure!

    I’m in Jackson… you must eat at Walker’s Drive In. Underground 119 is fun at night (not karaoke, but can often get really fun blues bands).

  23. In Mobile . . . go to Big Time Diner off Cottage Hill Road for a blue plate special or Spot of Tea on Dauphin Street downtown by the Cathedral for a Monte Cristo sandwich, cup of seafood bisque and strawberry tea. Can’t go wrong with either place! Shop at Antiques at the Loop if you choose Spot of Tea (close proximity). I haven’t been to this one yet, but I hear this store has great antiques not too far from Mobile in Theodore, AL . . . http://charlesphillipsantiques.com/ Happy travels!

  24. antiques at the loop and atchison imports in mobile
    charles phillips antiques and white house antiques in theodore/grand bay area

    if you want a “dive” experience for dining…the dew drop inn (on old shell rd. famous hot dogs, a great chili burger and meat/vegetables. i am told the best oyster poboy in town but oysters aren’t my favorite so i can’t vouch for that) or butch cassidy’s cafe (great burger and fries on florida at the corner of old shell; walk next door to cammie’s old dutch for ice cream after). i know you can get great seafood where you are but felix’s on the causeway has a great view and great food (and if you go for lunch it is WAY cheaper than dinner)

    and if you are looking for fabrics…cotton capers in mobile or rich tex in daphne (between pcola and mobile).

    have a great, safe trip!

  25. If you decide to swing by and see Renata in Maine, you might as well hop the border and come see me in New Brunswick while you are so close! Have a fun trip! Drive carefully. Can’t wait to se pics of whatever project you are going there to work on.

  26. Greenwood is great! And I’m not just saying that because I live there. Alluvian, Giardinas, Delta Bistro, Turnrow Books, Russell’s antiques…it’s all fun! Have a great time!

  27. Jessica says:

    Gallery Point Leflore in Greenwood is a must. It’s a fabulous art gallery on Howard street (just down the street from the Alluvian) that has a little bit of everything! For dinner, the Delta Bistro is the only place to go. The head chef was just nominated for a James Beard Award, and for good reason.

  28. Oh, and… Keifer’s for sure in Jackson. And there is also a new restaurant that the city has been abuzz about, Parlor Market downtown Jackson. Pricey at night, but lunch is reasonable. And the atmosphere is amazing.

  29. i currently live in jackson but grew up in the delta.
    *jackson-keifers or babalu to eat and mcbee’s for karaoke :)
    *stop in carrollton (cool little, itty-bitty town)before you get to greenwood and shop at rayburn’s antiques
    *take a trip from greenwood to merigold and check out mccarty’s barn(pottery) and the mccarty’s tea room for lunch or crawdad’s for supper
    i’d love to give you more suggestions if you need them!

  30. I have no recommendations for you, but please post what you find. My daughter is moving to the Pensacola area (maybe Crestview or Navarre) this summer and its always nice to have personal recommendations! Have a great road trip.

  31. Hope you will be checking out the Alluvian and Viking Bb King has a club in his birthplace of Indianola which is too far from Greenwood at all.

  32. Silly iPad…that was supposed to say NOT too far from Greenwood…

  33. Love the detour to marigold idea…mccartys is always a fun stop! And if you get over to Greenville you have to get tamales there…I can’t remember the name of the lady who makes them but will follow up…

  34. WHOO HOOO! MISSISSIPPI! My neck of the woods ;) Live in Hburg, grew up in Jxn! I concur with many of the above comments! Hburg: Crescent City – lunch or dinner. Their king cake bread pudding is to die for! Captain Kidd’s Treasure Hunt – cool antique finds. From Hburg to Jxn on Hwy 49: 49 South Antiques and Flea Market in Star, MS – you never know what you will find, but worth the digging! Jxn: Old House Depot http://www.oldhousedepot.com – architectural salvage warehouse. Rooster’s – great burgers. Fondren is a must! Campbell’s bakery – the best iced cookies. Plantation Interiors off I-55 in Gluckstdat, MS. Ok… that’s enough ;)

  35. DETOUR to Merigold, MS is a must!!! McCarty pottery!

  36. Pensacola, FL
    Duh! Cool interiors store
    to eat: Nancy’s Haute Affairs–fabulous food and great little gifts, just happens to be my sister’s place :)

