last minute gift ideas!? {and a few winners}

We have managed to pull together a few items on our wish lists this holiday season, hopefully they’ll offer a few gift ideas in case you have some last minute shopping to do.  I also hope my husband doesn’t see this because I told him all I really wanted was a no-tangle flag pole… but let’s just say I wouldn’t complain if any of these items below found their way into my stocking.

2011 christmas LIST-Erika

(A)  (B)  (C)  (D)  (E)  (F)  (G)  (H)  (I)  (J)  (K)


2011 christmas LIST-Allison

(A)  (B)  (C)  (D)  (E)  (F)  (G)  (H)  (I)  (J)





  1. love. love. love these christmas wishlists! you all have the best taste and style. many of these may now go on mine!

  2. love the lists!!

  3. Love the lists. And prayers to Wendy and her family for their very sad loss! Dogs are part of our families and what a tragic way to lose part of your family. I teared up a bit reading her story. So, so sad.

  4. So happy to see all the Facebook posts! How do you guys make those cool little photo collage things? What software/website do you use? Thanks!

  5. forwarding your lists over to the hubs right now:) congrats to the winners! my heart goes out to wendy.

  6. coastalmom says:

    Many thoughts for Wendy at the loss of her dog. Such a sad and tragic loss.

    Leigh Ann you are doing an awesome job on the FB updates. I’m loving the project pictures and the pink office Christmas tree.

  7. My list just got a little longer!! Hugs to Wendy and her girls.

  8. So, so sad! Tough stuff. 🙁

    Love the wish lists! however, I am curious to know why in the wide world is that camera strap 168 bones!?

  9. Wait, I thought the giveaway closed today???!!! I thought I had 6 more hours!! 🙁 I was trying to come up with a really good answer because I really wanted to win!!!

  10. AWESOME LISTS! And my prayers to Wendy. So terrible and during the holidays. God Bless her and her family.

  11. Those Steve Madden boots are at TJ Maxx. Love them!

  12. could you explain E on Allison’s list?
    is that Samford Hall?

  13. There is a great deal to be had on the Moon and Lola monogram necklace (Leigh Ann’s item J) – if you buy it direct through the Moon and Lola website, use code REALDEAL for an approximate $9 discount. It was featured in this month’s Real Simple mag.

    I got a small one for myself in tortoise shell with gold chain. 😉 Will be a great Valentine’s Day gift.

  14. I’m overwhelmed by how much I would like to have all of these things. ALL of them!

  15. Ladies! As always, thanks for the inspiration! How I love Marcel the Shell!
    {hugs} to Wendy and her family.

  16. Do you have any clever, fun ways to display Christmas cards?

  17. Wow. Some of the stuff I saw on the society6 site was pretty offensive.

  18. Love the selections. Huge fan of Marcel the Shell!! And love the vintage picks. On a heartfelt note.. so sorry for Wendy’s tragic loss. This holiday season we discovered our 10 year old dog only has a few months left. Dogs are family.

  19. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments. The picture of the girl and the black dog now hangs in my daughter’s room. It is a sweet reminder of our little guy who we dearly love and miss.