“momma go to porto-reek-o”

That’s what Sloane said when I got home.   DaddyBoy had to go to Puerto Rico for business last week, I sort of invited myself and mom (and Darby too, but she couldn’t escape) to join him for the weekend.  We unfortunately had two days of rain, but the one day of sunshine was enough for me.

Another breakfast with DaddyB and his calendar.




by the pool



gray bldg


Dad called the rental car “our clown car”.  He only used the Garmin once, then he ripped it off the windshield and proudly announced that he did not need it. Sunday night after dinner (it was dark outside) we made our way back to the hotel.  He was telling mom, “look Connie, I found a bus lane!  Port-o-reek-an  H-O-V,  perfect for our clown car!”  I did hear a few horns honking, but you know, in some places excessive horn honking is normal.  Then there were blue lights.  A police car coming from the opposite direction pulled right into our lane, forcing us to a screeching halt.  The officer yelled something in Spanish to which Dad calmly responded, “veinteseis?”… asking if he was on “26″ (the highway).  We had been driving the wrong way down a one way road into oncoming traffic for about 10 miles.  The clown car would not have taken a head-on impact very well.  Glad we survived.





green blue


trees on beach

I’ve challenged dad to give up Diet Cokes.  This one was (hopefully) his last.  I hope he enjoyed it.  I’m proud of him.

last diet coke

at dinner

(iphone import 8.30.11) 018

Those two haven’t had a real vacation together since I don’t know when,  I’m sure they were thrilled I tagged along. ;)  My mom takes a trip with her parents every fall, so maybe this is the beginning of a family tradition.   Darby has to come next time.


No matter how great a little escape is, it always feels so good to be home.  I was grateful for a quiet evening at home with these two…
happy girl

boat ride


  1. What an awesome opportunity-especially to get to spend some QT with your parents!!! Beautiful pictures!! I am sure you were happy to get back home, though-Sloane is such a doll! Hopefully Darby can join next time. :) Have a blessed day!

  2. i say this with all due respect
    your mom is breathtakingly beautiful
    & your dad…he’s a hottie! ;)

  3. Did you give up DC??? My name is Anna and I am an addict. Gave up for 12 weeks and it like to have kilt me ;) Glad you had fun!!

  4. It looks like you had fun! (Totally understand being happy to come home, though.) Love all the pictures, especially the ones of the architecture!

  5. I have to say… your family is so stinking cute! Seriously you guys all seem so close and both Sloane and Darby’s kids should be in like every children’s magazine ever. And your Dad is a looker. forreal. Does your husband stay home with Sloane when you travel or do you have help?

  6. How fun is that??? Daddy-boy’s calendar is one of a kind! I can’t believe Miss Sloane came up with Puerto Rico in her vocab! When I lived in Spain my Daddy came to visit for a week for my birthday. All he could say was “coca cola liiiight” and “hola.” I’m certain he would have driven on the wrong side of the road too! Stuck out like a sore thumb but it sure was entertaining! Precious!

  7. what fun pictures! we are off to puerto rico for our honeymoon next month and i can’t wait to get there. it looks gorgeous!!

  8. What a beautiful city! Even though I love traveling, I am always glad to come home.


  9. great pics. love all the color! and the story about your dad … my dad would have done the same thing and then attempted to speak spanish when he doesn’t. but aren’t dads the best? there is just something wonderful about a dad-daughter relationship! glad you had a great trip!

  10. love the pics of your family! What a nice little cruise. Looks like you guys had fun in Port-o-Reek-O, too!

  11. Sounds like such great time with your parents…I still can’t get over your father’s calendar! I think that is what at calendar looks like in my head…but never quite makes to paper:)….AND all of those inspiring shots, especially the tile, WOW!

  12. How fun!! (I think everyone here has a teensy crush on your Dad…your parents are darling) Your pictures are fantastic, the red building is so beautiful with all the architectural detail. I’ve been to PR a few times for work, but going for a wedding and a week in a few months, weeeee!

  13. What glimmer of obsessive compulsiveness I possess goes into hyperdrive every time I see your father’s calendar. I remember a previous post when you featured it. I don’t think I saw anything else after that. I guess you come by your organizational skills naturally, but please, please tell me that your mother is a little scatter brained. It would help us all.
    BTW had a great time down your way and enjoyed some delicious grouper, scallops, oysters, and of course, some peel-em-yourself shrimp finished off with a little Cakebread!

  14. Great photos! Makes me want to go to porto-reek-o! Your parents are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  15. Your dad’s calendar is hilarious. What is even funnier is he is probably issued a blackberry or something for work, I am guessing. What does he do if he has to change something on his paper calendar? Does he carry white out with him?

  16. Your dad and his calendar cracks me up! He seems like an interesting character. Perhaps he needs a blog of his own.

    PS – Congrats on BHG!