  37. Oh boy! Where do I begin? Hattiesburg- eat at Crescent City Grill (order the sensation salad… YUM) and be sure to stop by UAL. It is a clothing store, sort of like TJ Maxx, and, at times, they have some really great things. In Jackson, make sure you stop by Summerhouse Interiors (in Ridgeland, actually) and Anthropologie if you need a fix. Little Tokyo (also in Ridgeland) has the BEST sushi. My favorite restaurant in Greenwood is Lusco’s (can’t even begin to describe it) but Delta Bistro is a close second. (Make sure you take your own wine to dinner… brown bag only) Also stop by TurnRow books. If you’d like your own personal tour guide you can swing by and pick me up (in Madison)… I promise I don’t mind. ;) Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  38. P.S “Duh!” is the name of the interiors place

  39. Go to Fairhope if you have a chance (across the bay from Mobile). Great shopping.

  40. stephanie says:

    in Jackson…..Keifer’s is a MUST, no other place for lunch in the capital city! do not miss the pita mozz and feta dressing. we plan our trip to the beach around that stuff!! Walker’s for dinner…..but get to the Fondren neighborhood early, there are cute shops to see!

  41. So if you happen through GreenVILLE, MS you MUST go by Doe’s Eat Place and have some of their FINE tamales and also their house salad- delish!

    All I know about Greenwood is that it is where Viking appliances are from!!!

    My FAVORITE place to eat in JAckson, MS is Keifer’s (near State Street). The gyros and the Pita-Mozz (pita with mozzarella) are a must!

    Unfortunately I can’t tell you too much about Alabama (I married into it!) but I did go to college and grad school in Mississippi so it feels a little like home to me!

    Have fun!

  42. There’s a FANTASTIC article in Garden & Gun about Mobile. Please eat at all of these restaurants so I can live vicariously through you. http://gardenandgun.com/article/why-life-so-good-mobile-bay?page=0%2C2

  43. I’m a Mississippi girl and I echo many of the comments above!! You’re in for a treat! If you’re in Jackson around lunch or dinner, please eat at a new fave, Babalu Tacos and Tapas! It’s in the Fondren area and my cousin is the chef! Enjoy!! And details next week, I hope!

  44. Shelley says:

    in Jackon one MUST go to Keifers!!! it’s on State street in the Belhaven area. Pita Moz is yum-o as is the chicken gyro (add grilled feta)! It’s a low key dive that is tops with the locals. When I lived in Jackson, I must have eaten there once a week…
    BOPS frozen custard is good too!

  45. Wish y’all were going to make it as far north as Oxford! Keifers in Jackson is the best!

  46. grew up visiting family in pensacola and still go down a few times a year. there is a FABULOUS interior decorating store in downtown pensacola called duh. it ain’t cheap but it is beautiful/stunning/amazing and is filled with goodies and inspiration galore. i suggest a stop!!! bring your camera :)

  47. i think i wrote a comment similar to this on darbys blog at some point…but food thats convenient to I-10 {which i imagine you will be traveling on}: Royal Scam on royal and government st {inspired coastal}, ed’s on the causeway {fab fried food/poboys but i imagine you have plenty of that where you live :)}, dew drop on old shell rd {oh-so-worth-it heart attack city, not as convenient}. stores/shopping convenient: atchison imports on dauphin street {antiques, gorgeous furniture/lamps/etc}, white house antiques in grand bay, and not-so-convenient: charles philips {antiques and imports},

    safe travels!

  48. Check out The Shed. My hubby says the place has really good barbecue chicken. That’s saying a lot because we live on the outskirts of Memphis, the Barbecue capital.


    If you like caramel cake, try Sugaree’s Bakery in New Albany. It’s so good, you’ll think you’ve gone to heaven.


  49. I am a Mississippi girl living in GA now and I agree you must eat at Keifer’s in Jackson. In Hattiesburg, you should eat at Crescent City Grill and get some Leatha’s to go for your road trip!

  50. Ooo! So excited you are coming to our neck of the woods. Greenwood is great.. I hope you are staying at the Alluvian. Eat at the restaurant there, Giardina’s (my husband is the chef, shameless plug) and Delta Bistro. Shopping on Howard is amazing too. Would love to meet for a drink in the courtyard!

