my little Sloaney B

In the mornings before I leave for work we sit and talk.  We talk about yogurt smoothies and farm animals.  It’s my favorite time of day.


  1. her hair is too cute!

  2. oh my word!! She is precious and she looks like you and her cousins!

  3. oh my, she is getting so big. precious.

  4. Wow she has so much hair! She is a doll!! She def. looks like her cousins but with dark hair.

  5. oh my goodness. i love it. love the hair. the look. the chair. the shoes. the talking. everything. :)

  6. lizziefitz says:

    You had me at stripes! Sugar, Just plain Sugar!

  7. OH she’s so cute! Can’t beat little stripes and mocs!


  8. just love that photo. she looks like such a little beauty!

  9. She’s a BEAUTIFUL little girl! And her dark little eyes look so alert and intelligent!

  10. Sounds like the perfect start to a day…and way better than listening to the awfulness on the morning news. Morning news doesn’t come with striped leggings and mocs.

  11. I wish I looked that cute in the morning – ADORABLE! What a great way to start the day!

  12. AHHH- she is too cute! she looks so grown up since the last time you posted her picture- it’s amazing how fast they grow! It was my youngest’s 2nd bday yesterday- INSANE!

  13. She is too cute! I can’t believe how much like a kid she looks (instead of a baby!). She’s getting so big! Now if only they had her outfit in my size…

  14. She is beyond precious! I’m sure that is your favorite time of day – treasure it! Before you know it, she’s almost 9 (like mine) and you’ll be wondering where the time went. I’m going to go cry now.

  15. She could not be any cuter! Love the hair and the moccasins. :)

  16. adorable.

  17. Precious baby girl!! ;)

  18. She’s so cute! Love you and your sister’s blogs! Have a great day!

  19. How adorable! I could take fashion tips from her. And I love her hair! :)

  20. I love it when little people act like big people!

  21. Too cute for words.

  22. OH my goodness, I can’t believe how she is growing! So precious! =)

  23. Look at that head full of hair! She is adorable.

  24. SO CUTE!!! And she definitely looks like her cousins. If you replace that mop of (adorable) brown hair with a blonde bowl cut, she would look JUST like Rover!! I love how she has her little legs crossed.

  25. I can’t believe how big she’s gotten! She’s too cute

  26. cutest.ever!

  27. Her hair is getting so long!

    She’s precious.

  28. She is so darn cute!

  29. She is just precious! I agree that she and Rover look a lot alike. Both look just like your Dad. Enjoy her, they certainly grow up too fast!

  30. Could she be any cuter!! I can’t believe how big she’s getting!

  31. WAIT!?!? WHEN DID SHE GET SO GROWN UP!?!?!?!? I take one momentary break from my blog roll and sloaney baloney turns into a little precious girl?? Whoa. I am currently preggars and this really makes me believe what everyone says about it going so fast. Yowza.

  32. Sloane is just too cute. She looks so big here…did you drill a hole in the lid of that yogurt smoothie to fit a straw in it?! LOL ingenious.

  33. How stinkin’ adorable!! Enjoy her!

  34. oh my goodness. so much about this picture makes me smile. she’s so grown up! i love the stripes!

  35. She resembles her cousin Paige very much!! SO CUTE!

  36. So cute! I LOVE having conversations with my niece, who is two. It’s so cute what kids like to talk about. My niece ALWAYS is talking about whales, and sometimes we have whole conversations on the phone spoken in ‘whale’ (like from Finding Nemo).

  37. Oh my goodness! She does have some cutie pie hair! Aren’t those moments the very best? In the mornings we talk about what my Peepie dreamed about and it’s usually the same answer~ “cars. and tires. and womans. and persons.” They are hilarious!

  38. Oh my goodness, she is a cutie! She’s Rover with dark hair! I think those morning talks would be my favorite part of the day as well.

  39. I love her hair…and shoes…sweet little one! I love the morning qt before work as well…nothing like it!

  40. She looks like a little lady doesn’t she! What a great way to start the day!! So darn sweet!

  41. Oh my goodness, adorable!

    And, how did you get the straw into the lid? We drink those too!!

  42. My little boy loves those smooothies! Yum Yum! She is precious.

  43. Already crossing her legs at the ankles. Oh my. A Chi Omega through and through. And she’s a “minime” or that would be a “mini-you,” to boot!

