Two weeks ago I took a “staycation”. ¬†We went back to McBeach (the same house we were in last year), which is like a little slice of heaven on earth. It is brings my heart such joy to see Sloane playing with her cousins, I know memories were made that will last a lifetime.



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IMG_1840 c b&w

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bucket roll


IMG_2470 bw peace love


  1. Those are some of the most beautiful pictures!! Treasured times captured, for sure. Your friend Marla must have taught you quite a bit about photography–you are quite good, Erika :)

  2. What beautiful photos! And beautiful kiddos! :)


  3. Definite memories, I think. That’s one darling group of little beach bums!

  4. Gorgeous pictures-they truly capture the moment and the memories that were made. Glad you had a wonderful vacation with your family. My cousins and siblings are so very close and I truly believe it’s because we spent so much quality time together as small children. Now that we are grown we still have sleepovers and take trips together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I”m sure Sloane will always be close to their cousins, too. You can tell just by looking at the pictures. Have a blessed day!

  5. **I’m sure Sloane will always be close to HER cousins, too.** -Sorry, I hate typos, lol.

  6. What a beautiful family- and such beautiful pictures. I’ve been following you and Darby for a couple years now, and McBeach always looks AHmazing!!! I’m tempted to rent it out myself:) Thanks for sharing such great family memories:)


  8. Late in the game, yes, but I have been looking for a pool to put in backyard for the little one…the one shown is perfect. Any idea the brand? Love the pics! Precious kids!

  9. Precious! Love all the pics

  10. I love your blog! I used the bed skirt idea from your nursery in mine and it’s worked perfectly!

    Funny question – do the kids (your daughter & nieces/nephews) ever confuse you and your sister?

  11. It cracks me up how their coloring couldn’t be more opposite but yet you and Darby are twins! Guess their fathers’ genese kicked in overtime-ha!

  12. Stunning photographs, truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your happy memory making. Hugs!

  13. I feel the same way when my son and his cousins are together. It just makes me happy that that know and love each other even though we live hours apart! Great Pictures- as always!

  14. Love the beach. Our favorite place to be. Cousin time is so great…our cousins all live in the next neighborhood over and it’s so special to spend time with them. My youngest and my sister-in-law’s oldest are such good friends that people call them the twins..they have such a special bond :)

  15. How wonderful to go on vacation without the hours and hours of a torturous car ride! You have a beautiful family. Because of scheduling conflicts we didn’t get to have the big family vacation with my nieces and nephew this year. These pics make me miss it even more.

  16. Yeah, cousins!! I want to eat that Sloaney UP!!!!!!!!

  17. What a special time! I love the pics of Rover with his collar up and the Ray Bans. The photos of the 3 girls are too cute. Everyone is growing up quickly!

  18. Looks wonderful!! Next time we’ll have to plan a little better and mom and I will have to join you all. D asked us this year but had too many irons in the fire:0 I agree with the cousin love because of us!! You all are like my sisters. Love you and those precious babies!

  19. Sloan’s little booty is just the cutest! All of the kids look so happy and relaxed. Glad you all had such a nice visit. You and your sissy are such great photographers.

  20. These pictures are amazing and your entire family is adorable. I hope that someday when I have children we will have similar family vacations with grandmas, grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins…and lots of smiles and laughter. :)

  21. Those pictures are so precious. Has anyone ever told you Sloane looks like your Daddyboy? A strong family resemblance. Congrats on being in Trad Home …would love to win a room done by you!!!!

  22. Erika! Just got home and opened my Traditional Home to see your beautiful face in the pages. What a great photo and lucky winner to get you to design their family room. xoxo, Nelle

  23. Those pictures are awesome!!! It looks like y’all had an amazing time. I love how Sloane can totally rock the Auburn hat!

  24. Those are really great pictures Erika! Sloane is such a little doll!
    I so need a vacation!!

  25. These are beautiful pictures-just the type I tried to capture when my two daughters were small but they never came close to looking as good as yours did!!!

  26. Your photos are always beautiful! I’m such a fan of UG blog.

  27. What beautiful kiddos! Looks like everyone had a blast!

  28. her little booty in that bathing suit is too much! lol only when your little is a chubby rear adorable….why is that?

  29. Anne Schilleci says:

    Those are some cute kiddos!! I know your parents are proud grandparents!!

  30. Katharina says:

    Beautiful photos!!! a bit envious of your weather! it looks soo hot!

  31. Hi Erica- Love these summer pictures! So happy to see you in Better Homes and Gardens September issue. You and Sloane look so beautiful!