  51. courtney says:

    if you are in a seafood mood, take the causeway to Mobile (veer off I-10 while on the bayway first chance you get/where the bayway crosses the causeway and turn left off the exit)there is a delicious seafood restaurant called R&R seafood. yum!

  52. I have to agree with the other comments: if you can only eat at one place in Jackson, it should be Keifer’s. Julep, Babalu,and Walker’s are great “nicer” places for dinner, and Beagle Bagel is great for a quick lunch (their chicken salad is the best!).

  53. You should stop in Brookwood neighborhood and see me! Seriously, call me! Would love to have lunch or dinner/drinks with you girls! Want to stay here? xoxo

  54. You HAVE to go to Keifers when you’re in Jackson. Get the pita mozz with extra feta dressing, cottage fries, and a turket melt. Best thing you’ll ever eat.

  55. Hopjacks – local pizza joint in downtown Mobile. And just to repeat some of the other commenters- Royal Scam and Spot of Tea (monte cristo sandwich is my bf’s fave) are great local places.

  56. Pickle Fish in Mobile is also a great local eatery!

  57. i don’t even know where to begin! you’re going through my neck of the woods and passing through so many places where i eat/shop/play/eat more! you’re going to have such a great time. i recommend wintzell’s oyster house in mobile and the purple parrot (or crescent city cafe, they’re in the same building) in hattiesburg. as for jackson- you should check out old house depot (a super cool architectural salvage extravaganza) and the high street antique market. shopping wise there’s lots of fun stuff in fondren, too. i could literally write a manifesto about where to eat but i can narrow it down :) for lunch: julep, basil’s, the mayflower, cool al’s, crazy cat bakery, char, aladdin, and for the ultimate jackson lunch experience: two sisters. for supper: bravo, babalu, (i know you said no fine dining but walker’s is totally worth the splurge!), aladdin (again!), sal & mookie’s, pizza shack, crawdad hole, amerigo…i could go on and on. also: i know it sounds crazy but jackson has an amazing set of sushi restaurants. my favorite is nagoya- don’t let its location in a strip mall next to a target scare you off; instead let it be a perk of lunching there :)

    http://www.eatjackson.com/ for more ideas. have SO MUCH FUN!!! (and safe travels!)

  58. hannah is sooo right on about the Old House Depot! AMAZING, charming and just unique things! It made me wish I was more creative! Check out this post (http://jbfisherfamilyblog.blogspot.com/2010/12/im-goin-to-jackson-and-thats-fact.html) for a (unfortunately very) small taste of some of the things that I loved there! and I have a few friends that live in or near Jackson and I’ve definately heard good things about two sisters and sal & mookies…plus I do love Beagle Bagel (especially if you need a quick breakfast/brunch/lunch)! Ahhh…I miss it already! And to think I’m stuck here in AL!

  59. Yay to hear someone taking a road trip through Mississippi!! I currently live in Hattiesburg and want to echo a few places. Crescent City is wonderful, my favorite place to eat hear…Purple parrot is great too but thats fine dining at its best! You absolutely must have Leetha’s BBQ, its one of those places that everyone who comes to Hattiesburg must try! The dine in experience is most definitely one of a kind. Hope you enjoy!

  60. S. Stallings says:

    I practically grew up in Greenwood. You must visit the Crystal Grill (been there for a long, long time). Good southern cooking and the best pie anywhere. Those pie slices must be at least 10″ tall!!!

  61. You are going to be coming my way! Please let me know when you’re passing through. I’d love to meet you while you take a rest stop!
    You have to know the hwy 49 (from Hattiesburg to Jackson) has some great sites (even better if you come up all the way from Gulfport). Here’s a little scavenger hunt for you. See if you can spot the following: an igloo, a giant boot, a huge paint can, a truck on a building, a castle-shaped church, a big bear, an antique fire truck, a symmetrical white barn with a slide, a giant suit of armor, a metal bull, bonus points for each person you see selling fruit or veggies out of their truck.
    There are antique shops all the way. It could take you days if you stopped at all of them. 49 Antiques in Florence, MS, (just south of Jackson) is one of my favs. A few miles north, you can stop at Donna’s #6 for some fresh fruit and some ice cream.
    Also, just north of Hattiesburg, stop at The Watermelon Patch where you can shop the farmer’s market and also find a smocked dress for Sloane and some shoes for yourself.
    I’d love to meet in Jackson to show you around my favorite thrift stores, or in Canton (where A Time to Kill and A Dog Named Skip were filmed) where you’ll also find some great antiques. I’m sure you won’t have much time, but I’d love to see you!
    Let me know if you have questions about your journey. I’ve done that trip about a million times! Watch out for the HP! I should know! :)