  17. How fun!!! I love rare opportunities when I get to go on trip, solo, with my parents. We try to steal away to Savannah for a few days a couple times a year when they are down visiting from Nova Scotia.

  18. Were you at the Ritz? I love San Juan…especially the beaches and the coffee! We have family there and go every year….what a great trip with your folks…

  19. I am dreaming of an upcoming vacation with my parents. Looks like you all had a good time.

    I spotted this grape wall pocket and thought of your kitchen collection: http://www.etsy.com/listing/78371338/treasure-craft-wall-pocket-pottery?ref=sr_gallery_6&ga_search_submit=&ga_search_query=ceramic+fruit+wall&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_page=2&ga_search_type=vintage&ga_facet=vintage

  20. Spoke to a woman who bought her appliances from us based on your recommendation. So I wanted to thank you. If you ever wanted to guest blog or vice versa…let me know

    Thanks again,


  21. as stated earlier and with the all due respect…your dad is a hottie…and his calendar is very impressive. JM and Sloane could be twins…so cute!!

  22. gorgeous pics and a huge congrats on your recent magazine coverage. where did you stay in puerto rico? we’re researching options and wondered if you had a recommendation? thanks!

  23. ash3989@aol.com says:

    What exactly does DaddyBoy do for business?? I am so interested to know! Such a handsome/professional looking father you have!

  24. You always get the most amazing pictures! Your parents are adorable…what a lucky girl to get a mini-vacay with them :)

  25. I love how little children come up with their own pronounciations. Years ago my daughter’s kindergarten teacher showed me a back-to-school picture where my daughter had written, “I went to Who Why in the summer.” Who Why translated to Hawaii! It certainly sounded the same.

  26. I’ve been trying to get my dad off of Diet Cokes too. He’s addicted. ;-) Looks like you had a great getaway.

  27. Erika:

    I came across this airstream renovation and thought you’d enjoy (do I remember correctly that you are interested in airstreams?) If not, I apologize and hope you enjoy it anyway! Congrats on BHG (did you know that your skirt is now sold out?? When I went to buy it I found it’s no longer available) :)


  28. Love your vacay pics! From the pictures I could tell you stayed and ate at the same places my hubby and I did for our honeymoon. Isn’t BLT STEAK To.Die.For!!! Glad you were able to escape and enjoy a few days with your parents in P.R.

  29. Would love to see a picture of your parents on their wedding day! I’m sure they both looked gorgeous (because they are an awesome-looking couple now). Really love the picture of you sitting between your parents. Also, note to all the single ladies out there….go see Steve (who wrote an earlier comment about someone buying appliances from him based off of this blog). He is very cute!!

  30. Ahh sister! I love all the pictures… looks like you all had the most wonderful time! Maybe in about 10 or 15 years I’ll be able to join in on family vacations again. :) DB kills me with that calendar… it has to be far more complicated than any calendar you pick up at the store. Momma looks beautiful too and there were just a couple pictures I’m wondering why you didn’t include?!

  31. Say no to diet soda and HELLO to just Carbonated water. some resturants serve it free in leui of of free water if requested !!!! Honestly, lemon lime carbonated water which I purchse at PUBLIX— not the sweetened flavored waters just selzter water like NEW YORKERS drink —it will be a smooth transition for db— we just crave the bubble action I think, diet coke for a taste err ahh not so much.

  32. My guess DB is an advertising account executive. Scouting locations for a magazine spread??? Or negotiating real estate deals for a restuarant.

  33. I REALLY hope your dad reads these comments!

  34. Glad you had some good quality time with your parents. What sweet time for you. Hey I was watching Storage Wars last night and kept thinking….”hmmm, that Barry guy looks like someone..” Then I thought maybe its DaddyBoy that blog I read. Your father is definitely more handsome but something looks very similar. You’ve probably heard that before though. Check him out.

  35. pls explain the calendar – and does jack&diet still count as a diet coke?

  36. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a great time!!

  37. I found your blog this summer when I spotted an Alabama beach towel at Hopkinton Country Club in Massachusetts! My daughter was horrified that there was an Alabama fan … well being a good SEC girl in New England (never mind we are a die hard Auburn family!) I decided they couldn’t be THAT bad! The man’s wife told me she followed two Auburn girls’ blogs … you and Darby! I am embarrassed that I cannot remember her name, but I am forever indebted to her and hope she reads this thank you in your comments!!

  38. Your family is precious……and yes….your Dad is very handsome:-) Have to know what the watch is you’re wearing. It’s dressy enough, but casual. Looking for something similar.

    Thank you!

  39. what a fun tradition to start….love it.

  40. your dad’s calendar gives me severe anxiety (though I’m sure mine would be similarly terrifying if I diagrammed it)

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