  44. she is so stylish and so cute!:)

  45. Perfection!!

  46. this little sloaney thinks that YOUR little sloaney is just as adorable as she could be – morning conversations with her would be my favorite time of day too!!

  47. I couldn’t like of a better way to start the day. She is just too sweet.

  48. This is adorable. I love her red chair!

  49. She is so pretty. It is such a pleasure watching her grow. She has beautiful hair, and those dark eyes! I loved my conversations with our children. I still do! I bet you love choosing her clothes. What fun!

  50. She is just too cute – so happy to see a post from you. :)

  51. Erika – Thanks for sharing your favorite time of day with us! Sloane is precious and cracking me up in her lounge chair and slippers. Too cute.

  52. OMGosh! SHe is just too darn cute! Look at that outfit, so stylish, she must be the best dressed in the sandbox!

  53. Too cute! My cousin has a little girl the same age. I asked her today if they ever discuss farm animals. (They do!) lol

  54. She is sooo adorable! And so stylish. Love the striped leggings!

  55. My goodness. She looks like a tiny grown up. And that hair!! Love it.

  56. Soooo stinkin’ cute!! By the way, where’s my Valentine?!

  57. She’s getting so big! I’m loving the stripes. :)

  58. Absolutely the most precious picture ever!!

  59. For real? That little doll is adorable!! My daughter Ellie had a mop of hair so simliar…I want to fluff it! Great shot. ~Jennifer

  60. Your little nugget became a toddler over night. And that hair! Too cute!

  61. Hi Erika! She is such a cutie. She looks so much like you. What a fun age….I’m sure your having a ball with her!!

  62. Adorable! I love the crossed legs with the little slippers!

  63. She is getting so big! She is so adorable.

  64. What a great picture…she is precious!! I also would like to know how you got the straw in the lid!?!

  65. She is so cute!

  66. mornings are the B E S T !

  67. She is darling! Look at that head of hair and adorable expression. A beautiful reflection of you!

  68. she’s about the cutest little thing ever! i know what you mean about the mornings…i’ve always gotten my girls up early in the morning so i can spend the first part of my day with them…the best way to start a day!!

  69. She’s so adorable. I love her sweet little outfit too. Styin’ little cutie!

  70. precious! i love the striped leggings. so cute!

  71. Liz Relwani says:

    She I to precious. Enjoy each moment, they grow up so fast.

  72. Oh, what an adorable girl. So pretty!

    Isn’t it wonderful to sit and talk with children. They say the funniest and most magical things!


  73. i love her casual hang out in the comfortable chair look!

  74. These are the best kind of photos – kids are so adorable, especially Sloan! Call me crazy, but I think she looks like your mother – the dark hair and the expression – do you see it? : )

  75. What an adorable picture. She looks like a big girl in her chair. My grandbabe has the same little shoes and striped leggings. I think that’s too cute.

  76. She is so stinkin cute!! I just have to ask the stupid question…what do you use to poke the hole in the top of the stonyfield smoothie? My kids drink these like crazy and I could actually let them take them out of the dining room if I did this. I really enjoy your blog, but wonder when are you going to give us a “tour” of your home. I see snipets in photos like these but would love to see more.

  77. Precious baby girl! So happy she is feeling better and your home is back to normal!!


  78. lol, rad tights! The look on her face is priceless, “really mommy? another picture?” I’m getting up earlier so Zoe and I have time to dance about “willy nilly” after breakfast.

  79. ADORABLE!!! Anyone know where I can get adorable shoes like these???? Pretty please… Wisco and -10 degrees this morning…our baby needs a new pair of shoes :)

  80. I loved the relaxed crossed legs! I can’t believe how big she is and that hair!


  81. That hair is amazing!

  82. So beautiful!! that is the good start of the day.
    enjoy your day ahead!!

  83. there is just something about that expression….it is irreplaceable

  84. Jamie @ hello kitty bags says:

    She looks smart… Savor every moment of the day talking
    with her.

    great to drop by here. :)

  85. She’s adorable! I also love the fabric on your pillows in the rt hand corner. Can you share details?

  86. I also love that soft, faded leopard print fabric. What is it?

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