  62. I’m from Jackson and you have to eat at Keifer’s if you want Greek food or Little Tokyo for sushi (their lunchboxes are awesome!). Brent’s Drugs is really good for sandwiches too and there’s a shop next to Brent’s that has really good sandwiches and a fun place to shop, but I can’t remember it for the life of me right now! Broadstreet Bakery or Beagle Bagel are also good sandwich shops. I hope y’all enjoy Jackson!!

  63. kathleen Taylor says:

    I would highly suggest if you can get to Oxford, MS go for it- it is where the University of Mississippi is and there is WONDERFUL small town boutique shopping. There are also some wonderful places to eat too! Anything and everything on the square is great- not to mention a new piano bar and fun patios.
    Jackson I would suggest Walkers to eat- looks like a whole in the wall, but everyone says it is their favorite place. There are also some great lunch spots Beagle Bagel, Broad St, Newks (it is in Oxford too) ;)
    Also, there is a wonderful pottery studio called “Wolf Bird Studio” in Jackson- amazing painted pottery animals- once you go, the wolf birds will be an added collection item. So great!
    I also know the Alluvian in Greenwood is the best ever! I love what you are doing, have a blast! Drive Safe!

  64. i travel for my job 80% of the time and greenwood, ms is one of my stops. i would suggest delta bistro. it is across the street from one of the viking showrooms. and, it is oh so yummy.

  65. So wish I were going on that road trip!! I’ve lived in Mobile (loved it!) and grew up in Jackson. Sarah M and hannah’s comments regarding both are spot on! Also, stop by Batte Furniture (just down the street from Broadstreet Bakery and you can see it from I55 Northside exit). LOVE ME SOME MISSISSIPPI!!!

  66. You NEED to stop by Fairhope in between P-cola and Mobile! If you’ve never been, you will fall in love. It’s springtime here and everything is blooming. Eat lunch at MaryAnn’s deli and shop around downtown and drive down by the bay on Scenic 98. You will LOVE it here.

  67. I am from Jackson, MS!! I would recommend eating at Walker’s on your way through. And I love Greenwood! You definitely have to stay at the Alluvian and walk across the street to the Viking Cooking School. There are also lots of fun shops to walk in along that street (I think it’s Howard St. but I could be wrong).

  68. So glad to see you are coming through our wonderful town of Hattiesburg! It has the charm of a small town with the perks of being a little bigger! I can’t agree more than Crescent City is the place for lunch or dinner! Order the stuffed mushrooms, corn and crab bisque and the mojo chicken salad! The white chocolate bread pudding is the best thing on the menu!
    Please let us know what you think of our home – we love it!

  69. Ok, I was just reading back through some of the comments, and I agree that Wolfe Studio would be a good stop in Jackson! It is very popular among local people. They are known for their hand-painted/glazed ceramic birds (and other animals) and is a really neat place. Also, if you have time to make it up to Oxford, it would be worth your while!

  70. Someone may have already told you this, but Julep in Jackson has award winning food and it’s pretty laid back and fun! Get the fried chicken. Oh.My.Goodness. Yummy! :) Great night life there, too. But, laid back….. If I think of anything else there, I’ll let you know. We just moved back to Birmingham after living in Jackson for 2.5 years. Have fun!

  71. Does this trip have anything to do with the filming of “The Help”? Sounds like fun.

  72. Although you’re headed to Greenwood, you MUST keep heading west a tad longer and stop for supper at Doe’s Eat Place in Greenville. At no other restaurant will you pull up to a shack and then walk through the kitchen to be seated. The food is simply amazing and you can’t be disappointed! http://doeseatplace.com/

    While passing through Jackson, C S’s is another perfect “non-fine dining” lunch experience (1359 N. West St., Jackson). Huge greasy burgers in a dump of a place! It’s purely downtown and near the Fondren area mentioned above.