  32. These are the sweetest pictures!!! That place looks absolutely amazing!!!

  33. Great pics! Looks like a blast. Sloane is so adorable!

  34. So excited to see you in Better Homes and Gardens! You looked amazing!!

  35. Barbara R says:

    Wonderful pictures! I happened upon your blog as I was perusing through another blog I have just become familiar with and seeing your pictures was just what I needed. This morning I have been struggling with the idea that my daughter, who is 18, is leaving for college in just a few days and though I know it is time and she is ready as her Mom I can’t imagine her not being here at home with us!! Anyway…as I was looking at your shots of the three adorable little girls together the little blondes reminded me of when my daughter was little, seemingly such a short time ago and then I read your daughter’s name and was startled to see that it is Sloane. My daughter’s name is Sloane! Certainly not a name you see everyday! At any rate after having looked through your pictures of your daughter and your nieces as well as some of your work I felt compelled to comment. Those memories you are making are precious and helped me to remember many fond memories of my own. Best wishes as you keep making your memories and blog, you are touching people in unexpected ways.

    One side note, I saw you are an Auburn grad…Please don’t hold it against her but my Sloane is heading to BAMA…Roll Tide!! :0)

  36. beautiful pics, my family and i were are mcbeach the week before yall, and agreeeeed is it a slice of heaven, looking at your pics makes me ready to go back ;(

  37. Great pictures! Looks like wonderful memories were made! :)

  38. I just bought the new BHG and loved the feature on you. I follow your blog and love it. Sloane is absolutely precious!

  39. congrats on your BHG spread! it’s really really great.

  40. Congratulations on BHG! I just read the article. You and Sloane look adorable, as always!

  41. those kiddos are TOO flippin’ cute. just beautiful erica. looks like a great time! i’m in need of a vacay already! thanks for sharing the photos. love the “peace, love, and sandy toes”


  42. Just back from the beauty shop and read your article in GBG, in fact read all of the designers and loved yours the most. Especially on how you start your day – you go girl, I do the same but with out the coffee – ice tea instead. Now widowed and re-doing the house- need to get rid of the “matching” end & coffee tables in family room -

  43. Hi Erika! Love the pictures. Do you happen to know where that turqoise bed blanket is from?? I LOVE it. Also, loving your tunic. Let me know and keep up the great posts!

  44. There is nothing cuter (is that actually a word?) than a bathing suit wedgie and seeing the cute little hiney tan lines. Let me clarify… that ONLY applies to a child. :)

  45. The children are all gorgeous! I look forward to your post on family just to see how they’re growing.

  46. hey erika!
    love your and your sister’s blogs…check them out all the time!
    great pics…wondering what editing software you use for your black and whites? if photoshop, do you use a certain action? always struggle to find the perfect black and white conversion and your’s look so crisp and clean. any suggestions would be appreciated!

  47. I love the “Good Morning Sunshine” pillow–do you know where it came from? Thanks! P.S. Great pics :)

  48. I love the pictures. I am obsessed with chums/croakies and would love the color of the ones you have in your pics (Aqua ish) can you please share where they came from? Thank you

  49. The pictures of the children are so wonderful! I am sure some great memories were made among cousins. My little ones love their older cousins which makes our vacations together a little slice of heaven.
    I am in love with the chenille blanket. Do you know who makes it/where it is from?

  50. Gorgeous picture! It looks like your family had a wonderful time together! Sloane is such a doll! Thanks for sharing these! Just saw your write-up in Better Homes and Gardens–great job!

  51. Had to pop in and tell my favorite “stylemaker” congrats on your BHG spread. Gorgeous pic of you + miss sloane! Wish there would have been more of your house too!! But these vacation pics with your sweet family take the cake! You are all such a photogenic bunch!! Glad you had a lovely time! Tessa

  52. these pictures are TDF!!! Sooo adorable.

  53. Beautiful memories…

  54. FAMOUS!!! Just saw you & Sloaney in Better Homes & Gardens!

  55. Loved your article in BHG. Where is the necklace/pink skirt from in the picture and your tunic in this post? Love your style.

  56. Great pictures! You are very talented, I have enjoyed your work in magazines, and on your website. How did you created that grainy picture of the little boy?

  57. Love these photos :)
    The kids will definitely have good photos of themselves when they grow up.

  58. Such beautiful family photos!!!!

  59. Such beautiful pictures, such beautiful children. So good to see pics of you and your Mom. Say hello to her for me. Congrats on your article in Better Homes. Sheila

  60. loved your article in Better Homes and Gardens – way to go!!!!

  61. Hey. Ms. Erika i saw you on BH&G magazine, and i loved your skirt and turqouise necklace!! Where did you get them from??! I also just love, love, love the way you take your pictures. What camera do you use?

  62. Gorgeous photos, and it looks like you guys had a fabulous time at the beach! :) Can I ask what kind of camera you use?

  63. Is it just me or is sloane always in the cutest little outfits?I started coming here for the lovely designs but i find myself scrolling through for baby girl posts. What a sweetie.

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