    The Mayflower Cafe (123 W. Capitol St.) and Elite Restaurant (141 E. Capitol St.) are staples of downtown Jackson.

  73. I live in Pensacola! A couple of my favorite lunch places are New Yorker Deli and PortoBello Market. The Apple Market (which is near New Yorker Deli also has good food!). have fun!

  74. Mike Loera says:

    Hello there! That is great to hear you will be passing through the Gulf Coast area. I am located in Navarre and it has everything you are looking for. White sandy beaches, emerald blue waters, laid back eating establishments, and lots of great antique shops. I highly recommend TC’s Front porch for lunch and Vinnie R’s for dinner. If you need a great place to stay please give me a call at 850-939-4848. I work at the Hampton Inn & Suites hotel Navarre, the newest hotel in the area, and would love to offer you a great “passing through” rate. Good luck on your trip and hope to hear from you soon!

  75. I am from Mobile…so here goes on FOOD:
    1. Callaghan’s. AMAZING cheeseburgers and the best atmosphere anywhere. Irish pub. What else can I say?!? Fantastic!
    2. Ashland Midtown Pub. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you knew it was there. Great pizza and even better lasagna. Small, downhome joint.
    3. ANYWHERE on the causeway, but I recommend Original Oyster House. Get something with Hollandaise sauce. You won’t regret it. Felix’s is also good. Get Moon Pie a la Mode. Trust me.
    4. OK Bicycle Shop. Fish tacos. Tapas. Wonderful.
    5. Wintzell’s. Get gumbo. And fried pickles.
    6. Spot of Tea. Get anything. Seriously. But get the deadly hashbrowns.

    Mobile is wonderful, and I am so happy to call it home. If you can make it over to Fairhope, AL, it will be well worth your time. Enjoy your trip!

  76. Oh, and if you stop in Fairhope, EAT AT PANINI PETE’S!

  77. Have so much fun on your road trip! Most all the Jackson restaurants have been suggested – Keifers, Babalu, and Walkers (lunch is delicious and very reasonable or it’s definitely worth the splurge for dinner!). The Fondren area has great mix of shops and then the Old House Depot is a great place!

    If you have to chance to detour over to Marigold to McCarty Pottery, it will be worth it. And their tea room restaurant is delicious (get the chocolate cobbler!).

    And if you end up in Oxford, you can’t go wrong at just about any restaurant there! City Grocery, Ajax, Bourre, The Ravine, etc. And of course, browsing the square is a must!

  78. Here’s a list of my Mobile favorites (some don’t have websites, so I’ve included addresses). They are all relatively close to each other, so you could start in this order…

    Atchison Imports European Antiques (921 Dauphin St.)-High end antiques and fabulous for inspiration.

    Cotton City Antique Mall (2012 Airport Blvd.)- A good all around antique store for finding old treasures

    Antiques at the Loop (2103 Airport Blvd.)- A great mix of antiques and home decor

    Dew Drop Inn (1808 Old Shell Rd.)- Famous for their hot dogs. Yum!

    M.A. Simons (2151 Old Shell Road)- Home decor and furniture. One of my favorite inspiration spots! And owned by a very talented Auburn alum!

    High Cotton Consignment (2567 Old Shell Road)- Not just any consignment store. Very upscale and up to date items. Plus lots of great steals in their back building where everything is usually 50%+ off!

    Pollmans Bakery (4464 Old Shell Road)- Can’t have a road trip without something sweet. They won’t disappoint! They also have a yummy roast beef poboy!

    Safe and happy travels to you! Please give us a recap of the trip. I’m sure it will be one to remember!

  79. there is nothing in pensacola…just keep on driving

  80. Elizabeth says:

    My husband is from Jackson…. stop in Lounge Interiors and call for an appt to stop in the Wolfe Bird Studio if you have time. The Cherokee is a delicious spot for burgers and other greasy items (tell the owner EA sent you). Newk’s is a yum lunch spot. Mayflower if you are there for dinner.

  81. I am laughing hysterically right now because it didn’t take me long to realize which “laura” post came from my sister!!! Her scavenger hunt is hilarious and spot on! You should totally take Laura up on her offer to “junk around” town with you. We do it every time I am there for a visit. Have fun and I wish you were scootin’ yourself on over here to Louisiana!

  82. my husband & i were in jackson area this past fall and we went to walker’s drive-in. it’s fantastic, one of the best restaurants in the area, but pricey. however, i thought it was worth it and the shops around the restaurant are fantastic.
    here’s a post i did from our trip & delicious time at walker’s…

  83. Go to Oxford!! Great shopping and eats! City Grocery for dinner, Handy Andy’s for lunch.

  84. I am from Hattiesburg, and you MUST stop at UAL (united apparel liquidators).
    It is full of gorgeous designer clothes for cheap! It’s close off the interstate and a definate stop!!!

  85. michelle sproul says:

    In Pensacola, stop in and see KC at Ty & KC. A beautiful children’s boutique where you can pick up something cute for your little one. She is at 823 East Gadsden Street in the historic downtown area.

  86. amanda perry says:

    In Jackson stop by Old House Depot. It is an architectural salvage warehouse. They sell a wide variety of reclaimed building materials. oldhousedepot.com
    Then go to the The Outlet. kalalou.com/theoutlet/
    Enjoy your trip!

  87. Erika! You are on my stomping grounds in Greenwood! My family still lives there. Did you know it’s the birthplace of the Blues? You should totally visit Russell’s antiques and all the quaint shops on Howard Street. Eat at the Crystal Club {the meringue on their pie is outta control!} and the Delta Bistro. Annnnd, in all your free time, travel over to Merigold and hit up Mccarty’s pottery. It’s a true staple in all homes there and is worth the ride. Email me if you need any directions! I hope you visit; I love it there!

  88. I’m dying to visit Eudora Welty’s home and garden in Jackson, MS. Check this out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/susanagraph/2174190634/

  89. mmm..Julep in Jackson is amazing!!

  90. Stephanie Townsend says:

    Hi Erika!
    Love your blog–I read your sister’s too:) I found you in Coastal Living magazine!

    We live in the midwest, but whenever we travel, we always get online and look at the Food Network website for Diners, Drive-ins & Dives–we’ve found some GREAT food we wouldn’t have ever found any other way. I was jealous the other night because my husband was in Boston and emailed me a picture of the lobster ravioli he was eating (FRESH MADE PASTA for every order!!!) while I had a bowl of cereal for dinner that night!

    Have fun:)

  91. Definately Crescent City Grill in Hattiesburg like everyone else said. And the Java Werks if you are in need of coffee.

  92. I moved to Jackson about a year ago from Seagrove (miss the area tons!) I would agree with most of the other posts: must eat at Keifer’s and have the pita mozz and a gyro, Julep for dinner & drinks. Shop at Old House Depot, Fondren, and SummerHouse in Ridgeland. Have fun!

  93. Angela H says:

    I live in Jackson. Here are some of my faves- Old House Depot architectural salvage. Right around the corner from there is a little antique mall. There are tons of great and diverse shops and restaurants in Fondren. Check out the Duling Street School Renovation. Antiques, Babalu Restaurant. Across the street is Interiors Market and Brent’s Drugs (great milkshakes) I could go on and on :) Hope you have fun!!

  94. lol Greenvwood as “north Mississippi”. That’s Delta. North Mississippi is… Let’s say Grenada and northward. ;)

    If you can scoot up to Clarksdale, Morgan Freeman has a Blues Club (Ground Zero) that you can also stay in.

    And really you can’t come this close to Oxford and not go to Oxford – The Ole Miss campus alone would be worth the drive. If you do – be sure to eat breakfast at either Big Bad Breakfast (hearty) or The Bottletree (pastry), lunch at Abners (probably but there are many options to chose from), and dinner at Ajax or Taylor Grocery.

  95. definately go to LUSCOS (they have their own sauce and it is so good with their shrimp..what is so neat about the place is each party is in their own little room with a curtain as the door), the Aluvian (an AWESOME hotel-best sleep I have EVER had at a hotel..the bed is heavenly!) , a darling book store across the street, and a cute little childrens shop called “Sweet Peas”…also the Viking company is there and they have cooking “school” Greenwood is an old town with LOTS of character…you will finding something intresting in every little corner

  96. Jennifer Chick-Gray says:

    Yay, Greenwood. I am from this tucked away delta town. A must do is staying at the Alluvian Hotel, oh and eating at Lusco’s. Have a great time!

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